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  • Assemble and sustain a critical mass of active members across and beyond the enterprise.
  • Build out an ecosystem of networks and communities by these members, for these members.
  • Establish meaningful social business connections amongst themselves.
  • Integrate fully into all aspects of systems of record.
  • Maintain a reputation economy so that everyone is incentivized to contribute ideas and share knowledge at all times.
  • Follow all relevant activities by anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Zoom in on any actionable items timely and collaboratively.
  • Key points about the need to shift away from 1.0 Systems of Record as they are unable to scale with the increasing content they are forced to manage. You need to incorporate contextual relevance that comes from engaging in the content.


    The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: 23:19 PM Apr 24th- 21:47 PM Apr 28th

    1. RT @rwang0: Karma. Karma. Karma. today’s magic word =)
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    2. @LLiu thoughts on it so far?
      23:20 PM Apr 24th from web
    3. @LLiu that will indeed be the big test. Kudos on them to gamify their social net framework. More engagement possibilities imo
      11:05 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
    4. @mijori23 @rwang0 as you say just trying to be a better person.
      11:07 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
    5. RT @mfauscette: RT @rwang0: If you are a #CRM #SMB looking for your chance at the big leagues,check out #crmidol – details @pgreenbe
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    6. I commented on a YouTube video
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    7. always impressive (@YouTube
      0:14 AM Apr 26th from Google
    8. RT @Murnahan: Wouldn’t it be great if everybody who sent a friend request or followed you actually checked to see who the hell you are? I think so.
      2:31 AM Apr 26th from
    9. RT @briansolis: Reading “What Are The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools?” by @oneforty @KISSmetrics #Infographic
      2:33 AM Apr 26th from web
    10. RT @MarshaCollier: Solid Advice: Learning To Fly: The Four Stages of Social Business from @Armano
      13:11 PM Apr 26th from Customer Care
    11. RT @MarshaCollier: Companies with great #custserv seem to have something in common: respect for employees & enthusiasm for their jobs
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    12. RT @aral: RT @rachelreese: WHY HAVE NONE OF YOU TOLD ME THAT 1337% OF π IS 42?!
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    13. @jpuopolo very cool. envious actually
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    14. “Don’t let the past steal your present” ~Cherralea Morgen #quote (via @ruhanirabin)
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    15. 97% of text messages are read within 4 minutes. #jeffhasen #smcsea (via @gspadoni)
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    16. Disaster: Playstation Network User Data Compromised, Names, Addresses, Maybe Credit Cards via @techcrunch
      8:34 AM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
    17. Couple of days until my Empire Avenue stats are fully factored. Expecting a spike as a result 😉
      9:00 AM Apr 27th from LinkedIn
    18. #HockeyStick #JustSaying mark this day tweeps
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    19. @andrewcariboni good thing you do video
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    20. RT @Evandawson: White House releasing president’s birth certificate. Donald Trump immediately retires to the Caymans.
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    21. RT @SO_pr: Happy hump day twitterverse!
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    22. RT @bhc3: Showed a Spigit client mockups done via @balsamiq. He loved the UI mockup look so much, he bought @balsamiq for himself. Great app.
      9:12 AM Apr 27th from web
    23. @bhc3 following @balsamiq as a result. thanks for the tip Hutch
      9:12 AM Apr 27th from web
    24. RT @ScottWNesbitt: Remember that today is #passivevoiceday. Try to speak and write using the passive –
      9:12 AM Apr 27th from Twitter for Android
    25. RT @danperezfilms: I’m finding it funny how some people preach transparency & authenticity and yet are made uncomfortable by it… #usguys
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