“Merry Christmas from Robert Lavigne” Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 0:03 AM Dec 15th – 16:44 PM Dec 22nd

Merry Christmas

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. @txwikinger check the link at the bottom of this URL for the dev hack link (or search for the techcrunch article). http://t.co/vVQNApjr
    0:03 AM Dec 15th from web
  2. Audio: Episode 6: What’s on YOUR Mind? #BRANTS by @TDGv A Discussion on Cloud Computing featuring Robert… http://t.co/K1e4ApqV
    1:01 AM Dec 15th from Tumblr
  3. Latest Social Business Podcast recorded live in front of an audience in Brantford featuring a discussion on Cloud Comp…http://t.co/TQ6GE8LH
    1:06 AM Dec 15th from LinkedIn
  4. RT @TDGv: Always a pleasure mentoring SMBs in Brantford on Social Business. Tonight’s session was about Cloud Computing…. http://t.co/wU5NXmCW
    1:11 AM Dec 15th from Facebook
  5. RT @txwikinger: I voted @rlavigne42 5 stars in Global Kred on #Kred http://t.co/vfeiLbP3
    1:21 AM Dec 15th from PeopleBrowsr
  6. RT @BetterBizIdeas: YouTube Facts 2011 http://t.co/mdqhe7LJ via @visually
    3:38 AM Dec 15th from Tweet Button
  7. RT @mijori23: RT @socialworkplace #E2sday: The Power of Recognition in the Enterprise [Infographic] via @socialcasthttp://t.co/NtN8AFED
    3:38 AM Dec 15th from web
  8. RT @PeopleSmartz: Small Business Hint – if you’re not engaged, your customers and staff can feel it – imagine the impact that has on your business?
    3:39 AM Dec 15th from web
  9. RT @AskAaronLee: Shoppers Willing To Spend $100 More On Mobile Commerce If Online Security Improve http://t.co/8hnRrw8I
    3:39 AM Dec 15th from Reeder
  10. See what’s trending for @TDGv. Trending Now ▸ #socialmedia #brants #socialbusiness #video and more http://t.co/ECkhpS62 via @twylah
    5:10 AM Dec 15th from Tweet Button
  11. RT @CWHM: Just in time for the holidays! The @CWHM 2011 Hamilton Airshow DVD! http://t.co/6Pa9SAAH
    11:51 AM Dec 15th from web
  12. #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency http://t.co/yuN091i8 < A Discussion about Cloud Computing with fellow Brantford SMBs #BRANTS
    12:02 PM Dec 15th from Tweet Button
  13. Social Consumers expect products to come alive…let products tell THEIR story ~ Brian Solis
    13:48 PM Dec 15th from Facebook
  14. There is no ROI in “Just Because”. Focus on the WHY! ~ Brian Solis
    14:00 PM Dec 15th from Facebook
  15. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @designergirla @badgeville
    12:30 PM Dec 16th from Paper.li
  16. Enjoying my first Blast game. (@ Brantford Civic Centre w/ @gdiver62) [pic]: http://t.co/2fsPgEHe
    20:53 PM Dec 16th from foursquare
  17. @gdiver62 final score “Whibty” 6-1 Blast . See pic for typo http://t.co/zffyBHlQ
    22:17 PM Dec 16th from Twitter for Android
  18. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @clintcora @chrisrecord @accellion @cust_serv_jobs
    12:31 PM Dec 17th from Paper.li
  19. RT @iggypintado: Social Business: It’s NOT About the Next BIG Thing! http://t.co/2DF3mlqv via @pammktgnut > posted comment.
    19:07 PM Dec 17th from Tweet Button
  20. RT @jeffbullas: Average Twitter User Only Retweets 1 In Every 318 Links http://t.co/1KPZ9jrt
    19:07 PM Dec 17th from SocialOomph
  21. RT @MarketingHits: Bing, Barely 3 Years Old, Catches Up With Yahoo in Search Market http://t.co/5t9c7swi
    19:09 PM Dec 17th from Emailvision
  22. Sneaking into the Brantford Studio for some Sunday editing. Updated storyboard submitted from California with new… http://t.co/k4jGE771
    10:51 AM Dec 18th from Facebook
  23. RT @BBusinesses: Our Business Makeover Contest is now in the VOTING phase! Help a small biz win $5K in Services http://t.co/nBO4D57D #LdnOnt #Btfd #HamOnt
    11:02 AM Dec 18th from HootSuite
  24. RT @TDGv: Please RT to Vote: #BoomingMakeover, I voted for The Digital Grapevine (@TDGv) to received $5K in Services http://t.co/nV2srhYH #Brantford
    12:24 PM Dec 18th from web
  25. @MarianneCrocks how was Symposium Cafe?
    12:25 PM Dec 18th from web Continue reading

“Season Greetings from Brantford” Fall 2011 Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 22:03 PM Dec 5th – 17:03 PM Dec 13rd

Season Greetings from Brantford

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Looking forward to start working on helping out a kickstarter project this week. Challenging myself to editing… http://t.co/Hunnm7ur
    22:03 PM Dec 5th from Facebook
  2. My week on twitter: 15 retweets received, 3 new listings, 20 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    10:14 AM Dec 6th from TwentyFeet
  3. Going to be a long cold winter (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/wedIq5jq
    12:11 PM Dec 6th from foursquare
  4. Woke up to snow on the car. Another reason to set up shop on a higher floor. Starting to get really cold in the studio (basement).
    12:25 PM Dec 6th from Facebook
  5. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @hipurbangirl
    12:31 PM Dec 6th from Paper.li
  6. RT @TDGv: See what’s trending for @TDGv. Trending Now ▸ #brants #video #brantford #socialmedia and more http://t.co/cDFnkafP via @RLavigne42 #TDGv
    1:52 AM Dec 7th from Tweet Button
  7. RT @mqtodd: Add Your Google +1 To Any Website – Official Button http://t.co/M3Utg32i via @nakeva
    1:53 AM Dec 7th from Triberr
  8. RT @TheTop10Blog: A Blog is NOT Optional: Whatcha’ waiting for? Start #Blogginghttp://t.co/ZtGxAUvV via @AniseSmith
    1:53 AM Dec 7th from Tweet Button
  9. RT @AronStevenson: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/5Dqw6ZCw The Flinch – Julien Smith
    1:54 AM Dec 7th from Google
  10. RT @DashBurst: 70% of Americans Have No Idea What Geolocation Apps Are http://t.co/Iq9jxae3
    1:55 AM Dec 7th from Buffer
  11. RT @Minervity: The Most Innovative & Disruptive Tech Companies [Infographic] – http://t.co/kheM5yY7
    1:55 AM Dec 7th from Rebel Tweet
  12. RT @krynsky: Flipboard on iPhone is nice but 3.5″ too small for my middle age vision issues. Hope next iPhone goes bigger or I may be headed to Android.
    1:56 AM Dec 7th from TweetDeck
  13. RT @WeejeeMedia: Facebook Reveals 2011′s Most-Popular Status Trends http://t.co/K4AB61YK
    1:57 AM Dec 7th from HootSuite
  14. RT @marketingm8: I gave Kred a K+ on Klout! http://t.co/soxS9ZTv Check out Kred!
    1:57 AM Dec 7th from Tweet Button
  15. RT @RonaldYau: Brian Solis on Five Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them http://t.co/rgwLzOb1
    1:58 AM Dec 7th from MarketMeSuite
  16. RT @sarahkayhoffman: Here’s A Shortcut For Editing Facebook @ Tags http://t.co/yXj8MTUZ
    1:58 AM Dec 7th from Flipboard
  17. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @recruiterblog @devincf
    12:31 PM Dec 7th from Paper.li
  18. @betseymerkel @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook thanks for sharing the review Betsey. Having Marshall also engaging, makes it a fun process
    15:31 PM Dec 7th from web
  19. @Williams_Fresh @Steph__Paige that is the type of engagement on twitter that I love to see. Well done Williams in dealing with this.
    15:33 PM Dec 7th from web
  20. Great coffee chat with @SteadyStateRace & @2020lifeline at @Williams_Fresh in #Brantford. FYI Williams should monitor Bill’s Foursquare 😉
    15:34 PM Dec 7th from web
  21. RT @ozsultan: The 5 Best Features of the Xbox 360 Dashboard Update http://t.co/Q1fvGLdC
    15:34 PM Dec 7th from HootSuite
  22. Time for another live podcast with fellow #BRANTS (@ Blue Dog Coffee Roasters) http://t.co/PmiPIsrx
    18:06 PM Dec 7th from foursquare
  23. Business must be booming at @bluedogcoffee to turn away the repeat weekly business of 15 people. This coming from an advocate (no more!).
    21:14 PM Dec 7th from web
  24. @Williams_Fresh happy to assist
    21:15 PM Dec 7th from web
  25. @gdiver62 The sad reality of them not having a clue about Social CRM or even monitoring Twitter. Tweet says it all http://t.co/e85Rhg9O
    21:20 PM Dec 7th from web Continue reading

“#Movember 2011 Stealth Mo” Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:10 AM Nov 26th – 17:28 PM Dec 3rd

The 2011 @RLavigne42 Stealth Mo

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Peaks/Valleys! @RLavigne42 @Klout score is now 61. @TDGv improved it by 14 points over the past 30 days! http://t.co/kF74McYK #NumbersLie
    11:10 AM Nov 26th from Tweet Button
  2. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @nahumg
    12:30 PM Nov 26th from Paper.li
  3. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @leyla_a @dingstweets @dtapscott
    12:30 PM Nov 27th from Paper.li
  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @bakercom1 @ciscocollab @coach_colette @thecr
    12:31 PM Nov 28th from Paper.li
  5. New podcast in a few days, but here is last week’s “What’s on YOUR Mind #BRANTS” in case you missed it…. http://t.co/8ZOTTkqq
    23:48 PM Nov 28th from Facebook
  6. My week on twitter: 19 retweets received, 2 new listings, 5 new followers, 31 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    12:16 PM Nov 29th from TwentyFeet
  7. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @freshbooks
    17:10 PM Nov 29th from Paper.li
  8. Were others see walls of torment, we build halls of torrents. Where others see windows of despair, we envision fields of opportunity.
    10:14 AM Nov 30th from Facebook
  9. RT @barbararae: New Relationship Marketing Webinar w/Mari Smith going on right now! #NRMbook
    14:09 PM Nov 30th from web
  10. RT @MariSmith: Has your Twitter following plateaued? Find hashtags for events & proactively reach out to like-minded people. #NRMbook
    14:23 PM Nov 30th from HootSuite
  11. Time to gear up. Heading out for amongst other things this weeks #BRANTS Social Business Hangout. Looking… http://t.co/jm8b4oej
    16:16 PM Nov 30th from Facebook
  12. Tonight topic of discussion #How to build a successful SMB Facebook Community” #BRANTS Social Business Hangout… http://t.co/OwxcW7CY
    16:24 PM Nov 30th from Facebook
  13. Editing the podcast from this evenings #BRANTS Social Business Hangout hosted by @TDGv.
    22:43 PM Nov 30th from Facebook
  14. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @danperezfilms
    20:41 PM Dec 1st from Paper.li
  15. Animal time in the studio (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/gGk0Riar
    11:27 AM Dec 3rd from foursquare
  16. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    12:30 PM Dec 3rd from Paper.li
  17. One step closer to the death of Email http://t.co/mSRHJoii http://t.co/S8m05H5K
    17:28 PM Dec 3rd from Facebook