Live to Air with Empire Avenue – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 21:56 PM May 28th – 13:37 PM Jun 6th

Empire Avenue: One Year Later

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel made it into today. Read Story:…
    21:56 PM May 28th from Facebook
  2. RT @davecarrol: Great story from @RLavigne42 in the @brantadvocate about how the Gretzky tourney actually KEPT him in Brantford
    22:04 PM May 28th from Tweet Button
  3. @EXPHugo @syladurantaye Correct. I aggregate them at It is done using a custom JQuery script and some copy/pasting.
    22:05 PM May 28th from web
  4. Great day at @parisgrandcc with @BBusinesses @gdiver62. The sun was out in full force all day. Exhausted tonight (and a bit burnt 🙂
    22:06 PM May 28th from web
  5. RT @BBusinesses: Great view along the grand river @ParisGrandCC perfect day for golf with @RLavigne42 and @gdiver62
    22:06 PM May 28th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  6. 50 Creative, Compelling And Clever Viral Images Shared In 2011 via @TheFutureBuzz
    3:03 AM May 29th from Tweet Button
  7. My week on twitter: 84 retweets received, 11 new followers, 44 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM May 29th from TwentyFeet
  8. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Taggio
    13:30 PM May 29th from
  9. RT @C360R: @WCRacing World Challenge fans! Join @C360R @HondaRacing_HPD drivers @toddspeed and @Andrew_Novich for a Tweetup today at 4pm ET. Htg #C360R
    15:58 PM May 29th from web
  10. RT @seanard: Police lay it all out re: #Hockeyfest
    17:24 PM May 29th from web
  11. RT @EXPHugo: Just getting word that “not all press releases” are yet published relating to #Hockeyfest
    17:24 PM May 29th from Seesmic
  12. RT @Trevor_Cherewka#Hockeyfest will NOT happen at Brant Park this weekend: GRCA. Lets wait to see press release from @branthockeyfest
    17:25 PM May 29th from HootSuite
  13. @RICSTER101 thanks for the +K. See you online tomorrow night.
    17:53 PM May 29th from web
  14. RT @RandyCantrell: Complacency: The Silent Business Killer
    17:53 PM May 29th from Buffer
  15. RT @MarketingHits: Facebook Has Lost About $35 Billion In Value Since IPO As Shares Dip Below $29
    17:54 PM May 29th from
  16. RT @EXPHugo#Hockeyfest reaction online #storify #hockeyfest #btfd
    17:55 PM May 29th from Storify
  17. Sneak Peek at #TDGv Racing: “What does Racing mean to you?” via @TDGv #Mosport #CanadianTireMotorsportPark #Racing
    20:03 PM May 29th from Tweet Button
  18. Mosport 1962. Great piece of Canadian Racing History.
    9:42 AM May 30th from Facebook
  19. RT @acampbell99: Pitching that #Hockeyfest be made into a reality show. Drama, intrigue, alliances. It’s survivor w/ hockey and music. I’m accepting offers.
    9:48 AM May 30th from web
  20. RT @EXPHugo#Hockeyfest What a mess.
    9:50 AM May 30th from Seesmic
  21. RT @EXPSGamble: Final answer: #Hockeyfest is cancelled. Venue fell thru. Tickets will be honored at a later show says Ralph.
    9:51 AM May 30th from Twitter for iPhone
  22. RT @sabbatical: Let’s say what we’re all thinking — chances are, this is all Creed’s fault. #Hockeyfest
    9:55 AM May 30th from Twitter for Mac
  23. With #Hockeyfest postponed. May I invite everyone to come out and play some hockey instead this weekend. #Tournament
    10:07 AM May 30th from web
  24. RT @dismask#hockeyfest the concerts maybe dead, but let us support the games going on down at Lions Park. The True Reason For #Hockeyfest
    10:07 AM May 30th from web
  25. RT @GPeever#hockeyfest well with that all done with, lets go play some ball hockey. Maybe Gretzky can get some bands at Lions Park.
    10:08 AM May 30th from web
  26. RT @EXPHugo: Hey folks, I’m not at the #Hockeyfest presser, but I did just storify early reax, with lots’o pix:
    10:10 AM May 30th from Seesmic
  27. RT @danielletakacs: I predict that #Hockeyfest will be the top story in #brant #btfd for 2012 #statingtheobvious
    10:11 AM May 30th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  28. RT @EXPkhartley: Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament is a go at Lions Park Brantford! Support this wonderful event! #ballhockey
    12:19 PM May 30th from web
  29. RT @ValerieLWilson: Good intentions gone wrong #hockeyfest. The media @EXPSGamble @Patti_RogersTV @BrantNews will discover the truth. Btfd. wanted this event.
    12:31 PM May 30th from web
  30. RT @tysharp: The best thing about #hockeyfest being cancelled is Creed has no reason to come to #brantford
    12:31 PM May 30th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  31. @tysharp \m/
    12:31 PM May 30th from web
  32. RT @normtolhurst: No #hockeyfest but there is hockey #WalterGretzky street hockey tournament at #lionspark!! This weekend!! #bhl
    12:32 PM May 30th from Twitter for iPhone
  33. RT @idaAdamowicz: Here is some video from this morning’s Hockey Fest Announcement #hockeyfest #brantford
    12:37 PM May 30th from web
  34. RT @markevans: . @bhudeo Personally, I’d say “no”. It’s not a popularity/quantity game; it’s about building relationships. #dellsmbchat
    12:42 PM May 30th from HootSuite
  35. @markevans My pleasure. Quote got my attention #dellsmbchat
    12:44 PM May 30th from web
  36. @HumanFerretCA @DellSmbCA I stayed away from auto=posts until I came across Buffer. Feels more post-assisting than post-feeding.
    12:45 PM May 30th from web
  37. @markevans @humanferretca I think those tactical outfits will be seeing a growth curve in the coming years #dellsmbchat
    12:47 PM May 30th from web
  38. RT @markevans: The biggest SM mistake is trying to do everything. The result: SMBs spread themselves 2thin &their efforts are mediocre or bad #dellsmbchat
    12:50 PM May 30th from HootSuite
  39. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:29 PM May 30th from
  40. Post hangout beers (@ The Piston Broke)
    22:14 PM May 30th from foursquare
  41. @meetusinghal glad you enjoyed it. My bad for not moderating the YouTube chat. Lots on go during live to air
    22:22 PM May 30th from Twitter for Android
  42. @Trevor_Cherewka @seanard link?
    22:30 PM May 30th from Twitter for Android
  43. RT @CTVKitchener#Hockeyfest postponed in #Brantford but it won’t affect Walter Gretzky Tournament. @MatthewKangCTV @CTVKitchener #fb
    0:50 AM May 31st from TweetDeck
  44. @AndySvakova pleasure to hear from you Slovakia
    11:03 AM May 31st from web
  45. RT @mqtodd: What an awesome watch! with @RLavigne42 @dups @RICSTER101 @AniseSmith @QRKim @nakeva #EAv
    11:03 AM May 31st from HootSuite
  46. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @singleymackie
    13:30 PM May 31st from
  47. @AndySvakova you might enjoy this read
    14:37 PM May 31st from web
  48. @AndySvakova you’re welcome. If you enjoyed the piece, read the longer version that was published (link at bottom of post)
    14:58 PM May 31st from web
  49. @Patti_RogersTV agreed @seanard @EXPHugo All of you are welcome anytime. Speaking of which when am I doing the one with Sean and Patti?
    14:59 PM May 31st from web
  50. .@Patti_RogersTV @seanard @EXPHugo Speaking of live tv. This went live to air last night using G+ and YouTube #EAv
    15:02 PM May 31st from web
  51. @Patti_RogersTV @seanard @EXPHugo July indeed. I believe the 18th was the last date bounced around. The 25th is also open. All invited.
    16:19 PM May 31st from web
  52. @Patti_RogersTV @seanard @EXPHugo That is how I remember it. Left 18th as yours, but 25th is also open if Sean/Hugo want to do another
    16:24 PM May 31st from web
  53. @seanard @Patti_RogersTV @EXPHugo I am good with that. I am kinda thinking of leaving those two dates as flexible topics based on plans
    16:25 PM May 31st from web
  54. @seanard @Patti_RogersTV @EXPHugo Worse case even it is just Patti on the 18th, plenty of great content to be found in that 1:1
    16:26 PM May 31st from web
  55. It feels like I have joined the Adult version of the A/V Club in #Brantford. Love the collaborations across companies and politics
    16:26 PM May 31st from web
  56. @EXPHugo @seanard @Patti_RogersTV Cool. And as you know, you all have an open invitation to attend live when a topic catches your interest.
    16:31 PM May 31st from web
  57. @Patti_RogersTV @seanard @EXPHugo There ya go. I will firm up the 18th of July for Patti (and possible guests) talking about Community TV
    16:31 PM May 31st from web
  58. Been one of those weeks.
    17:41 PM May 31st from instagram
  59. RT @JohnCartmel: VASHL
    20:24 PM May 31st from instagram
  60. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @wendymarx @ronrss @web2marketing
    13:30 PM Jun 1st from
  61. @seanard @Trevor_Cherewka @exphugo @expsgamble You should at least come out tonight between 5-7. VASHL has Rink1 for the night with 6 teams
    14:03 PM Jun 1st from web
  62. Kicked off #WGSHT this weekend with Friday morning practice with #VASHL. First game tonight at #BCi #Brantford Rink 1.
    14:04 PM Jun 1st from web
  63. RT @EXPSGamble#Hockeyfest questions: Why couldn’t the powers that be simply step in and make it happen?
    14:06 PM Jun 1st from web
  64. RT @BrantAdvocate: The Brant Advocate is on YouTube. Brantford as seen through new eyes.
    15:38 PM Jun 1st from Facebook
  65. Time for some Street Hockey in #Brantford
    16:55 PM Jun 1st from instagram
  66. First game of tournament ended in a loss. Hard fought matchup in a rain downpour.
    19:36 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for Android
  67. RT @matthewallman: @EXPSGamble great article RE: #hockeyfest Q’s!
    20:56 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for iPhone
  68. RT @JayTeakle: @seanard created this brilliant #Hockeyfest timeline –
    20:57 PM Jun 1st from Tweet Button
  69. RT @OnlyoneDawn: Ahh gotta love #socialmedia #givingavoice #Hockeyfest
    21:00 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for Android
  70. RT @Trevor_Cherewka: If u see these signs then u are close to the #WGSHT. See u soon.
    21:00 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  71. RT @normtolhurst: 210+ reasons to come watch the #WalterGretzky street hockey tourney starting tomorrow. Great teams lots of action on the rinks #bhi
    21:01 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for iPhone
  72. @normtolhurst first game in the books
    21:01 PM Jun 1st from web
  73. @EXPSGamble @seanard @exphugo , @trevor_cherewka and I played in a massive downpour/flood. In Toronto that would be front page news 😉
    21:03 PM Jun 1st from web
  74. RT @CherylScoffield: June 6 Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs @RLavigne42 great insight into using Twitter & Facebook
    21:03 PM Jun 1st from TweetDeck
  75. @CherylScoffield looking forward to listening. Have made a point of not listening to original recording.
    21:03 PM Jun 1st from web
  76. @Trevor_Cherewka @Caprickah my pleasure. Glad you are enjoying the weekend
    23:07 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for Android
  77. RT @Steph__Paige: Definition of why pre-written tweets are a #fail#Hockeyfest
    23:10 PM Jun 1st from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  78. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Podcasting101 @mor_trisha
    13:30 PM Jun 2nd from
  79. RT @CherylScoffield: Next Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs @RLavigne42 June 6 great insight into using Twitter & Facebook
    20:11 PM Jun 2nd from TweetDeck
  80. RT @ThatKevinSmith: Congrats to the View Askew Street Hockey League for kicking as at this year’s Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament!
    21:05 PM Jun 2nd from web
  81. @ThatKevinSmith Reapers vs. Hit Somebody in the finals tomorrow.
    21:05 PM Jun 2nd from web
  82. @MayorChrisFriel with a few locals from Brantford joining their ranks for the weekend cc: @Trevor_Cherewka and others
    21:08 PM Jun 2nd from web
  83. RT @MayorChrisFriel: Walter Gretzky ball hockey tournament, the American teams
    21:08 PM Jun 2nd from Photos on iOS
  84. RT @AlCooke21: Little known fact: the rolling stones named their band after Walter Gretzky.
    21:08 PM Jun 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  85. @DaveLevac next year we work harder to get @ThatKevinSmith back in Brantford. He owes the Zombies a rematch 😉 #Don‘tMakeMeHitSomebody
    10:08 AM Jun 3rd from web
  86. VASHL finals (@ Lion’s Park w/ @johncartmel) [pic]:
    11:55 AM Jun 3rd from foursquare
  87. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:29 PM Jun 3rd from
  88. @normtolhurst fire me off details or a tweet to RT
    13:58 PM Jun 3rd from web
  89. RT @downtownbrantfd: Today in @HarmonySquare, from 3-8PM, free concert!! Come out and listen to some great bands and visit BIA kiosk. Draw for downtown $$ .
    14:02 PM Jun 3rd from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  90. @DaveLevac @ThatKevinSmith We will make Kevin’s return to #Brantford happen. PS local boy @Trevor_Cherewka got winning goal in Reaper/Hitman
    20:01 PM Jun 3rd from web
  91. @DaveLevac Here is the electronic version of the story printed in the VASHL program Next year stronger tactics involved
    20:13 PM Jun 3rd from web
  92. @CatherineWPhoto glad you enjoyed it Catherine. Hope all is well and a very fine Happy Birthday to you.
    23:07 PM Jun 3rd from web
  93. RT @CatherineWPhoto: RECOMMENDED viewing for #EmpireAvenue newbies. @RLavigne42 Interviews Founder @dups & Ric Williams about the future ht…
    9:09 AM Jun 4th from Buffer
  94. RT @CherylScoffield: June 6 Wed 12 Noon EST Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs @RLavigne42 great insight into using Twitter & Facebook
    22:56 PM Jun 4th from TweetDeck
  95. After a weekend playing in the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament, it is back to work. Looking forward to attending #TAOL in Toronto.
    22:58 PM Jun 4th from web
  96. @CarolynVan @karimkanji see you both at #TAOL
    22:59 PM Jun 4th from web
  97. @stephenshapiro see you at #TAOL
    22:59 PM Jun 4th from web
  98. RT @TheArtOf#TAOL registrants: Your homework is to learn as much as you can about our speakers before showtime tm! See you soon.
    22:59 PM Jun 4th from HootSuite
  99. @stephenshapiro @MwBuckingham < that would be a great podcast
    23:00 PM Jun 4th from web
  100. @T_Burrows I am indeed. Alarm set for 0 dark 30 and training it in from Burlington. You going to be at #TAOL or in the area? #Lunch?
    23:01 PM Jun 4th from web
  101. @T_Burrows that is unfortunate and great to hear at the same time. If you ever teach nearby let me know, would love to sit in if possible
    23:03 PM Jun 4th from web
  102. Heading out to #TAOL (@ Aldershot VIA/GO Station)
    7:18 AM Jun 5th from foursquare
  103. @ScottWNesbitt in Toronto for #TAOL. Beer after?
    7:21 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  104. RT @Mattcheung: For those of you that are attending @TheArtOf Leadership tomorrow, don’t forget to use the hashtag #TAOL when tweeting =) #Toronto
    7:22 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  105. @ScottWNesbitt likely after 5 near Union
    8:32 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  106. @dandemsky see you there
    8:43 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  107. @ScottWNesbitt thoughts on worthy locations?
    8:44 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  108. RT @Caprickah: @ThatKevinSmith @BryWaltQ @mingchen37 The 2012 #VASHL Champions – the LEONARDO REAPERS!!!!! #Brantford2012
    8:46 AM Jun 5th from web
  109. @williampearl will be a great conference
    8:56 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  110. @stephenshapiro gotcha
    9:49 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  111. RT @williampearl: The opposite of a leader isn’t a follower; it’s a pessimist. /via @mwbuckingham #TAOL
    10:30 AM Jun 5th from TweetChat
  112. RT @clickflickca: Don’t just create relationships. Bring order to the world. #TAOL
    10:30 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  113. RT @mattdipaola: ‘Culture is the one thing you can’t commoditize in a company. Everything else can be replicated’. Are you and your people All In? #TAOL
    11:00 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  114. RT @chieflemonhead: Innovation is important, but it’s culture that drives you there AGAIN! Re: Disney (via @chesterelton#TAOL
    11:01 AM Jun 5th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  115. RT @JoriBartlett: Figure out what you do and why you do it #TAOL
    11:01 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  116. My week on twitter: 9 retweets received, 1 new listings, 1 new followers, 25 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM Jun 5th from TwentyFeet
  117. RT @atumIT: Great advice! RT @RotmanWomen: “you be good to everybody, because everybody’s having a tough day” @chesterelton #TAOL
    11:46 AM Jun 5th from TweetDeck
  118. RT @alyssaburkus: “Workplaces can’t be one size fits all. Need the flex for introvert & extrovert styles to get the best of all brains.”@Susancain #TAOL
    11:47 AM Jun 5th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  119. RT @beachrockinc: Whether you are introvert or extrovert you spend way too much time in meetings and not enough alone time. #TAOL
    11:59 AM Jun 5th from TweetCaster for Android
  120. RT @wabibitotweets: 10000 hrs of deliberate, focused, difficult, solitary practice to become an expert at something. @susancain #taol
    12:01 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  121. RT @williampearl: Solitude has a transcendent power that we have forgotten /via @susancain #TAOL
    12:02 PM Jun 5th from TweetChat
  122. RT @clickflickca: “Solitude is a key ingredient to creativity.” #TAOL
    12:03 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  123. RT @raehanbobby: Learning the art of storytelling creates a visual image, a relatable persona and the nodding factor. The #TAOL speakers get it. #leadership
    12:17 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  124. RT @williampearl: What is in your suitcase? What r u sharing? Are u representing U? #TAOL
    12:17 PM Jun 5th from TweetChat
  125. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:29 PM Jun 5th from
  126. @AndySvakova my thanks
    13:31 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  127. RT @CherylScoffield: TOMORROW12 Noon EST Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs @RLavigne42 insight into Twitter/Facebook #SocialBusiness
    13:31 PM Jun 5th from TweetDeck
  128. RT @cammipham: “The way you ask questions has a huge impact on how you solve problems” – @StephenShapiro #TAOL RT @TheArtOf
    15:25 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  129. RT @KatiaMillar: Entrepreneurship is going through a massive rewrite – it is going to be about owning a process not a business | via @lbrody #TAOL
    15:25 PM Jun 5th from HootSuite
  130. RT @beachrockinc: You need to understand the problem before trying to jump to a solution #TAOL
    15:25 PM Jun 5th from TweetCaster for Android
  131. @ScottWNesbitt it was a pleasure as well. Will miss these IRL chats.
    20:55 PM Jun 5th from Twitter for Android
  132. Marcus Buckingham #TAOL
    21:00 PM Jun 5th from instagram
  133. Chester Elton #TAOL
    21:01 PM Jun 5th from instagram
  134. Stephen Shapiro #TAOL
    21:02 PM Jun 5th from instagram
  135. RT @CherylScoffield: Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs @RLavigne42 is about to start Get your lunch and pull up your chair
    11:51 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck
  136. Check out NOW! I am being interviewed by @CherylScoffield on what I learned building and @TDGv.
    12:00 PM Jun 6th from web
  137. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @martinwaxman @bcarroll7 @octopusred
    13:29 PM Jun 6th from
  138. @CherylScoffield Thanks. Let me know how it trends.
    13:37 PM Jun 6th from web

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