The Podcast Tipping Point Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 12:23 PM Apr 18th – 13:16 PM Apr 25th

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The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Good afternoon #Brantford. Did you know we are talking community and Social Media tonight on the Social Business Ha…
    12:23 PM Apr 18th from foursquare
  2. Another 42 Moment
    12:50 PM Apr 18th from instagram
  3. @lolding Lisa. Have you noticed an increase in +1 failures with blogspots that redirect to a domain. Had to remove my domain to fix
    13:22 PM Apr 18th from web
  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @bryankramer @guygal @jobsfrombdm
    13:31 PM Apr 18th from
  5. RT @pgreenbe#rotmancrm People Centric – culture, community, credibility
    14:22 PM Apr 18th from Seesmic
  6. @pgreenbe didn’t realize you were in town
    14:23 PM Apr 18th from web
  7. RT @pgreenbe#rotmancrm five consumer trends bring context to engagement/experience – social, mobile, cloud, big data, unified comms & video
    14:24 PM Apr 18th from Seesmic
  8. RT @thinkeric: Social CRM: “It’s the company’s programmatic response to the customer’s control of the conversation” Paul Greenberg #rotmancrm
    14:24 PM Apr 18th from HootSuite
  9. RT @BrantAdvocate: Tonight at the #Btfd museum& archives Advocate contributors @RLavigne42 @davecarrol & @MarcLaferriere are doing a @TDGv podcast re community
    16:47 PM Apr 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  10. RT @marketingwizdom: Read if you use TrueTwit – it defeats its own purpose by helping spammers | @yukaichou
    16:56 PM Apr 18th from web
  11. Sunday Drive on a Wednesday
    18:37 PM Apr 18th from instagram
  12. @mqtodd @cyndeehaydon @michaeltuckertv @chattyprof was at my weekly podcast. Shame would have been a good chat.
    22:54 PM Apr 18th from web
  13. @BBusinesses @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere It was probably 20% laughs and 80% content. Editing podcast now. Will be live before midnight.
    22:55 PM Apr 18th from web
  14. RT @BBusinesses: Great podcast and convo tonight @RLavigne42 @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere I can’t even remember what was recorded. It was funny & insightful!
    22:55 PM Apr 18th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  15. @BBusinesses @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere Looking forward to future podcasts with both Dave and Marc actually (said with a sinister intent)
    23:31 PM Apr 18th from web
  16. Amazing Social Business Hangout Podcast on Community with @davecarrol, @MarcLaferriere, and @RLavigne42 #Brantastic
    0:18 AM Apr 19th from web
  17. @davecarrol taken at the museum I suspect
    0:19 AM Apr 19th from web
  18. RT @CrowdedHead: How to Perform a Social Media SWOT Analysis
    0:37 AM Apr 19th from TweetMeme
  19. RT @McIntyreShayne: @RobynDargie A great help for new twitterers. A good podcast.
    0:38 AM Apr 19th from Safari on iOS
  20. What can Brantford, Politics and Religion positively teach us about Communities, Culture and Social Media. #Brantastic
    6:20 AM Apr 19th from Tweet Button
  21. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)
    6:25 AM Apr 19th from Facebook
  22. RT @TheExpositor#brantastic Harmony Square rolls out large slate of events | Local | Entertainment | Brantford Expositor
    7:25 AM Apr 19th from Tweet Button
  23. Enjoying a nice day in Brantford
    12:42 PM Apr 19th from instagram
  24. RT @MarcLaferriere: Last night’s Podcast w @RLavigne42 & @DaveCarrol. Politics, Religion, Community, Captain Kindness, Ross…
    12:44 PM Apr 19th from Facebook
  25. Good afternoon #Brantford. Did you catch last night’s podcast? (@ Wilkes Dam)
    12:57 PM Apr 19th from foursquare
  26. To enjoy the weather or write an article. Why not both.. (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    13:07 PM Apr 19th from foursquare
  27. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:31 PM Apr 19th from
  28. Hot chocolate after a ride in the country in a 56 Rover. Good day (@ Brown Dog Cafe)
    14:16 PM Apr 19th from foursquare
  29. Beauty day in Paris, ON
    14:18 PM Apr 19th from instagram
  30. 56 Rover
    14:58 PM Apr 19th from instagram
  31. Sitting down & writing my May submission for @BrantAdvocate. Have you read this month’s article by @RLavigne42 #Klout
    9:32 AM Apr 20th from web
  32. @chrisifg @TDGv Thank you for the ##FF Chris. Enjoy your upcoming weekend. Rob
    9:41 AM Apr 20th from web
  33. RT @Pinerly: Track Your Pins and Drive More Pinterest Traffic with Pinerly: Interview with CEO Rick Kats via @blogworld
    9:46 AM Apr 20th from Tweet Button
  34. What can Brantford, Politics and Religion positively teach us about Communities, Culture and Social Media. #Brantford
    10:13 AM Apr 20th from Tweet Button
  35. RT @kevinamagee: The #tweetstock007 Directors Cut – The Web is not Enough”
    10:47 AM Apr 20th from Twitter for iPhone
  36. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @audi @laurenonizzle @terrencedrake @ransae @pinerly
    13:31 PM Apr 20th from
  37. Amazing sushi for an all you can eat (@ Sushi Eight)
    13:47 PM Apr 20th from foursquare
  38. RT @txwikinger: YouTube Improves Audio Editing With New Interface and New Tracks
    23:11 PM Apr 20th from NetworkedBlogs
  39. RT @ekolsky: @TheAdmnHub it can be made simple: social media=collaboration channels, social crm=leverage those channels to collaborate with customers
    0:15 AM Apr 21st from TweetDeck
  40. Gloomy Day
    10:12 AM Apr 21st from instagram
  41. Historical Walking Tour of Brant. #Brantford #Brantastic (@ Brant Crossing Skateboard Park)
    10:39 AM Apr 21st from foursquare
  42. @jJackowetz morning
    10:43 AM Apr 21st from Twitter for Android
  43. Learning more about Brant history
    10:52 AM Apr 21st from instagram
  44. Double yoke eggs FTW (@ Brantford Farmer’s Market w/ 2 others)
    11:43 AM Apr 21st from foursquare
  45. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @nurse_techy @btfdlibrary @alejandroreyes
    13:30 PM Apr 21st from
  46. This is by far the best use of timeline and twitter I have seen yet to promote a brand….
    11:02 AM Apr 22nd from Facebook
  47. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @creativealt @armchrinvestor
    13:31 PM Apr 22nd from
  48. Checking out @Seanard pre-recording his show (@ RogersTV) [pic]:
    14:00 PM Apr 23rd from foursquare
  49. RT @WeejeeMedia: Watch Out, Dropbox! Microsoft Updates SkyDrive, Offers Up To 100GB Storage
    21:22 PM Apr 23rd from HootSuite
  50. My week on twitter: 142 retweets received, 3 new listings, 19 new followers, 57 mentions. Via:
    11:12 AM Apr 24th from TwentyFeet
  51. I just became the mayor of yong Great wall buffet on @foursquare
    11:35 AM Apr 24th from foursquare
  52. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @siliconangle @juliamak @freedomwalker77
    13:31 PM Apr 24th from
  53. How Doctor Who Can Help You Craft a Timelessly Engaging Marketing Message via @copyblogger
    15:15 PM Apr 24th from Tweet Button
  54. It’s easy to cater to an existing market and operate as a commodity. The real challenge is in building a new market and being its hub.
    15:16 PM Apr 24th from web
  55. @abosika thank you sir
    15:26 PM Apr 24th from web
  56. RT @BtfdLibrary: Late night hours on @BtfdLibrary‘s 3rd floor will end on April 25. They will resume in the fall.
    15:34 PM Apr 24th from web
  57. @abosika Officially MESH is my next visit to Toronto
    15:55 PM Apr 24th from web
  58. RT @paulo_mealha: Google Drive Goes for a Spin [HANDS-ON]
    15:56 PM Apr 24th from ifttt
  59. Instagram Cheat Sheet: 14 Tips To Master It All [Infographic] – via @bitrebels
    16:23 PM Apr 24th from Tweet Button
  60. Seriously #Twitter, between your unfollow bug and your DM unread bug, where the heck are your coding standards let alone resolution timeline
    16:28 PM Apr 24th from web
  61. @abosika will have @Trevor_Cherewka with me as well at Mesh. Would be a good opportunity for you to meet him as well if schedules collide
    16:32 PM Apr 24th from web
  62. RT @kentnewsome: Interesting: SkyDrive and Google Drive Terms of Service, Something To Consider
    18:26 PM Apr 24th from bitly
  63. A Social Business Hangout on Community & Culture … | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #Brantastic
    20:21 PM Apr 24th from Tweet Button
  64. RT @louiebaur: Another Day, Another Flashback Variant [Trojans]
    21:11 PM Apr 24th from twitterfeed
  65. This post is legen…wait for it…dary 🙂 #DrunkenFacebookPictures
    5:54 AM Apr 25th from web
  66. @T_Burrows good morning sir. Glad you enjoyed the post. Now to get some sleep for tonight’s podcast
    6:58 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
  67. @T_Burrows bring it on indeed.
    7:02 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
  68. Latest #Legendary Post by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)
    12:29 PM Apr 25th from Facebook
  69. @BBusinesses see you there. Remind me which platforms you will be focussing upon in your research
    12:31 PM Apr 25th from web
  70. RT @ArtJonak: Happiness doesn’t come from having the best of everything, it comes from making the most of everything.
    12:32 PM Apr 25th from web
  71. RT @JeffWaldmanHR: @animal when $’s are perceived to be fair then $’s are not what ultimately impacts job decisions… #workplace #culture#development #flex
    12:32 PM Apr 25th from HootSuite
  72. @Pagemodo @bbusinesses the podcast archives can be found here. Tonight’s will be live before midnight ET
    13:16 PM Apr 25th from web

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