10 YouTube Videos of People Doing Amazing Things

Some great examples of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things and fully leveraging social media to build up their personal brand.

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20 Things Every Gen Y Needs to Know Today

GenYs are in a prime position to influence the technical shift required in most organizations to better collaborate. To achieve this transition however they must be able to engage within the current culture.

Millennials can provide the insight of what new tools can be used. The value proposition of the shift, however, must come from a mutual understanding of the business opportunity between both parties.

Each generation has gone through this paradigm shift when a fundamental shift has occurred in corporate demographics. However, there never has been a time where the gap is more achievable. By finding the common ground between GenXs and GenYs, we can use this generational mashup to redesign how businesses can be managed and led.  ~ @rlavigne42

A week ago, I was referenced in a blog post in Malaysia. Today’s quote from @RLavigne42, comes from a blog entry by Mohammed Al-Taee. Mohammed currently resides in Jordan. This entry represents another great example of the value of Twitter for networking and collaboration. Mohammed inquired as to what a Gen Y needs to know today and I was happy to contribute to his aggregation of professional opinions.

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