25,000th Tweet Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:08 AM Apr 26th – 15:17 PM May 3rd

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The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. I received +K in social media from @KnowledgeBishop, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m < Thanks man, means a lot.
    11:08 AM Apr 26th from Tweet Button
  2. @KnowledgeBishop hehe. well you then are the peanut butter which glues it all together 😉
    11:51 AM Apr 26th from web
  3. @KnowledgeBishop of course all that peanut butter & jam is one big part of the inbound marketing that generates the bread 😉 (Pun intended)
    11:55 AM Apr 26th from web
  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @oscarberg @pullnews @ransae
    13:31 PM Apr 26th from Paper.li
  5. @cc_chapman so you approve of the upgrade then
    18:10 PM Apr 26th from web
  6. @cc_chapman have you uploaded any video as of yet? When you do, let me know. Am thinking of one myself at some point.
    21:40 PM Apr 26th from web
  7. RT @CherylScoffield: Join me May 9, 2012 on BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/zYjejCK3
    9:53 AM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  8. TGIF #Brantford. Windy but a beautiful day on the trails this morning. What are YOU impacting today? (@ Wilkes Dam) http://t.co/si62hC2w
    10:31 AM Apr 27th from foursquare
  9. RT @animal: Following people is not the best way to follow them. Book mark the Twitter page and visit it like a blog #HFchat
    12:30 PM Apr 27th from web
  10. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @waltersstrategy @jessicarmurray @chrisifg
    13:31 PM Apr 27th from Paper.li
  11. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    20:56 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  12. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    20:56 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  13. RT @BtfdLibrary: Please note that @BtfdLibrary is now closed Sundays until October 14, 2012. Our website is available 24/7 http://t.co/A5JxTqxH
    22:23 PM Apr 27th from web
  14. Link Bait…Link Bait…Link Bait… Do you need link baits to break through the noise? http://t.co/tysJIDFd
    10:50 AM Apr 28th from web
  15. Blooming http://t.co/NhwuH5RT
    13:20 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  16. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @dbvickery
    13:31 PM Apr 28th from Paper.li
  17. We all grow from our planted seeds http://t.co/gmFEkvst
    13:42 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  18. Signs…signs…everywhere http://t.co/CA5RrhcH
    14:26 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  19. A Social Business Hangout on Community & Culture … | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv http://t.co/PoGz7hXv
    22:31 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  20. @R5Samantha have a great run today at the Brantford Rotary Classic.
    7:46 AM Apr 29th from web
  21. Today is the 30th running of the Rotary Classic Run in #Brantford. I will be volunteering my MC duties for this great cause. See you there.
    7:48 AM Apr 29th from web
  22. RT @ozsocialbiz: Is it OK to be Unsociable? First The Social Business Podcast for 2012 feat @transcribe http://t.co/ZdDH013J #tsbpodcast
    8:00 AM Apr 29th from TweetDeck
  23. .@seanard are you covering http://t.co/0VZWL0n8 today? If so, see you there. @SteadyStateRace has asked me to volunteer my MC duties for it.
    8:29 AM Apr 29th from web
  24. Looking forward to announcing the award ceremony for http://t.co/0VZWL0n8 (@ W. Ross Macdonald School) http://t.co/1uUxgeHX
    9:14 AM Apr 29th from foursquare
  25. RT @TDGv: Also taking part in Rotary Classic is the Brantford Mayor @MayorChrisFriel. Albeit walking today, perhaps training for Canada Day run.
    9:35 AM Apr 29th from Twitter for Android Continue reading

The Podcast Tipping Point Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 12:23 PM Apr 18th – 13:16 PM Apr 25th

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Pinterest Edition

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Good afternoon #Brantford. Did you know we are talking community and Social Media tonight on the Social Business Ha… http://t.co/Bm3BSf00
    12:23 PM Apr 18th from foursquare
  2. Another 42 Moment http://t.co/v9MCYERW
    12:50 PM Apr 18th from instagram
  3. @lolding Lisa. Have you noticed an increase in +1 failures with blogspots that redirect to a non-.com domain. Had to remove my domain to fix
    13:22 PM Apr 18th from web
  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @bryankramer @guygal @jobsfrombdm
    13:31 PM Apr 18th from Paper.li
  5. RT @pgreenbe#rotmancrm People Centric – culture, community, credibility
    14:22 PM Apr 18th from Seesmic
  6. @pgreenbe didn’t realize you were in town
    14:23 PM Apr 18th from web
  7. RT @pgreenbe#rotmancrm five consumer trends bring context to engagement/experience – social, mobile, cloud, big data, unified comms & video
    14:24 PM Apr 18th from Seesmic
  8. RT @thinkeric: Social CRM: “It’s the company’s programmatic response to the customer’s control of the conversation” Paul Greenberg #rotmancrm
    14:24 PM Apr 18th from HootSuite
  9. RT @BrantAdvocate: Tonight at the #Btfd museum& archives Advocate contributors @RLavigne42 @davecarrol & @MarcLaferriere are doing a @TDGv podcast re community
    16:47 PM Apr 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  10. RT @marketingwizdom: Read if you use TrueTwit – it defeats its own purpose by helping spammers | @yukaichou http://t.co/Ud5y5FpU
    16:56 PM Apr 18th from web
  11. Sunday Drive on a Wednesday http://t.co/jdyZoCmV
    18:37 PM Apr 18th from instagram
  12. @mqtodd @cyndeehaydon @michaeltuckertv @chattyprof was at my weekly podcast. Shame would have been a good chat.
    22:54 PM Apr 18th from web
  13. @BBusinesses @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere It was probably 20% laughs and 80% content. Editing podcast now. Will be live before midnight.
    22:55 PM Apr 18th from web
  14. RT @BBusinesses: Great podcast and convo tonight @RLavigne42 @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere I can’t even remember what was recorded. It was funny & insightful!
    22:55 PM Apr 18th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  15. @BBusinesses @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere Looking forward to future podcasts with both Dave and Marc actually (said with a sinister intent)
    23:31 PM Apr 18th from web
  16. Amazing Social Business Hangout Podcast on Community with @davecarrol, @MarcLaferriere, and @RLavigne42 http://t.co/PoGz7hXv #Brantastic
    0:18 AM Apr 19th from web
  17. @davecarrol taken at the museum I suspect
    0:19 AM Apr 19th from web
  18. RT @CrowdedHead: How to Perform a Social Media SWOT Analysis http://t.co/4PZ9wz4Y
    0:37 AM Apr 19th from TweetMeme
  19. RT @McIntyreShayne: @RobynDargie A great help for new twitterers. A good podcast. http://t.co/sDkOTtOa
    0:38 AM Apr 19th from Safari on iOS
  20. What can Brantford, Politics and Religion positively teach us about Communities, Culture and Social Media. http://t.co/YZPDa3Xn #Brantastic
    6:20 AM Apr 19th from Tweet Button
  21. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) @RLavigne42.com http://t.co/TS6K2pBp
    6:25 AM Apr 19th from Facebook
  22. RT @TheExpositor#brantastic Harmony Square rolls out large slate of events | Local | Entertainment | Brantford Expositor http://t.co/vajPmhYG
    7:25 AM Apr 19th from Tweet Button
  23. Enjoying a nice day in Brantford http://t.co/Irx6WspO
    12:42 PM Apr 19th from instagram
  24. RT @MarcLaferriere: Last night’s Podcast w @RLavigne42 & @DaveCarrol. Politics, Religion, Community, Captain Kindness, Ross… http://t.co/DCiX9uLB
    12:44 PM Apr 19th from Facebook
  25. Good afternoon #Brantford. Did you catch last night’s podcast? (@ Wilkes Dam) http://t.co/Uu8CCj2k
    12:57 PM Apr 19th from foursquare Continue reading

Tweetstock 007 He Said Panel Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 7:30 AM Apr 7th – 17:42 PM Apr 13rd

Tweetstock 007 Brantford Expositor Coverage

Tweetstock 007 liveblog— April 12, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Secret to social media success? Just do it

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Happy Easter. Latest Post from Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) @RLavigne42.com http://t.co/a31OlRMN

    7:30 AM Apr 7th from Facebook

  2. The Doubting Thomas. How an Agilistic Operational Model can Convert the Unbelievers into Disciples and Saints. http://t.co/WlOIdM0m #Easter

    7:38 AM Apr 7th from Tweet Button

  3. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS

    13:31 PM Apr 8th from Paper.li

  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @jobsfrombdm @annaobrien @cust_serv_jobs @nurse_techy

    13:31 PM Apr 9th from Paper.li

  5. RT @IDEATIONcma: Nice Payday for Instagram! Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion http://t.co/mNKDNwWi

    14:17 PM Apr 9th from Tweet Button

  6. Think I will do frequent pics if this tree over the seasons http://t.co/m9jyagd7

    18:27 PM Apr 9th from instagram

  7. This Thursday, @TheExpositor will be liveblogging #Tweetstock007. @RLavigne42 will be amongst the speakers. Details: http://t.co/V7Lv227V

    10:31 AM Apr 10th from web

  8. RT @bduperrin: It’s Not Good Enough for Your Community Guidelines to Say “Don’t Be a Jerk!” » http://t.co/IedzS29N

    10:45 AM Apr 10th from Buffer

  9. @AllCan_Storage looking forward to seeing you at #tweetstock007. Make sure to say hello after I am done with the panel portion of the day.

    10:47 AM Apr 10th from web

  10. @MichaelNus you coming to @tweetstockca? If so, will be good to see you IRL again.

    10:48 AM Apr 10th from web

  11. RT @FrankEliason: Best Buy CEO resigns! Not surprised because to me Best Buy lost their identity http://t.co/gSp53cMD

    12:04 PM Apr 10th from Tweet Button

  12. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @mindtouch

    13:32 PM Apr 10th from Paper.li

  13. RT @ruhanirabin: Morning Routine for Android Forces You to Wake Up and Start Your Day by Scanning a Barcode [Video] http://t.co/CsDMnNQ9

    13:43 PM Apr 10th from twitterfeed

  14. Post-Apocalypse Graffiti http://t.co/QSVaE9cw

    16:12 PM Apr 10th from instagram

  15. @MichaelNus Have fun in Montreal. Wonder if @epilogger will capture the moment when tomatoes start getting thrown at the stage when I speak

    17:53 PM Apr 10th from web

  16. Drop off (@ Brantford Public Library) http://t.co/RiG59qdT

    18:28 PM Apr 10th from foursquare

  17. RT @iggypintado: What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume http://t.co/ZdUecbc4 via @BI_Careers

    18:58 PM Apr 10th from Tweet Button

  18. RT @Ekaterina: A mere 34% of Americans view Twitter favorably; Facebook – 58%; Google – 82% http://t.co/nSmUg0tB

    18:59 PM Apr 10th from web

  19. RT @harrymccracken: Dear Facebook: here’s how to not screw up Instagram. http://t.co/ITQ7vSOk

    19:00 PM Apr 10th from web

  20. RT @google: Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google: a more functional & flexible version of Google+ rolling out now http://t.co/NJlyGUrk

    11:53 AM Apr 11st from web

  21. RT @mayhemstudios: [Infographic] How to Get More Pins and Repins on @Pinterest via @danzarrella http://t.co/79DawokL

    12:44 PM Apr 11st from Twittelator

  22. The klout of social media by Robert Lavigne http://t.co/jl7MgS4x #Brantford #SocialMedia #Klout

    17:53 PM Apr 11st from Tweet Button

  23. RT @kevinamagee#tweetstock007 is SOLD OUT! 🙂

    21:39 PM Apr 11st from TweetDeck

  24. RT @EXPHugo: For those who can’t make #Tweetstock007 Thursday, a reminder @TheExpositor is running a liveblog here— http://t.co/SHhWAWTC

    21:39 PM Apr 11st from Seesmic

  25. @TheSalesLion Looking forward to being on the panel with you tomorrow Marcus

    21:40 PM Apr 11st from web Continue reading