The State of Now Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:12 AM Jun 12nd – 13:26 PM Jun 20th

What does Exploring the State of Now mean to Jeff Pulver?

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. My week on twitter: 14 retweets received, 8 new followers, 78 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM Jun 12nd from TwentyFeet
  2. Help The Brant Advocate Support Domestic Violence Prevention Services #Brantford #Brantastic cc: @BrantAdvocate
    11:31 AM Jun 12nd from web
  3. RT @BrantAdvocate: We’ve been a bit dormant on social media lately as we have big changes on the way. Strategic planning, new team members – all very exciting.
    11:31 AM Jun 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  4. Paris. Quaint. Quiet. Peaceful. Beautiful. Home. (Sarah Renwick, @RenwickS via @brantadvocate #Brantastic #ParisOnt
    11:59 AM Jun 12nd from Tweet Button
  5. RT @BrantAdvocate: A Sign of Things to Come @BrantAdvocate #Brantastic #Brantford
    12:52 PM Jun 12nd from Facebook
  6. Who Gave @RLavigne42 the keys to the @BrantAdvocate server room 😉 Proud to be the new Digital Content Strategist for The Brant Advocate.
    12:54 PM Jun 12nd from web
  7. @ScottWNesbitt Thanks.
    13:26 PM Jun 12nd from web
  8. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @mikepweiss
    13:29 PM Jun 12nd from
  9. Paris Storm
    13:51 PM Jun 12nd from instagram
  10. @FeeFiFoFunFaery Paris, Ontario
    14:27 PM Jun 12nd from Twitter for Android
  11. @AllBlacksHooker you might find this helpful < Podcast and a Video on Twitter
    18:56 PM Jun 12nd from web
  12. @AllBlacksHooker you’re quite welcome. While you typically get to see me as the MC, this will give you a sense of
    22:23 PM Jun 12nd from web
  13. What do Instagram and Path have in common that makes them so valuable? Listen to the podcast to find out. #Brantford
    22:36 PM Jun 12nd from Tweet Button
  14. Help The Brant Advocate Support Domestic Violence Prevention Services aka Do you want to see me walking in red heels?
    22:48 PM Jun 12nd from Tweet Button
  15. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @scottEweinberg
    13:28 PM Jun 13rd from
  16. RT @Lifeat42: “From humble beginnings, first you must be humbled.” ~Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)
    16:51 PM Jun 13rd from Facebook
  17. Hamilton Tiger Cats
    19:37 PM Jun 13rd from instagram
  18. Second Half Tiger Cats
    21:12 PM Jun 13rd from instagram
  19. RT @MichelleLockett: Is Microsoft buying Yammer?
    22:53 PM Jun 13rd from Safari on iOS
  20. Help The Brant Advocate Support Domestic Violence Prevention Services < We are at 20% of our goal. Every $ helps.
    0:05 AM Jun 14th from Tweet Button
  21. RT @akovacs: Yammer + Skype = Microsoft’s $9.5B response to Google+
    0:09 AM Jun 14th from web
  22. @AllBlacksHooker let me know what you think of them when you finally listen/watch them.
    0:14 AM Jun 14th from web
  23. RT @dshiao: Cain was able.
    1:10 AM Jun 14th from Twitter for Android
  24. RT @jacobm: Is Adoption the New ROI of Collaboration? #e20 #socbiz
    1:11 AM Jun 14th from TweetDeck
  25. RT @MarkTamis: Twitter Turns Its Tweet Firehose On For #Saleforce’s #Radian6 In New Enterprise Deal – #scrm
    1:12 AM Jun 14th from Plume for Android Continue reading

Live to Air with Empire Avenue – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 21:56 PM May 28th – 13:37 PM Jun 6th

Empire Avenue: One Year Later

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel made it into today. Read Story:…
    21:56 PM May 28th from Facebook
  2. RT @davecarrol: Great story from @RLavigne42 in the @brantadvocate about how the Gretzky tourney actually KEPT him in Brantford
    22:04 PM May 28th from Tweet Button
  3. @EXPHugo @syladurantaye Correct. I aggregate them at It is done using a custom JQuery script and some copy/pasting.
    22:05 PM May 28th from web
  4. Great day at @parisgrandcc with @BBusinesses @gdiver62. The sun was out in full force all day. Exhausted tonight (and a bit burnt 🙂
    22:06 PM May 28th from web
  5. RT @BBusinesses: Great view along the grand river @ParisGrandCC perfect day for golf with @RLavigne42 and @gdiver62
    22:06 PM May 28th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  6. 50 Creative, Compelling And Clever Viral Images Shared In 2011 via @TheFutureBuzz
    3:03 AM May 29th from Tweet Button
  7. My week on twitter: 84 retweets received, 11 new followers, 44 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM May 29th from TwentyFeet
  8. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Taggio
    13:30 PM May 29th from
  9. RT @C360R: @WCRacing World Challenge fans! Join @C360R @HondaRacing_HPD drivers @toddspeed and @Andrew_Novich for a Tweetup today at 4pm ET. Htg #C360R
    15:58 PM May 29th from web
  10. RT @seanard: Police lay it all out re: #Hockeyfest
    17:24 PM May 29th from web
  11. RT @EXPHugo: Just getting word that “not all press releases” are yet published relating to #Hockeyfest
    17:24 PM May 29th from Seesmic
  12. RT @Trevor_Cherewka#Hockeyfest will NOT happen at Brant Park this weekend: GRCA. Lets wait to see press release from @branthockeyfest
    17:25 PM May 29th from HootSuite
  13. @RICSTER101 thanks for the +K. See you online tomorrow night.
    17:53 PM May 29th from web
  14. RT @RandyCantrell: Complacency: The Silent Business Killer
    17:53 PM May 29th from Buffer
  15. RT @MarketingHits: Facebook Has Lost About $35 Billion In Value Since IPO As Shares Dip Below $29
    17:54 PM May 29th from
  16. RT @EXPHugo#Hockeyfest reaction online #storify #hockeyfest #btfd
    17:55 PM May 29th from Storify
  17. Sneak Peek at #TDGv Racing: “What does Racing mean to you?” via @TDGv #Mosport #CanadianTireMotorsportPark #Racing
    20:03 PM May 29th from Tweet Button
  18. Mosport 1962. Great piece of Canadian Racing History.
    9:42 AM May 30th from Facebook
  19. RT @acampbell99: Pitching that #Hockeyfest be made into a reality show. Drama, intrigue, alliances. It’s survivor w/ hockey and music. I’m accepting offers.
    9:48 AM May 30th from web
  20. RT @EXPHugo#Hockeyfest What a mess.
    9:50 AM May 30th from Seesmic
  21. RT @EXPSGamble: Final answer: #Hockeyfest is cancelled. Venue fell thru. Tickets will be honored at a later show says Ralph.
    9:51 AM May 30th from Twitter for iPhone
  22. RT @sabbatical: Let’s say what we’re all thinking — chances are, this is all Creed’s fault. #Hockeyfest
    9:55 AM May 30th from Twitter for Mac
  23. With #Hockeyfest postponed. May I invite everyone to come out and play some hockey instead this weekend. #Tournament
    10:07 AM May 30th from web
  24. RT @dismask#hockeyfest the concerts maybe dead, but let us support the games going on down at Lions Park. The True Reason For #Hockeyfest
    10:07 AM May 30th from web
  25. RT @GPeever#hockeyfest well with that all done with, lets go play some ball hockey. Maybe Gretzky can get some bands at Lions Park.
    10:08 AM May 30th from web Continue reading