Back in the Saddle Again. Was great crewing for a race team again. Mosport ALMS 2011


Stats Don’t Lie Twitter vs. Google+ – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 17:52 PM Jul 7th – 2:18 AM Jul 11st

Significant decline in use of Twitter at #TDGv since signing up on Google+.

So far the biggest loser is Twitter in regards to network time shifting to Google+. And I already see this as a death kneel for any chance of LinkedIn getting any real traction on their status updates engagement scores. Google+ will likely become the social network for your LinkedIn and Twitter Contacts IMO.

Robert Lavigne

  1. Love how I am having discussions with a collaborator of #TDGv Studios over foursquare check-ins on project scheduling
    17:52 PM Jul 7th from Facebook
  2. Lots of administration and general unpacking today at the Studio as we are still settling into Telephone City…
    17:53 PM Jul 7th from Facebook
  3. RT @ilovegarick: Getting started with #Nimble #SCRM? Register now for our next training demo on 7/12: #socbiz #cmgrchat #smallbizchat
    18:01 PM Jul 7th from Nimble
  4. RT @oscarberg: Seven Lessons Learned on Social Business by @dhinchcliffe < Excellent! #socbiz #e20
    18:01 PM Jul 7th from Flipboard
  5. RT @dankeldsen: Thx Tony! RT @TonyZambito: Good article by @dankeldsen Social Business: Don’t Let Transparency Be A Barrier: #socbiz
    18:01 PM Jul 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  6. RT @SameerPatel: After 4+yrs, so many smart folks in the #e20 #socbiz space starting to think about where to, next. Prospects look great right about now.
    18:01 PM Jul 7th from Echofon
  7. RT @dhinchcliffe: 7 Reasons Why Google+ Won’t Be An Enterprise Social Network #socbiz Don’t count it out yet IMO.
    18:02 PM Jul 7th from HootSuite
  8. love how the new Cosmic Panda YouTube UI has the ability to create a VlogRoll list. Some features still not…
    18:05 PM Jul 7th from Facebook
  9. Off to Toronto Indy (@ Aldershot GO Station) [pic]:
    9:47 AM Jul 8th from foursquare
  10. Toronto Indy (@ Honda Indy Toronto w/ 7 others) [pic]:
    11:23 AM Jul 8th from foursquare
  11. 3.9GB of footage, 2 mini interviews, 1 major interview. Good day at the races for #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport…
    22:33 PM Jul 8th from Facebook
  12. Interviewed someone today that I thought would never be possible. Not a huge name, but a very very symbolic entry into the documentary.
    23:18 PM Jul 8th from Facebook
  13. listening to the unedited interview from yesterday. some great content in there ~ #TDGv Racing
    10:51 AM Jul 9th from Facebook
  14. Pre GIG meal (@ North Beach Indoor Volleyball Academy) [pic]:
    17:25 PM Jul 9th from foursquare
  15. The big show is about to start (@ Warrior Muay Thai) [pic]:
    17:29 PM Jul 9th from foursquare
  16. Secret meeting shhhhh (@ Scruffy Murphy’s w/ 2 others) [pic]:
    23:02 PM Jul 9th from foursquare
  17. What was known is relearned by those who fail to inquire (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    2:26 AM Jul 10th from foursquare
  18. When I heard how many countries #EAv has a presence in tonight, my jaw dropped. No lie. cc: @dups
    3:44 AM Jul 10th from Facebook
  19. Video: Duleepa Wijayawardhana, CEO of Empire Avenue, outlines the upcoming changes to the #EAv Communities.
    10:54 AM Jul 10th from Tumblr
  20. 24 hour mark. Still going strong. Post production of earlier event shoots. (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    11:50 AM Jul 10th from foursquare
  21. Working a night shift at #TDGv cutting some new Muay Thai footage. ~ Robert Lavigne
    0:15 AM Jul 11st from Facebook
  22. @cybersavvy22 re “We have a community for the tea index already. #communitea“. (@YouTube
    1:28 AM Jul 11st from Google
  23. I commented on a YouTube video
    1:28 AM Jul 11st from MySpace
  24. Random Thoughts collected on this #TDGv Night Shift at the Studio – Robert Lavigne So far the biggest loser…
    2:18 AM Jul 11st from Tumblr

Innovation at the Speed of Thought | Happy Canada Day! As I sit here in a backyard, I hear fireworks, Kim Mitchell and a voice wanting to listen.

For what was is no more and what is his history revisited.

For only here would we see a moose in a backyard.  Clearly this is no longer Toronto, but a more southern, western, hospitable locale.  The move is done as the next iteration of the Studio is assembled, configured, reset and in many ways upgraded.

From Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell from the album Akimbo Alogo released in 1984.