Death to “Piracy”: Should All Music Sharing Be Free? [VIDEO]

Interesting viewpoints by Free Software activist Richard Stallman.

Stallman started the Free Software Foundation based on four principles.

1) Information, such as computer software, should be freely accessible.
2) The information should be free to modify.
3) The information should be free to share with others.
4) The information should be free to change and redistribute copies of the changed software.

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A Twitter hackfest reveals more possibilities for ‘Annotations’ | VentureBeat

Annotations, which launched in April at Twitter’s first developer conference and will go live sometime later this year, are a way of marking up tweets with additional data. Instead of having a simple 140-character tweet, you could make a note that the tweet is about the weather or a movie. Other apps will be able to interpret this and display display or interpret the tweet in a different way. It has the potential to make the experience of the microblogging network feel a lot more media rich and powerful. (We suggested a few possibilities for “Annotations” here based on conversations with different Twitter developers.)

Bringing context to tweets will represent the key evolution of this micro-blogging framework

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Survey: More Than 80% of Businesses Support the iPad – ReadWriteCloud

The Citrix team has shared an overview of the preliminary results.

  • While 84% of organizations will support personal iPads, 50% expect their organization to purchase the device for them.
  • 80% will purchase and use the iPad for business.
  • The high level of adoption of the mobile device illustrates the confidence IT has that they can provide secure, safe access to company data and virtual desktops.
  • Support, according to respondents, for the use of personal iPads for work will open the door for more Bring Your Own Computer programs
  • The largest perceived benefits include the mobility to work remotely without interruption, greatly improving productivity for even the most remote workers.

I said it before about the Touch with wifi. A touch at $200 depreciated over three years is about $7 a month. The same process applies to the iPAD without 3G. You are looking at a workplace app working over wifi with no monthly overhead.

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Slashdot Mobile Story | Skype App Updated, Allows 3G Calling On the iPhone

Gee, thanks for “allowing” this, you’re all too kind. Of course the Nokia N900 [] has had Skype over WiFi and 3G since last fall, and with the latest update does Skype-to-Skype video calls as wells (over whatever TCP/IP connection you have of course, including 3G)! But I’m sure it will be a great innovation and a lot of fuss about it when the iPhone 4G or whatever invents video calls later on.

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