25,000th Tweet Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:08 AM Apr 26th – 15:17 PM May 3rd

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The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. I received +K in social media from @KnowledgeBishop, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m < Thanks man, means a lot.
    11:08 AM Apr 26th from Tweet Button
  2. @KnowledgeBishop hehe. well you then are the peanut butter which glues it all together 😉
    11:51 AM Apr 26th from web
  3. @KnowledgeBishop of course all that peanut butter & jam is one big part of the inbound marketing that generates the bread 😉 (Pun intended)
    11:55 AM Apr 26th from web
  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @oscarberg @pullnews @ransae
    13:31 PM Apr 26th from Paper.li
  5. @cc_chapman so you approve of the upgrade then
    18:10 PM Apr 26th from web
  6. @cc_chapman have you uploaded any video as of yet? When you do, let me know. Am thinking of one myself at some point.
    21:40 PM Apr 26th from web
  7. RT @CherylScoffield: Join me May 9, 2012 on BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/zYjejCK3
    9:53 AM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  8. TGIF #Brantford. Windy but a beautiful day on the trails this morning. What are YOU impacting today? (@ Wilkes Dam) http://t.co/si62hC2w
    10:31 AM Apr 27th from foursquare
  9. RT @animal: Following people is not the best way to follow them. Book mark the Twitter page and visit it like a blog #HFchat
    12:30 PM Apr 27th from web
  10. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @waltersstrategy @jessicarmurray @chrisifg
    13:31 PM Apr 27th from Paper.li
  11. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    20:56 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  12. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    20:56 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  13. RT @BtfdLibrary: Please note that @BtfdLibrary is now closed Sundays until October 14, 2012. Our website is available 24/7 http://t.co/A5JxTqxH
    22:23 PM Apr 27th from web
  14. Link Bait…Link Bait…Link Bait… Do you need link baits to break through the noise? http://t.co/tysJIDFd
    10:50 AM Apr 28th from web
  15. Blooming http://t.co/NhwuH5RT
    13:20 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  16. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @dbvickery
    13:31 PM Apr 28th from Paper.li
  17. We all grow from our planted seeds http://t.co/gmFEkvst
    13:42 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  18. Signs…signs…everywhere http://t.co/CA5RrhcH
    14:26 PM Apr 28th from instagram
  19. A Social Business Hangout on Community & Culture … | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv http://t.co/PoGz7hXv
    22:31 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  20. @R5Samantha have a great run today at the Brantford Rotary Classic.
    7:46 AM Apr 29th from web
  21. Today is the 30th running of the Rotary Classic Run in #Brantford. I will be volunteering my MC duties for this great cause. See you there.
    7:48 AM Apr 29th from web
  22. RT @ozsocialbiz: Is it OK to be Unsociable? First The Social Business Podcast for 2012 feat @transcribe http://t.co/ZdDH013J #tsbpodcast
    8:00 AM Apr 29th from TweetDeck
  23. .@seanard are you covering http://t.co/0VZWL0n8 today? If so, see you there. @SteadyStateRace has asked me to volunteer my MC duties for it.
    8:29 AM Apr 29th from web
  24. Looking forward to announcing the award ceremony for http://t.co/0VZWL0n8 (@ W. Ross Macdonald School) http://t.co/1uUxgeHX
    9:14 AM Apr 29th from foursquare
  25. RT @TDGv: Also taking part in Rotary Classic is the Brantford Mayor @MayorChrisFriel. Albeit walking today, perhaps training for Canada Day run.
    9:35 AM Apr 29th from Twitter for Android
  26. RT @MayorChrisFriel: Brantford Classic Run — Team City of Brantford http://t.co/muzLXiP1
    9:52 AM Apr 29th from Camera on iOS
  27. Routes for Brantford Rotary Classic http://t.co/pFxZqIRM
    10:02 AM Apr 29th from instagram
  28. Thank you everyone who came out to Brantford Rotary Classic. Had a great time congratulating the winners at the awards ceremony #Brantastic
    12:37 PM Apr 29th from Twitter for Android
  29. RT @rlzfartie: Brantford Classic over.JAKE did AWESOME!.shaved 4 min off his time I’m SOO PROUD OF HIM.it’s totally volunteer&he raises money for charities
    12:39 PM Apr 29th from web
  30. RT @PTMacLeod: It was an amazing day for the Brantford Classic 5k walk today with my daughter.
    12:39 PM Apr 29th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  31. RT @Patti_RogersTV: Beautiful day for the Brantford Classic Run. My 6-year old did his first 5k today with me! http://t.co/RlwERCwt
    12:39 PM Apr 29th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  32. @MayorChrisFriel the one guy at the front of the pic #CLASSIC
    13:13 PM Apr 29th from web
  33. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @cust_serv_jobs @jobsfrombdm
    13:30 PM Apr 29th from Paper.li
  34. Good afternoon #Brantford. Gloomy day outside, but what is your bright idea? (@ Wilkes Dam) http://t.co/47apmyzU
    12:15 PM Apr 30th from foursquare
  35. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    13:14 PM Apr 30th from TweetDeck
  36. Still at it http://t.co/BEp7gDG8
    13:27 PM Apr 30th from instagram
  37. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @danperezfilms @tm_insideout @brantjobs
    13:31 PM Apr 30th from Paper.li
  38. The Food Truck “Phenomenon”. From Sidewalks to Social Streams.: http://t.co/3x7llY1F via @BBusinesses
    18:16 PM Apr 30th from Tweet Button
  39. @BBusinesses My pleasure. It was a good read.
    20:24 PM Apr 30th from web
  40. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/imeZJ0lQ
    8:24 AM May 1st from TweetDeck
  41. RT @LindsayHawes: Google Analytics gets BIG updates: Social Reporting, Event Flow Reports & BEST OF ALL: Attribution Modeling!!! http://t.co/Gb9D6Jt8 #FTW
    8:40 AM May 1st from Echofon
  42. RT @WeejeeMedia: Facebook Adds Organ Donor Option to Timeline http://t.co/WaykglMQ
    8:42 AM May 1st from HootSuite
  43. RT @TheNextWeb: Zuckerberg’s girlfriend and Steve Jobs’ liver transplant inspired Facebook’s new organ donor feature http://t.co/XhN6vekB by @MartinSFP
    8:42 AM May 1st from Spread The Next Web
  44. RT @om: Kashi Cereal Scandal http://t.co/TJsx71WJ
    8:43 AM May 1st from SocialFlow
  45. RT @SteadyStateRacehttp://t.co/K2rGdeCG 30th Annual Brantford Rotary Classic 2012
    8:44 AM May 1st from HootSuite
  46. @BrantJobs you’re quite welcome. Keep up the good work in getting more people employed in the Brant Region #Brantford
    8:48 AM May 1st from web
  47. My week on twitter: 34 retweets received, 1 new listings, 38 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    11:12 AM May 1st from TwentyFeet
  48. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @kim @fredzimny
    13:31 PM May 1st from Paper.li
  49. Join @TDGv Wednesday for a discussion on Journalism in the Social Era with @seanard & @EXPHugo at the Social Business Hangout in #Brantford.
    13:49 PM May 1st from web
  50. Register here for tomorrow’s Social Business Hangout on Journalism in the Social Era http://t.co/EQDwdghp #Brantford #Brantastic #HamOnt
    13:50 PM May 1st from web
  51. RT @gmail: Gmail now magically translates email written in other languages: http://t.co/4aqIE3Y5
    13:54 PM May 1st from web
  52. RT @NealSchaffer: Flickr teams with Pinterest, releases share button for proper photo attribution http://t.co/6l9OsZc7 (via @VentureBeat)
    14:14 PM May 1st from SocialFlow
  53. @branthockeyfest might show up, but likely going to have my hands full with the actual Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament that weekend
    14:43 PM May 1st from web
  54. My “Don’t Make Me Hit Somebody” Article for the @BrantAdvocate hits the stands today in #Brantford. cc:@ThatKevinSmith http://t.co/nAYlTkwG
    17:50 PM May 1st from web
  55. RT @BrantAdvocate: Look for the May print edition of the @BrantAdvocate at over 350 #Btfd #Brant #6Nations locations begining today. http://t.co/PWBrG9Fk
    18:58 PM May 1st from Twitter for iPad
  56. @MarcLaferriere @thatkevinsmith @BrantAdvocate Will make a point of linking to digital article when it is up. Tribute to #VASHL #Brantford
    20:19 PM May 1st from web
  57. @MarcLaferriere @tdgv @seanard @exphugo Just remember, doors will be closed from 7:30-8:00 while the recording takes place.
    20:20 PM May 1st from web
  58. @Jason_Pollock @ScooterBraun congrats
    21:53 PM May 1st from web
  59. Good morning #Brantford. Two Social Business podcasts being recorded tonight. Are you missing out? #Brantastic http://t.co/IaReNZBx
    7:02 AM May 2nd from foursquare
  60. Let it flow to be able to grow. http://t.co/cG2ja8Ir
    7:08 AM May 2nd from instagram
  61. @ErnestWeaver glad it resonated. #GrowToday
    7:53 AM May 2nd from Twitter for Android
  62. @ErnestWeaver @MarcLaferriere @TDGv @seanard @EXPHugo will cc you Ernest when it goes up at midnight
    7:54 AM May 2nd from Twitter for Android
  63. Fly away http://t.co/ipJUt1wf
    8:03 AM May 2nd from instagram
  64. Latest @BrantAdvocate: I’m warning you right now that this story will tug on your heart strings. http://t.co/J7DYhq3p #Brantastic #Brantford
    10:26 AM May 2nd from web
  65. RT @oscarberg: RT @SameerPatel: Social Business Part II: 5 Reasons It’s Different Now by @haydn1701 http://t.co/HeuKlAtg #socbiz < +1
    10:36 AM May 2nd from Flipboard
  66. RT @IGN: BOOM! Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal trailer is here! http://t.co/6bPQLeb0
    11:09 AM May 2nd from SocialFlow
  67. RT @ReaperMattatt: @Caprickah I do not approve of you not coming to Brantford, bad Mandie!
    13:28 PM May 2nd from web
  68. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @stephenshapiro @tormentalous @kathikruse @danperezfilms
    13:31 PM May 2nd from Paper.li
  69. RT @TDGv: Brantford Newsfeed for Facebook http://t.co/bDW2tT3i
    14:03 PM May 2nd from Facebook
  70. Check out my new BrandYourself profile: http://t.co/Gz3mRX5k What do you think?
    15:21 PM May 2nd from BrandYourself LLC
  71. Innovation at the Speed of Thought by Robert Lavigne, Your Social Business Mentor http://t.co/xqf84Hz0
    15:49 PM May 2nd from LinkedIn
  72. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/qY6M2FQp
    17:31 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  73. Pulled pork nachos and Guinness (@ The Piston Broke) http://t.co/xahMH9eJ
    21:19 PM May 2nd from foursquare
  74. @gdiver62 can you send me links to the two podcast pictures. Gracias
    23:18 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Android
  75. RT @gdiver62http://t.co/AziuKUGH Brant News and The Expositor chat about social media and news media
    6:31 AM May 3rd from instagram
  76. RT @gdiver62#brantsocialbusiness hangout Rob, Pete and Doug recording last weeks podcast due to tech issues – great info @TDGv http://t.co/Og5qoUi9
    6:31 AM May 3rd from Twitter for iPhone
  77. A Social Business Hangout on Facebook Apps … | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv http://t.co/IbilkRQs
    7:14 AM May 3rd from Tweet Button
  78. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor) @RLavigne42.com http://t.co/mlv46NKS
    7:18 AM May 3rd from Facebook
  79. @ErnestWeaver @MarcLaferriere @TDGv @seanard @EXPHugo both new podcasts are live. Archive can be found at http://t.co/BexTO6Zm
    7:30 AM May 3rd from web
  80. @GayeCrispin Good morning (evening) Gaye. How are things?
    7:56 AM May 3rd from web
  81. Good Morning #Brantford. What is the current state of Journalism in the Social Era? Let’s ask @EXPHugo and @Seanardhttp://t.co/2pFPkShI
    8:03 AM May 3rd from web
  82. RT @VirtualGirlFri: Did you know Ontario has a #Computer Museum? Right here in #Brantford!! Next day open is May 12: http://t.co/PL2KjSmk @vintagepc
    8:03 AM May 3rd from web
  83. @GayeCrispin I keep telling people (inc. @EXPHugo @Seanard), although it is recorded in #Brantford, the audience is the world. #Sydney
    8:08 AM May 3rd from web
  84. @GayeCrispin the other podcast that went live today is on Facebook Apps. That one was a re-record from last week http://t.co/IbilkRQs
    8:10 AM May 3rd from web
  85. @JoeJoeKeys to you as well sir. Hope all is well this fine day.
    8:10 AM May 3rd from web
  86. @GayeCrispin figured you would enjoy it as well. The original live recording was static for half of the podcast. Thus why two new this week
    8:13 AM May 3rd from web
  87. @GayeCrispin surprisingly even though the podcasts are not scripted, we pretty much managed to reproduce the content almost as if scripted
    8:14 AM May 3rd from web
  88. @GayeCrispin my pleasure. Always great to hear about people around the world getting value out of podcast originating out of #Brantford.
    8:16 AM May 3rd from web
  89. @GayeCrispin To your point, good content is global regardless of geo. Glad you have been enjoying podcast. I do enjoy producing them.
    8:23 AM May 3rd from web
  90. @GayeCrispin Thanks. I am now reminded that I am due for a new http://t.co/fyqviSZg blog post soon 😉 Key to content is being evergreen
    8:27 AM May 3rd from web
  91. @GayeCrispin the next post is on Risk Mitigation. Framework is still being ironed out. Almost had it figured out and then lost the moment
    8:34 AM May 3rd from web
  92. I just realized that I am 14 (now 13) tweets away from hitting 25,000 Tweets. #UNREAL
    8:43 AM May 3rd from web
  93. RT @CherylScoffield: BRANTS Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42 Join me May 9, 2012 for Advanced Social Networking http://t.co/qY6M2FQp
    9:22 AM May 3rd from TweetDeck
  94. Reflect on what you achieved so far. http://t.co/QsMAIzpV
    9:29 AM May 3rd from instagram
  95. At the Brant Ford http://t.co/XPovBXHa
    11:01 AM May 3rd from instagram
  96. I just became the mayor of Parks and Recreation on @foursquarehttp://t.co/es3e4MyN
    11:07 AM May 3rd from foursquare
  97. TCO Board Meeting (@ Parks and Recreation) http://t.co/eRzWKXCd
    11:07 AM May 3rd from foursquare
  98. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @sarahkayhoffman @cust_serv_jobs @stratfest
    13:31 PM May 3rd from Paper.li
  99. 5
    14:45 PM May 3rd from web
  100. 4
    14:45 PM May 3rd from web
  101. 3
    14:46 PM May 3rd from web
  102. 2
    14:46 PM May 3rd from web
  103. 1
    14:46 PM May 3rd from web
  104. 25.000th Tweet!!!! Facebook Apps @TDGv Podcast http://t.co/IbilkRQs | Social Journalism @TDGv Podcast http://t.co/2pFPkShI #Brantastic
    14:48 PM May 3rd from web
  105. @TheExpositor Hugo did a fabulous job on the podcast last night #KUDOS http://t.co/2pFPkShI
    15:02 PM May 3rd from web
  106. @Jan4Ward1 @MayorChrisFriel you will both enjoy this podcast given your relationships with @EXPHugo and @seanard http://t.co/2pFPkShI
    15:05 PM May 3rd from web
  107. @Patti_RogersTV was talking to @seanard after the podcast last night. Think the two of you together on a @TDGv July podcast on Community TV?
    15:08 PM May 3rd from web
  108. RT @weusegadgets: Facebook to Announce IPO Price Today at Valuation of $90 Billion [REPORT] http://t.co/YEoy75xL
    15:08 PM May 3rd from SocialOomph
  109. RT @Ray_anne: Facebook places valuation at $90Billion… maybe they can help pay down the national debt- #GEEZ
    15:09 PM May 3rd from TweetDeck
  110. @Patti_RogersTV btw you will really enjoy the one from last night with Sean and Hugo.
    15:17 PM May 3rd from web
  111. RT @lizasperling: Google News Adds Larger Images, Realtime Updates & Google+ Comments http://t.co/iL4jLZej via @sengineland
    15:17 PM May 3rd from Tweet Button

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