2009/04/01 – 2009/04/30: A Month of Immersing Myself into Twitter


  1. The Twitter Revolution – WSJ.com http://online.wsj.com/artic…12:54 PM Apr 18th from Echofon (Link)

My Thoughts Enclosed

  1. Studying PMP stuff. Yeah you can’t get a more boring tweet than that.4:26 PM Apr 1st from web
  2. Updated my thoughts on “Personal Branding and the Evolution of the Resume” at http://tinyurl.com/cjztro10:44 AM Apr 3rd from web
  3. Had a great xbox live party last nigth playing GoW2. Now for a quiet day of HD movies.11:59 AM Apr 4th from web
  4. Enclosed my thoughts on “Twitter as a Micro-Internet” at http://tinyurl.com/dzpvsm3:09 PM Apr 7th from web
  5. Finished reconfiguring the living room and recalibrating the receiver/speakers. Totally in love with the new layout and audio improveme 2:23 AM Apr 8th from web
  6. Off to Ottawa to visit the folks.11:37 AM Apr 10th from Echofon
  7. Heading back to TO.10:52 AM Apr 13th from web
  8. Back in Toronto from a weekend in Ottawa.8:56 PM Apr 13th from Echofon
  9. Having a me day today.10:58 AM Apr 15th from Echofon
  10. could the cat sitting on my arms while I am trying to type be any heavier and more comfortable.3:56 PM Apr 15th from Echofon
  11. Guitar Hero Metallica is way way to much fun3:16 AM Apr 19th from Echofon
  12. When it came down to it, the job came down to two people and the offer went to the other guy. Will he accept is the question on my mind.8:43 AM Apr 21st from web
  13. Finished watching Combat School on Discovery Canada. Probably one of the best documentary on our troops training I have seen in years.8:45 AM Apr 21st from web
  14. zoo day today. I like the zoo.10:19 AM Apr 22nd from Echofon
  15. I Really want to read a Tale of Two Cities again at this juncture in my life.6:34 PM Apr 25th from Echofon
  16. Currently documenting 4500 hours of PM experience for my PMP application. How does one log over 10 years of Management Experience.12:00 PM Apr 30th from web
  17. Updated my thoughts on Personal Branding @ http://tinyurl.com/cjztro12:01 PM Apr 30th from web

Commented Thoughts

  1. @davidphillips73 twitterberry http://www.orangatame.com/p…8:46 AM Apr 7th from web
  2. @davidphillips73 Oh my you are quite enjoying your twitter this morning 😉12:59 PM Apr 17th from Echofon in reply to davidphillips73
  3. @davidphillips73 great post on gaps on your blog very true http://tinyurl.com/cpnqtq2:35 PM Apr 17th from Echofon in reply to davidphillips73 (Link)
  4. @davidphillips73 might want to consider shifting to an RSS feed for those twitters you don’t want real time updates2:34 PM Apr 27th from Echofon in reply to davidphillips73
  5. @davidphillips73 Great blog entry re: Twitter3:10 PM Apr 27th from Echofon in reply to davidphillips73 (Link)

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb


An Agilistic RFP Process for Team Project Selection

Apply the concept of an RFP to the Team Selection approach.

Have a cost (est) and incentive pricing formula.

Have team members bid on projects as if they were independent suppliers.

Both in terms of scope and cost.

Scope is defined as a set of deliverables which can include items such as estimated time guarantees, documentation, build scripts, unit testing coverage, rewrite vs. refactoring work.

It becomes a contract between the supplier and the client.

The RFP would be evaluated by the team as part of a selection process.

Have the team police themselves and the coder select and define their own deliverables as part of the larger scope of work of the project.

A bidder could elect a reduced benefit to allow for a learning opportunity.

The areas of the project would have a weighted selection process.

Scope, Estimate, Difficulty

# of days * difficulty rating

A junior could get a project of higher difficulty by applying a counter weight such as a learning credit or top selector prize based on past project work.

(# of days * difficulty) / credit

credit would have to be less than difficulty by a small amount to offset difficulty rating to allow for junior staff to be bidding on par (almost like a handicap in golf)

(21 x 5 )/1.25 = (21 x~4)/1 = (~13*5) /1

Bonuses and such can be linked to a final approval % to deal with punishment of late estimate or missing artifacts.