The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: #SalutGilles Circa 20:30 PM May 5th – 23:35 PM May 7th

Salut Gilles!!!!  Thinking of Gilles Villeneuve.

  1. #EAv: Measuring Your LinkedIn Influence via @adrielhampton
    20:30 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  2. @keithprivette as well Keith
    20:59 PM May 5th from web
  3. @KloutPerks @popchips appreciate the offer, but my mailing address is worth more than a bag of chips 😉 Also misspelled Province to of form
    21:02 PM May 5th from web
  4. @TedInFrame tardy reply, but got it to work shortly afterwards (odd fluke). Looking forward to it. HUGE fan of the work of #BizMedia 😉
    21:03 PM May 5th from web
  5. @KloutPerks @popchips Specifically this typo “Enter your Provience” at the top of the form
    21:08 PM May 5th from web
  6. Altimeter Round Table – altimetergroup < glad that it is being streamed, but will need to catch the cached version later
    21:23 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  7. RT @chrispirillo: Ah, @JOwyang is holding an #EAv shareholder meeting now: – he should explain the reason his poor dividends. 😉
    21:26 PM May 5th from
  8. RT @CHRISVOSS: A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright
    21:26 PM May 5th from SocialOomph
  9. RT @jowyang: We’ll be live streaming @empireave event live at Altimeter’s Hangar here #eashare Please RT
    21:26 PM May 5th from web
  10. Thanks for the follow Tim. This one is for you
    1:26 AM May 6th from Facebook
  11. watching raw footage for first time in MONTHS. so much good clips to edit out cc: Anthony Rapone Conor Daly
    2:37 AM May 6th from Facebook
  12. 3 day sprint in effect!
    2:49 AM May 6th from Facebook
  13. always liked my use of youtube annotations on this one (view on YouTube for full effect)
    2:54 AM May 6th from Facebook
  14. Wide awake. 3am. Going to cut my GV / Ludwig segment. Love this song and proud to have it part of the project.
    3:00 AM May 6th from Facebook
  15. @Qontext @GautamGhos appreciate it. This was the one that kicked it off (#TDGv Person of the Year Edition) –
    3:05 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  16. Interesting article. Communities = SIGs RT @kwheeler: Social Media, Serious Games, Communities? (via @Qontext) +1
    3:06 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  17. Hey Mosport. Enjoy this vintage
    3:07 AM May 6th from Facebook
  18. I just unlocked the ‘Facebook Friends 10’ Achievement on “You have 600 Friends on Facebook.” #Thanks
    3:10 AM May 6th from Tweet Button
  19. @dandemsky you up tonight as well eh? what are you working on? doing a little (1min) Gilles Villeneuve cut for the doco myself
    3:14 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  20. @VinnyVerma night
    3:15 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  21. @jpuopolo what’s sad was dual standard “Thanks for the feedback!” Heck pointed out a huge canadian typo insult and got copy/pasted #FAIL
    3:17 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  22. @jpuopolo five hours later simple HTML typo is still on the page #Double #Fail “Enter your Provience” + auto-responce vs. real engagement
    3:20 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  23. CFO on the “Leadership” index. #LinkedIn #TDGv #Branding #Gamification > #SocialEmpire < Huge Fan!!!
    3:29 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  24. Now this is how you do a Cover Letter!/RLavigne42/status/66404325395664896 cc: Robert Lavigne…
    3:31 AM May 6th from Facebook
  25. Don’t forget about Life@42: The Social Novel. A few new segments in post-production as well 🙂
    3:44 AM May 6th from Facebook Continue reading

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 4:12 AM May 2nd – 4:56 AM May 6th


  1. @ReallyVirtual it must be entirely surreal for you. not expecting a reply. but enjoy the ride
  2. 4:12 AM May 2nd from web
  3. RT @KRCraft: RT @lesanto: RT @Vimto_C: How did they finally find Bin Laden? Clearly through his Sony Playstation account details
    4:37 AM May 2nd from ÜberSocial
  4. @ilovegarick morning. how are you enjoying your time at #nimble
    13:02 PM May 2nd from web
  5. @Jermzh do let me know when you are in town. first beer is on me
    14:00 PM May 2nd from web
  6. RT @Armano: A Better Business Doctrine – Part 1: Assholes are bad for business.
    14:00 PM May 2nd from Pulse News
  7. RT @EmpireAve: Tip: If you’re going to post a Shout Out to someone after investing, why not say a bit about yourself or why you made the investment?
    14:04 PM May 2nd from web
  8. According to @Klout, @rlavigne42 generates a steady flow of actions and discussions –
    14:32 PM May 2nd from web
  9. RT @jason_faber: I saw many ads in the Toronto Subway this weekend with QR codes. Too bad the subway is underground and you can’t get interntet #QRcodefail
    14:36 PM May 2nd from web
  10. @Jermzh am sure Ken will gladly join us as well if it is not a racing weekend. intrigued if you guys will do a green vs. racing impact blog
    14:53 PM May 2nd from web
  11. RT @guygal: my #bizmedia partner’s article in globe and mail! RT @dandemsky 10 ways to enhance your company’s website with video
    15:00 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  12. @guygal @dandemsky good read Dan. read it earlier today
    15:00 PM May 2nd from web
  13. RT @bsevo: @ChrisPirillo there is one mac os malware active
    15:01 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  14. RT @askaaronlee: If Twitter Went Back to the Drawing Board via @DannyBrown @nittyGriddyBlog
    15:31 PM May 2nd from CoTweet
  15. @Jermzh I could, but you know me, I would much rather do this in video. maybe we actually do that. want to do a tdgv spot?
    15:34 PM May 2nd from web
  16. @Jermzh would love to leverage our common love of racing and tackle the question if one of your key guys is an avid racer vs. pure green
    15:35 PM May 2nd from web
  17. RT @acarvin: If the world ever learns the names of those Navy SEALs who took out Bin Laden, those guys will never have to buy their own drinks again.
    15:40 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  18. RT @thebrandbuilder: RT @AnnaOBrien: Random thought: Is it really a flash mob if you bring in a film crew with hi-def cameras?
    15:43 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  19. RT @adamsconsulting: The Twitter HTTPS Setting In Plain English –
    15:43 PM May 2nd from Rebel Tweet
  20. Check this video out — #TDGv Promo: My Thoughts Enclosed… Social Business blog by Robert Lavi… via @youtube
    15:48 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  21. Check this video out — #TDGv Racing: Mosport Movie Night – Ron Fellows Tribute, Montage, Short-… via @youtube
    15:53 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  22. Check this video out — Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner via @youtube
    16:09 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  23. Love Love Love this girl…. | Philip DeFranco via @PhillyD
    16:50 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  24. Can SO relate to this right now > Love Love Love this girl…. | Philip DeFranco
    16:53 PM May 2nd from Posterous
  25. Shared via (e)RLAVIGNE42 : respect for the engagement!
    17:39 PM May 2nd from Empire Avenue
  26. gotta say. pretty happy with the response from this LinkedIn/Empire Avenue #TDGv Promo…
    17:54 PM May 2nd from Facebook Continue reading