Happy 60th Birthday Douglas Adams #DouglasAdams60th Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 15:09 PM Mar 4th – 20:44 PM Mar 11st

My 42 Barcode Tattoo in honour of Douglas Adams

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. @dewolfe001 @lafife glad you enjoyed the read Mike ~Rob
    15:09 PM Mar 4th from web
  2. @Debsdigs @FuturePowerGen what is “Inside Baseball” if I may ask ~Rob
    15:09 PM Mar 4th from web
  3. RT @dewolfe001: This is a great read– http://t.co/sCz4cayq It reminds of @lafife find of the HuffPo piece a former IT woman taking up in a shelter
    15:10 PM Mar 4th from HootSuite
  4. @Debsdigs @FuturePowerGen assume “inside baseball” is this “Matters of interest only to insiders.” Thanks for teaching me that new term
    15:12 PM Mar 4th from web
  5. @organichat I like that entry as well
    15:22 PM Mar 4th from web
  6. RT @TechZader: The 10 funniest Tumblrs http://t.co/qL5VYmBq via @GuardianTech
    15:32 PM Mar 4th from twitterfeed
  7. @CatherineWPhoto thank you Catherine. Trying different things with that blog. Seems to be hitting a chord based on the view counts
    15:44 PM Mar 4th from web
  8. @AllCan_Storage The clientsfromhell tumblr is quite funny indeed.
    15:59 PM Mar 4th from web
  9. @CatherineWPhoto yeah, I don’t put much value in the score and prefer to focus more on what people actually do with their social influence
    16:08 PM Mar 4th from web
  10. Some renewed interest in this post. http://t.co/Vmzn0vQ0 http://t.co/ZrweHbPL
    16:32 PM Mar 4th from Facebook
  11. @Jan4Ward1 will say, looks yummy. I tend to do my meatballs using cut up sausages
    16:34 PM Mar 4th from web
  12. @rontite have a great time hosting tomorrow Ron. Sadly being sold out, I won’t be making the trek in to TO
    16:34 PM Mar 4th from web
  13. @rontite will see, given my financial situation it’stypically is at the kind grace of the organizers. Kick ass though
    16:36 PM Mar 4th from web
  14. @rontite they have been absolutely amazing to me and that is why I love the conference so much. Actually quite happy to see it selling out
    18:15 PM Mar 4th from web
  15. @organichat thanks Daniel. I often put in more into them than I get out of them, so always great to hear positive feedback on the effort
    18:16 PM Mar 4th from web
  16. @Suzann_74 thanks for the share, I love that post myself as it tied back to those who mattered
    19:55 PM Mar 4th from web
  17. @rontite btw you will probably enjoy the read http://t.co/tZVEXTdl. If audio is more your thing http://t.co/YCYFfrIb
    19:56 PM Mar 4th from web
  18. RT @davecarrol: A really nice video piece from a Brantford High School student about his city called “Your City” http://t.co/SKb7tFvm
    22:46 PM Mar 4th from Tweet Button
  19. @thebrandbuilder @karimacatherine @PaulBiedermann was I a douchebag 😉
    11:04 AM Mar 5th from web
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @vinnyverma @relevance
    12:31 PM Mar 5th from Paper.li
  21. @thebrandbuilder well for me it has been easy as my PB is just the digital publication of who I am. 100% proud – yes, 100% success – no.
    13:46 PM Mar 5th from web
  22. RT @barrykirk: Need #gamfication examples? Check out the Board of Gamification on Pinterest: http://t.co/pThrJZqi
    20:54 PM Mar 5th from TweetDeck
  23. RT @AniseSmith: How To Get Your Website Found Online http://t.co/cACLvO3E via @hensel
    20:58 PM Mar 5th from Triberr
  24. RT @TweetstockCA: We are working with City of #Brantford to bring @gorilla_cheese to #Tweetstock007. RT to show your support.
    21:24 PM Mar 5th from HootSuite
  25. @jamescalnan @Jan4Ward1 @Brantford_ATG Being a ward 1 resident, I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the new street-scape
    21:25 PM Mar 5th from web
  26. @barrykirk you’re quite welcome. following the board now as well.
    22:38 PM Mar 5th from web
  27. My week on twitter: 75 retweets received, 1 new listings, 16 new followers, 123 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    10:13 AM Mar 6th from TwentyFeet
  28. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    18:54 PM Mar 6th from Paper.li
  29. Heading out for the @hokyfest lineup announcement party in downtown Brantford
    19:15 PM Mar 6th from Twitter for Android
  30. @BrantfordGM you’re welcome. New podcast every Wednesday night. Next topic is facebook advertising.
    20:10 PM Mar 6th from Twitter for Android
  31. Weezer, creed, puddle of mudd, trews, Marianas trench, illscarlett, down with Webster, ko, foxy shazam, bleeker ridge & more @hokyfest 2012
    22:03 PM Mar 6th from Twitter for Android
  32. Good job by @shawnkelly16 on the @hokyfest launch video.
    22:26 PM Mar 6th from web
  33. @hokyfest fire me off the tumblr URL ~Rob
    22:38 PM Mar 6th from web
  34. @hokyfest assuming I got the right Shawn Kelly on the tweet. Tell Shawn he really needs to bump up the ease of finding him on #socmed 😉
    22:40 PM Mar 6th from web
  35. @seanard always a pleasure bumping into you IRL Sean. Can you believe that they played some Tool tonight on acoustic. Briefly hoped 4 lineup
    22:42 PM Mar 6th from web
  36. @hokyfest nice to see fozzy on the page. Would recommend upgrading your theme and also scaling the avatar to proper size. #GoodStartThough
    22:53 PM Mar 6th from web
  37. @hokyfest and yes the link is correct. Now following. Autopost works from tumblr, but recommend tailoring post and then tweeting link w bait
    22:55 PM Mar 6th from web
  38. @seanard I will say this. The next time Tool is in the area. Come hell or high water, I am joining you on a road trip. Still on my live list
    22:56 PM Mar 6th from web
  39. @hokyfest no worries, tumblr is something I spend a lot of time on, so feel free to bounce questions if you have them. Key is pictures/video
    23:00 PM Mar 6th from web
  40. @hokyfest assuming I am tweeting to Laura. Karen is a good friend of your mom, so feel free to ask is what I am saying. Later, Rob
    23:02 PM Mar 6th from web
  41. @BigDaddyKreativ @seanard that sounds like an epic road trip. Maybe cross country worthy :-). Seriously need to get my shit together soon.
    23:04 PM Mar 6th from web
  42. @hokyfest also make full use of the milestone features on the new timeline FB page to highlight past concerts. HUGE POTENTIAL for you there.
    23:05 PM Mar 6th from web
  43. Looking forward to seeing #Brantford @hokyfest rocking tumblr with their feed. Follow them at http://t.co/keQdgqPN for 2012 concert details.
    23:07 PM Mar 6th from web
  44. @hokyfest Start with podcast series I linked to you.That site is also a tumblr site. Tomorrow night is Facebook Ads at http://t.co/tYLVyRwi
    23:12 PM Mar 6th from web
  45. @hokyfest as soon as you can, tailor the page to full milestone material. Podcast in two weeks is actually on timeline, so timely as well.
    23:20 PM Mar 6th from web
  46. @trishuhl forge ahead, you have the right mindset. Some would say the Life@42 mindset 😉
    23:22 PM Mar 6th from web
  47. RT @trishuhl: THNX to @RLavigne42 for reminding me of Seth Godin’s “The Dip.” No cul-de-sacs for me – I’m on a Quest! Compelled – I am – to forge ahead >>
    23:31 PM Mar 6th from Twitter for iPhone
  48. @trishuhl the 42+1 is the best to be honest. I consider it to be the first year of execution of everything learned as part of the transition
    23:34 PM Mar 6th from web
  49. @trishuhl there ya go. Agile + PMP = Success
    0:43 AM Mar 7th from web
  50. @trishuhl thought 42 would be the key, but turns out it was simply the answer to a question and value methodology of 42+1
    0:44 AM Mar 7th from web
  51. @CatherineWPhoto yeah Twitter has been funky to say the least. It unfollows like crazy lately without my involvement.
    0:44 AM Mar 7th from web
  52. @confluencemedia any recommended members to be part of Hangout (including yourself of course)
    0:46 AM Mar 7th from web
  53. @LeoJTravis10 @CatherineWPhoto right up there with the DM unread issue
    0:56 AM Mar 7th from web
  54. @trishuhl content is free, context is where the value is. The answer means nothing without the context of the question. Primary mindset.
    9:53 AM Mar 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  55. RT @GenYChat: Most used Android apps for people aged 25 – 34, as rated at the end of 2011. http://t.co/2KO16fur (scroll to bottom) #genychat
    10:43 AM Mar 7th from TweetDeck
  56. RT @dpontefract: More good press for @Rypple … Bad press for perf reviews. “Giving the boot to traditional performance reviews” http://t.co/v0HQy2Bh
    10:45 AM Mar 7th from The Globe and Mail – Connect
  57. RT @kenburbary: On average, social ads generate a 55% greater lift in ad recall than non-social ads. #nielsen #data
    10:45 AM Mar 7th from TweetDeck
  58. @mitchjoel pretty cool. congrats
    14:05 PM Mar 7th from web
  59. RT @mitchjoel: Many thanks to everyone for the very kind works about Twist Image winning the Walmart business. The news is here: http://t.co/ZX3C7Rp2
    14:05 PM Mar 7th from HootSuite
  60. @rontite on what topic?
    14:17 PM Mar 7th from web
  61. RT @Pistachio: CONGRATS! RT @rahulvohra I can finally talk about this! Rapportive is acquired by LinkedIn 😀 So. Damn. Excited. http://t.co/ehIBMJbF
    14:42 PM Mar 7th from web
  62. RT @marcetotw: Yes! THANK YOU TORONTO!! @PottedPotter producers announce final extension of Toronto run until April 8 #PottedPotterTO http://t.co/FihDU51k
    15:32 PM Mar 7th from web
  63. The Other Side of Forty-Two: Potted Potter (#PottedPotterTO) Cast and Production Team Interviews by Robert Lavigne – http://t.co/m11IN0UK
    16:02 PM Mar 7th from Tweet Button
  64. @rontite very cool. Of course my weekly podcasts are completely improve as well 😉 http://t.co/M0xRbG13 < new episode tonight on FB Ads
    16:38 PM Mar 7th from web
  65. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @muaythai_news @alejandroreyes @ken_moreno
    17:46 PM Mar 7th from Paper.li
  66. About to head out for this week’s @TDGv Social Business Hangout. Live podcast recording tonight on Facebook Ads. Should be up later tonight.
    18:03 PM Mar 7th from web
  67. Editing the podcast (@ #TDGv Studios West) http://t.co/1Gw8GNgI
    21:13 PM Mar 7th from foursquare
  68. @BBusinesses @gdiver62 @john_finalstep @Kreative_Touch @krazykaron thanks for making the trek to the #BRANTS Social Business Hangout
    21:21 PM Mar 7th from web
  69. A Social Business Hangout on Facebook Advertising | @TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency http://t.co/FYnL7G7x #Brantford #Podcast
    23:22 PM Mar 7th from Tweet Button
  70. @MarianneCrocks @gdiver62 podcast is now live http://t.co/FYnL7G7x
    23:30 PM Mar 7th from web
  71. RT @PamMktgNut: 50 Facebook facts that’ll fascinate small businesses http://t.co/ReIGCNfk via @lilachbullock
    23:52 PM Mar 7th from Triberr
  72. RT @fondalo: Mission: Irrational (Empire Avenue Mistakes to Avoid) http://t.co/K8xEt5vl via @osakasaul
    23:55 PM Mar 7th from Triberr
  73. RT @BBusinesses: New Podcast by @TDGv about Facebook Ads from last nights #SocBiz Hangout. Some great takeaways, have a listen! http://t.co/4eJ6stBU #fb #in
    10:35 AM Mar 8th from HootSuite
  74. All your Facebook Advertising Questions are Answered HERE – Social Business Hangout Journal – Live @RLavigne42 Podcast http://t.co/6c9XrXyr
    11:05 AM Mar 8th from Tweet Button
  75. Heading out to Brantford TCO luncheon (@ #TDGv Studios West) http://t.co/bK0K1Qpo
    11:13 AM Mar 8th from foursquare
  76. Amazing wings (@ Montana’s Cookhouse w/ @steadystaterace) [pic]: http://t.co/P2I1wVsG
    12:38 PM Mar 8th from foursquare
  77. Latest podcast on Facebook Ads http://t.co/CMY1hHzg
    14:35 PM Mar 8th from Facebook
  78. @JeffMayernik thanks Jeff for the #EAv investment
    14:36 PM Mar 8th from web
  79. RT @JasonFalls: WOW! Great list – 100+ Professional Social Media Business Tools for Brands and Marketers http://t.co/bcm33lan
    15:55 PM Mar 8th from Argyle Social
  80. @paulo_mealha glad you enjoyed the videos and the tunes. All completely improved. Could play any of them again if you paid me 😉
    16:45 PM Mar 8th from web
  81. RT @rwang0: MyPOV: #socbiz is also about improving the work environment #sbs2012 #futureofwork #fow
    16:54 PM Mar 8th from TweetDeck
  82. Good read by @jbrad4ord http://t.co/ZeP2WnwM
    17:01 PM Mar 8th from web
  83. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @crowdspring @skip7547
    17:50 PM Mar 8th from Paper.li
  84. @jbrad4ord you were there today? Did not know that. We must rectify that next time.
    21:42 PM Mar 8th from web
  85. @andrewcariboni My apologies to Panda. We are long overdue for some grub and brews.
    21:43 PM Mar 8th from web
  86. @jbrad4ord ah very cool. Hoping to be able to announce something related myself in the coming weeks.
    23:09 PM Mar 8th from web
  87. RT @organichat: Social media analytics provider PeerIndex is redesigned – Mozilla Firefox http://t.co/PfBlmPg0
    23:37 PM Mar 8th from HootSuite
  88. Your Key Inbound Marketing Strategy is Re-Purposed In-Flow Content. Having a Strong Engaged Tribe Doesn’t Hurt Either. http://t.co/DHSZnkdw
    13:18 PM Mar 9th from Tweet Button
  89. Three Social Media Benefits of the New Empire Avenue | Empire Building Network http://t.co/ACiAJZwv
    20:44 PM Mar 9th from TweetMeme
  90. Your Key Inbound Marketing Strategy is Re-Purposed In-Flow Content. Having a Strong Engaged Tribe Doesn’t Hurt Either http://t.co/DHSZnkdw
    20:46 PM Mar 9th from Tweet Button
  91. RT @qwikrme_: Empire Avenue To Unveil New Design & Seeks To Become Your Social Media Rocket Fuel | http://t.co/UV8rV4AM http://t.co/L3gF8IAW @damondnollan
    20:48 PM Mar 9th from Tweet Button
  92. Seriously Twitter STOP UNFOLLOWING people on my behalf without my permission.
    22:18 PM Mar 9th from web
  93. @peterradzio yeah, been frustrating to say the least
    22:25 PM Mar 9th from web
  94. RT @StephCalahan: Print your draft documents in colored paper and the final copy in white, to avoid any confusion.
    22:34 PM Mar 9th from SocialOomph
  95. RT @marciamarcia: IBM’s new CEO has committed to spend billions on R&D. A good % will go to social. @sandy_carter #sbs2012 HT @ITSinsider
    22:43 PM Mar 9th from Buffer
  96. @Chris_Eh_Young ironically my 5-string bass features 3 strings tuned to E giving me wicked octave ranks for major metal riffs
    22:44 PM Mar 9th from web
  97. @Chris_Eh_Young brand wise, my Charvel has been Dean Martin for decades
    22:45 PM Mar 9th from web
  98. @Chris_Eh_Young Totally. My accoustic and electric guitars are standard tuning, but my bass is wide open. take note http://t.co/5RTPnie6
    22:47 PM Mar 9th from web
  99. @Chris_Eh_Young Still have my model 6 Charvel. Plays like a dream. Perfect Metal guitar (and fed into a Marshall of course)
    22:47 PM Mar 9th from web
  100. @Chris_Eh_Young what my amp does need though is a serious case of electronic cleaning. Lots of pops and cut offs from lack of use over years
    22:51 PM Mar 9th from web
  101. @Chris_Eh_Young do I sense a #Tweetstock007 Jam in the works 😉 Seriously though, all my playing is improve (as that video shows)
    22:52 PM Mar 9th from web
  102. RT @TweetstockCA#BIGNEWS – @gorilla_cheese will be at #tweetstock007. Big thank you to the peeps at #Brantford city hall for helping us out.
    22:53 PM Mar 9th from HootSuite
  103. RT @TweetstockCA: We will be pre-selling @gorilla_cheese sandwiches online for #tweetstock007. First come – First serve. Details to follow.
    22:53 PM Mar 9th from HootSuite
  104. RT @kevinamagee#Tweetstock007 the world’s only Social Media rock conference! http://t.co/gwjfHISh
    22:53 PM Mar 9th from Twitter for iPhone
  105. @Chris_Eh_Young would not be a bad idea for me and you to put together a metal tune for it. Both improv, both metal. #Let‘sMakeItHappen
    22:58 PM Mar 9th from web
  106. @Chris_Eh_Young I could quite easily go with the crunch base doing rhythm and bass in one with you doing lead? Or dual six string AXES?
    22:59 PM Mar 9th from web
  107. @Chris_Eh_Young I like the idea! I can do a mean power chord rhythm on either the 5-string or the 6, but don’t count on me for lead/solo
    23:02 PM Mar 9th from web
  108. @Chris_Eh_Young me thinks a trip to a garage or warehouse in the coming weeks is in order. Who do you know with drums and vocals?
    23:04 PM Mar 9th from web
  109. @Chris_Eh_Young I am all thumbs above the 12 fret, but rock the power chords. And as mentioned, doing unique things with the 5-string now
    23:04 PM Mar 9th from web
  110. @Chris_Eh_Young honestly, I almost play the 5-string bass like my charvel (well you can tell by the video).
    23:05 PM Mar 9th from web
  111. @Chris_Eh_Young of course, being social media evangelists, I must insight on ORIGINAL CONTENT 😉
    23:05 PM Mar 9th from web
  112. @Chris_Eh_Young well if you can play and sing, I honestly don’t care if you are very good. So brings up the question, do we need drums?
    23:09 PM Mar 9th from web
  113. @Chris_Eh_Young watching now (like it so far). Here is another riff from me. More bass riff than crunch http://t.co/Znsn7pXR.
    23:13 PM Mar 9th from web
  114. @Chris_Eh_Young agreed. While I do have a drum kit (Karen’s it is in serious need of new skins and tuning). Vocals are fine BTW. KEYNOTE!!!
    23:13 PM Mar 9th from web
  115. @Chris_Eh_Young Gibson or knock off?
    23:14 PM Mar 9th from web
  116. @Chris_Eh_Young this one will give you a sense of my non-bass style (on an accoustic) http://t.co/5ypIPs7H
    23:15 PM Mar 9th from web
  117. @Chris_Eh_Young does have a nice sound. how is the sustain on it?
    23:18 PM Mar 9th from web
  118. @Chris_Eh_Young I can relate 😉
    23:22 PM Mar 9th from web
  119. @Chris_Eh_Young if you want to just jam one day. I can pick up my gear and hook up somewhere, or you can drop by the Brantford basement
    23:42 PM Mar 9th from web
  120. @Jan4Ward1 @EXPHugo Hugo does indeed do a GREAT job with his blog (and this coming from someone that understands that space very well).
    23:43 PM Mar 9th from web
  121. According to @klout, my Klout score is 66. How influential are you? http://t.co/MTT1x47R – INSIGHT > http://t.co/SP7ihwa9
    3:05 AM Mar 10th from Tweet Button
  122. @Chris_Eh_Young @tweetstockca open call to other speakers who have an instrument. Closing down the day with style. Need to practice first
    10:43 AM Mar 10th from Twitter for iPhone
  123. @Chris_Eh_Young @tweetstockca my only rule. No Covers. Original Content only. The way social media should be.
    10:47 AM Mar 10th from Twitter for iPhone
  124. @TweetstockCA @Chris_Eh_Young I am good with that as well 😉 All power-chords at this end. So let’s jam in the coming week to gets tunes
    11:05 AM Mar 10th from web
  125. Calm before the storm. About to MC a great exhibition of Muay Thai and Boxing. (@ Warrior Muay Thai) [pic]: http://t.co/G2kOd1tf
    17:42 PM Mar 10th from foursquare
  126. Back in Brantford (@ #TDGv Studios West) http://t.co/RODSwRjZ
    23:26 PM Mar 10th from foursquare
  127. Happy to announce that not only is http://t.co/fyqviSZg is now live, but so is its Facebook Timeline Page https://t.co/VeBJMwDR #Brantford
    0:42 AM Mar 11st from web
  128. @ThatKevinSmith honestly something that I would have always love to talk to you about. You Sir are a prime example of a Social Business
    0:45 AM Mar 11st from web
  129. RT @ThatKevinSmith: AUSTIN! Keep it weird THIS MONDAY AT 12:30 – when we panel at #SXSW and talk about “The Business of Kevin Smith”: http://t.co/bxeACFdC
    0:45 AM Mar 11st from web
  130. @baran_khan thank you Baran
    0:49 AM Mar 11st from web
  131. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @PHPBlogging @ShannonRenee @Nock4Six
    13:32 PM Mar 11st from Paper.li
  132. Gorgeous day in Brantford for a jog. Tons of cars and people at dam today enjoying trails and nice weather. http://t.co/UcRV6njl
    14:56 PM Mar 11st from foursquare
  133. @TheMarketaire been awaiting a droid app for instagram for a year now. About time #justsayin 😉
    17:39 PM Mar 11st from Twitter for Android
  134. Just signed up the last of my podcast guests for April. Six weeks of @TDGV podcasts lined up for http://t.co/BexTO6Zm. Thank you Brantford!
    20:20 PM Mar 11st from web
  135. RT @trishuhl: ROFL RT @dohville#DouglasAdams60th It hung in the air in exactly the way that bricks don’t. cc: @RLavigne42 Thinking Happy 60th DNA 🙂
    20:20 PM Mar 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  136. RT @stephenfry: Happy 60th Douglas Noel Adams. 11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001. As revered, admired, funny, needed & missed as ever #DouglasAdams60th
    20:39 PM Mar 11st from Osfoora for Mac
  137. RT @stephenfry: A 7 year old tribute site to DNA. http://t.co/IojSVKFK #DouglasAdams60th
    20:40 PM Mar 11st from Tweetbot for iOS
  138. @trishuhl thank you for reminding me of this special date.
    20:44 PM Mar 11st from web

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