Most Downloaded Show to Date: BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show – Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne, Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader | Life@42 by @RLavigne42

“Social Business is your Social Media Strategy!”
~ Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

This week I found out that my guest appearance on BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show was their most download episode to date (March 2011). In celebration of this milestone, I put together this promotional video for the episode.


“How can a Business Leverage Social Media”

“What is a Social Media Strategy?”

As Heard on BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show

Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne, Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader

Top Download:Social Business is your Social Media Strategy! ~ Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42), #TDGv #E20 #Marketing #SocialMedia #Leadership

BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show

Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne

Date / Length: 1/2/2011 9:00 PM – 30 min


Robert is a PMP and has acquired over 20 years of business-enablement via technological innovation. During these years, he has contributed to over 60 major projects and 15 commercialized products in both Startup and Enterprise organizations. He is passionate about growing businesses via the enablement of new technologies and innovative approaches and has been responsible for products that have evolved from the “Paper Napkin” stage through to Tier-1 implementation at major Telecommunication Providers. Robert has been recently researching and networking in the fields of Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding to compliment his existing Agile Development and Leadership experience. This evolutionary knowledge furthers the delivery of Real Corporate Value (RCV). The use of modern social networking tools and related mindsets fully engages business relationships and departmental convergence. Rob subscribes to the need for further contextualization of accessible content to achieve real returns in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Business Innovation.

Google vs. Amazon is where the real battle for the cloud will be fought in the consumer market!

Unlike most companies, when Google says “cloud”, they mean it. Compare Amazon’s cloud-computing service to Google’s. With the former, you essentially call up and configure one or more servers with the OS and specifications of your choice; but with Google’s App Engine, you don’t know anything about its hardware or operating system, because that no longer matters. It just runs the code you give it, and you don’t much care how. Similarly, Chrome is being built for a future where the ambient, omnipresent wireless Internet connects  everything from clothes to computers to cars (which explains how their self-driving cars fits into their strategy) and it doesn’t much matter what OS any given device is running.