Launching 42+1 Social Business Screencast Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 7:21 AM Feb 16th – 12:42 PM Feb 23rd

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The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. @marcbinkley nice to see the social business podcast on your Marc. Hope all is well. Rob
    7:21 AM Feb 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  2. RT @RHWLouch: I just gave 5 stars to BRANTS Social Business Hangout!
    12:05 PM Feb 16th from Meetup
  3. @BBusinesses @Trevor_Cherewka Typically find it hard to sleep after doing the Hangout. Between the post-production and the gained energy
    12:06 PM Feb 16th from web
  4. @MarianneCrocks @Trevor_Cherewka Glad you enjoyed the Hangout and Podcast Marianne
    12:06 PM Feb 16th from web
  5. @TracyBrinkmann my pleasure Tracy. Hope all is well. Rob
    12:30 PM Feb 16th from web
  6. HTML5-powered “Cut the Rope” comes to the web! #html5
    16:40 PM Feb 16th from Tweet Button
  7. Episode 13 – A Social Business Hangout on Print is not Dead! Robert Lavigne, The Digital Grapevine,
    17:00 PM Feb 16th from Pinterest
  8. @ActorJeff that is a great idea re: passer by audio
    17:11 PM Feb 16th from web
  9. @GoBuds probably more accurate than you think. Personally I always run away from any lemming like activity 😉 Racing >
    17:46 PM Feb 16th from web
  10. RT @julito77: Sad day for Mets fans. Gary Carter dead.
    17:49 PM Feb 16th from HootSuite
  11. Lifecycle Of An Enterprise Social Community (So Far) – The BrainYard – InformationWeek: via @AddThis
    18:33 PM Feb 16th from Tweet Button
  12. The Other Side of Forty-Two: A Three Course Meal on Valentines Day:@FuelHouseTO, @PottedPotter and #YYZ #PottedPotterTO
    20:22 PM Feb 16th from Tweet Button
  13. RT @knealemann: Never underestimate the power of active learning. #leadership
    20:56 PM Feb 16th from HootSuite
  14. RT @BBusinesses: Small Business Owner? This is worth a listen! A podcast from last night in Brantford on how #PrintisNotDead via @TDGv
    21:47 PM Feb 16th from HootSuite
  15. @mayhemstudios @FuelHouseTO @PottedPotter Thanks for the RT Calvin. How are things BTW?
    0:22 AM Feb 17th from web
  16. @mayhemstudios good to hear. Keep rocking it
    10:06 AM Feb 17th from Twitter for iPhone
  17. Heading out to Burlington (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    11:15 AM Feb 17th from foursquare
  18. Local networking meeting (@ Paradiso Restaurant)
    12:07 PM Feb 17th from foursquare
  19. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @carlayashiro @pressenet
    12:31 PM Feb 17th from
  20. @DavidartHills @bigdaddykreativ another great @lmbnontario get together.Sadly had to leave early to get back in Brantford for recording at 2
    17:21 PM Feb 17th from web
  21. RT @danperezfilms: 30 Resources, Tips and Tricks for Marketing Your Business on Pinterest via @jeffbullas
    0:11 AM Feb 18th from Triberr
  22. RT @OliviaSchutt: Me and dad made a bet. If I get 100 RT’s on this, he’ll try to stop smoking. #pleaseretweet
    0:14 AM Feb 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  23. RT @EzyBlogger: Is Twitter Used More For Promotion, Or More For Information? [STUDY]
    2:42 AM Feb 18th from Buffer
  24. 15 Ways to Increase The Click Through Rate On Your Tweets
    11:38 AM Feb 18th from Tweet Button
  25. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jeffreyreidy @alfamale156 @broadwaybabyto @jonharules
    12:31 PM Feb 18th from
  26. @Atomic_Reach @Christine_M26 you’re quite welcome
    21:21 PM Feb 18th from web
  27. RT @mor_trisha: +1 RT @acaruson Social business requires permission not to know and a commitment to teach. Competitive isolation is the enemy of #socbiz.
    21:30 PM Feb 18th from web
  28. @mor_trisha good post by Rick
    0:55 AM Feb 19th from Twitter for iPhone
  29. @mor_trisha yep @rickladd is a prime example that it is not a generational thing
    11:57 AM Feb 19th from web
  30. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @artrotter @benzlotnick @richardbejah
    12:30 PM Feb 19th from
  31. RT @BBusinesses: If you could take a free “101” course on a specific social media platform, which one would you choose?
    23:34 PM Feb 19th from LinkedIn
  32. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    12:31 PM Feb 20th from
  33. Customer Experience Show interview with Nikhil Govindaraj of @moxiesoft with Social Business insights by Robert Lavigne
    14:01 PM Feb 20th from web
  34. @MoxieSoft @gonikhil was indeed a great chat
    14:08 PM Feb 20th from web
  35. @gonikhil always fun chatting with others who “get it”. BTW keep an eye on the RTs on this tweet 😉 #SpreadingTheWord
    14:28 PM Feb 20th from web
  36. @GuayFrancois you’re welcome Guay. This should give you a head start. Recent podcast
    15:06 PM Feb 20th from web
  37. @Daniel_Veronica enjoy your brief time off. what part of TO are you going to check out?
    18:58 PM Feb 20th from web
  38. @CatherineWPhoto @moxiesoft Thank you for the #FF and the compliment Catherine
    19:31 PM Feb 20th from web
  39. RT @rwang0: MyPOV: Stop trading your privacy for convenience. Time to ask for these 7 rights #privchat #socbiz #socialmedia #cmo
    19:32 PM Feb 20th from TweetDeck
  40. @rwang0 reading now
    19:32 PM Feb 20th from web
  41. RT @DaveLevac: The kick off of Frosty Fest. Dave does it again as only he can. Captain Kindness MC’s the activities
    19:36 PM Feb 20th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  42. @MediumTedora checking it out now
    20:43 PM Feb 20th from web
  43. @MediumTedora sadly can’t read a word of it 😉
    20:44 PM Feb 20th from web
  44. @GeneDexter @EmpireAve you’re welcome Gene
    20:44 PM Feb 20th from web
  45. @Nurse_Techy Thank you Leia. Have a great week. Rob
    20:47 PM Feb 20th from web
  46. @VMS_Washington I always love catching up on my french reading (very very rusty)
    20:48 PM Feb 20th from web
  47. @ErinPatrick Indeed!!!! re: Make Today Count!
    20:48 PM Feb 20th from web
  48. @rwang0 @dealarchitect sadly most now just refer to the cloud as a synonym for the Internet. So not the case as we all know.
    20:55 PM Feb 20th from web
  49. Top Social Business Tweet (52 RTs and counting) featuring interview with @MoxieSoft & @gonikhil
    20:59 PM Feb 20th from web
  50. RT @beachrockinc: For those that missed Advanced Facebook Marketing at #SMWTO, @danielpatricio was kind enough to post the slides:
    21:02 PM Feb 20th from web
  51. RT @dannysullivan: Over at Google, the “Days without a PR accident” sign gets reset to zero, again
    21:02 PM Feb 20th from Twitter for iPad
  52. @secunoid have yet to buy an iPad1 or iPad2 for this very reason. Always a believer in 3rd gen being the best release, so stay tuned 😉
    21:06 PM Feb 20th from web
  53. @nwjerseyliz must have a beer if eating cashews
    21:07 PM Feb 20th from web
  54. @WaterwayRealty thanks for the @klout Marvin
    21:07 PM Feb 20th from web
  55. @ryanjz it is indeed, but drinking some cognac tonight to try and kill off this flu
    21:29 PM Feb 20th from web
  56. @ryanjz that is the hope 😉
    21:34 PM Feb 20th from web
  57. @JoanneGreco777 thus the naughty/nice list 😉
    21:35 PM Feb 20th from web
  58. @JKingis indeed
    21:36 PM Feb 20th from web
  59. @northlandfox good people posting at that site, but way way way way too many banner/popup/survey interuptions – they lost me months ago
    21:37 PM Feb 20th from web
  60. @JKingis 😉
    21:38 PM Feb 20th from web
  61. @northlandfox hehe, good article though. thanks for sharing it.
    21:51 PM Feb 20th from web
  62. @TengoLoTodo If I said yes, would I come across as someone knowledgeable or simply someone whose concept of sports has four wheels and speed
    21:52 PM Feb 20th from web
  63. @northlandfox in many ways, have quite enjoyed the complete and other chaos of what has been coming in via that request. yours was “normal”
    21:55 PM Feb 20th from web
  64. @qwikrme_ hahaha, that one made me laugh
    22:10 PM Feb 20th from web
  65. @mattaweber nice 😉
    22:11 PM Feb 20th from web
  66. @tomlaing Thanks Tom and enjoy the above 0 degrees weather
    22:11 PM Feb 20th from web
  67. @prosummer @ryanjz @nicolascpa at this point I am throwing everything I have at killing this flu 😉
    22:11 PM Feb 20th from web
  68. @ridexc RTed
    22:12 PM Feb 20th from web
  69. @HeatherPimbert and just like that it can swing back in your favour
    22:41 PM Feb 20th from web
  70. @tag64geoff waiting is never an option 😉
    22:41 PM Feb 20th from web
  71. @davecarrol you tell ’em 😉
    22:52 PM Feb 20th from web
  72. RT @downtownbrantfd: RT @davecarrol: Favorite line of the weekend from a young person “today I saw Brantford in a whole new way.” Excellent… Love my city. #fb
    22:53 PM Feb 20th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  73. @DrAbdelhadi you as well
    22:55 PM Feb 20th from web
  74. @qwikrme_ 🙂
    23:20 PM Feb 20th from web
  75. @qwikrme_ thanks for the +Kred Kimberly
    23:21 PM Feb 20th from web
  76. RT @TheNextWeb: Social Bizzle takes its ‘Facebook for business’ enterprise on the road…literally by @TGW_Paul on @thenextwebuk
    1:10 AM Feb 21st from Spread The Next Web
  77. My week on twitter: 104 retweets received, 3 new listings, 32 new followers, 57 mentions. Via:
    10:13 AM Feb 21st from TwentyFeet
  78. This is a Scheduled Tweet 😉
    12:00 PM Feb 21st from Crowdbooster
  79. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @taggio
    12:33 PM Feb 21st from
  80. @St_Poirier how goes Stéphane?
    15:54 PM Feb 21st from web
  81. @dups @RICSTER101 have noticed your price has been going up, but I will forever only own 99 shares and you know why 😉
    17:59 PM Feb 21st from web
  82. @RICSTER101 @dups you being in Edmonton Ric and me being Brantford, the answer should be obvious 😉 Keep going where the puck will be 🙂
    18:04 PM Feb 21st from web
  83. The Age of the Yes Men is Dead. Stop Enabling. Start Engaging. The Emperor is in Need of a New Tailor. #SocBiz #SCRM
    21:40 PM Feb 21st from Tweet Button
  84. @40deuce indeed a cool @GoogleDoodles
    0:59 AM Feb 22nd from web
  85. RT @llamagood: Nothing comes of nothing. Kind of like multiplying by zero.
    1:00 AM Feb 22nd from web
  86. RT @MarcLaferriere: Tonight I’m w @RLavigne42 and others at #TDGv Studios as a guest on their podcast. Topic? “Government Officials Engaging using Social Media”
    7:33 AM Feb 22nd from web
  87. @MarcLaferriere looking forward to the chat on government leveraging social media
    7:33 AM Feb 22nd from Twitter for iPhone
  88. RT @MariSmith: 10 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Experience via @sociableblog [Awesome tips!]
    9:20 AM Feb 22nd from HootSuite
  89. RT @aschottmuller#SEO: Pinterest Adds “Nofollow” To Some Links by @rimmkaufman – Ugh!
    9:24 AM Feb 22nd from bitly
  90. RT @VickensMoscova: It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it. 🙂
    9:25 AM Feb 22nd from HootSuite
  91. @qwikrme_ you may not be a poet, but you helped out with this blog entry title 😉
    10:42 AM Feb 22nd from web
  92. @RICSTER101 @dups am I correct in hearing this is year 2 celebrations? If so
    11:06 AM Feb 22nd from web
  93. RT @davefleet: Mind blown. Awesome. RT @julien: Lessons I learned reading over 200 books
    11:25 AM Feb 22nd from TweetDeck
  94. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    12:31 PM Feb 22nd from
  95. Top @TDGv Post: The Age of the Yes Men is Dead. Stop Enabling. Start Engaging. The Emperor is in Need of a New Tailor.
    12:42 PM Feb 22nd from Crowdbooster
  96. @qwikrme_ glad you liked it, wasn’t 100% how you would respond to having your tweet stream as the blog post image 😉
    15:42 PM Feb 22nd from web
  97. @RICSTER101 @dups Huge congrats in advance. Assume achievement in play 😉
    15:42 PM Feb 22nd from web
  98. @qwikrme_ was going to get a follow up tattoo with a QR code blended into a scorpion, but have shelved that for now
    16:19 PM Feb 22nd from web
  99. @qwikrme_ all journeys start with a decision 😉
    16:23 PM Feb 22nd from web
  100. @MarianneCrocks @MarcLaferriere lots of people missing tonight. thinking that flu going around is playing a part in that. beauty of podcast
    18:26 PM Feb 22nd from web
  101. @qwikrme_ well right now that is living in a basement in Brantford 😉
    18:27 PM Feb 22nd from web
  102. @qwikrme_ one big work in progress and far too into the transition to turn back (which is a great thing).And Brantford has been great so far
    21:24 PM Feb 22nd from web
  103. Great podcast @MarcLaferriere!!!! Starting importing it now for editing, will be live later tonight. Thanks again for being part of it.
    21:25 PM Feb 22nd from web
  104. @MarianneCrocks @MarcLaferriere tell me about it, that virus has been making be cough for weeks now. Affecting my jogging (yeah that why 😉
    21:32 PM Feb 22nd from web
  105. @BBusinesses @MarcLaferriere the benefit of a small group tonight 😉
    21:38 PM Feb 22nd from web
  106. @MarcLaferriere I agree, multiple avenues for dialogue on future @TDGv podcasts. Pencilling you in for a return engagement April timeframe?
    22:09 PM Feb 22nd from web
  107. @MarcLaferriere @BBusinesses @gdiver62 @MarianneCrocks Freshly uploaded. Listen to it first with me now
    22:23 PM Feb 22nd from web
  108. @MarcLaferriere did a bit of amplifying and compression, but otherwise the beauty of recording it at the Brants Museum. Great accoustics
    22:30 PM Feb 22nd from web
  109. @MarcLaferriere hah, read that as podcast sounds good 😉 But all set for April timeframe, will organize over coming month.
    22:31 PM Feb 22nd from web
  110. @MarcLaferriere thinking two potential future podcasts one on open data and one on community
    22:31 PM Feb 22nd from web
  111. @MarcLaferriere puhlease, have you listen to my rapid fire dialogue in not only this podcast but in the others 😉 More conversation to come
    22:41 PM Feb 22nd from web
  112. @St_Poirier surviving and loving life in Brantford
    22:41 PM Feb 22nd from web
  113. @MarcLaferriere wondering if pairing you and Dave C would make sense of a talk on the power of community and Social Media? Thoughts?
    22:44 PM Feb 22nd from web
  114. @St_Poirier hot off the press btw
    22:45 PM Feb 22nd from web
  115. @MarcLaferriere thought so as well. So @DaveCarroll, you want to join the ranks of local #BRANTS being part of the Social Business Hangout
    22:46 PM Feb 22nd from web
  116. @St_Poirier every day is an opportunity to learn and grow. One constant move towards my vision from back when you and I first met
    22:51 PM Feb 22nd from web
  117. @St_Poirier the podcast btw is part of a weekly live session I do here in Brantford for SMBs trying to learn Social Business.
    22:51 PM Feb 22nd from web
  118. @St_Poirier btw you still owe me that behind the scenes story from the fiasco of 2011 😉
    22:52 PM Feb 22nd from web
  119. @St_Poirier looking forward to hearing about it actually. On that note, you consider being part of a future remote hangout interview with me
    22:57 PM Feb 22nd from web
  120. @St_Poirier I am sure beers will be in order or just simply there on the table
    22:57 PM Feb 22nd from web
  121. @davecarrol @MarcLaferriere DONE. Social Media and Community featuring a podcast with the 3 of us. Before or after #Tweetstock007?
    23:01 PM Feb 22nd from web
  122. @St_Poirier I do recall, would make the trip into Toronto just for that drink!
    23:04 PM Feb 22nd from web
  123. @St_Poirier BTW also just finished uploading. Dry Run of my new 42+1 Screencast Series premiering next week
    23:05 PM Feb 22nd from web
  124. @MarcLaferriere @davecarrol thinking after as well for me given I have to prep for that group panel. How about the April 18th.
    23:06 PM Feb 22nd from web
  125. @davecarrol @marclaferriere Yes the podcast recording would be on the Wednesday from 7:30-8:00 very likely at the Brants Museum and Archive
    23:22 PM Feb 22nd from web
  126. @MarcLaferriere btw this is why I had to move on so quickly after the podcast. This was the dry run for next week
    23:28 PM Feb 22nd from web
  127. @MarcLaferriere I have been working towards launching this since January 1st and I could not think of a better first guest to kick it off.
    23:34 PM Feb 22nd from web
  128. @MarcLaferriere search “social business hangout” on twitter to see the podcast starting to spread 😉
    23:53 PM Feb 22nd from web
  129. @MarcLaferriere @Steph__Paige @OctopusRed @AMacklin @KevinMagee @Seanard @ExpHugo all are welcome, let me know topic of interest for podcast
    23:54 PM Feb 22nd from web
  130. Love using Pinterest as a board for my Podcasts! Episode 14 – A Social Business Hangout on Government and Social Media
    8:11 AM Feb 23rd from Tweet Button
  131. @jamescalnan @TDGv @MarcLaferriere you’re welcome. there is another 13 podcasts hosted there as well if you enjoyed the style/content
    8:22 AM Feb 23rd from web
  132. @Steph__Paige The main theme is Social Business. This obviously covers Social Media, but it is really about engagement/community/etc
    8:34 AM Feb 23rd from web
  133. @Steph__Paige have a peak at the list to get an idea of past topics
    8:34 AM Feb 23rd from web
  134. @BBusinesses @Steph__Paige there ya go, perfect pairing for a future podcast
    8:49 AM Feb 23rd from web
  135. @Steph__Paige oh an Steph, in terms of topics. Being a PMP myself, we can definitely do one of Project Management and Enterprise 2.0
    8:52 AM Feb 23rd from web
  136. RT @RickWarrenQT: Character is both developed and revealed by tests (please retweet)
    9:23 AM Feb 23rd from web
  137. RT @krcraft: Very good. RT @GrahamHill: Worth a read. RT @MarkTamis: New Post: Go With The Customer Flow #scrm #crm
    9:23 AM Feb 23rd from TweetDeck
  138. RT @JasonFalls: If you’re selling Pinterest/FB/TW instead of communications, its like cutting somone’s grass vs. landscaping their yard.
    9:24 AM Feb 23rd from web
  139. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @_ckramer @johnsblinds
    12:31 PM Feb 23rd from
  140. Burning the Charts! Latest @TDGv Social Business Hangout Podcast on Government 2.0 featuring @MarcLaferriere #Gov20
    12:42 PM Feb 23rd from Crowdbooster

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