Inaugural 42+1 Social Business Screencast Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 12:31 PM Feb 23rd – 14:48 PM Mar 1st

Inaugural 42+1 Social Business Screencast

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @_ckramer @johnsblinds
    12:31 PM Feb 23rd from
  2. Burning the Charts! Latest @TDGv Social Business Hangout Podcast on Government 2.0 featuring @MarcLaferriere #Gov20
    12:42 PM Feb 23rd from Crowdbooster
  3. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @almsnotes @shalynhockey @terrycrosby
    12:31 PM Feb 24th from
  4. RT @JasonFalls: As much as the possibilities are interesting, can we please stop this Pinterest as next-big-shift talk? It’s a tactic. Not a strategy.
    14:18 PM Feb 24th from web
  5. RT @BilalJaffery: Is your social media guru only talking followers/likes? Or are they thinking strategically on a business level? #socbiz
    17:42 PM Feb 24th from web
  6. RT @TheArtOf: The Art of Marketing in #chicago April 24 feat. @sethgodin @garyvee @randizuckerberg @keithferrazzi @avinash @mitchjoel
    17:55 PM Feb 24th from TweetDeck
  7. @JuliaRosien going to be a fun panel for sure
    18:03 PM Feb 24th from web
  8. RT @ArtJonak: EZ Guide: How to remove your YouTube viewing & search history before Google’s new privacy policy takes effect: // @EFF
    18:49 PM Feb 24th from web
  9. RT @tommytrc: Your Twitter Followers Aren’t a Community
    19:10 PM Feb 24th from Pluggio
  10. @T_Burrows @bbusinesses looking forward to it as well.
    22:22 PM Feb 24th from Twitter for iPhone
  11. @brantndp thanks for the share
    0:53 AM Feb 25th from web
  12. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @food52 @jeremarketer @jugnoome @laurenonizzle
    12:30 PM Feb 25th from
  13. @qibud foster not forster 😉
    14:36 PM Feb 25th from web
  14. @qibud you’re welcome
    19:01 PM Feb 25th from web
  15. @SnowinRI thank you
    1:19 AM Feb 26th from Twitter for iPhone
  16. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @genedexter @stevemast @tomwoods55 @remtweet
    12:30 PM Feb 26th from
  17. @GeneDexter @stevemast @tomwoods55 @remtweet 🙂
    13:33 PM Feb 26th from web
  18. RT @BBusinesses: Got my questions ready for a “hot seat” podcast about YouTube w/ @John_finalstep this Wed in Brantford. Hope @RLavigne42 is ready to answer!
    10:21 AM Feb 27th from HootSuite
  19. @BBusinesses @John_finalstep Looking forward to this week’s Social Business Hangout #Brantford #HAMONT #BRANTS
    10:21 AM Feb 27th from web
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @cagoraman @marcetotw @brantjobs @40deuce
    12:31 PM Feb 27th from
  21. The Other Side of Forty-Two (A Companion): Mackenzie Chiu, The Fuel House (@FuelHouseTO #YYZ
    13:47 PM Feb 27th from Tweet Button
  22. @trishuhl You’re welcome Trish and Douglas Adams all the way 😉
    18:56 PM Feb 27th from web
  23. RT @ShawnCourchesne: I’m of the belief that either Darrell Waltrip is clinically insane or Danica Patrick is paying him millions to do PR for her. Brutal.
    19:38 PM Feb 27th from TweetDeck
  24. RT @ShawnKing: Waltrip is an idiot: “These drivers have learned from Danica Patrick…” Drivers have *always* taken their hands off the wheel in a crash.
    19:38 PM Feb 27th from YoruFukurou
  25. RT @KF4LMT: How much is Fox & Darrell Waltrip being paid by Danica’s PR people? Some insanely ridiculous statements being made there.
    19:38 PM Feb 27th from Plume for Android
  26. Have lost all respect for @AllWaltrip #Danica500
    19:39 PM Feb 27th from web
  27. Just blocked @AllWaltrip on Twitter. I do that to all the spammers who spew marketing propaganda #Danica500
    19:44 PM Feb 27th from web
  28. @jmdc88 @AllWaltrip just insulted every driver with a caliber of skill in the 20+ years he was in the sport #LOSTALLRESPECT #DANICA500
    19:47 PM Feb 27th from web
  29. @jmdc88 it was bad enough when it was a PR engine for their prom boy, now NASCAR has brought in a prom girl to teach a 5-time champ to wreck
    19:48 PM Feb 27th from web
  30. @chrisyates11 and so do the other 42 drivers that should be getting equal airtime as opposed to being a paid advertisement by fox sports
    19:51 PM Feb 27th from web
  31. @Jim_Bowie honestly thinking of watching this race muted with a Pink Floyd album playing instead. They have stooped to all new lows of PR.
    19:52 PM Feb 27th from web
  32. @Jim_Bowie it really is sad isn’t it re: #DANICA500. Feel bad for Earnhardt Jr. who normally would be getting all this paid informercial 😉
    19:56 PM Feb 27th from web
  33. @chrisyates11 I have met her & have actually met many of those racing right now. Issue is not her, but Fox Sports desperate need for praise
    19:57 PM Feb 27th from web
  34. @chrisyates11 and agree with you that winning is all that matter. And in that aspect, she can get air time when she actually does just that
    19:58 PM Feb 27th from web
  35. @chrisyates11 wonder how a 5-time champ feels knowing that he learned how to take both hands off the wheel in a both feet in moment PUHLEASE
    19:59 PM Feb 27th from web
  36. @jmdc88 NO RESPECT FOR @AllWaltrip ANYMORE!!!!! DISGUSTED with Fox Sports coverage of the #Danica500
    20:00 PM Feb 27th from web
  37. @chrisyates11 and being in the video business, you will appreciate an interview about a true racer #SalutGilles
    20:01 PM Feb 27th from web
  38. @chrisyates11 loyal fans indeed and what you now have is a prom featuring not only a prom king, but now a prom king so welcome to the prom
    20:05 PM Feb 27th from web
  39. @chrisyates11 all good btw, good debate 😉
    20:06 PM Feb 27th from web
  40. @jmdc88 I was taught how to race a car at Mosport and it is called the Mosport Triangle for a reason. Rain is a feature not a hazzard 😉
    20:08 PM Feb 27th from web
  41. @chrisyates11 have mine on that very paint on a # of years, but more of a Rolex24 guy (were rain is welcomed 😉 500 does not need Danica PR
    20:10 PM Feb 27th from web
  42. @chrisyates11 quite a few NASCAR champions on this flag
    20:14 PM Feb 27th from web
  43. @chrisyates11 am sure she will have as much press while in the pits as those on the track 😉 More upset that my boy JJ got taken out early
    20:22 PM Feb 27th from web
  44. @jamescalnan thanks James. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Hope you enjoy the other 12 currently in the archives #goodstuffinthere 😉
    21:38 PM Feb 27th from web
  45. How you like them fancy jet dryers now nascar? Wow, Montoya gave a new meaning to the big one. #racingintherain
    22:04 PM Feb 27th from web
  46. RT @caa1000: Unofficial winner of #Daytona500 is Dave Blaney. The race is already past 160 of 200 laps, so it’s valid! #NASCAR
    22:05 PM Feb 27th from web
  47. RT @randymatheson: Now this must be a first, #NASCAR driver tweets a pic from his car RT @keselowski: Fire! My view
    22:11 PM Feb 27th from HootSuite
  48. RT @jaimestein: That was quick! RT @sbnation Video of Juan Pablo Montoya plowing into a jet dryer, igniting a massive fire. #Daytona500
    22:21 PM Feb 27th from Twitter for iPhone
  49. RT @jimspellmancnn: The truck w/ a jet engine mounted on it and couple hundred gallons of jet fuel is called”the safety truck”? I love this sport! #daytona500
    22:27 PM Feb 27th from web
  50. Tide just got the best commercial of the #Daytona500. What brand to you turn to when you have jet fuel stains to clean off your $10mil track
    22:46 PM Feb 27th from web
  51. @trishuhl have towel will travel
    22:59 PM Feb 27th from web
  52. @trishuhl you will enjoy the read btw
    22:59 PM Feb 27th from web
  53. RT @brandirahill#SportsBiz RT @kfeybu: @NASCAR driver @keselowski has gained more than 50,000 followers since his red flag tweet. That is crazy. #Daytona500
    23:13 PM Feb 27th from Echofon
  54. @trishuhl all it takes is the decision to change 😉
    23:30 PM Feb 27th from web
  55. @trishuhl why I am calling my new social business screencast series 42+1 🙂 Launching it this wednesday – dry run here
    23:31 PM Feb 27th from web
  56. @briansolis link?
    23:32 PM Feb 27th from web
  57. @trishuhl so very true
    23:50 PM Feb 27th from web
  58. @trishuhl I keep the Vogon poetry on a separate blog 😉
    23:50 PM Feb 27th from web
  59. @mrsolis nice to see you are still using your alternate engagement feed Mr. Solis. Hope all is well.
    23:54 PM Feb 27th from web
  60. My week on twitter: 28 retweets received, 14 new followers, 104 mentions. Via:
    10:16 AM Feb 28th from TwentyFeet
  61. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @enterprisetwo @brokensecrets @flapinta @coheed
    12:31 PM Feb 28th from
  62. Monthly daytime meetup (@ West Garden Buffet)
    13:37 PM Feb 28th from foursquare
  63. @BrantJobs you’re welcome
    14:21 PM Feb 28th from web
  64. @txwikinger thank you for the +K. You attended remotely on Wednesday?
    14:22 PM Feb 28th from web
  65. @JongiJadraque thank you for the @EmpireAve investment
    14:22 PM Feb 28th from web
  66. @BtfdLibrary dropping off some items in an hour if you want me to drop by while I am in the area.
    14:25 PM Feb 28th from web
  67. @BrantJobs great opportunities with wipro in the area. keep up the good work promoting those new jobs in Brantford.
    14:27 PM Feb 28th from web
  68. @BtfdLibrary works for me, will send a tweetout when I am in the building and if something happens something happens
    14:30 PM Feb 28th from web
  69. One of our top Social Business Hangout podcasts featuring a #Gov20 dialogue with @MarcLaferriere New episode tomorrow!
    14:34 PM Feb 28th from web
  70. RT @iggypintado: 25 Signs #yourenotreallyontwitter | Liz Strauss at Successful Blog via @lizstrauss
    15:20 PM Feb 28th from Tweet Button
  71. RT @Mindjet: Understanding the 4 types of Collaboration: #Mindjet #collaboration @HarvardBiz #productive
    15:21 PM Feb 28th from HootSuite
  72. RT @briansolis: Top 6 Reasons for Retweeting: 1. Interesting content – 92%, 2. Personal connection – 84%
    15:22 PM Feb 28th from web
  73. Dropping off (@ Brantford Public Library)
    15:55 PM Feb 28th from foursquare
  74. Just picked up Content Rules (@cc_chapman) & Social Media 101 (@chrisbrogan) from the @BtfdLibrary because clearly I don’t know #socmed 😉
    17:35 PM Feb 28th from web
  75. @BtfdLibrary @cc_chapman @chrisbrogan Thanks for the compliment Tom/Paula(Brantford Library). Been meaning to read both of these for a while
    18:14 PM Feb 28th from web
  76. @leismarie you should consider @davecarrol alter-ego
    18:37 PM Feb 28th from web
  77. @trishuhl I never travel without my towel and I never go adventuring without a flashlight. In the case of that infocom mashup, you need both
    18:42 PM Feb 28th from web
  78. Just noticed the new @tumblr dashboard UI. Any blog entry outlining the changes I can read up on, or is it purely new icons?
    18:48 PM Feb 28th from web
  79. @jpuopolo just read the announcement
    18:52 PM Feb 28th from web
  80. @trishuhl well the babel fish is forever in my ear. Oh I miss Floyd. Still have all of those infocom games on my C64 buried in a box
    19:01 PM Feb 28th from web
  81. @leismarie @davecarrol what kind of categories/stories do you think would fly with the prof?
    19:03 PM Feb 28th from web
  82. @trishuhl I wasted so many hours on those games. Well waste is a strong word as I am now using that knowledge on Twitter (another waste 😉
    19:09 PM Feb 28th from web
  83. @trishuhl Ultima 3 was the first game I bit hacked. Literally hex edited the floppy disk code to max out all my characters from get go
    19:16 PM Feb 28th from web
  84. @trishuhl send me a link to the infocom box set, intrigued what they included in the mix
    19:16 PM Feb 28th from web
  85. @trishuhl first one was a TRS80 at home followed by C64 (still have it). First at school was a Apple IIe.
    19:17 PM Feb 28th from web
  86. @leismarie @davecarrol wonder why the pre-approval.Control freak or legal concern.Where is the push for self starting creativity. sheesh 😉
    19:21 PM Feb 28th from web
  87. @trishuhl probably still have a procomm plus install somewhere on a floppy. probably have a few BBS server installs floating around as well
    19:23 PM Feb 28th from web
  88. @trishuhl parts of my brain that have been dormant in years being triggered here. Not bad for a couple of 42+ 😉 #GENY has nothing on #GENX
    19:24 PM Feb 28th from web
  89. @trishuhl well the blast ups are great as well, but there was something to be said about the imagination factor of text based
    23:30 PM Feb 28th from Twitter for iPhone
  90. @cc_chapman I am sure I will. Kinda surprised it took so long to get to it
    23:31 PM Feb 28th from Twitter for iPhone
  91. @trishuhl yeah gotta love those system req. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Brings back a lot of memories and some frustrating adventures
    23:33 PM Feb 28th from Twitter for iPhone
  92. @trishuhl have played all of the LSL series and actually own the “biography” book. Been playing Mass Effect 2 and Fallout 3 lately and COD3
    10:17 AM Feb 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  93. @trishuhl what is nice about games like Fallout3 and Mass Effect 2 is the gameplay changes with your story interactions. No 2 runs are same
    10:58 AM Feb 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  94. @trishuhl man I actually remember the swim up moment now that you bring it up
    10:59 AM Feb 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  95. RT @dbvickery: Are you 100% Complete? Linkedin #IN Changed Profile Completeness via @SteveCassady
    11:13 AM Feb 29th from Triberr
  96. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @bbusinesses
    12:31 PM Feb 29th from
  97. @dbvickery @stevecassady I do like how they are now factoring activity as a factor for profile completeness
    17:42 PM Feb 29th from web
  98. I unlocked ‘Wealth: 25 Million’ on @EmpireAve #SMRocketFuel #EAv < and they say there is no ROI in Social Media 😉
    17:44 PM Feb 29th from Tweet Button
  99. Looking forward to the inaugural 42+1 Social Business Screencast w @T_Burrows tonight at 8pm. Video will be up later at
    19:01 PM Feb 29th from web
  100. Brantfords own up and coming ‘star’ Home Inspector. via @pinterest
    21:59 PM Feb 29th from Tweet Button
  101. A Social Business Hangout HOTSEAT Q&A on YouTube | @TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency #Brantford #Podcast
    23:01 PM Feb 29th from Tweet Button
  102. @T_Burrows this was the podcast recording from tonight that preceded your remote interview #YouTube – now editing yours
    23:08 PM Feb 29th from web
  103. @BewitchedSalem thank you Bill & co for the youtube like (full blog entry on that video here > #insights
    0:07 AM Mar 1st from web
  104. @BewitchedSalem thank you for always being one of the top @EmpireAve engagers
    0:40 AM Mar 1st from web
  105. The inaugural 42+1 Social Business Screencast features an interview with @T_Burrows of the @TorontoPolice #SocialMedia
    8:03 AM Mar 1st from web
  106. @BrantfordPolice @BtfdLibrary You will appreciate this @T_Burrows interview on Social Media and Community Engagement
    8:48 AM Mar 1st from web
  107. @EXPHugo The @BtfdLibrary does rock the digital age 🙂
    8:49 AM Mar 1st from web
  108. RT @EXPHugo: “@BtfdLibrary wins kudos” via @TheExpositor —
    8:52 AM Mar 1st from Seesmic
  109. @BtfdLibrary figured you would benefit from it. BTW congrats on 5,000 views on your YouTube channel. Some insight here
    9:00 AM Mar 1st from web
  110. @trishuhl of the non-gaming nature. Two recordings from last night Podcast: and Screencast: #BUSY
    9:03 AM Mar 1st from web
  111. @BtfdLibrary you’re welcome. That podcast was recorded last night and is a HOTSEAT Q&A on the topic. I don’t know the Questions before hand.
    9:10 AM Mar 1st from web
  112. @BrantfordGM here is a tip. Instead of Like us Now, etc. Go with something like. Want to know more about … Visit our Facebook page… 🙂
    9:11 AM Mar 1st from web
  113. @BrantfordGM being in Brantford you probably would benefit from this weekly podcast series recorded in your backyard
    9:13 AM Mar 1st from web
  114. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @adhigoen @junniearreza
    13:55 PM Mar 1st from
  115. @BBusinesses did spot the RLavigne (minus the 42 though)
    14:48 PM Mar 1st from web

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