Happy 60th Birthday Douglas Adams #DouglasAdams60th Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 15:09 PM Mar 4th – 20:44 PM Mar 11st

My 42 Barcode Tattoo in honour of Douglas Adams

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. @dewolfe001 @lafife glad you enjoyed the read Mike ~Rob
    15:09 PM Mar 4th from web
  2. @Debsdigs @FuturePowerGen what is “Inside Baseball” if I may ask ~Rob
    15:09 PM Mar 4th from web
  3. RT @dewolfe001: This is a great read– http://t.co/sCz4cayq It reminds of @lafife find of the HuffPo piece a former IT woman taking up in a shelter
    15:10 PM Mar 4th from HootSuite
  4. @Debsdigs @FuturePowerGen assume “inside baseball” is this “Matters of interest only to insiders.” Thanks for teaching me that new term
    15:12 PM Mar 4th from web
  5. @organichat I like that entry as well
    15:22 PM Mar 4th from web
  6. RT @TechZader: The 10 funniest Tumblrs http://t.co/qL5VYmBq via @GuardianTech
    15:32 PM Mar 4th from twitterfeed
  7. @CatherineWPhoto thank you Catherine. Trying different things with that blog. Seems to be hitting a chord based on the view counts
    15:44 PM Mar 4th from web
  8. @AllCan_Storage The clientsfromhell tumblr is quite funny indeed.
    15:59 PM Mar 4th from web
  9. @CatherineWPhoto yeah, I don’t put much value in the score and prefer to focus more on what people actually do with their social influence
    16:08 PM Mar 4th from web
  10. Some renewed interest in this post. http://t.co/Vmzn0vQ0 http://t.co/ZrweHbPL
    16:32 PM Mar 4th from Facebook
  11. @Jan4Ward1 will say, looks yummy. I tend to do my meatballs using cut up sausages
    16:34 PM Mar 4th from web
  12. @rontite have a great time hosting tomorrow Ron. Sadly being sold out, I won’t be making the trek in to TO
    16:34 PM Mar 4th from web
  13. @rontite will see, given my financial situation it’stypically is at the kind grace of the organizers. Kick ass though
    16:36 PM Mar 4th from web
  14. @rontite they have been absolutely amazing to me and that is why I love the conference so much. Actually quite happy to see it selling out
    18:15 PM Mar 4th from web
  15. @organichat thanks Daniel. I often put in more into them than I get out of them, so always great to hear positive feedback on the effort
    18:16 PM Mar 4th from web
  16. @Suzann_74 thanks for the share, I love that post myself as it tied back to those who mattered
    19:55 PM Mar 4th from web
  17. @rontite btw you will probably enjoy the read http://t.co/tZVEXTdl. If audio is more your thing http://t.co/YCYFfrIb
    19:56 PM Mar 4th from web
  18. RT @davecarrol: A really nice video piece from a Brantford High School student about his city called “Your City” http://t.co/SKb7tFvm
    22:46 PM Mar 4th from Tweet Button
  19. @thebrandbuilder @karimacatherine @PaulBiedermann was I a douchebag 😉
    11:04 AM Mar 5th from web
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @vinnyverma @relevance
    12:31 PM Mar 5th from Paper.li
  21. @thebrandbuilder well for me it has been easy as my PB is just the digital publication of who I am. 100% proud – yes, 100% success – no.
    13:46 PM Mar 5th from web
  22. RT @barrykirk: Need #gamfication examples? Check out the Board of Gamification on Pinterest: http://t.co/pThrJZqi
    20:54 PM Mar 5th from TweetDeck
  23. RT @AniseSmith: How To Get Your Website Found Online http://t.co/cACLvO3E via @hensel
    20:58 PM Mar 5th from Triberr
  24. RT @TweetstockCA: We are working with City of #Brantford to bring @gorilla_cheese to #Tweetstock007. RT to show your support.
    21:24 PM Mar 5th from HootSuite
  25. @jamescalnan @Jan4Ward1 @Brantford_ATG Being a ward 1 resident, I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the new street-scape
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2009-12-08: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

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  • #opendata, #gov20, crowdsourcing, google, boxee, LaLa, Apple, Thunderbird, Mozilla, LinkedIn, Innovation, facebook, twitter, Social Pollination, Social Media, GenY, eBay, Craigslist, Enterprise 2.0, #E20, googlewave, gmail, Digg, Pirate Bay
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2009/11/12: Optimize your Business with Social Computing and The Rise of Community Middle Management

#sCRM: Optimize your Business with Social Computing

  1. Posted:The Roadmap to SCRM – Part 4 of 5 (channels layer) http://bit.ly/1gRV6v #SCRM #CRM (via @ekolsky)
    18:40 PM Nov 11st from Tweetie
  2. » Social Media Optimization is a New Way to Promote Your Website … http://bit.ly/1Dk0Wj (via @s_m_o)
    18:40 PM Nov 11st from Tweetie
  3. “Much like great products, great content will only find the best people to love it if it’s leveraged well.” Shannon Paul(via @Brandyourself)
    19:43 PM Nov 11st from Tweetie
  4. What can your brand learn about creating a niche Twitter community from the NHL’s usage of lists? http://bit.ly/3KicgB (via @LinkedInQueen)
    20:26 PM Nov 11st from Twitterrific
  5. Highly recommend this post by Ross Bentley> Success Lessons From The World Of #NASCARhttp://bit.ly/NHSWF – Pls RT and comment on his site
    1:01 AM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  6. RT @mkrigsman: Should the CIO own corporate social media policy? http://bit.ly/4dpY2U (via @cflanagan)
    2:47 AM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  7. Social Computing: What do we know today about moving our organizations into the 21st century? #e20 http://bit.ly/12bSOW (via @dhinchcliffe)
    7:42 AM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  8. “STOP. Collaborate & listen…” Who knew Vanilla Ice had it right all along… http://bit.ly/4rUCV4 (via @thinkBIG_blog)
    12:08 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  9. Branding isn’t rocket science, it’s persuasion, and persuasion is an art. #branding (via @thinkBIG_blog)
    12:08 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  10. Good customer service is more than good business, it’s a matter of survival… http://bit.ly/1sKKnf (via @thinkBIG_blog)
    12:08 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  11. “Overcoming the Obstacles To Social Business” http://bit.ly/3vNfh6 (via @vansnick)
    12:24 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  12. Thoughts Social CRM Panels at E2.0 San Francisco http://ow.ly/BF5l featuring @drnatalie @ekolsky @clarashih @bodel #e2conf (via @helpstream)
    13:25 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  13. RT @Shih_Wei The simplest, fastest way to make entire org smarter is for everyone to know what is going on… #e20 #km (via @roundtrip)
    15:57 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  14. Your 2010 #Social Media Plan: The First 30 Days: http://bit.ly/1QbEca #sbd #cmo #customerservice (via @JohnFMoore)
    16:37 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie

#E20: The Rise of Community Middle Management

  1. RT @dbmoore #news The Rise of E2.0: http://kl.am/4NZv – V pragmatic #e20 viewpoint from @amcafee tied to business goals (via @nenshad)
    12:23 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  2. @CarolineDangson Funny how the old mantra ‘time is money’ gets forgotten in the E2.0 goldrush tho’ (via @paulmirvine)
    12:23 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  3. #e20: What do we know today about moving our organizations into the 21st century? http://ow.ly/BFNU @dhinchcliffe (via @MarkFidelman)
    12:24 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  4. “Gradually, Then All at Once” about how our ability to compute improved – http://bit.ly/3JcuHr – would love responses. (via @amcafee)
    13:15 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  5. #E20 Community Managers are the new middle management layer of the 21st century social business. Which is a good thing for #KW
    13:22 PM Nov 12nd from web
  6. Is Enterprise 2.0 A Crock? session summary from #e20 conference debates answer http://bit.ly/1KZqXi (via @ITLeadersForum)
    13:26 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  7. FourSquare:”Not exactly the FriendFeed crowd” http://ow.ly/BCl2 by @peterkim Breaking down the foursquare experience in #e20 terms (@bhc3)
    13:26 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  8. my post on Darwin Ecosystem’s Awareness Engine™ in #Enterprise20 and the #Web http://bit.ly/2PPiWh #e20 (via @billives)
    13:26 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  9. Peter Drucker on Managing #E20 http://bit.ly/oYZ52 (via @gagan_s @roundtrip) (via @lammiia)
    13:26 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  10. RT @VMaryAbraham: Can’t top this http://bit.ly/gjzQS > This is key for #e20 adoption (via @lammiia)
    13:27 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  11. Seeing the Social Enterprise Apps model be applied in user and vendor approaches to next gen apps #E20 #SCRM http://bit.ly/130WiO (@rwang0)
    13:58 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  12. Enterprise social networking may enhance, not yet replace, presence http://url4.eu/k7ki (via @enterprisetwo)
    15:39 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  13. The @20Adoption Council has released its first report. Learn how to roll out e20 in a large enterprise. http://is.gd/4TzQC (via @amcafee)
    15:41 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  14. Clever video intro to @carlfrappaolo and @dankeldsen‘s Council research preso at #e2conf/SF http://blip.tv/file/2827193 (via @ITSinsider)
    15:50 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  15. @e2conf is using @spigit for its Call for Papers for Boston. check it (from @bhc3) http://is.gd/4TCyh (via @ITSinsider)
    15:51 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  16. Accenture: Innovation – a Priority for Growth in the Aftermath of the Downturn http://ow.ly/BJmH (h/t @mr_innovation) (via @bhc3)
    16:47 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  17. “Blog d’entreprise : peut-on réellement mesurer le retour sur investissement ?” http://bit.ly/ (via @vansnick)
    16:48 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie
  18. Enterprise 2.0: Blog – Dion Hinchcliffe | http://j.mp/3OAIbU | #e20 (via @HarbingerSys)
    16:50 PM Nov 12nd from Tweetie

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2009/11/12 (Defrag Special Edition): DeFrag Your Business and Your Mind

The Defrag Conference took place in Denver, Colorado on November 11-12, 2009.  The theme of the conference was “Accelerating the “aha” moment”.

Defrag is the first conference focused solely on the tools and technologies that are leveraging the “social” aspect of software to accelerate the “aha” moment. Defrag is not a version number. Rather it’s a gathering place for the growing community of implementers, users, builders and thinkers that are working on the next wave of software innovation.

Defrag is being organized by Phil Becker, Brad Feld and Eric Norlin. (source)

You can follow Defrag on Twitter and via their Blog.

Enterprise 2.0 was a key theme to the conference, which prompted my interest.  As I could not physically attend this conference, I followed the conference via Twitter.

I would like to thank Esteban Kolsky for the majority of these tweets.  Please follow @ekolsky, if you appreciated his efforts.

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

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