Tweetstock 007 He Said Panel Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 7:30 AM Apr 7th – 17:42 PM Apr 13rd

Tweetstock 007 Brantford Expositor Coverage

Tweetstock 007 liveblog— April 12, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Secret to social media success? Just do it

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Happy Easter. Latest Post from Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)

    7:30 AM Apr 7th from Facebook

  2. The Doubting Thomas. How an Agilistic Operational Model can Convert the Unbelievers into Disciples and Saints. #Easter

    7:38 AM Apr 7th from Tweet Button

  3. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!

    13:31 PM Apr 8th from

  4. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jobsfrombdm @annaobrien @cust_serv_jobs @nurse_techy

    13:31 PM Apr 9th from

  5. RT @IDEATIONcma: Nice Payday for Instagram! Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion

    14:17 PM Apr 9th from Tweet Button

  6. Think I will do frequent pics if this tree over the seasons

    18:27 PM Apr 9th from instagram

  7. This Thursday, @TheExpositor will be liveblogging #Tweetstock007. @RLavigne42 will be amongst the speakers. Details:

    10:31 AM Apr 10th from web

  8. RT @bduperrin: It’s Not Good Enough for Your Community Guidelines to Say “Don’t Be a Jerk!” »

    10:45 AM Apr 10th from Buffer

  9. @AllCan_Storage looking forward to seeing you at #tweetstock007. Make sure to say hello after I am done with the panel portion of the day.

    10:47 AM Apr 10th from web

  10. @MichaelNus you coming to @tweetstockca? If so, will be good to see you IRL again.

    10:48 AM Apr 10th from web

  11. RT @FrankEliason: Best Buy CEO resigns! Not surprised because to me Best Buy lost their identity

    12:04 PM Apr 10th from Tweet Button

  12. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @mindtouch

    13:32 PM Apr 10th from

  13. RT @ruhanirabin: Morning Routine for Android Forces You to Wake Up and Start Your Day by Scanning a Barcode [Video]

    13:43 PM Apr 10th from twitterfeed

  14. Post-Apocalypse Graffiti

    16:12 PM Apr 10th from instagram

  15. @MichaelNus Have fun in Montreal. Wonder if @epilogger will capture the moment when tomatoes start getting thrown at the stage when I speak

    17:53 PM Apr 10th from web

  16. Drop off (@ Brantford Public Library)

    18:28 PM Apr 10th from foursquare

  17. RT @iggypintado: What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume via @BI_Careers

    18:58 PM Apr 10th from Tweet Button

  18. RT @Ekaterina: A mere 34% of Americans view Twitter favorably; Facebook – 58%; Google – 82%

    18:59 PM Apr 10th from web

  19. RT @harrymccracken: Dear Facebook: here’s how to not screw up Instagram.

    19:00 PM Apr 10th from web

  20. RT @google: Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google: a more functional & flexible version of Google+ rolling out now

    11:53 AM Apr 11st from web

  21. RT @mayhemstudios: [Infographic] How to Get More Pins and Repins on @Pinterest via @danzarrella

    12:44 PM Apr 11st from Twittelator

  22. The klout of social media by Robert Lavigne #Brantford #SocialMedia #Klout

    17:53 PM Apr 11st from Tweet Button

  23. RT @kevinamagee#tweetstock007 is SOLD OUT! 🙂

    21:39 PM Apr 11st from TweetDeck

  24. RT @EXPHugo: For those who can’t make #Tweetstock007 Thursday, a reminder @TheExpositor is running a liveblog here—

    21:39 PM Apr 11st from Seesmic

  25. @TheSalesLion Looking forward to being on the panel with you tomorrow Marcus

    21:40 PM Apr 11st from web

  26. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @natandmarie @trishuhl @thedavereynolds @gregorycollins

    21:47 PM Apr 11st from

  27. A Social Business Hangout on Mobile Marketing … | #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv #Marketing

    23:08 PM Apr 11st from Tweet Button

  28. Latest Podcast by Robert Lavigne (Your Social Business Mentor)

    23:10 PM Apr 11st from Facebook

  29. @TheSalesLion just watch out for the tomatoes when the crowd starts yelling “he is full of shit” when I answer my questions 😉

    23:34 PM Apr 11st from web

  30. @TheSalesLion btw this was recorded tonight re: mobile marketing Something to help you fall asleep 😉

    23:35 PM Apr 11st from web

  31. @DL101 @BobWarren @ResumeBear WOW well done Bob

    23:37 PM Apr 11st from web

  32. @SherriLasko thank you Sherri. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to write.

    23:38 PM Apr 11st from web

  33. RT @TUnderwood: Google+ Gets A Major Redesign, Nothing Left Untouched [Updates]

    23:52 PM Apr 11st from HootSuite

  34. @glfceo but of course

    0:07 AM Apr 12nd from web

  35. @glfceo very much so 😉 No argument at this end.

    0:13 AM Apr 12nd from web

  36. @trishuhl hehe. Of course, I don’t control it, but you are quite deserving none the less. BTW just went live

    0:15 AM Apr 12nd from web

  37. @trishuhl how goes the writing btw?

    0:16 AM Apr 12nd from web

  38. @kevinamagee So looking forward to seeing the short film tomorrow. Make sure Blue Jean Betty looks good (aka the TT)

    0:17 AM Apr 12nd from web

  39. @trishuhl figured you would appreciate the heads up

    0:17 AM Apr 12nd from web

  40. @glfceo my pleasure

    0:34 AM Apr 12nd from web

  41. @trishuhl no worries, it will be on YouTube later in full HD glory. Will share link when it is released (assuming I don’t fail miserably 😉

    0:35 AM Apr 12nd from web

  42. @trishuhl 42+ is where the future meets the past

    0:36 AM Apr 12nd from web

  43. @trishuhl btw speaking of writing, this made actual print this month

    0:37 AM Apr 12nd from web

  44. @trishuhl re: print article, obviously that is the digital version of it. Kinda cool to have the paper in my hands though. IRONIC

    0:39 AM Apr 12nd from web

  45. @trishuhl I think that would be a brilliant idea. Heck I used it as a basis for my “content is free. contest is where the value is”

    0:55 AM Apr 12nd from web

  46. Time to hit the hay. Long day tomorrow commencing with #Tweetstock007 and ending with a Tournament Capital of Ontario Event (now vice-chair)

    0:56 AM Apr 12nd from web

  47. RT @those2girls: Need directions to #Tweetstock007 ? We got ya covered…

    0:57 AM Apr 12nd from Facebook

  48. @kevinamagee @atomicspark he is indeed

    0:57 AM Apr 12nd from web

  49. A Tale of Social Responsibility from #YYZ to #Brantford – The Klout of Social Media by Robert Lavigne #Tweetstock007

    6:36 AM Apr 12nd from Tweet Button

  50. @T_Burrows Thanks Tim. BTW, you would make a fine addition to a future #Tweetstock. cc: @TweetstockCA

    6:37 AM Apr 12nd from web

  51. @trishuhl meant to say CONTEXT not contest 😉 Here is one aspect of the concept

    6:38 AM Apr 12nd from web

  52. @trishuhl thanks. it grew out of this original piece from my blog

    6:39 AM Apr 12nd from web

  53. Live from #Brantford. The Social Business Hangout Podcast with @RLavigne42. This week’s topic: Mobile Marketing

    6:45 AM Apr 12nd from web

  54. @trishuhl correct. Semantics (context) is where we are going next. Especially in light of Big Data

    8:27 AM Apr 12nd from web

  55. RT @BrantAdvocate: Great piece on Klout by #Tweetstock007 presenter Robert Lavigne @RLavigne42. Lot’s of comments so far!

    8:28 AM Apr 12nd from Facebook

  56. @T_Burrows will put in a great word to the organizers. I can see it happening

    8:28 AM Apr 12nd from web

  57. Speaking at 1:30 #Tweetstock007 (@ Galaxy Cinemas w/ 5 others)

    9:14 AM Apr 12nd from foursquare

  58. Suited up for Tweetstock 007 panel session in front of 300 in a movie theatre

    9:19 AM Apr 12nd from instagram

  59. @BigDaddyKreativ that for the promo big guy

    10:44 AM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  60. RT @BBusinesses: Hey #Tweetstock007. Did you know @RLavigne42 hosts a weekly #SocBiz Podcast? Check out last nights on Mobile Marketing.

    10:44 AM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  61. @BigDaddyKreativ as well. Purposely have not read the questions in advance. Thrilled to share stage with @thesaleslion and @kitestring

    10:47 AM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  62. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: Cool pic! RT @mouselink#Tweetstock007: Before the room filled #soldout!

    11:42 AM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  63. @George_S great meeting you again #TFBM

    15:39 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  64. RT @caitm: What He Said panel & personalities @thesaleslion @RLavigne42 @cutegecko @kitestring #TweetStock007

    15:40 PM Apr 12nd from instagram

  65. @AllCan_Storage glad you enjoyed the panel. Had a blast speaking with @TheSalesLion @CuteGecko @kitestring

    15:43 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  66. @Stephanie_Ruth glad that resonated

    15:45 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  67. @origkettlecorn my best posts came from those moments. Thanks for sharing.

    15:47 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  68. @pick_mary2 @BtfdLibrary my pleasure. Well deserved. They “get” it

    15:48 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  69. @NerdCoreJock thank you, I think 😉

    15:48 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  70. @George_S btw check out

    15:51 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  71. RT @Stephanie_Ruth: Viddy = video form of #instagram. Neat. #tweetstock007

    15:51 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®

  72. Thank you everyone at #Tweetstock007. If anyone has more questions, feel free to ask. Won’t be able to reply right away, but I will. ~Rob

    15:55 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  73. RT @BigDaddyKreativ#tweetstock007 “take that step. Don’t be afraid.” @RLavigne42

    15:55 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  74. @NerdCoreJock in that case. A huge thank you. What aspect resonated the most?

    16:33 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for Android

  75. @NerdCoreJock you will enjoy this post then

    19:38 PM Apr 12nd from web

  76. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: Did you know it was @RLavigne42 ‘s car that was used in the #tweetstock007 video?

    19:38 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  77. How was #Tweetstock007. One word #Brantastic

    19:47 PM Apr 12nd from web

  78. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: @ACURASHERWAY you sir are a great example of someone who goes the extra mile. @kevinamagee #tweetstock007

    19:49 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  79. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: People perform best and deliver the best customer service when they like what they do. #Tweetstock007

    19:49 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  80. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: Who would you like to hear speak at the next Tweetstock? #Tweetstock007

    19:50 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  81. RT @mouselink#Tweetstock007: If you’re curious to learn more about @Viddy, here’s their site and my feed there

    19:50 PM Apr 12nd from bitly

  82. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: You rocked it dude! RT @TheSalesLion: What a blast I had speaking at #tweetstock007 today. Canadians ROCK!!

    19:50 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  83. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: What did you think of the “he said” and “she said” panels? #tweetstock007

    19:51 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  84. @George_S can you believe this site is still live

    19:52 PM Apr 12nd from web

  85. @TheSalesLion was a pleasure sharing the stage with you today. Good luck with the podcast.

    22:49 PM Apr 12nd from web

  86. @XocolateChic @flying_camel @thesaleslion @cutergecko @kitestring Thank you Debbie for the kind words

    22:49 PM Apr 12nd from web

  87. RT @karensd#Mesh12 is worth the drive into TO. Excellent curation of keynotes & panelists. #Tweetstock007

    22:50 PM Apr 12nd from Twitter for iPhone

  88. @karensd great chatting with you today Karen

    22:50 PM Apr 12nd from web

  89. RT @Chris_Eh_Young: One for you too Kevin. RT @kevinamagee: Big Twitter high-5 to @trevor_cherewka the man behind #tweestock007

    22:52 PM Apr 12nd from TweetDeck

  90. @Trevor_Cherewka Here is my interview with @t_burrows Trevor =>> Tim, Tim ===> Trevor

    22:56 PM Apr 12nd from web

  91. @GameAsylum why thank you 🙂

    23:07 PM Apr 12nd from web

  92. RT @GameAsylum: @rlavigne42 not only a social guru but he also totally rocked on expert level on Rock Band in #TheAsylum! A man of many talents!

    23:07 PM Apr 12nd from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry

  93. @G1000inspection @BigDaddyKreativ @kitestring @TheSalesLion @cutegecko Glad you enjoyed in Gemil (should have done a section in French 😉

    23:08 PM Apr 12nd from web

  94. @karensd Let me know when you are in Brantford. Next beer is on me.

    23:18 PM Apr 12nd from web

  95. RT @BigDaddyKreativ: Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job. #Tweetstock007

    23:20 PM Apr 12nd from HootSuite

  96. @AllCan_Storage so did you enjoy #Tweetstock007?

    23:21 PM Apr 12nd from web

  97. Secret to social media success? Just do it | News | Brantford Expositor

    23:22 PM Apr 12nd from Tweet Button

  98. @EXPHugo You made my day with that pic

    23:33 PM Apr 12nd from web

  99. @karensd Will see you likely at Mesh. Volunteering. Used to live in TO before making the transition to Brantford last summer.

    23:40 PM Apr 12nd from web

  100. @unmarketing posted this via Facebook, but in hindsight, you are more likely to get it this way re: @ThatKevinSmith

    23:43 PM Apr 12nd from web

  101. @aspergered @brantadvocate happy to 🙂

    23:47 PM Apr 12nd from web

  102. RT @George_S: “Content is the fire, social media is the gasoline” ~ @thesaleslion#tweetstock007 #hesaidpanel Great panel discussion going on.

    23:47 PM Apr 12nd from Echofon

  103. RT @George_S: View from the back of the room for He Said Panel @TweetStockCA #TweetStock007

    23:48 PM Apr 12nd from instagram

  104. @chrisdick many thanks Chris. Was a blast doing that panel. Learnt a lot from yours as well being an amateur video guy

    23:49 PM Apr 12nd from web

  105. @JuliaRosien well did we? 😉

    23:50 PM Apr 12nd from web

  106. For those of you attending #Tweetstock007 that were asking me about the Social Business Hangout Podcast series. VOILA >

    0:03 AM Apr 13rd from web

  107. @jbrad4ord looking forward to that beer to further discuss your show idea

    0:30 AM Apr 13rd from web

  108. RT @those2girls: A couple of shots from #Tweetstock007…

    0:31 AM Apr 13rd from Facebook

  109. RT @flying_camel#brantastic is the new way to share what you love about Brantford! Launched @ #tweetstock007 Be a part of putting a stop to #BrantfordSuckS

    0:32 AM Apr 13rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®

  110. Huge props to @BigDaddyKreativ for rocking the #Tweetstock007 Twitter Feed all day. Amazing content captured and shared.

    0:48 AM Apr 13rd from web

  111. @BigDaddyKreativ as well. Made up for last time is a huge way 😉

    0:55 AM Apr 13rd from web

  112. RT @TweetstockCA: Check out the 181 photos captured by Hashcaster at #tweetstock007

    9:15 AM Apr 13rd from HootSuite

  113. @JuliaRosien why thank you

    9:16 AM Apr 13rd from Twitter for iPhone

  114. @mouselink thanks. Safe travels

    9:17 AM Apr 13rd from Twitter for iPhone

  115. @AllCan_Storage glad you had a great day

    9:17 AM Apr 13rd from Twitter for iPhone

  116. RT @kevinamagee: Cannot thank the @TheExpositor enough for all the support they provided #tweetstock007

    9:44 AM Apr 13rd from TweetDeck

  117. RT @markconsulting: Here’s the link to the 43 digital marketing services pres I did yesterday at #tweetstock007

    9:47 AM Apr 13rd from TweetDeck

  118. @markconsulting great list Mark. See you at Mesh. Keep blogging the way you do 😉

    9:47 AM Apr 13rd from Twitter for iPhone

  119. @mouselink oh btw here is the archives for the podcasts as discussed

    10:11 AM Apr 13rd from web

  120. RT @kevinamagee#FF @brantunitedway big supporters of #tweetstock007 and #brantastic people!

    10:23 AM Apr 13rd from TweetDeck

  121. #FF to @BigDaddyKreativ @kevinamagee @trevor_cherewka for being simply #Brantastic at yesterday’s #Tweetstock007

    10:42 AM Apr 13rd from web

  122. @tommytrc you as well Tommy

    11:38 AM Apr 13rd from web

  123. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @rizzotees @mycitylives

    13:31 PM Apr 13rd from

  124. RT @TweetstockCA#tweetstock007 Report – 1,500+ tweets generated 14,407,453 impressions, reaching audience of 664,702 followers in 24 hours

    14:05 PM Apr 13rd from HootSuite

  125. RT @kevinamagee#brantastic announced at #tweetstock007 has already generated 866,359 impressions, reaching an audience of 299,515

    15:17 PM Apr 13rd from TweetDeck

  126. @creativealt Lorne, loved the #Tweetstock007 speaker gift

    16:11 PM Apr 13rd from web

  127. @THEATREtc @TweetstockCA @CuteGecko @Kitestring @TheSalesLion why thank you Lisa

    16:11 PM Apr 13rd from web

  128. @CuteGecko @TweetstockCA @Kitestring @TheSalesLion You as well Karl. Was an honour to share the stage with you

    16:12 PM Apr 13rd from web

  129. RT @geoffreiner: @josiecino Hey! Checked out your site and it’s pretty “big thinker-esk” Congrats! #tweetstock007

    16:13 PM Apr 13rd from web

  130. @THEATREtc Happy to. Always up for a beer in one of the local taverns. Here is the link to the podcast archives

    16:19 PM Apr 13rd from web

  131. @THEATREtc you might also enjoy this read

    16:20 PM Apr 13rd from web

  132. @THEATREtc Piston Broke works for me. Always looking for an excuse to walk into the Brantford Downtown core. Name the date/time

    16:24 PM Apr 13rd from web

  133. Working on a blog post to summarize my thoughts from yesterday’s #Tweetstock #HeSaid Panel. Really should have recorded myself #OneBigBlur

    16:38 PM Apr 13rd from web

  134. @EXPHugo Great job with the live blog. Just went over the content of the #Tweetstock007 #HeSaid panel for research on what I said for blog.

    17:13 PM Apr 13rd from web

  135. @creativealt Thank you Lorne. Just finished going over the live blog to remember what I actually said 😉

    17:14 PM Apr 13rd from web

  136. @kevinamagee @KathyBuckworth @kitestring Chris already drove the TT. Should I let Kevin drive it now to Kathy 😉

    17:15 PM Apr 13rd from web

  137. RT @creativealt: @RLavigne42 Thanks. My wife and I make them by hand. Spread the word. It’s a Bright Gift Idea!

    17:42 PM Apr 13rd from web


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