TDGv Racing Season 3 is Underway – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 13:31 PM May 16th – 11:23 AM May 25th

TDGv Racing (Season 3)

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @socioussoftware @jmdc88 @sarahkayhoffman @matthewemay
    13:31 PM May 16th from
  2. Post podcast beer (@ The Piston Broke)
    21:38 PM May 16th from foursquare
  3. @EXPHugo Next week is a Tuesday BTW. Topic will be Open Data. Glad to hear though that you are listening to podcasts. #Meansalot
    23:09 PM May 16th from web
  4. RT @BBusinesses: Great #podcast topic tonight. “Social Media for Seniors.” @RLavigne42 is being grilled by his own parents on social media platforms!
    23:09 PM May 16th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  5. @gdiver62 @BBusinesses Thank you both for your support during the first 25 podcasts. Now onto the next 25
    23:09 PM May 16th from web
  6. RT @gdiver62: Brant Social Business Hangout, nice turn out to hear Robert “avigne interviewed by his parents [pic]:
    23:10 PM May 16th from foursquare
  7. RT @gdiver62#socialbusinesshangout Robert and the special guests The Lavignes
    23:10 PM May 16th from instagram
  8. @EXPHugo oh, that is too bad. Then again, once again proves the value of the podcast recording. Tonight was fun, parents in town.
    23:32 PM May 16th from web
  9. @BBusinesses @gdiver62 The after parties have been a nice addition to the format 😉
    23:37 PM May 16th from web
  10. Up early at the studio editing last night’s podcast. Perhaps a jog after. (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    6:09 AM May 17th from foursquare
  11. RT @wmougayar: Engagement Discovery Dashboard, Chrome Extension, Multiple Accounts, Find Friends: We’re now a Conversations Network!
    7:39 AM May 17th from Tweet Button
  12. Social Business Hangout on Senior Media for Seniors | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #25th #Podcast
    8:16 AM May 17th from Tweet Button
  13. RT @jowyang: SLIDES: Keynote: Three Future Trends of Social Business
    8:54 AM May 17th from Tweet Button
  14. RT @MariSmith: Social Business: Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going via @armano [Excellent read!]
    9:09 AM May 17th from Buffer
  15. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) #Seniors
    9:19 AM May 17th from Facebook
  16. RT @branthockeyfest: 991 followers! Follower number 1000 will win2 General Admission tickets to the #Hockeyfest night of their choice! RT #goingcrazy #hockeyfest
    9:34 AM May 17th from web
  17. “This is a Quote” ~ Robert Lavigne 😉 | Third Party Quotes are not original content and simply dilute your online stream #StopTheMadness
    9:37 AM May 17th from web
  18. @Lori_Randall yes, you may 😉
    9:40 AM May 17th from web
  19. @mgilstrap19 it is indeed 😉
    10:07 AM May 17th from web
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @kratomeast
    13:30 PM May 17th from
  21. Very nice collection of wartime artifacts. (@ Canadian Military Heritage Museum) [pic]:
    13:45 PM May 17th from foursquare
  22. @kurtantonmaus hehe
    13:49 PM May 17th from Twitter for Android
  23. Hi @Phil4Brant. Just found out that you might have met my sister Chantal during your trip to Brazil with GG #SmallWorld
    14:24 PM May 17th from Twitter for Android
  24. Having tea prior to tour (@ Alexander Graham Bell Homestead) [pic]:
    14:30 PM May 17th from foursquare
  25. What kind of flower is this?
    14:46 PM May 17th from instagram
  26. Number Please
    15:14 PM May 17th from instagram
  27. Buck’s Stove Works Brantford
    15:31 PM May 17th from instagram
  28. @jbrad4ord you sir kill me. Btw check outast night’s podcast as it targets those of the “older” persuasion 😉
    16:45 PM May 17th from Twitter for Android
  29. “Working” (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    16:49 PM May 17th from foursquare
  30. RT @BBusinesses: A #SocBiz Hangout Podcast. “Hot Seat Q&A” featuring @RLavigne42 and his parents on Social Media for Seniors!
    18:30 PM May 17th from HootSuite
  31. RT @jbrad4ord: @EXPHugo You’re a good reporter. I enjoy your writing style, Wellington blog. Can’t wait expos to invest you into investigative journalism.
    20:51 PM May 17th from Twitter for Android
  32. RT @GuyKawasaki: Google+ is just like Mac in the 80s: fewer using, better, experts say it will fail #dadchat
    21:54 PM May 17th from
  33. RT @GuyKawasaki: The way to gain traction on Google+ is to search for the keywords that describe your passions and then interact with those folks #dadchat
    21:55 PM May 17th from
  34. RT @mayhemstudios: RT @GuyKawasaki a gift: free PDF of what the Plus, version 1 #dadchat
    21:56 PM May 17th from Twittelator
  35. @bhwilkoff @trishuhl see you there
    12:20 PM May 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  36. @RealPaul let me know the best one after you tried them
    12:42 PM May 18th from Plume for Android
  37. RT @edrabbit: Why is Facebook going public? They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.
    13:11 PM May 18th from Echofon
  38. RT @FastCompany: Pinterest users not only buy the products they pin, but spend more than their Facebook counterparts.
    13:12 PM May 18th from TweetDeck
  39. RT @ezraklein: How Facebook’s stock performs today is meaningless. What matters is how it performs in 3, 5, 10, 20 years. And the two are unrelated.
    13:17 PM May 18th from TweetDeck
  40. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @seo_amigo @sarahkayhoffman
    13:32 PM May 18th from
  41. @octopusred @BrantfordDiva @seanard @TweetstockCA @StephenDostal @Patti_RogersTV @MarcLaferriere dang just got this. Next time though
    18:00 PM May 18th from Twitter for Android
  42. It is with great joy that I can announce that The Digital Grapevine / #TDGv Studios is launching Season 3 of…
    21:27 PM May 18th from Facebook
  43. “Working on a very interesting twist for Season 3 of #TDGv Racing” ~Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)
    21:28 PM May 18th from Facebook
  44. My thought on kicking off Season 3 of #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel
    21:39 PM May 18th from Tweet Button
  45. THE highlight of Season 2 hands down. I bring you the unedited interview with Allan de la Plante.
    22:06 PM May 18th from Facebook
  46. RT @RLavigne42: My thought on kicking off Season 3 of #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel
    9:09 AM May 19th from Buffer
  47. The theme for this weekend is “What does racing mean to you?”
    9:41 AM May 19th from Facebook
  48. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jescossia @ChrisPirillo @bitrebels
    13:28 PM May 19th from
  49. Damb right we got the fire going. Some good interviews captured today. The track is sooo much better for cam
    20:58 PM May 19th from instagram
  50. Great first day at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Amazing improvements for campers. Fireworks now underway, while we sit by a nice fire #2
    21:17 PM May 19th from Twitter for Android
  51. It’s raceday today at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Beauty weather. This is where you want to be on your cottage weekend.#Cottage #Mosport
    8:45 AM May 20th from Twitter for Android
  52. @RyanEversley Karen has been on pic duty. Not sure what she focussed. Upcoming episode will capture some of it. Bridge top of 2, bridge at 7
    8:47 AM May 20th from Twitter for Android
  53. RT @djkracing: Very excited for first #NCATS race of the season this weekend. Who’s coming to @CTMPOfficial (Mosport) gonna be a great time!
    8:52 AM May 20th from web
  54. @ajabe_i_am I disagree, the man knows his racing history and has earned that position
    8:54 AM May 20th from Twitter for Android
  55. Seriously nice weather. Cars are on track (@ Mosport International Raceway w/ @jim_bowie
    8:57 AM May 20th from foursquare
  56. Going to a great day. Out on a Racing Weedend
    9:14 AM May 20th from instagram
  57. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @MDCudahy @fredmcclimans
    13:28 PM May 20th from
  58. @FeeFiFoFunFaery seriously amazing weather. Just perfect
    15:29 PM May 20th from Twitter for Android
  59. @ajabe_i_am in that respect I do agree
    15:29 PM May 20th from Twitter for Android
  60. About to watch Karl Thomson race in a mini cooper
    15:32 PM May 20th from instagram
  61. RT @CTMPOfficial: Fitzpatrick wins Vortex Brake Pads 200. #NCATS #CTMP @CanadianTire
    21:35 PM May 20th from HootSuite
  62. Some people go to #Mosport for the racing alone, I go to practice my Guerilla Video Sequence Skills. Really looking forward to sharing soon.
    0:45 AM May 21st from web
  63. Latest video has taken four takes to generate final cut. Been a while, rust is showing or simply tired after long weekend at #Mosport
    2:22 AM May 21st from web
  64. Hoping to release first “What does Racing mean to you?” promos in next 24 hours.
    3:12 AM May 21st from Facebook
  65. Racing: What does Racing mean to you? – John R Walker, Photographer: via @TDGv #Mosport #Promo
    9:40 AM May 21st from Tweet Button
  66. Some Assembly Required
    10:32 AM May 21st from Facebook
  67. An American Classic
    10:40 AM May 21st from Facebook
  68. After our interview with Ron Fellows
    10:42 AM May 21st from Facebook
  69. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:27 PM May 21st from
  70. Racing: What does Racing mean to you? – Jim Martyn and Jerry Priddle: via @TDGv #Mosport #Veterans
    13:56 PM May 21st from Tweet Button
  71. The second “What does Racing mean to you?” segment for Season 3 of
    14:09 PM May 21st from Facebook
  72. Who was here, when we launched 3 years ago today! Relive the images that started it all.
    14:34 PM May 21st from Facebook
  73. RT @PamMktgNut: Facebook Stock Drops: What Really Goes On In IPOs – Forbes via @sharethis
    16:36 PM May 21st from Tweet Button
  74. RT @GoRacingTV: Catch up on all the @GoTransAm video updates from Mosport with this #YouTube Playlist: – #gotransam
    18:19 PM May 21st from web
  75. Good Morning Brantford. Back from the track and ready for a busy week. Meetup Luncheon followed by a Tuesday Social Business Hangout Podcast
    9:42 AM May 22nd from web
  76. What did you do on your Victoria Day Long Weekend? Me -> 🙂
    10:03 AM May 22nd from web
  77. @RealPaul not as fun, but very rewarding though.
    10:17 AM May 22nd from Plume for Android
  78. #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel
    10:21 AM May 22nd from Tweet Button
  79. RT @animal: Actually @noahroth, @Jerry_Albright discovered that LI no longer limits searches to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections #ancienthistory
    10:26 AM May 22nd from web
  80. RT @animal: But if you don’t have a paid account LI does not show U full names beyond the 2nd level contact @noahroth – U have to get it from Google
    10:26 AM May 22nd from web
  81. My week on twitter: 54 retweets received, 1 new listings, 18 new followers, 44 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM May 22nd from TwentyFeet
  82. We can haz road again?
    11:28 AM May 22nd from instagram
  83. MT @babiak: Last night a man in a blue pickup moved down alley tossing full recycling bags into his canopy… A professional identity thief.
    11:57 AM May 22nd from Buffer
  84. Meetup exec luncheon. Great bunch of entrepreneurs in Brantford (@ yong Great wall buffet w/ @steadystaterace) [pic]:
    12:56 PM May 22nd from foursquare
  85. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @KatherineRoos
    13:27 PM May 22nd from
  86. @AnniBricca done
    14:10 PM May 22nd from web
  87. Season 3 of #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel is now LIVE | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv
    17:10 PM May 22nd from Buffer
  88. RT @MarcLaferriere: Just a reminder about tonight’s MEETUP Podcast recording with @RLavigne42, @MichaelStAmant & I.
    19:17 PM May 22nd from Twitter for iPhone
  89. Social business hangout on Open Data (@ Brant Museum And Archives w/ @gdiver62
    19:18 PM May 22nd from foursquare
  90. Post Social Business Hangout beers (@ The Piston Broke)
    21:27 PM May 22nd from foursquare
  91. RT @OfficialRedSox: Red Sox defeat London Majors 16-1 tonight at Arnold Anderson Stadium
    23:10 PM May 22nd from Twitter for iPad
  92. RT @gdiver62: Social Business Hangout with Robert Lavigne, Marc Laferriere and Michael St. Am @ Brant Museum And Archives
    23:12 PM May 22nd from instagram
  93. @gdiver62 thank you for taking that picture
    23:12 PM May 22nd from web
  94. Social Business Hangout on Government Transparency and Open Data | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv
    0:14 AM May 23rd from Tweet Button
  95. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) #OpenData
    0:17 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  96. About to make my way into Toronto for #mesh12. Volunteering today and attending tomorrow. Who on my feed will I see IRL?
    7:27 AM May 23rd from web
  97. @FergDevins @molsonmoffat Good to know
    8:06 AM May 23rd from web
  98. Social Business Hangout #Podcast on Government Transparency and Open Data #Moderated by @RLavigne42 #Produced by @TDGv
    8:17 AM May 23rd from Tweet Button
  99. RT @LeoPicon_love: Leobert = leonardo + robert Lovagne =Lovato + Lavigne
    8:34 AM May 23rd from web
  100. @meshcon just about to leave Brantford to volunteer today. Will be there in time for first shift
    8:38 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  101. New Asphalt means New Roads.
    8:51 AM May 23rd from instagram
  102. RT @Jan4Ward1: “Be a tourist in your own town!”
    8:56 AM May 23rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  103. RT @Hashcaster: Hashcaster is excited to be implementing at #mesh12 this year! Welcome to the Hashcaster community meshcon!
    9:00 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  104. RT @CIRANEWS: I’ll be uploading photos from #mesh12 all day to and our G+ page Like/circle us!
    9:01 AM May 23rd from HootSuite
  105. @markevans kudos to you and your team
    9:02 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  106. @Hashcaster my pleasure. Will allow me review later today.
    9:03 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  107. RT @Trevor_Cherewka: Getting ready for #mesh12. On way to grab @RLavigne42#NeedDrivinTunes
    9:03 AM May 23rd from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  108. Volunteering at #MESH12 (@ Allstream Centre w/ 44 others)
    10:27 AM May 23rd from foursquare
  109. @markevans Trevor and I are on site. I am volunteering today, Trevor scheduled for tomorrow
    10:31 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  110. @karensd Trevor and I are in back of room
    10:36 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  111. @karensd for sure
    10:37 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  112. RT @markevans: “Who wants to hear the truth when can be told they’re right” – @cjoh on content consumption #mesh12
    10:38 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  113. RT @alexaclark: “pizza tastes better than broccoli”… “opinion tastes better than news” the effect of fiduciary responsibility on what is served #mesh12
    10:38 AM May 23rd from Twitter for iPad
  114. RT @markevans: “Be a producer, not a consumer” of content. Makes me feel better about all that blogging. 🙂 @cjoh at #mesh12
    10:45 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  115. RT @karensd: Goal: 500 words before 8am. #icandothat #mesh12 @cjoh #informationdiet
    10:45 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  116. @conniecrosby at the back of room
    10:53 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  117. RT @jessbennett: 37% Child poverty rate in Toronto. Did you know that?! Most people don’t, but they know @KimKardashian‘s ex-husband’s name. – @cjoh #mesh12
    10:54 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  118. RT @lhazzan: “A politicians job is never ever ever to inform you. It’s to persuade you.” @cjoh #mesh12
    10:55 AM May 23rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  119. RT @wikibrands: The information obesity problem; pay for content. #informationisvaluable #mesh12 via @marsdd @cjoh
    11:04 AM May 23rd from HootSuite
  120. RT @karensd: We’re not being informed, we’re being entertained. ~ @cjoh #mesh12 #informationdiet
    11:09 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  121. @gdiver62 @HubSpot @bhalligan am here, will relay learnings
    11:50 AM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  122. RT @jessbennett: Loving this session on ‘Thought controlled computing’ at #mesh12 – wiring music to neurons, you know, all that stuff.
    11:53 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  123. RT @lucanmc: @brain_guru (Ariel Garten) is talking about the brave new world of thought-controlled technology #mesh12
    11:54 AM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  124. RT @martinwaxman: Books are no longer a simply a long story, they could be a portfolio, a marketing tool, family history… #mesh12
    12:10 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  125. RT @jessbennett: Super cool. Rigging mine up as we speak! RT @Jason_Faber: Poken: collect and share with a touch. Really cool. #mesh12
    12:11 PM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  126. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @HiveDM
    13:27 PM May 23rd from
  127. RT @EdelmanTO: New publishing model: Creator of content creates their product once and technology enables it to be pushed out via different mediums #Mesh12
    13:29 PM May 23rd from SocialEngage
  128. RT @jessbennett: Learning about the lurkers and creepers – your invisible audience – from Alexandra Samuel and Andrew Reid. #mesh12
    13:31 PM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  129. RT @martinwaxman: On Facebook, 68% of Cdn users are watching more than posting – the lurkers – @awsamuel #mesh12
    13:37 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  130. RT @martinwaxman: Don’t think about one social media audience; market to sharers and lurkers with different content @awsamuel #mesh12
    13:49 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  131. @karensd @CuteGecko agreed
    13:50 PM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  132. RT @jsource: If you’re only examining SM based on engagement and conversations you’re having, you are missing a huge chunk of audience. #mesh12
    13:57 PM May 23rd from Tweetbot for iOS
  133. RT @hannahyakobi#mesh12: The term “lurker” has been around for many years. “Listener” is also a great term, but somewhat different.
    13:59 PM May 23rd from web
  134. RT @waharnum: “lurkers” is at least 20 years old as a term for passive observation of online communities – I heard it on BBS in the early 90s. #mesh12
    13:59 PM May 23rd from web
  135. RT @ilysesmith: By 2020 could be 50 billion devices that can connect to the Internet in some ways. @stuartlombard #mesh12
    14:00 PM May 23rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  136. @martinwaxman I think you added an extra zero 😉
    14:02 PM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  137. RT @lisapasquin: I love the idea that an electric car can be a battery – charge up in low peak times and use it to power yr house during high peak! #mesh12
    14:24 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  138. RT @kaleemlive: Victoria: teacher’s job is educate, entertain & be accessible. We need to keep with the times. #elearning #mesh12
    14:30 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPad
  139. RT @hannahyakobi: Digital sphere has made the students more demanding in terms of their expectations in education. #mesh12
    14:36 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  140. RT @kaleemlive: Carol: We retain about 10% of what we learn. Knowledge transfer is poor within the enterprise. #elearning #mesh12
    14:36 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPad
  141. RT @andreatavchar: Arguably social media can take some learning out of classroom to allow classroom as space for reflection. Works @humberpr#mesh12
    14:46 PM May 23rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  142. #MESH12
    14:50 PM May 23rd from instagram
  143. RT @clickeric: 4 hours of online research is really 45 minutes of research and 3 hours online, they negotiate the web not working the web #mesh12
    14:56 PM May 23rd from web
  144. RT @clickeric: gonna see a massive wave of #gamification in your public schools and learning on the corporate end soon #mesh12
    14:57 PM May 23rd from web
  145. RT @jkundan: Oxford study shows never before have students been so literate, attributing it to social media #mesh12
    14:58 PM May 23rd from HootSuite
  146. RT @ProducerTina: Finally, now your product idea can come to fruition, way more easily than creating a company. You’re welcome! #mesh12
    15:40 PM May 23rd from Twitter for iPhone
  147. Brian Halligan of hubspot #inbound #marketing
    16:54 PM May 23rd from instagram
  148. @gdiver62 got a 30 sec spot with him
    17:28 PM May 23rd from Twitter for Android
  149. @GayeCrispin Hi Gaye. How are things? BTW you will enjoy this podcast
    21:07 PM May 23rd from web
  150. @karensd great bumping into you today at #MESH12
    21:07 PM May 23rd from web
  151. @markevans Great job today. Great lineup. Thanks again for the quick interview.
    21:08 PM May 23rd from web
  152. @hova414 thanks for the interview of inventing today Jake. ~Rob
    21:37 PM May 23rd from web
  153. @karensd indeed. Get to be actually attend tomorrow (and sit down)
    21:41 PM May 23rd from web
  154. Mail Chimp Swag
    21:53 PM May 23rd from instagram
  155. @conniecrosby was great seeing you IRL again Connie
    21:57 PM May 23rd from web
  156. @conniecrosby heading back tomorrow. off volunteering duties, so I get to enjoy the full day of learning (and likely get more interviews)
    22:02 PM May 23rd from web
  157. Old school storage
    22:05 PM May 23rd from instagram
  158. RT @dups: On my way to Toronto to participate in a panel at #mesh12 conference! #eav
    7:35 AM May 24th from Tweetbot for iOS
  159. .@mgeist Looking forward to hearing to speak today at #MESH12
    7:36 AM May 24th from web
  160. Leaving Brantford shortly for day two of #mesh12. Looking forward to seeing @Dups again IRL
    8:33 AM May 24th from Twitter for Android
  161. RT @davecarrol: Make sure you follow Hockey Night in Brantford on Facebook for all the player updates coming soon Go @BrantUnitedway go
    8:44 AM May 24th from Tweet Button
  162. RT @animal: Great article — How to increase your Klout score – – @GEEKLiL (48)
    8:49 AM May 24th from web
  163. RT @kevinamagee: Hey it’s @Trevor_Cherewka & @TweetstockCA RT @CIRANEWS: This guy has 20 .CAs? Whoa, he’s my new best friend! #mesh12
    8:51 AM May 24th from TweetDeck
  164. RT @Trevor_Cherewka: MT “Online marketing used to be about thickness of your wallet, now its about thickness of you mind” @bhalligan #mesh12
    8:52 AM May 24th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  165. Bumped into Dups of Empire Avenue at Mesh
    11:41 AM May 24th from instagram
  166. RT @stuartma: Yes! R T@sandragornall: Theme emerging at #mesh12 adapting to Internet’s disruption of models of truth, knowledge, fact, authority, curation
    12:01 PM May 24th from Twitter for Android
  167. RT @martinwaxman: .@dweinberger tries to read sites he disagrees with to keep his mind open and combat the effect of the echo chamber #mesh12
    12:01 PM May 24th from Twitter for iPhone
  168. RT @martinwaxman: RT @EdenSpodek: Stories trump data and relationships trump stories – what @docmikeevans is going to show us in 15 min. #mesh12
    12:01 PM May 24th from Twitter for iPhone
  169. RT @EdelmanTO: “Trumping in patient engagement: stories trump data, relationships trump stories, individuals trump orgs” #DrMikeEvans #mesh12 @docmikeevans
    12:02 PM May 24th from SocialEngage
  170. RT @LaurindaShaver: Developing content: Be authentic. Have a voice. Be passionate. #Mesh12
    13:37 PM May 24th from TweetChat
  171. RT @hannahyakobi: 1. Agile content marketing, 2. Building your platform, 3. Content that converts. These are the 3 important steps of good content. #mesh12
    13:38 PM May 24th from Twitter for iPhone
  172. RT @MaRSDD: A startup renaissance is certainly happening right now. @markevans #mesh12
    13:38 PM May 24th from TweetDeck
  173. RT @mouselink: Microsoft deeply integrates Facebook search results with Bing in effort to battle Google #socialsearch
    14:14 PM May 24th from Timely by Demandforce
  174. RT @EdenSpodek: Do infographics bypass critical thinking? Can you still tell the story and be true to the data? #mesh12
    14:14 PM May 24th from Twitter for Android
  175. RT @JoeJoeKeys: How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand.
    14:15 PM May 24th from HootSuite
  176. RT @MaRSDD: Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s all about the execution…oh, and community! That’s what makes a difference for a startup. #mesh12
    14:16 PM May 24th from TweetDeck
  177. RT @Org9: “It’s not the tech stupid…it’s the people!” #classic #mesh12
    14:17 PM May 24th from web
  178. RT @LaurindaShaver: Twitter is growing into the news business. David Winer. #Mesh12
    14:52 PM May 24th from TweetChat
  179. RT @Trevor_Cherewka: Interesting facts on fb “likes” from @michaelocc #mesh12
    14:53 PM May 24th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  180. RT @meshcon: Tired of keeping up w/ the Twitter fire hose at #mesh12? Over 100 crowd-sourced stories on Hashcaster
    14:57 PM May 24th from HootSuite
  181. @hova414 will let you know when I have it all edited together.
    19:28 PM May 24th from web
  182. @dups and somehow a beer found its way into our hands yet again 😉
    19:28 PM May 24th from web
  183. Season 3 Promo for #TDGv Racing: A Motorsport Social Novel
    0:46 AM May 25th from Facebook
  184. @CherylScoffield thanks for the share
    11:22 AM May 25th from web
  185. @Trevor_Cherewka @dups Live from the web in Brantford this Wednesday 😉
    11:23 AM May 25th from web

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