The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 13:25 PM Aug 7th – 17:33 PM Aug 14th

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ronrss
    13:25 PM Aug 7th from
  2. @scottEweinberg about time he sees some serious income for the great work he has provided over the last few decades
    17:21 PM Aug 7th from web
  3. RT @amymwilkinson: There’s always an opportunity to make a difference. – Michael Dell
    18:13 PM Aug 7th from web
  4. RT @SocialNetworkTV: What Edge Does Facebook Still Have?
    23:58 PM Aug 7th from twitterfeed
  5. RT @smalonedesign: I’m bothered by the “I need X number of followers now” type tweets. Stop focusing on the numbers & focus on engagement. #smmanners
    23:59 PM Aug 7th from TweetDeck
  6. RT @kmullett: You can use followerwonk and/or to find people with fakes. #smmanners
    23:59 PM Aug 7th from TweetChat
  7. RT @candacemountain: Social Networking Stats: Instagram Reaches 80 Million Users, #RLTM Scoreboard via @tonia_ries
    0:04 AM Aug 8th from Triberr
  8. RT @TechZader: Collaboration in the User Experience Design Process
    0:04 AM Aug 8th from twitterfeed
  9. RT @AmberCadabra: Take one motivational quote you retweet and go live it. I dare you.
    0:04 AM Aug 8th from Tweetbot for iOS
  10. RT @brand_BIG: People don’t care about brands; they care about things that interest them & add value to their lives. Make your brand one of those things.
    0:05 AM Aug 8th from web
  11. RT @fondalo: My Latest Blog Post: It’s Nearly Impossible To Become A Social Media Professional Part 4
    0:15 AM Aug 8th from HootSuite
  12. RT @BtfdLibrary: Happy World Cat Day!! Check out @BtfdLibrary‘s collection featuring our feline friends
    11:51 AM Aug 8th from web
  13. RT @abosika: Internet Archive begins seeding 1.4 million torrents via #BitTorrent because it is fastest way to #download files.
    12:11 PM Aug 8th from Twitter for iPhone
  14. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @davidleeking @kevinsenne
    13:25 PM Aug 8th from
  15. RT @TheDanLevy: Who leaves/checks voicemail these days? RT @ktpoy: Boo, I hate long voicemail greetings.
    17:26 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck
  16. RT @TheDanLevy: Hahahaha RT @ALL_CAPS: @TheDanLevy @ktpoy @RLavigne42 VM message: “Please hang up and send me a text message.”
    18:02 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck
  17. Post Social Business Hangout beer (@ The Piston Broke)
    21:40 PM Aug 8th from foursquare
  18. If your faux followers are worth more to you than your integrity, I want nothing to do with you. #NumbersLie #RelationshipsRule
    22:43 PM Aug 8th from web
  19. A Social Business Hangout on Business Planning | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #Brantford
    11:05 AM Aug 9th from Tweet Button
  20. @MarcLaferriere saw that on John Stewart a while back. Been meaning to try it. Having said that, give me real mayonnaise with Bacon anyday
    11:13 AM Aug 9th from web
  21. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:25 PM Aug 9th from
  22. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) #BusinessPlanning
    16:11 PM Aug 9th from Facebook
  23. RT @UndercoverRec: INFOGRAPHIC: How Your Job Makes You Fat, Sick and Stressed Out
    1:00 AM Aug 10th from Tweet Old Post
  24. RT @BBusinesses: PODCAST! A Social Business Hangout on “Business Planning” between myself and @RLavigne42 Have a listen! #SmallBiz
    9:19 AM Aug 10th from HootSuite
  25. Businesses that fail, often fail to Plan. Do you have a Business Plan? A Social Business Hangout on Business Planning.
    9:29 AM Aug 10th from Tweet Button
  26. If your Social Media strategy consists solely of quotes, memes and other third-party content, you are missing the point. #OriginalContent
    10:36 AM Aug 10th from web
  27. @BobHatcher2 Enjoy your weekend Bob. Photographing any races this weekend?
    10:42 AM Aug 10th from web
  28. @BobHatcher2 Enjoy. Getting closer & closer to that 25min 5k mark (my target). Enjoying doing MCing the award ceremonies afterwards as well.
    10:48 AM Aug 10th from web
  29. @jr0cket just realized I wasn’t following you back John. Rectified. #AgileFTW
    10:50 AM Aug 10th from web
  30. @ScottWNesbitt moved yet?
    11:10 AM Aug 10th from web
  31. @ScottWNesbitt Figured the timeframe was getting very close (thus the question). Safe trip.
    11:14 AM Aug 10th from web
  32. RT @brand_BIG: McKayla’s not impressed…
    11:30 AM Aug 10th from web
  33. RT @ThatKevinSmith: 24 years ago yesterday marked the anniversary of the worst crime ever committed against Canada by the United States…
    12:03 PM Aug 10th from web
  34. RT @BtfdLibrary: “#Brantford became my thinking place.” Alexander Graham Bell makes the 1st long-distance call between #Brantford & Paris #onthisdate in 1876
    12:03 PM Aug 10th from web
  35. RT @theMapleTap: Aug. 10, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes world’s first long-distance call from Brantford, ON to Bell homestead in Paris, ON. #cdnhistory
    12:04 PM Aug 10th from HootSuite
  36. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Mallikarjunan
    13:25 PM Aug 10th from
  37. @Less_Than_Mike lol. How is my fellow #VASHL this weekend?
    1:00 AM Aug 11st from Twitter for Android
  38. @Less_Than_Mike enjoy
    10:44 AM Aug 11st from Twitter for Android
  39. @Less_Than_Mike have them in area as well. Not my thing though
    10:53 AM Aug 11st from Twitter for Android
  40. Grilled bacon for breakfast
    11:22 AM Aug 11st from instagram
  41. The ‘cheap’ speakers
    11:27 AM Aug 11st from instagram
  42. The not so ‘cheap’ speakers
    11:27 AM Aug 11st from instagram
  43. Yummers
    11:28 AM Aug 11st from instagram
  44. @Patti_RogersTV I saw that. Bummer re: root canal
    11:51 AM Aug 11st from Twitter for Android
  45. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jescossia
    13:25 PM Aug 11st from
  46. My week on twitter: 9 retweets received, 5 new followers, 8 mentions. Via:
    5:19 AM Aug 12nd from TwentyFeet
  47. RT @zimpeterw: There is no failure. Only feedback – unknown
    12:53 PM Aug 12nd from SocialOomph
  48. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Mallikarjunan
    13:25 PM Aug 12nd from
  49. RT @Britopian: How Google’s Recent Moves Matter to Business via @businessinsider
    14:27 PM Aug 12nd from Pulse News
  50. Businesses that fail, often fail to Plan. Do you have a Business Plan? A Social Business Hangout on Business Planning.
    14:31 PM Aug 12nd from Tweet Button
  51. French Teaser for “What does Muay Thai mean to you?” | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #MuayThai
    15:59 PM Aug 12nd from Tweet Button
  52. RT @alex_ruiz: Christine Sinclaire (@sincy12) carrying the flag proudly… and looking for the Norwegian referee to smack her with it. #ClosingCeremonies
    16:38 PM Aug 12nd from TweetDeck
  53. RT @clickflickca: Thank you to all the Canadian athletes for representing the Canadian Spirit! #CTVOlympics
    16:42 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  54. Have we become LESS SOCIAL in the Social Era? A Social Business Hangout Podcast on Social Etiquette.
    17:10 PM Aug 12nd from Buffer
  55. What the #closingceremony needed to be a complete representation of the influence of British music >>>> @IronMaiden <<< #ScreamformeLondon
    18:42 PM Aug 12nd from web
  56. Lessons from The Brant Cave: Is this a Pain Point or a Pivot Point?
    20:08 PM Aug 12nd from Buffer
  57. RT @mayhemstudios: Check out @Scobleizer photos of Olympics’ Closing Ceremony. Wow, what a show!
    21:27 PM Aug 12nd from Twittelator
  58. @justiniiams you’re welcome Justin
    21:36 PM Aug 12nd from web
  59. Community Television is the ultimate Audio Video Club for Professionals. Listen to this podcast to find out why.
    9:09 AM Aug 13rd from Buffer
  60. @zoe201015 you are quite welcome
    9:54 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  61. @rsmithing up the irons \m/
    9:55 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  62. RT @ValaAfshar: Identify your customers stress better than your competition. @Michael_Vickers #CRMe12 [makes sense]
    10:03 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  63. RT @LiveOps: Customers are stressed. Identify the stress, remove the stress, & connect in a meaningful way. Do this better than the competition. #CRMe12
    10:04 AM Aug 13rd from Mobile Web
  64. RT @ValaAfshar: Data driven – good. Knowledge driven – great. Understanding driven – best. Shared understanding – brilliant. #CRMe12
    10:05 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  65. RT @jlnorwood: Michael Vickers asks “what’s your brand experience?” but how many companies actually know? #crme12
    10:10 AM Aug 13rd from TweetDeck
  66. RT @ValaAfshar: “Price is never the issue, unless it is the issue.” @Michael_Vickers #CRMe12 [competing on price is not value driven]
    10:13 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  67. RT @jberkowitz: We must bring value as the market defines it #CRMe12
    10:13 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  68. @lorisica you are quite welcome
    11:35 AM Aug 13rd from web
  69. RT @mjayliebs: MyPOV positive Customer Experience is a goal, technology is part of the strategy to achieve that goal #CRMe12
    11:36 AM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  70. RT @rontite: Customer Experience: Be relevant. Be consistent. Be iterative. Be relevant. Be consistent. Be iterative…
    11:45 AM Aug 13rd from HootSuite
  71. RT @Lager: Top 3 areas of social growth: ++speed of knowledge access, reducing communication costs, ++speed to access internal experts #crme12
    11:47 AM Aug 13rd from TweetDeck
  72. Are You a Social Hypocrite? Are Your Back Office Behaviours in line with Your Front Office Expectations?
    11:57 AM Aug 13rd from Buffer
  73. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @wendymarx @BHSMITH @TheDanLevy
    13:24 PM Aug 13rd from
  74. RT @Jon_Ferrara: A companies best sales people are satisfied customers @drnatalie @brianvellmure #CRMe12
    15:33 PM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  75. RT @drnatalie: .@BrianVellmure Deloitte Report on SocialBusiness #CRMe12 #SCRM
    15:33 PM Aug 13rd from TweetDeck
  76. RT @ptripp: First key to CX is capture management and customer intent #CRMe12 @sdkraus01 #Crm
    15:33 PM Aug 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  77. The Legal Side of Social Media. A Social Business Hangout on Law in the Social Era.
    17:10 PM Aug 13rd from Buffer
  78. Do Your Presentations Suck? Learn some valuable Presentation Tactics in this Social Business Hangout Podcast.
    20:08 PM Aug 13rd from Buffer
  79. RT @dankeldsen: RT @kevinseccia: At this point, even Occam’s razor has five extra blades and a hydrating gel strip.
    9:04 AM Aug 14th from Buffer
  80. You can’t get a more Hyper Local, yet Globally Relevant Social Media Success Story than We Love Brantford.
    9:09 AM Aug 14th from Buffer
  81. @glfceo no papers that I know of, but if you are interested in EmpireAvenue, I have quite a few podcasts/interviews on the subject
    9:24 AM Aug 14th from web
  82. @wendymarx you/re welcome
    9:30 AM Aug 14th from web
  83. @Less_Than_Mike nope
    9:32 AM Aug 14th from web
  84. RT @krcraft: Love ‘speed of need’ RT @ValaAfshar: My view: delivering a solution at the speed of need is key to optimal customer experience. #cx #CRMe12
    9:33 AM Aug 14th from TweetDeck
  85. RT @thecoffice: I just had an allergic reaction to this tweet. RT @Chris_Eh_Young: How many entrepreneurs have gone back to being an employee and enjoy it?
    9:42 AM Aug 14th from HootSuite
  86. RT @ValaAfshar: If your business is not sharing customer data via CRM across lines of business then you’re not a social business. #CRMe12
    10:17 AM Aug 14th from Twitter for iPad
  87. A Social Business Hangout on Business Planning | | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv
    11:57 AM Aug 14th from Buffer
  88. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @InfoSara
    13:24 PM Aug 14th from
  89. RT @abhijit_dan: Your Klout Score Just Changed. Here’s Why via @wordpressdotcom
    13:31 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  90. RT @mouselink#Facebook #biometrics via ‘Facedeals’ We’re definitely reaching the uber *creepy* phase at this point. #privacy
    15:36 PM Aug 14th from Buffer
  91. Good Read => Jesus is Italian and so am I (Rev. Jonathan Massimi, @RevMass #Brantford
    15:57 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  92. RT @CollinKromke: How the Klout Score Is Calculated via @markwschaefer
    16:10 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  93. @CatherineWPhoto @CollinKromke @markwschaefer lots of score changes now that the new algorithm got rolled out today
    16:20 PM Aug 14th from web
  94. RT @markwschaefer: Klout overhauls its business model, but does it answer its critics?
    16:32 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  95. My take on #Klout (@Klout) given today’s recent algorithm changes. From The Brant Advocate (@BrantAdvocate) =>
    16:41 PM Aug 14th from Facebook
  96. A Social Business Hangout on Social Etiquette | | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv
    17:10 PM Aug 14th from Buffer
  97. @trishuhl always happy to see you benefitting from them. We have some good ones scheduled for the upcoming quarter.
    17:33 PM Aug 14th from web

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