One Man Army x 2700! The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 11:51 AM May 26th – 3:48 AM May 30th

One Man Army x 2700!
  1. @Jim_Bowie hehe, couldn’t quite get the angle shot I wanted on the helmet so cutting floor, but then I noticed you in the shot-put in teaser
    11:51 AM May 26th from web
  2. @dups backroom at the Boston Pizza is all booked for Monday. Will be there before 7 with nametags for ticker names, etc. see ya there
    13:08 PM May 26th from Tweetie for Mac
  3. RT @Armano: “gamification is getting much attention from marketers because game designers understand how to motivate players to take action” #mesh11
    15:25 PM May 26th from HootSuite
  4. RT @thehartley: Having a distributed workforce allows you to have a market intelligence that you wouldn’t get from one location @msurman #mesh11
    15:25 PM May 26th from TweetDeck
  5. @erinbury very cool. have fun
    17:07 PM May 26th from web
  6. @erinleydon been there
    17:08 PM May 26th from web
  7. RT @arnie: 11 Steps Celebrities Take To Grow Their Twitter Following: via @Adly
    18:55 PM May 26th from HootSuite
  8. RT @mayhemstudios: Brian Solis: We’re not connected so much by relationships as by ideas
    18:55 PM May 26th from Tweet Button
  9. RT @Freedomwalker77: be the ONE person who will do something with the need of the person in front of you!
    18:55 PM May 26th from TweetDeck
  10. New Footage. New Interviews. New Highlights. #TDGv Racing Season Two is Underway! on Vimeo
    9:23 AM May 27th from Posterous
  11. RT @dups: Reminder Boston Pizza, Eglinton and Yonge for an Empire Avenue Evening in Toronto! Monday evening at 7pm #EAv #YYZ #EmpireAvenue @empireave
    9:25 AM May 27th from Twitter for Mac
  12. A YYZ Evening with Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka @dups co-founder of Empire Avenue #TDGv
    9:28 AM May 27th from web
  13. Hold onto those dreams people #TDGv
    9:46 AM May 27th from Facebook
  14. @rwang0 sounds like great times. have fun
    9:47 AM May 27th from web
  15. @jkozuch morn
    9:47 AM May 27th from web
  16. @TrafficServices @ambermac now this is racing 😉 < Mosport is the only place you should race at 😉
    9:49 AM May 27th from web
  17. @rwang0 busy and fun friday at this end as well. podcast at noon with GoDaddy and back to editing interview footage from last weekends race
    9:52 AM May 27th from web
  18. @rwang0 I will, it airs on Sunday (recording today) this was mine BTW >
    10:00 AM May 27th from web
  19. @jkozuch doing well. prepping for co-hosting a podcast at noon and editing segment two of this later #GoodTimes
    10:01 AM May 27th from web
  20. one from the archives “How can a Business Leverage Social Media” #E20 #SCRM #SocBiz
    10:18 AM May 27th from Facebook
  21. I just earned the @Klout OG achievement for hanging with Klout back in the day. Did you earn one?
    10:48 AM May 27th from Tweet Button
  22. RT @lizstrauss: Survey Reveals Who Is Running the Social Media Show @jeffbullas
    11:27 AM May 27th from TweetDeck
  23. According to @Klout, @RLavigne42‘s Klout score is 55. Robert creates content that is spread throughout his networks and drives discussions
    11:36 AM May 27th from Tweet Button
  24. @RandyCantrell thanks for the RT Randy.
    11:41 AM May 27th from web
  25. RT @forrester: By end of ’11, more than 140 million people will use a Linux-based smart phone (Android). Another 100+ million will use iPhones. #itf11
    11:42 AM May 27th from TweetDeck
  26. RT @guygal: our @cocacola video is officially shipped, and it’s launching in 24 hours…. so excited to share this with the world #bizmedia
    11:43 AM May 27th from web
  27. @guygal congrats on the release. I know you guys have been putting in lots of energy into this one
    11:43 AM May 27th from web
  28. @adrielhampton HAHAHAHA
    11:44 AM May 27th from web
  29. Just let Mike the owner that I added his store on FSQ. Red Bull source for #TDGv Studios West (@ Daisy Mart)
    13:10 PM May 27th from foursquare
  30. RT @M_ozgenli: Stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re standing alone.
    15:42 PM May 27th from web
  31. RT @ScottWNesbitt#FF these fine folks: @RLavigne42 @expertwriter @zoecello @justinlevy @tomjohnson @SueVarty @segphault @zen_habits / Trust me on this …
    15:45 PM May 27th from Twaitter
  32. RT @cammipham: Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. ~William Feather
    18:06 PM May 27th from Twuffer
  33. Date Night. First on the agenda. THAI
    18:06 PM May 27th from web
  34. #FF @jpuopolo for the most entertaining and informational #FollowFriday on all of twitter #NOLIE
    18:14 PM May 27th from web
  35. @courier007 they have indeed. and as you can tell Ludwig is as fast as he alwa (@YouTube
    20:44 PM May 27th from Google
  36. I commented on a YouTube video
    20:44 PM May 27th from MySpace
  37. @rwang0 podcast went great. will be live on Sunday. will send you a link as soon as it is up. also mentioned you to the main panelist
    21:08 PM May 27th from web
  38. officially old – bought a pair of reading glasses tonight. hopefully these will make reading the gobs of books I have in the queue easier
    21:18 PM May 27th from web
  39. @AskAaronLee what do you see happening in the Asian Market that will blow up huge in the NA market in the next 2 years. Example being QRCode
    21:20 PM May 27th from web
  40. RT @NeilPatel: Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
    21:20 PM May 27th from ShareFeed
  41. @murnahan finally followed @madelizas. love the great art (err cakes)
    21:21 PM May 27th from web
  42. @NeomaVasilia need to finish engage, 90% Rule is next, also need to get around to finishing The New Small by @philsimon (shh don’t tell him)
    21:23 PM May 27th from web
  43. @LisaMLoeffler well duh is my answer to that question
    21:25 PM May 27th from web
  44. @kitestring nice
    21:26 PM May 27th from web
  45. @AskAaronLee well do let me know when you invent it and I will get the NA distribution rights from you 😉 enjoy your weekend my friend
    21:27 PM May 27th from web
  46. @NeomaVasilia all of the above. I devour leadership, management, and disruptive innovation books. current queue
    21:29 PM May 27th from web
  47. @murnahan I agree and glad to hear
    21:30 PM May 27th from web
  48. @LisaMLoeffler @neomavasilia simply put, broadcasting simply doesn’t work. it may drive SEO, but not ROE
    21:30 PM May 27th from web
  49. @murnahan I believe I may have said book in the reading queue
    21:34 PM May 27th from web
  50. @murnahan btw she is more than welcome to connect if she wants on FB
    21:34 PM May 27th from web
  51. @NeomaVasilia those are the ones in the queue. you should see the bookshelf > should give you an idea of shelf >
    21:38 PM May 27th from web
  52. @NeomaVasilia @LisaMLoeffler just like you can tell when a CSR is smiling on the phone, you can tell a bot from a mile away
    21:39 PM May 27th from web
  53. @murnahan sent
    21:40 PM May 27th from web
  54. @NeomaVasilia btw any of these are great if you like Fable based biz books
    21:41 PM May 27th from web
  55. @NeomaVasilia my pleasure. Why else would I be on twitter ;-). Have fun reading and let me know what you picked.
    21:59 PM May 27th from Twitter for iPhone
  56. @RandyCantrell have done tons of laps at Mosport, but those laps were truly special given the driver struggling with his TDGv racing segment
    22:18 PM May 27th from Twitter for iPhone
  57. RT @NeomaVasilia: @RLavigne42 @LisaMLoeffler Exactly! I used 2 train phone center peeps to stand up or look in a mirror as they spoke. It works & they engage
    22:19 PM May 27th from web
  58. RT @tombolt: Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. ~John F. Kennedy #quote
    6:15 AM May 28th from HootSuite
  59. RT @wxto: 6am Toronto: Light Drizzle 11.5C / 52.7F Wind: SSE 8 km/h – Bar: 101.3 kPa falling AQHI: 1
    6:16 AM May 28th from ijg
  60. RT @tommytrc: 20 Steps to Write a Blog Post
    6:16 AM May 28th from Pluggio
  61. RT @tormentalous#EAv rollover is like Christmas time!!
    6:21 AM May 28th from web
  62. Great to be formally acknowledged as a Guest Panelist on The Customer Experience Show website. http://www.improving…
    17:49 PM May 28th from Posterous
  63. @philsimon 😉
    17:52 PM May 28th from web
  64. @RandyCantrell I can imagine
    17:52 PM May 28th from web
  65. @unmarketing first mac?
    19:21 PM May 28th from web
  66. RT @JenSchwalbach: via @SeanMcNally91 “Do u really have KS tattooed on you?” I do. Kevin has “Jenny’s” tattooed up 1 forearm & “Harley’s” tattooed on other.
    19:21 PM May 28th from web
  67. @reigny hahahahaa
    19:21 PM May 28th from web
  68. RT @tombolt: When you reach the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hang on. ~Thomas Jefferson #quote
    19:22 PM May 28th from HootSuite
  69. @reigny hehe
    23:14 PM May 28th from web
  70. RT @reggieramone: “It is sometimes a mistake to climb; it is always a mistake never even to make the attempt” – #Sandman
    0:13 AM May 29th from Tweetbot for iPhone
  71. @rwang0 my pleasure. I also think you would be a great guest to talk about the rise in the need for great customer experience. 30 min show
    8:32 AM May 29th from web
  72. @rwang0 will do. DM me your prefered eMail address and I will put you in contact with the Producer of the podcast for scheduling. Thanks
    12:03 PM May 29th from Tweetie for Mac
  73. @rwang0 here is the podcast link as requested. Enjoy #godaddy
    18:23 PM May 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  74. RT @Jon_Ferrara: Flashback: Two Years Ago, Twitter Killed A Feature — The One They Just Added Back
    18:45 PM May 29th from Pulse News
  75. RT @cannonjw: J.R. Hildebrand shouldn’t have been texting his wife on that last turn at the #Indy500. “Hey honey, I’m about to win….aw crap.” #sportsbiz
    18:54 PM May 29th from HootSuite
  76. RT @Formula1tweet: Congrats to @danwheldon for winning the Indy 500! Crazy end to the race, watch it if you’ve not seen it yet! #Indy500
    18:54 PM May 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  77. RT @danwheldon: Indy 500 winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18:55 PM May 29th from TweetDeck
  78. RT @janderson_fox29: 10 years from now, a good trivia question will be who won 2011 #Indy500? Will you remember Dan Wheldon or just that JR Hildebrand crashed?
    18:56 PM May 29th from Twitter for Android
  79. RT @calebstorkey: 2. Main tip for a EmpireAve newbie. Work out what you want from it. Get to know real people. Quality not quantity. Ok- that’s 3! #EAvChat
    19:11 PM May 29th from TweetChat
  80. @rwang0 looks like I will be coordinating the podcast with you. We can pre-record it. Want to skype this week and map out the topics?
    23:52 PM May 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  81. @rwang0 cool. RLavigne42 on Skype. How about Tues (your call timewise) for prep chat. Friday noon ET for the record? Sunday broadcast
    0:33 AM May 30th from Tweetie for Mac
  82. Looks like between 30-40 people might be attending our YYZ Meetup with Dups of Empire Avenue later today. Good times will be had by all.
    1:12 AM May 30th from Facebook
  83. #TDGv Racing: A Motorsports Social Novel – Season Two Teaser
    2:24 AM May 30th from Posterous
  84. @SouthsideAdguy Monday night yinge/eglington Boston Pizza 7pm in the bacl room
    2:26 AM May 30th from web
  85. I just unlocked the ‘Facebook Posts 5’ Achievement on “You have posted 500 posts on your Facebook Wall”
    2:40 AM May 30th from Tweet Button
  86. RT @marionchapsal: “My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies- Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die…” Queen
    2:41 AM May 30th from Echofon
  87. RT @CHRISVOSS: when you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place unknown
    2:41 AM May 30th from SocialOomph
  88. RT @sharonhayes: Don’t Dream It, Be It. ~ Frank (Rocky Horror Picture Show) #quote
    2:42 AM May 30th from CoTweet
  89. winding down for the nigh. huge day later today. going to be a great day for #TDGv as we take one more step at moving from #YYZ 2 #Brantford
    2:44 AM May 30th from web
  90. If Chewbacca had an iPhone:
    3:08 AM May 30th from Tweet Button
  91. RT @HelenCrozier: HOT EMPIRE AVENUE TIP: grab twitter’s most retweeted & loved man while he is incredibly affordable @Iconic88 just listed!
    3:38 AM May 30th from LinkedIn
  92. I just reserved my username. Get your @wedabble name here – <<<< would be great Thanks from #TDGv Studios
    3:39 AM May 30th from Tweet Button
  93. @timyoung done
    3:39 AM May 30th from web
  94. @guygal get to sleep you
    3:40 AM May 30th from web
  95. @guygal never 😉
    3:45 AM May 30th from web
  96. @guygal btw check out this old pic I came across recently. fallen in love with it all over again < circa Y2K
    3:46 AM May 30th from web
  97. RT @timyoung: ヽ(´ー`)┌ excited about the future.
    3:48 AM May 30th from web

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