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The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence: A Definition of Terms

June 27, 2009

The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence

On my tweet dated 9:44 AM Jun 13th, I presented The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence.

The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence: Mentoring (6)>Facilitating (5)>Sharing (4)>Teaching (3)>Preaching (2)>Instructing (1)>Hording (0) 9:44 AM Jun 13th

It should first be noted that in my original tweet, there was a typo on my part.  Hoarding (accumulation) was the intended spelling instead of Hording (clan) and will be used in its proper intent/spelling going forward.

The six levels are in hierarchical order with the “>” indicating which is greater than the other.  They are also numbered in order of levels (The Six Levels).  Although called The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence, it is actually comprised of a seventh level (Level 0) called Hoarding, which is the Antithesis of Knowledge Transcendence.

The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence are again as follows:

  • Level 0: Hoarding
  • Level 1: Instructing
  • Level 2: Preaching
  • Level 3: Teaching
  • Level 4: Sharing
  • Level 5: Facilitating
  • Level 6: Mentoring

A Definition of Terms

To better comprehend The Six Levels of Knowledge Transcendence, I believe it is important to first review the definition of the words themselves.  Future posts will dig into each of the levels in evolving detail.  I am sharing the evolution of this theory with you in near real time and value your comments and insight.


six // (sks)


  1. The sixth in a set or sequence.
  2. Something having six parts, units, or members.
at sixes and sevens

In a state of confusion or disorder.

One Man Army x 2700! The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 11:51 AM May 26th – 3:48 AM May 30th

One Man Army x 2700!
  1. @Jim_Bowie hehe, couldn’t quite get the angle shot I wanted on the helmet so cutting floor, but then I noticed you in the shot-put in teaser
    11:51 AM May 26th from web
  2. @dups backroom at the Boston Pizza is all booked for Monday. Will be there before 7 with nametags for ticker names, etc. see ya there
    13:08 PM May 26th from Tweetie for Mac
  3. RT @Armano: “gamification is getting much attention from marketers because game designers understand how to motivate players to take action” #mesh11
    15:25 PM May 26th from HootSuite
  4. RT @thehartley: Having a distributed workforce allows you to have a market intelligence that you wouldn’t get from one location @msurman #mesh11
    15:25 PM May 26th from TweetDeck
  5. @erinbury very cool. have fun
    17:07 PM May 26th from web
  6. @erinleydon been there
    17:08 PM May 26th from web
  7. RT @arnie: 11 Steps Celebrities Take To Grow Their Twitter Following: via @Adly
    18:55 PM May 26th from HootSuite
  8. RT @mayhemstudios: Brian Solis: We’re not connected so much by relationships as by ideas
    18:55 PM May 26th from Tweet Button
  9. RT @Freedomwalker77: be the ONE person who will do something with the need of the person in front of you!
    18:55 PM May 26th from TweetDeck
  10. New Footage. New Interviews. New Highlights. #TDGv Racing Season Two is Underway! on Vimeo
    9:23 AM May 27th from Posterous
  11. RT @dups: Reminder Boston Pizza, Eglinton and Yonge for an Empire Avenue Evening in Toronto! Monday evening at 7pm #EAv #YYZ #EmpireAvenue @empireave
    9:25 AM May 27th from Twitter for Mac
  12. A YYZ Evening with Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka @dups co-founder of Empire Avenue #TDGv
    9:28 AM May 27th from web
  13. Hold onto those dreams people #TDGv
    9:46 AM May 27th from Facebook
  14. @rwang0 sounds like great times. have fun
    9:47 AM May 27th from web
  15. @jkozuch morn
    9:47 AM May 27th from web
  16. @TrafficServices @ambermac now this is racing 😉 < Mosport is the only place you should race at 😉
    9:49 AM May 27th from web
  17. @rwang0 busy and fun friday at this end as well. podcast at noon with GoDaddy and back to editing interview footage from last weekends race
    9:52 AM May 27th from web
  18. @rwang0 I will, it airs on Sunday (recording today) this was mine BTW >
    10:00 AM May 27th from web
  19. @jkozuch doing well. prepping for co-hosting a podcast at noon and editing segment two of this later #GoodTimes
    10:01 AM May 27th from web
  20. one from the archives “How can a Business Leverage Social Media” #E20 #SCRM #SocBiz
    10:18 AM May 27th from Facebook
  21. I just earned the @Klout OG achievement for hanging with Klout back in the day. Did you earn one?
    10:48 AM May 27th from Tweet Button
  22. RT @lizstrauss: Survey Reveals Who Is Running the Social Media Show @jeffbullas
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  23. According to @Klout, @RLavigne42‘s Klout score is 55. Robert creates content that is spread throughout his networks and drives discussions
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  24. @RandyCantrell thanks for the RT Randy.
    11:41 AM May 27th from web
  25. RT @forrester: By end of ’11, more than 140 million people will use a Linux-based smart phone (Android). Another 100+ million will use iPhones. #itf11
    11:42 AM May 27th from TweetDeck Continue reading

Great to be formally acknowledged as a Guest Panelist on The Customer Experience Show website.

Visiting Panellist:

Robert Lavigne, PMP

Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledge Worker

Robert is a PMP and has acquired over 20 years of business-enablement via technological innovation. During these years, he has contributed to over 60 major projects and 15 commercialized products in both Startup and Enterprise organizations.

He is passionate about growing businesses via the enablement of new technologies and innovative approaches and has been responsible for products that have evolved from the “Paper Napkin” stage through to Tier-1 implementation at major Telecommunication Providers.

Robert has been recently researching and networking in the fields of Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding to compliment his existing Agile Development and Leadership experience.

This evolutionary knowledge furthers the delivery of Real Corporate Value (RCV). The use of modern social networking tools and related mindsets fully engages business relationships and departmental convergence. Rob subscribes to the need for further contextualization of accessible content to achieve real returns in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Business Innovation.