“New New Twitter Introduction” Social Media Week 2012 Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 17:50 PM Feb 8th – 12:30 PM Feb 16th

Life@42 Workshop on the NEW NEW Twitter

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Putting final touches on tonight’s New New Twitter slidedeck for what may be a record crowd for the Social Business Hangout in Brantford
    17:50 PM Feb 8th from web
  2. @MarianneCrocks @Kreative_Touch @BBusinesses @SmaleJason @MadamConnect thanks for coming to the Social Business Hangout podcast recording
    22:33 PM Feb 8th from web
  3. @Trevor_Cherewka event details for next Wednesday’s Social Business Hangout http://t.co/WiCXF1E0
    22:53 PM Feb 8th from web
  4. @MarcLaferriere event details for your guest appearance on the Social Business Hangout on Feb 22nd http://t.co/v3rfJVHu
    22:54 PM Feb 8th from web
  5. @BBusinesses thinking we might do the “hotseat” variant every so often on the Social Business Hangout Podcast. Does that its tool on me 😉
    22:58 PM Feb 8th from web
  6. @BBusinesses thanks.need to listen to podcast to see what I actually said 😉 The hotseat variant is both fun and challenging.Unscripted FTW
    23:31 PM Feb 8th from web
  7. A Social Business Hangout on Twitter Q&A HOTSEAT … | #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency @TDGv http://t.co/76kx2Uah
    23:48 PM Feb 8th from Tweet Button
  8. @gdiver62 it is live http://t.co/76kx2Uah (just finished listening to it myself). Always interesting hearing it after recording it
    0:28 AM Feb 9th from web
  9. @krcraft the tweets from the webinar you attended today were used as an example in tonight’s podcast http://t.co/76kx2Uah
    0:29 AM Feb 9th from web
  10. @BtfdLibrary You are used as an example in tonight’s podcast 😉 http://t.co/76kx2Uah
    0:29 AM Feb 9th from web
  11. @mqtodd mentioned both #eavchat and #toolschat in tonights podcast 😉 http://t.co/76kx2Uah
    0:30 AM Feb 9th from web
  12. @VirtualGirlFri here is tonight’s podcast as requested http://t.co/76kx2Uah
    0:31 AM Feb 9th from web
  13. Tonight’s Social Business Hangout Podcast is now live. #Twitter… http://t.co/qF2Uwim9
    0:34 AM Feb 9th from Facebook
  14. @Ramikantari thanks for the investment Rami. Hope all is well. Rob
    10:31 AM Feb 9th from web
  15. About to head out for TCO monthly meeting. Suited up no less (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/8mFJ9a6u
    10:40 AM Feb 9th from foursquare
  16. @ScottWNesbitt not wearing a tie so still me ;-). Have you moved yet?
    11:04 AM Feb 9th from Twitter for Android
  17. @BtfdLibrary video coming later today. Both together make for a great Twitter primer for your new councillor 😉
    11:05 AM Feb 9th from Twitter for Android
  18. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @neilpatel @nurse_techy
    12:31 PM Feb 9th from Paper.li
  19. @ScottWNesbitt was there not a move elsewhere in the works?
    13:39 PM Feb 9th from web
  20. @BtfdLibrary worthy of a watch. Twitter Overview presentation from last night http://t.co/87pU69Js
    13:39 PM Feb 9th from web
  21. @krazykaron you’re welcome
    23:40 PM Feb 9th from HTC Peep
  22. @paulcopcutt best kind of employees. The engaging ones
    23:41 PM Feb 9th from HTC Peep
  23. @Ldillonschalk blocking hangout. Wow. Should be fully leveraging it. FAIL
    23:42 PM Feb 9th from HTC Peep
  24. @Ldillonschalk if 2 years ago would cost out a 10 person worldwide fully customizable invite vid conf system, how much would people pay 4 it
    9:41 AM Feb 10th from Twitter for Android
  25. @paulcopcutt and hyper collaborating as well. Give me 10 engaged team members and will crush a 100 strong org of disengaged misfits any day
    9:42 AM Feb 10th from Twitter for Android
  26. @BtfdLibrary thanks. Figured it would be a useful share to those getting started. Works well with the q&a podcast as a companion piece
    9:58 AM Feb 10th from Twitter for Android
  27. @sarahkayhoffman have a great day, week and month
    10:00 AM Feb 10th from Twitter for Android
  28. @sarahkayhoffman you’re quite welcome. Happy 29 th.
    10:16 AM Feb 10th from Twitter for Android
  29. Getting ready for my return to the Customer Experience Show on BlogTalkRadio at 1pm today. #CustServ Knowledge at… http://t.co/LvgLKPoc
    12:19 PM Feb 10th from Facebook
  30. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @jon_upton
    12:32 PM Feb 10th from Paper.li
  31. @BtfdLibrary Will probably put up a blog post as well later today that brings it all together as well, but feel free to share/link to video
    12:32 PM Feb 10th from web
  32. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @hipurbangirl
    12:31 PM Feb 11st from Paper.li
  33. NEW TO TWITTER? Listen to this Social Business Hangout Podcast by #TDGv Studios:A Collaborative Digital Agency (@TDGvhttp://t.co/76kx2Uah
    14:45 PM Feb 11st from Tweet Button
  34. @LizStrauss @Dups shame I no longer live in Toronto. Would have been nice to finally meet IRL Liz
    22:21 PM Feb 11st from web
  35. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @rickladd @sbhsbh
    12:31 PM Feb 12nd from Paper.li
  36. Announcing the launch of Yet Another Blog by @RLavigne42-The Other Side of Forty-Two (A http://t.co/dTX2hrPR Companion) http://t.co/ycKKMyR7
    13:59 PM Feb 12nd from Tweet Button
  37. @lizstrauss one day I am sure that IRL will occur
    18:44 PM Feb 12nd from web
  38. @lizstrauss shame I will be in such a rush on Tuesday night. Actually will be in Toronto for supper and a show (Potted Potter at Panasonic)
    23:18 PM Feb 12nd from web
  39. Why True Twit doesn’t work for @confluencemedia. Totally agreed with this > http://t.co/Zz6CQEB0
    11:13 AM Feb 13rd from Tweet Button
  40. @ThatKevinSmith @ComicBookMenAMC was brilliant. Looking forward to seeing #VASHL cameos next week. Listening to podcast now. #CUinBrantford
    11:28 AM Feb 13rd from web
  41. RT @ZMacSocial: “Gartner says that 70% of IT led social initiatives will fail in 2012” <–Yikes! #SMW12 #SMWDeloitte
    11:39 AM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  42. Working at the studio while monitoring #smw12 (@ #TDGv Studios West) http://t.co/deP7BjX9
    11:59 AM Feb 13rd from foursquare
  43. RT @paramendra: @jeffdachis “400 social networks with over a million members.” #smw #smw12 #smwnyc #smwdachis @ehuddleston
    12:18 PM Feb 13rd from web
  44. RT @nickj47: “EVERY single company will undergo a social transformation or have a severe competitive disadvantage.”@jeffdachis #smw12 #smwnyc
    12:18 PM Feb 13rd from web
  45. RT @nickj47: 30,000 brands & 100 million social accounts tracking in real time, updating every 15 mins. @jeffdachis #smw12
    12:24 PM Feb 13rd from web
  46. RT @latrice_davis: Abrams: Social media allows you to trust the source more & engage in citizen journalism, which we now call life. #smw12 #smwnyc #journalism
    12:24 PM Feb 13rd from web
  47. RT @graceduffy: Customers trust in peers rises to level of experts. More than CEOs #SMW12 #smwsf
    12:24 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  48. RT @a0k: Communications continuum: hieroglyphics > newspaper > advertisements > radio > TV > online > search > social // #smw12
    12:25 PM Feb 13rd from TweetFireApp
  49. RT @CarlaEid: ‘Social media is the opportunity for brand managers to achieve engagement with measurability and tracking’ Jeff Dachis. #SMW12
    12:25 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  50. RT @MissVersatile: Want to succeed in digital? Go lean, have only ppl who are really invested in the success of your digital platform/app _have passion #SMW12
    12:30 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  51. RT @pronouncedALJ: When people talk about companies online 58% expect response. 22% get one. #smwwdc #smw12
    12:31 PM Feb 13rd from TweetChat
  52. RT @anniechamorro: People that write the content are truly passionate and thats the greatest asset in social media #SMW12 #SMWNYC #smw12
    12:31 PM Feb 13rd from TweetChat
  53. RT @LCrampsie: The average Facebook user generates 90 pieces of content a month. #SMW12 @socialogilvy #smw12
    12:33 PM Feb 13rd from TweetChat
  54. RT @VictorWhite: @jowyang consumers are explicitly sharing their desires. Its a marketers dream. #smw12 #socialdata #smw12
    12:36 PM Feb 13rd from TweetChat
  55. RT @AdobePRCanada#SMW12 @jowyang pay attention to digital breadcrumbs: bits of info customers share to reflect their behavior
    12:37 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  56. RT @LizSnow: Interesting thought on the difference of twitter v. facebook – twitter is a megaphone and facebook was built for sharing #SMW12 #SMWNYC
    12:37 PM Feb 13rd from web
  57. RT @heidicohen: Agree->RT @ERNIEARIAS Once you lose authenticity, credibility in #socialmedia ecosystem your value is down to ‘0’ #smw12 #SmwNYC
    12:38 PM Feb 13rd from TweetGrid.com
  58. RT @TheDJK: Millennials are 3 times more likely than Boomers to reach out to friends through social media for opinions on products and services #SMW12
    12:42 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  59. RT @iammrsid: Dan Abrams: “All the people that work at my sites won’t sacrifice original, quality content for ad sales & traffic views” #SMW12 #smwnyc
    12:42 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  60. RT @selizcox: Art v. Science for Writers- writers “take great pride in what they’re doing, not allowing the sites to become a traffic farm” #SMW12 #SMWNYC
    12:42 PM Feb 13rd from web
  61. RT @bradyhahn: “Remember this moment-you have the privilege, the opportunity & responsibility to do amazing things” @jeffdachis http://t.co/gnhAka6x #SMW12
    12:42 PM Feb 13rd from web
  62. RT @ThomasHynes: “Pure aggregation wouldn’t work any more. Social media lets us organize information ourselves.” – @danielabrams #smw12
    12:42 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  63. RT @latrice_davis: Abrams: Facebook is constantly innovating and updating so it doesn’t become the “old media.” #smw12 #smwnyc #smwbrandjournalism
    12:43 PM Feb 13rd from web
  64. RT @MissVersatile: We’re all learning together because social media is so new. They’re are no experts or gurus…changes too quickly #SMW12
    12:43 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  65. RT @graceduffy: Social referrals (likes, pins, etc) are powerful buying tool. #SMW12 #smwsf
    12:43 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  66. RT @iammrsid: Dan Abrams: “With regards to engagement on social is trying to provide compelling content, it’s all about being unique” #SMW12 #smwnyc
    12:43 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  67. RT @Adobe: Here’s a look at a breakdown of the 7 types of #socialdata via @jowyang at #SMW12 http://t.co/sNx8RxUl
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  68. RT @Adobe: Type 1 – Demographics: Business strategies towards demographics becomes more powerful when combined with #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  69. RT @Adobe: Type 2 – Product: Using product info is tried and true, but will be more valuable combined w/ behavioral and #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  70. RT @Adobe: Type 3 – Psychographics: With this data, brands should focus on higher level topics to better solve customer problems #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  71. RT @Adobe: Type 4 – Behavioral: Leverage existing and external #socialdata to understand historical trends, and make better decisions #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  72. RT @Adobe: Type 5 – Referrals: Referral data is a powerful way to understand consumer networks #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  73. RT @Adobe: Type 6 – Location: Location data is highly context aware, and can serve up time and intent #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  74. RT @Adobe: Type 7 – Intention: Data inaccurate, but could yield high value w/consumers indicating action #socialdata #SMW12
    12:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  75. RT @erikadallimore: The share of donations made online has risen by 85% in last 3 years (but still only counts or 3.7% of all donations) #SMW12 #smwgood
    12:51 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  76. RT @ithorpe: Social media didn’t cause the revolution, injustice did @dtapscott at #smw12
    12:52 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  77. RT @BloggerChica: companies that have >1000 employees have ~11 social media focused employees @jowyang #smw12
    12:59 PM Feb 13rd from web
  78. RT @heidicohen: Great quote=>If news important, it will find me. (New model for news media) @dtapscott #smw12 #SmwNYC
    12:59 PM Feb 13rd from TweetGrid.com
  79. RT @ithorpe: This isn’t an information age, of big data and KM – it’s an age of networked intelligence and collaboration @dtapscott at #smw12 (+1)
    13:04 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  80. RT @ithorpe: 5 principles for a new society: collaboration, transparency, sharing interdependence, integrity @dtapscott at #smw12
    13:14 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  81. RT @Yammer#Yammertip 42: Finally learn the name of the guy you took too long to introduce yourself to. More Yammer tips here: http://t.co/ObprNW3D
    13:21 PM Feb 13rd from Yammer Publishing
  82. RT @graceduffy: Do not collect data unless you know what you are looking for. You will drown! Objectives need to be spot on #SMW12 #smwsf
    13:37 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  83. RT @kellsullivan1: The same way we have anchors we trust, we use social to build trust which helps build publication and audience #SMW12 #journalism
    13:37 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  84. RT @erikadallimore: Key learning No.3: “Do it wrong quickly”… test it, evaluate, measure = LEARN #SMW12 #smwgood
    13:37 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  85. RT @silsen: Good point! Just b/c your exec isn’t right for Twitter doesn’t mean he/she won’t flourish on another platform. #smwsf #smw12
    13:38 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  86. RT @clickflickca: A “corporation” is made up of people and people make mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities. We all make Twitter mistakes. #SMWTO #SMW12
    13:38 PM Feb 13rd from web
  87. RT @heidicohen: Instead of PR swat team, look deep within corporate to create transparency. More effective over time. @dtapscott #smw12 #SmwNYC
    13:53 PM Feb 13rd from TweetGrid.com
  88. RT @erikadallimore: But looking to really develop the relationship with the donor to take it to new/more personal level #SMW12 #smwgood
    13:54 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  89. RT @text100: Reminder – Influencers are not (only) klout scores #smw12
    13:54 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  90. RT @denisehterry: What is the style guide and brand voice for your social media persona? Unify across company @briansolis #smw12 #ebaysmw12
    13:54 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPad
  91. RT @ariaofgrace#Marketing needs people with analytical abilities. The future is bright for #analysts#SMW12
    13:55 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for Android
  92. RT @heidicohen: Open data is a fundamental change in how we think about how we create new platforms. Example Map of bike accidents in Sydney #smw12 #SmwNYC
    13:55 PM Feb 13rd from TweetGrid.com
  93. RT @ConferenceBites: “The more you can customize for your customers, the more meaningful and relevant your message is going to be”—Ann Lewnes, Adobe #smw #smw12
    14:08 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  94. RT @SMRushford: Tapscott: Facebook is not industrial strength social network for enterprise #smw12 #socialcorporations
    14:09 PM Feb 13rd from web
  95. RT @ithorpe: People don’t waste time at work b/c of social media it’s because of incentives, motivation, lack of job satisfaction @dtapscott #smw12
    14:09 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  96. RT @brentjacobsen: 7 Types of Social Data: Demographic, Product, Psychographic, Behavioral, Referral, Location, Intention #SMW12 http://t.co/gTP6q8tV
    14:09 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  97. RT @heidicohen: Main guidelines don’t do anything stupid. via @dtapscott (here’s help=> http://t.co/XW8lPJ4d#smw12 #SmwNYC
    14:10 PM Feb 13rd from TweetGrid.com
  98. RT @btrax: Strategy to identify the platform which is suitable for our business: Put the test posts and see the reaction of audience #SMWSF #SMW12
    14:26 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  99. RT @Hagit: Measuring new engagement metrics at Facebook: “like this” and “talk about this” instead of clicks #socialdata #smw12
    14:26 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for Android
  100. RT @Adobe: Fact: Fans spend 8% more and transact 11% more frequently – John Yi of Facebook #socialdata #SMW12.
    14:27 PM Feb 13rd from web
  101. RT @BloggerChica: Friends of fans are top customers as well! Southwest.com saw 2.5x more site visits from friends of fans! John Yi from Facebook at #smw12
    14:27 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  102. RT @BloggerChica: Facebook ads are 90% on target – much higher than any other ad postings – #JohnYi #smw12
    14:27 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  103. RT @yanec: “Social commerce should not depend on how many fans you have” #eBaySMW12 #SMW12
    14:28 PM Feb 13rd from web
  104. How do you define Value in the age of Freemium and Prosumerism? http://t.co/GXUgrBYt #SMW12 #SocMed #SocialMedia
    14:31 PM Feb 13rd from Tweet Button
  105. Looking forward to speaking at #Tweetstock007 (https://t.co/Jqrr3FNc). Wonder how many people attending #SMW12 and #SMWTO will be attending?
    14:36 PM Feb 13rd from web
  106. RT @JugnooMe: Can’t attend #SMWTO? Watch the livestreamed events here: http://t.co/feXAaZW1 #socialmedia
    14:40 PM Feb 13rd from JugnooMe
  107. RT @PoppyEliz: Live Infographics from #SMW12 http://t.co/kNcxbLyj
    14:49 PM Feb 13rd from web
  108. @cbeyaert actually speaking at #Tweetstock007 in April. You should come over to Brantford for it. Was trying to see who might be making trek
    14:54 PM Feb 13rd from web
  109. @JugnooMe @natandmarie my pleasure. Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing in the #SocialCRM space.
    15:08 PM Feb 13rd from web
  110. @smaxwell27 agreed. Laguna Seca still in play with Mazda and I can’t help but think that Cayuga will forever be Cayuga vs. TorontoMP
    15:12 PM Feb 13rd from web
  111. @smaxwell27 btw not sure if you ever got to see this interview of you at Mosport http://t.co/mWFrhZlP
    15:15 PM Feb 13rd from web
  112. RT @SonamChawla: “Brands have a lot to learn when it comes to social media use. Be creative, and personal, as opposed to being risk averse” #smwnyc #smw12
    15:25 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  113. RT @karenlevine: 79% of leading company CEOs say social strategy will have a major impact on their strategies #smw12 #smwnyc
    15:25 PM Feb 13rd from web
  114. @marciamarcia hahaha, had forgotten about that video. how did you come across it?
    15:47 PM Feb 13rd from web
  115. RT @Kbedosky: Brands suffer if higher level employees are distant from the product and customer #SMWNYC #SMW12
    16:01 PM Feb 13rd from web
  116. RT @cammipham: Marketing is the new finance – prove campaign ROI, show performance against goals, & ask for more money! – @alewnes RT @Adobe #smw12
    16:14 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  117. RT @maryamwebster: When u get complaint on transparent social media, respond w/in 4 hrs max. Hang back tho & let community members respond 1st #smwsf #smw12
    16:51 PM Feb 13rd from HootSuite
  118. RT @Breathedreamgo: There are more cell phone users in Africa than N America; more Facebook users in Africa than Asia – Kennedy. #jhrsmwto #SMWTO #SMW12
    16:51 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  119. I just connected my @klout account with @Blogger. Be one of the first to have @Blogger added to your @klouthttp://t.co/VurY8h3w
    16:52 PM Feb 13rd from Tweet Button
  120. RT @nekolaweb: It’s 5x more expensive to acquire a customer than to retain one. Focus on providing a great customer experience. #smw12 #loyaltyeconomics
    18:02 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  121. RT @cperry248: Rethinking content as a social discipline. Still king if creative first. http://t.co/PymToGjw #SMW12 (repost from earlier – new link)
    18:08 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  122. RT @cmackey#email still growing at approx 30% per year. #smwsf #smw12 #socialmedia
    18:09 PM Feb 13rd from TweetDeck
  123. RT @Laurouu: Don’t have one-way conversations with followers. The key is to listen and act on the response to your questions – @ROMtoronto #smwto
    18:11 PM Feb 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  124. RT @fleur_de_lotus: if you’re going to measure, what are you going to measure? Key conversation indicators: volume, sentiment, topics, @lestapolczai #smwto
    20:09 PM Feb 13rd from web
  125. @cbeyaert no worries. will be a full day of knowledge. that and you can throw tomatoes at me from the peanut gallery 😉
    22:43 PM Feb 13rd from web
  126. @Ldillonschalk @cbeyaert one day those in Toronto will realize they could have had me speaking at their events YEARS ago ;-)Loving Brantford
    22:44 PM Feb 13rd from web
  127. @Ldillonschalk @cbeyaert thanks for that. means a lot and one day ONE DAY…
    23:24 PM Feb 13rd from web
  128. @NatRunr you’re quite welcome. glad you enjoyed them. you might enjoy the training videos from the last two events. see http://t.co/LgqFPug8
    23:26 PM Feb 13rd from web
  129. @Ldillonschalk wrote this today out of pseudo frustration http://t.co/GXUgrBYt
    23:26 PM Feb 13rd from web
  130. @cbeyaert heck @qdotty is going just so that she can scream “he is full of shit”. Bang for the buck, it is well worth the trip for the event
    23:35 PM Feb 13rd from web
  131. @cbeyaert btw not sure if you know about my weekly Social Business podcasts (right up your knowledge alley) http://t.co/YCYFfrIb Every Wed
    23:37 PM Feb 13rd from web
  132. Out and about (@ Paris, Ontario) http://t.co/0ezkyLjX
    11:07 AM Feb 14th from foursquare
  133. My week on twitter: 144 retweets received, 4 new listings, 33 new followers, 60 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    11:09 AM Feb 14th from TwentyFeet
  134. RT @GoBuds: Opportunity in measurement is being able to combine traditional and social measurement. #SMWTO #SMW12
    11:32 AM Feb 14th from web
  135. RT @jaydj: Hyatt has Facebook pages for their hotels worldwide. Total FB followers increased from 290K to 863K worldwide from June-Dec 2011 #SMW12
    11:33 AM Feb 14th from Silver Bird
  136. RT @GoBuds: “All the data is useless unless it is actionable..” Truer words have never been spoken. #SMWTO #SMW12
    11:33 AM Feb 14th from TweetDeck
  137. RT @GoBuds: Important to realize that analytics and listening tools are great, they will never replace human insight. #SMWTO #SMW12
    11:34 AM Feb 14th from TweetDeck
  138. RT @konnectdavid: Gamification offers the ‘little rewards to help collect that important and needed data. #smw12 #SMWHEALTH #smwquantified
    11:35 AM Feb 14th from Tweetbot for iOS
  139. RT @suesthegrl: B to B and B to C is dead. What it’s really about is P to P… Person to person. #SocialMedia #Marketing #SMWTO #SMW12
    11:38 AM Feb 14th from web
  140. RT @macrowikinomics: Don Tapscott’s opening keynote and interview with @mattbish‘s @theeconomist for @socialmediaweek #SMW12 http://t.co/RKnoKgzP
    11:58 AM Feb 14th from HootSuite
  141. RT @qsorenson: Pure #unadulterated #awesomeness #future #socialmedia RT @text100: Future Hipsters – awesome video for #smw12 http://t.co/v3Bv1PQk
    11:59 AM Feb 14th from TweetDeck
  142. @konnectdavid you’re welcome
    12:06 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  143. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @focus @clairaudience
    13:33 PM Feb 14th from Paper.li
  144. @GoBuds your quite welcome and thanks for the follow back (even though your are a Leafs fan 😉
    15:05 PM Feb 14th from web
  145. @JohnsBlinds you’re quite welcome
    16:56 PM Feb 14th from web
  146. @CatherineWPhoto thank you for the added context on the tweet. Hope all is well.
    17:16 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  147. Leaving Brantford and heading over to @FuelHouseTO in Toronto for my Valentine’s diner with @qdotty. Seeing #PottedPotterTO afterwards. #YYZ
    17:22 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  148. Looking forward to seeing @PottedPotter in #YYZ tonight by @Mirvish and finally meeting @marcetotw IRL. Worth the drive from Brantford
    17:29 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  149. RT @CBCHereandNow: POTTED POTTER, the unauthorized parody of the #HarryPotter books/movies, opens tonight at the Panasonic and runs to Mar 25.
    17:35 PM Feb 14th from HootSuite
  150. @ActorJeff @Daniel_Veronica heading to Toronto to experience @PottedPotter. Been looking forward to this show since first hearing about it.
    17:40 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  151. @CatherineWPhoto surviving 😉 and also the happiest I have been in years thanks to @qdotty. Best Valentine’s Day ever 🙂
    17:48 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  152. Finally able to vist Mackenzie’s new restaurant in Toronto. Love the Victorian house vibe. (@ Fuel House) [pic]: http://t.co/VrVkxP8b
    19:18 PM Feb 14th from foursquare
  153. “Great job on leveraging foursquare special feature for check ins” @ Fuel House: http://t.co/AS6I3muS #4sqTip
    19:20 PM Feb 14th from foursquare
  154. Toronto premiere of #PottedPotterTO at Panasonic Theatre produced by @Mirvish and @marcetotw. @PottedPotter now in #YYZ http://t.co/SAOXz1ML
    21:27 PM Feb 14th from Twitter for Android
  155. Wrapping up series of interviews at the #PottedPotterTO afterparty.Expect the blog with video tomorrow. CC @PottedPotter @marcetotw @Mirvish
    0:16 AM Feb 15th from Twitter for Android
  156. Back home in #Brantford after a great Valentine’s Day evening in Toronto for a diner and a show.
    2:00 AM Feb 15th from web
  157. RT @PottedPotter: Press night is going well, in fact so well we’ve already got a rave 4 star review (out of 4) from the Toronto Star! http://t.co/H0JC0WVl
    2:19 AM Feb 15th from web
  158. @jbrad4ord to confirm @FuelHouseTO did pass on your well wishes
    2:23 AM Feb 15th from web
  159. RT @FuelHouseTO: Great #Valentines service tonight! Thanks to everyone that came in for making it a great night!
    2:24 AM Feb 15th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  160. @FuelHouseTO thanks for having us. Great way to celebrate Valentines Day.
    2:24 AM Feb 15th from web
  161. @GoBuds hehe. Actually more of a racing fan actually. Regardless can not support Leafs since Rogers and Bell own them.
    11:50 AM Feb 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  162. @clairaudience Brantford life is great. Speaking at #tweetstock007 in April as well.
    11:52 AM Feb 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  163. @MacroPhotoFun you’re quite welcome.
    11:53 AM Feb 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  164. @clairaudience Did not know that. Just moved here myself from Toronto. Really thinking Telelphone City 2.0. Leveraging Telecommuting, etc
    12:52 PM Feb 15th from web
  165. @BBusinesses @Trevor_Cherewka Looking forward to tonight’s podcast recording and subsequent round table. Thinking podcast will be full 30min
    12:54 PM Feb 15th from web
  166. @MarianneCrocks indeed. never pass up an opportunity to get a few interviews in when you can 😉
    14:40 PM Feb 15th from web
  167. @clairaudience thanks Looking forward to speaking at #Tweetstock007 given Brantford is now home. Check these out BTW http://t.co/YCYFfrIb
    14:41 PM Feb 15th from web
  168. @BBusinesses Well there you go. Tonight @Trevor_Cherewka will bring his IRL persona to the Hangout 😉
    14:42 PM Feb 15th from web
  169. @GoBuds not being a native Torontonian, I was able to avoid being indoctrinated into the Leaf Cult 😉 In regards to racing, all forms
    18:00 PM Feb 15th from web
  170. Wednesday. Time for another night in Brantford with the Social Business Hangout. Looking forward to recording yet another live podcast.
    18:12 PM Feb 15th from web
  171. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @nouhailler @tracybrinkmann @toanangel108
    22:29 PM Feb 15th from Paper.li
  172. @SnowinRI Thanks for the klout share Timothy. How goes?
    23:43 PM Feb 15th from web
  173. @marcbinkley nice to see the social business podcast on your paper.li Marc. Hope all is well. Rob
    7:21 AM Feb 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  174. RT @RHWLouch: I just gave 5 stars to BRANTS Social Business Hangout! http://t.co/bB4nvOOM
    12:05 PM Feb 16th from Meetup
  175. @BBusinesses @Trevor_Cherewka Typically find it hard to sleep after doing the Hangout. Between the post-production and the gained energy
    12:06 PM Feb 16th from web
  176. @MarianneCrocks @Trevor_Cherewka Glad you enjoyed the Hangout and Podcast Marianne
    12:06 PM Feb 16th from web
  177. @TracyBrinkmann my pleasure Tracy. Hope all is well. Rob
    12:30 PM Feb 16th from web

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