The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 12:48 PM Jul 8th – 15:14 PM Jul 14th

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Do Your Presentations Suck? Learn some valuable Presentation Tactics in this Social Business Hangout Podcast.
    12:48 PM Jul 8th from Tweet Button
  2. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:27 PM Jul 8th from
  3. RT @brianmakse: Boo. It’s over for @hinchtown#hondaindy @ Honda Indy Pit Lane
    14:20 PM Jul 8th from instagram
  4. Transcribing meeting recording (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    14:29 PM Jul 8th from foursquare
  5. Do your Presentations Suck? Get out of our Powerpoint Funk. Listen to this Podcast for Great Tips.
    14:54 PM Jul 8th from Facebook
  6. Cat Nap
    15:38 PM Jul 8th from instagram
  7. Working on defining the spiral. Jog later in morning. (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    9:44 AM Jul 9th from foursquare
  8. RT @nuxnix#wpc12 ballmer buzzword bingo – my words are ‘thank you’, windows, surface, future, ‘end of an era’, together, ecosystem, imagine – yours?
    10:29 AM Jul 9th from Tweetlogix
  9. RT @maryjofoley: All 3 days of MS #wpc12 keynotes streaming live Mon-Wed. of this week starting 9 am ET here: Ballmer up 1st Monday
    10:29 AM Jul 9th from MetroTwit
  10. RT @maryjofoley: Windows 8 is on track to RTM first week of August: Tami Reller, Windows VP. General availability at the end of Oct. #wpc12
    10:31 AM Jul 9th from MetroTwit
  11. View from the ‘office’ @ #TDGv Studios West
    10:36 AM Jul 9th from instagram
  12. Spike says “Have a Purrfect Monday” @ #TDGv Studios West
    10:44 AM Jul 9th from instagram
  13. RT @animal: Dear @GaryVee – After 3 wks Twitter has not restored my stolen name – We are at the mercy of unaccountable social media giants
    10:56 AM Jul 9th from web
  14. RT @animal: Sent a message to Twitter Support – they replied that the file was closed <— unbelievable
    10:56 AM Jul 9th from web
  15. RT @animal: Twitter names stolen for resale –
    10:57 AM Jul 9th from web
  16. RT @markfidelman: Avoid the Commoditization of Your Product and Sales People | Sales Enablement Made Simple | SalesKB <Excellent!
    11:05 AM Jul 9th from HootSuite
  17. RT @markfidelman: How (not) to measure Social Media ROI #infographic via @leaderswest
    11:06 AM Jul 9th from Triberr
  18. RT @RuRalRooted: Brantford, Ontario – home of the Bell Homestead and birthplace of the telephone
    11:08 AM Jul 9th from Pinterest
  19. RT @andrewbrust: Now we know why they reassigned the Surface name to little tablets. The old Surface just went vertical, and got better. #WPC12
    12:44 PM Jul 9th from rowi for Windows Phone
  20. RT @katecourageous: The rumors are true: @chrisguillebeau gave all 1k attendees $100 to invest. Never heard of that at a conference! #WDS2012 #WDS
    13:03 PM Jul 9th from HootSuite
  21. Training for 5k (@ Wilkes Dam)
    13:19 PM Jul 9th from foursquare
  22. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @JoeRaimondo @Mule_Kick
    13:27 PM Jul 9th from
  23. RT @rhappe: New post for @SocialBusNews – Social Business is a Marathon, Not a Sprint – #SocBiz is deceptively challenging
    16:04 PM Jul 9th from TweetDeck
  24. RT @iabramovitch: Microsoft Goes Big With Latest Purchase
    16:06 PM Jul 9th from LinkedIn
  25. Walter Gretzky Charity Auction (@ Brantford Golf and Country Club)
    18:43 PM Jul 9th from foursquare
  26. @T_Burrows plenty of Wayne stuff here (no stick that I can see). Johnny Bower is here (signed goalie stick). Walter arriving shortly
    18:51 PM Jul 9th from Twitter for Android
  27. @T_Burrows I am sure it was worth every penny. For me, far more of a Walter “the grateful one” fan than a Wayne fan 😉
    18:57 PM Jul 9th from Twitter for Android
  28. @T_Burrows totally. Walter is a prime example of what a community leader should aspire to be. Spent two hours at his home with my folks 🙂
    19:00 PM Jul 9th from Twitter for Android
  29. Walter reminding us all to be grateful
    19:28 PM Jul 9th from instagram
  30. @garyvee @animaliaaa2 Gary, you rock for stepping up and helping with this. Twiiter support should be ashamed to let this go on for so long.
    20:50 PM Jul 9th from Twitter for Android
  31. @T_Burrows haha, Walter himself just outbid me on a Wayne picture book. #Funny
    20:51 PM Jul 9th from Twitter for Android
  32. @BrantAdvocate @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere We should highly some of his art in the online version. Perhaps a video interview with him…
    23:57 PM Jul 9th from web
  33. @T_Burrows you should have seen him run back to the silent bidding sheet, when a friend of mine told him that he had been outbid 😉
    23:58 PM Jul 9th from web
  34. RT @Simon_Malcolm: Can u make $100,000/year or more as a successful videographer? This has helped others do just that –
    0:54 AM Jul 10th from web
  35. My week on twitter: 50 retweets received, 8 new followers, 20 mentions. Via:
    11:13 AM Jul 10th from TwentyFeet
  36. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @tomlaing @stellahklee
    13:27 PM Jul 10th from
  37. @krcraft Any further questions prior to tomorrow night’s Social Business Hangout?
    14:20 PM Jul 10th from web
  38. @txwikinger probably a fair share 😉
    14:31 PM Jul 10th from web
  39. Latest Social Business Hangout Podcast on Presentations and Presentation Tactics.
    15:37 PM Jul 10th from LinkedIn
  40. The Idea is Just the Starting Point | Meetings + Incentive Travel
    19:23 PM Jul 10th from Tweet Button
  41. @markfidelman thanks for the share Mark. Quite proud of the series the Social Business Hangout has become.
    22:07 PM Jul 10th from web
  42. @markfidelman appreciate it. At 30 min every week for 30+ weeks now it have been quite the challenge to line up guests and relevant topics
    1:38 AM Jul 11st from web
  43. RT @altonassociates: The @Animal is back in the house. Congrats on regaining your rightful place!
    10:06 AM Jul 11st from TweetDeck
  44. RT @PNWNetworking: Phew we can all get back to work now that social order has been restored and @Animal has his name back
    10:07 AM Jul 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  45. @SandyBiback @AMacklin I will be putting up the article online this week. One error on the post though, the site is
    11:07 AM Jul 11st from web
  46. RT @AMacklin: Flattered to read a professional blog post today that speaks to my July editorial in @BrantAdvocate Thanks @SandyBiback
    11:07 AM Jul 11st from web
  47. RT @EricTTung: Facebook Adds News, Video Modules To ‘Posts By Others’ Section Of Timeline Pages: Facebook quie… via @allfacebook
    13:12 PM Jul 11st from twitterfeed
  48. RT @briansolis: Reading…”Context is king” by @DaveThackeray
    13:14 PM Jul 11st from Tweet Button
  49. @briansolis @davethackeray have always said “Content is Free. Context is where the value is!”
    13:15 PM Jul 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  50. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @MacroPhotoFun @Ldillonschalk
    13:27 PM Jul 11st from
  51. RT @MariSmith: 40+ Tips on How to Become a Social Media Rock Star on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ by @kikolani [Wow!]
    13:48 PM Jul 11st from HootSuite
  52. RT @downtownbrantfd: Telephone City Car Show – Sunday July 22nd Colborne/Dalhousie downtown. 9:00AM-4:30PM. $2.00 donation, proceeds go to Rosewood House.
    14:17 PM Jul 11st from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  53. RT @downtownbrantfd: RT @sophiasbakery: @EXPHugo @downtownbrantfd our research has shown bacon goes well with any tweet 🙂
    14:17 PM Jul 11st from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  54. RT @downtownbrantfd: Brant News: Summer fun in the square. #downtown #Brantford #Brantastic
    15:01 PM Jul 11st from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  55. @animal @animaliaaa2 truly proves how much of a cluster-F$CK that entire Twitter incident has become. Talk about jumping through hoops
    15:04 PM Jul 11st from web
  56. RT @animal: “If it’s a great product, you only have to give it away once.”
    15:04 PM Jul 11st from web
  57. RT @JugnooMe: Social CRM is a business strategy for a social company, and the social company is a company that will succeed – @DannyBrown
    15:06 PM Jul 11st from JugnooMe
  58. RT @SAPStreamWork: The #social #enterprise could be a reality, it takes content + context + process + participation via @zdnet @dahowlett
    15:13 PM Jul 11st from HootSuite
  59. RT @markfidelman: Finally, A Strategic Guide for Social Business – Forbes #socbiz #e20
    15:21 PM Jul 11st from Tweet Button
  60. @T_Burrows @jugnoome congrats Tim. Well deserved.
    15:29 PM Jul 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  61. @frankcrm Reality is that most CIOs shifted to a pure IT mindset 10 years ago leaving a huge vacuum in the IS side. CMO/COO is filling void.
    16:03 PM Jul 11st from web
  62. RT @frankcrm: Five Years From Now, CMOs Will Spend More on IT Than CIOs Do – Forbes via @sharethis
    16:03 PM Jul 11st from Tweet Button
  63. RT @jeffreypjacobs: Twitter updates apps for iPhone and Android
    16:04 PM Jul 11st from Pluggio
  64. RT @ruhanirabin: 90% of everything is crud.
    16:05 PM Jul 11st from SocialOomph
  65. @ruhanirabin as is most current systems CRUD – Create, Read, Update, Delete. Huge opportunity in UX for biz due to current data models
    16:06 PM Jul 11st from web
  66. @OwenGreaves you will enjoy this listen then < From the Social Business Hangout archives
    16:07 PM Jul 11st from web
  67. @ThatKevinSmith I suspect they managed to incorporate the breaking of the back into the film story line.Suspecting 3rd costumed hero in film
    16:08 PM Jul 11st from web
  68. @OwenGreaves Ralph knows his stuff. He is making another appearance on tonight’s hangout to talk about the legal side of social media
    16:11 PM Jul 11st from web
  69. @OwenGreaves here is his appearance talking about Cloud Computing if you enjoyed the one your are listening to now
    16:12 PM Jul 11st from web
  70. @OwenGreaves make sure you connect with @txwikinger. He is my goto guy for all matters related to Open Source and Cloud. Also Law Degree 🙂
    16:16 PM Jul 11st from web
  71. @OwenGreaves Am interested to see what you think of podcast as it was one of the earlier one (2011). The plan was to make them evergreen
    16:17 PM Jul 11st from web
  72. @OwenGreaves my pleasure. The benefits of transparency. “When I see what you need, I can collaborate to assist.” Otherwise #WalledGardens
    16:17 PM Jul 11st from web
  73. @OwenGreaves currently recording in a much nicer accoustical room and also now compressing. Compare with say < 1ofmyfav
    16:19 PM Jul 11st from web
  74. @OwenGreaves I think it is mentioned as an option and was actually partially discussed last week during the Presentations episode.
    16:20 PM Jul 11st from web
  75. @OwenGreaves The goal however for the most part with the early episodes was to drive awareness (101ish). These are workshop recordings
    16:21 PM Jul 11st from web
  76. @OwenGreaves so the whole series also manages to capture the evolution of the podcast itself, but also the evolution of hangout attendees
    16:22 PM Jul 11st from web
  77. @OwenGreaves the key with these podcasts is that I record them as part of my weekly 2 hour sessions (why it is live in front of an audience)
    16:22 PM Jul 11st from web
  78. @OwenGreaves because of my heavy use of video editing, I run OSX. Everything else though is in the cloud via browser
    16:23 PM Jul 11st from web
  79. @OwenGreaves all feedback is appreciated. Audio is easier for multi-tasking. Video however captures both and came be re-purposed in layers
    16:24 PM Jul 11st from web
  80. @OwenGreaves well after knowing each other online for nearly 3 years now. All those weak ties moments clearly play a part in that 😉
    16:24 PM Jul 11st from web
  81. @OwenGreaves there are. Having said that this MBP was free via airmiles. It has been a workhorse for 3 years now using base software #iMovie
    16:26 PM Jul 11st from web
  82. @OwenGreaves k. Gotta run. Prepping for tonight’s 32nd Social Business Hangout in #Brantford. BTW Archives are here
    16:27 PM Jul 11st from web
  83. @OwenGreaves I always do. It is one of the things I look forward to doing every week. Takes a lot out of me, but worth every moment of it.
    16:28 PM Jul 11st from web
  84. @OwenGreaves let alone a great inbound marketing tool for the Studio. Releasing a USB Bootleg of the first 25 episodes in August 2012.
    16:28 PM Jul 11st from web
  85. @OwenGreaves my pleasure. As you know, mostly spend my time on FB, so often miss out on these newsfeed moments on Twitter.
    16:29 PM Jul 11st from web
  86. @OwenGreaves I know, which is why it was nice seeing that first tweet that allowed me to chime in with some hopefully helpful information
    16:31 PM Jul 11st from web
  87. @OwenGreaves the reality of course is that I monitor and engage on all of them, but my real community of engagers in in Facebook primarily
    16:31 PM Jul 11st from web
  88. @OwenGreaves like everything, set out a vision and set forth down that path. I knew that I would start a podcast in Brantford when I moved
    16:32 PM Jul 11st from web
  89. @OwenGreaves the best part however is the fact that unlike most podcasts, this is pure live in front of an audience. Great practice for me
    16:33 PM Jul 11st from web
  90. @OwenGreaves listen to episode 25. I brought my parents in from Ottawa to be guests for the 25th. Social Media for Seniors is a great 101
    16:34 PM Jul 11st from web
  91. @OwenGreaves took a lot of doing to pull it off. Big group that night as well compared to most recording sessions
    16:35 PM Jul 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  92. @OwenGreaves I will always cherish that episode
    16:35 PM Jul 11st from Twitter for iPhone
  93. RT @JulieGallaher: If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance. – Abraham Lincoln
    17:10 PM Jul 11st from Buffer
  94. @OwenGreaves had my first facetime chat with my dad over the ipod today myself
    17:55 PM Jul 11st from web
  95. @OwenGreaves that is great news. Anticipated publication date?
    18:01 PM Jul 11st from web
  96. @OwenGreaves @txwikinger topic?
    18:05 PM Jul 11st from web
  97. RT @ChrisRecord: Got a Car? Share it, Maybe
    20:08 PM Jul 11st from Buffer
  98. @startapodcast doing well. Just recorded our 32nd
    21:40 PM Jul 11st from Twitter for Android
  99. @AMacklin need an image to go with your post. Any preferences?
    23:37 PM Jul 11st from web
  100. RT @mfauscette: Netflix’s lost year: The inside story of the price-hike train wreck – CNET News –
    9:09 AM Jul 12nd from Buffer
  101. A Social Business Hangout on Law and Social Media | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #Legal #SocMed
    12:42 PM Jul 12nd from Tweet Button
  102. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Filmlookinc
    13:27 PM Jul 12nd from
  103. RT @animal: Your job is not to prove that UR the best man for the job. Your job is to get the job no matter who the right man is.
    16:49 PM Jul 12nd from web
  104. RT @MicheleRuiz01: Being successful in real estate is about “location, location, location” Being successful in life is about “kindness, kindness, kindness”…
    19:49 PM Jul 12nd from HootSuite
  105. @krcraft do tell
    1:18 AM Jul 13rd from web
  106. RT @BtfdLibrary: Happy birthday to Patrick Stewart & Harrison Ford Do you think the Falcon could outrun Enterprise?
    10:50 AM Jul 13rd from web
  107. RT @bduperrin: Fast Innovation, Slow Adoption : The Growing Digital Divide
    10:54 AM Jul 13rd from Buffer
  108. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:27 PM Jul 13rd from
  109. Latest Social Business Hangout Podcast on the Legal Side of Social Media.
    13:58 PM Jul 13rd from LinkedIn
  110. Giving the a second chance. (@ Blue Dog Coffee Roasters)
    16:55 PM Jul 13rd from foursquare
  111. The Brant Advocate: Drinking the Small Business Cocktail (John Bradbord, @jbrad4ord #Brantford
    19:09 PM Jul 13rd from Tweet Button
  112. It Takes More Than Just an Idea (Andrew Macklin, @AMacklin #Hockeyfest cc: @SandyBiback
    20:22 PM Jul 13rd from Tweet Button
  113. RT @Patti_RogersTV: Car ahead of me at Tim Hortons paid for my coffee, so I paid for the guy’s behind me. #RAK happening every day #brantastic #payitforward
    23:45 PM Jul 13rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  114. The Legal Side of Social Media. A Social Business Hangout on Law in the Social Era. #Brantford #Legal
    13:01 PM Jul 14th from Tweet Button
  115. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:27 PM Jul 14th from
  116. RT @normtolhurst: Gotta love the phrase “can finish no worse then first” #ibl #brantfordredsox teamwork and dedication is getting it done #Brantastic
    14:44 PM Jul 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  117. RT @denuma99: Find out what’s happening here!
    15:14 PM Jul 14th from web

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