“Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky” Story Below the Fold Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 1:24 AM Jan 26th – 14:34 PM Jan 30th

The Real Story is Below the Fold

See Tweets 74 Onwards for the Real Story

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. RT @AugustDonnelly: Happy Birthday to Brantford’s Other Great One! Hah! #Brantford #Gretzky #LdnOnt #NHL #TheGreatOne #WayneGretzky
    1:24 AM Jan 26th from txt
  2. I do more innovation in a day than most businesses do in a year. WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?
    1:39 AM Jan 26th from Facebook
  3. @VickensMoscova figured you would get that insight Vickens
    2:06 AM Jan 26th from web
  4. @EXPHugo expect to see about 50 ReTweets on this later today when I actually start promoting it (you are mentioned 😉 http://t.co/Ic6SqSbW
    3:24 AM Jan 26th from web
  5. RT @scottEweinberg: King Kong is about man’s ability to destroy nature. Godzilla is about what happens when the damage is done.
    3:27 AM Jan 26th from TweetDeck
  6. @ArtJonak did quite a bit of purging during my transition.
    3:35 AM Jan 26th from web
  7. RT @ArtJonak: When you decide to grow, some people just have to go.
    3:35 AM Jan 26th from web
  8. @gdiver62 consider this my welcome to Brantford post 😉 http://t.co/Ic6SqSbW
    3:37 AM Jan 26th from web
  9. @peterradzio seeing you are awake. Takeaway on this Peter http://t.co/Ic6SqSbW
    3:39 AM Jan 26th from web
  10. @gdiver62 @LinkedinQueen have actually been to Birmingham (great race track BTW) re:@BPL, but I think you meant to say @BtfdLibrary Gord 😉
    6:21 AM Jan 26th from web
  11. RT @Tobias_Stark: Today in ice hockey history, Wayne Gretzky was born (1961), in Brantford, Ontario!
    6:56 AM Jan 26th from Twitter for iPhone
  12. @gdiver62 @LinkedinQueen @BtfdLibrary Have yet to go to bed myself. Winding down now though. Between new post and live podcast busy night
    7:00 AM Jan 26th from web
  13. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @nadeemd
    12:31 PM Jan 26th from Paper.li
  14. @conniecrosby what is this “sleep” you speak of 😉
    13:45 PM Jan 26th from Twitter for iPhone
  15. @BtfdLibrary you’re welcome. Btw search Brantford public library on twitter. Probably 15 new none twitter handle mentions last 12 hours
    13:47 PM Jan 26th from Twitter for iPhone
  16. Thank you for the follow Elza. Noticed you shared… http://t.co/kqblcE0J
    14:20 PM Jan 26th from Facebook
  17. Learn how @BtfdLibrary understands “The Social Media Business Equation” by @LinkedinQueen http://t.co/FGylEoSG #BRANTS
    15:10 PM Jan 26th from web
  18. RT @BtfdLibrary: Happy to be nominated for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Technology. Fingers crossed.
    15:11 PM Jan 26th from web
  19. @BtfdLibrary my pleasure. BTW this tweet today got over 40 ReTweets 😉 https://t.co/XesOMMD6
    19:12 PM Jan 26th from web
  20. @BtfdLibrary you will also appreciate this comment on the blog entry http://t.co/y8jhgsMt
    19:14 PM Jan 26th from web
  21. Optimizing your Personal G+ Profile for SEO http://t.co/IPaXcLy8 via @shutterdownmag
    23:14 PM Jan 26th from Tweet Button
  22. @MayorChrisFriel @TDGv @exphugo much appreciated re: Welcome to #Brantford. Now I have a blog post to update 🙂 Keep engaging! ~Rob
    23:43 PM Jan 26th from web
  23. @jbrad4ord unlike many, I am actually choosing to live physically in the city ;-). Not sure if you caught wind of this http://t.co/Ic6SqSbW
    23:51 PM Jan 26th from web
  24. Update on my Brantford Library Gets It Post http://t.co/FGylEoSG. Kudos to @MayorChrisFriel for Engaging. Keep leading the way @BtfdLibrary
    0:02 AM Jan 27th from web
  25. RT @thebrandbuilder: Remembering #AndyWhitfield today. (Spartacus “Vengeance” premieres on Starz Friday.) Godspeed, man. http://t.co/dsbitJSw
    0:14 AM Jan 27th from TweetDeck
  26. RT @rwang0: Good quote from T. Friedman “the days of average are over. In 5 years above avg will be over” #conferenceofmayors #Davos #futureofwork
    0:14 AM Jan 27th from TweetDeck
  27. RT @AxelS: Updated #XeeMe Power Networker Group on PeerIndex http://t.co/bK2BgsYg – the coolest people in the social web !!!
    0:15 AM Jan 27th from web
  28. @AxelS man I am long overdue in setting up my profile. #HeadDowninShame 😉
    0:16 AM Jan 27th from web
  29. @nwjerseyliz @SerenaCat will turn up
    1:06 AM Jan 27th from web
  30. @sallykwitt indeed he is
    1:07 AM Jan 27th from web
  31. RT @sallykwitt: Great person to know – Marco Polo! http://t.co/RTVRFAXc
    1:08 AM Jan 27th from ManageFlitter
  32. RT @ahier: Whoa! RT @fedscoop: BREAKING! U.S. CTO @aneeshchopra to step down Friday 1/27/12 http://t.co/hRNFp0Ij #gov20
    1:08 AM Jan 27th from Mobile Web
  33. RT @hensel: Forget demographics. It’s all about the socialgraphics http://t.co/wOQRWN4k via @markwschaefer
    1:08 AM Jan 27th from Triberr
  34. @seanard I so wanted to see that concert. Believe it or not, have yet to see them live and one of those things that still annoys me #OneDay
    1:11 AM Jan 27th from web
  35. @jbrad4ord btw this auto journal is based on my @TDGv network and is far more Brantford based in its content. http://t.co/tWKvGcs9
    1:17 AM Jan 27th from web
  36. See what’s trending for @TDGv. Trending Now ▸ #brantford #engagement #opportunity #twitter and more http://t.co/tWKvGcs9 via @twylah
    1:17 AM Jan 27th from Tweet Button
  37. RT @ConstellationRG: RT @badgeville: Join us for the first-ever Enterprise #Gamification webinar w R “Ray” Wang! Spaces limited, sign up — http://t.co/gLdemE0Z
    1:40 AM Jan 27th from TweetDeck
  38. @ConstellationRG @badgeville Have signed up Ray (been sitting in my inbox for a week, this tweet finally got me to register 😉
    1:40 AM Jan 27th from web
  39. @conniecrosby one of the nice features on Path is their Sleep/Awake social feature. Actual tracks how many seconds I sleep and when 😉
    1:42 AM Jan 27th from web
  40. RT @ArtJonak: Failure is not the opposite of SUCCESS… it’s part of it. RT @AllistairMcCaw
    3:20 AM Jan 27th from web
  41. RT @roxanamjones: Finding a new home – Roxana Jones Blog http://t.co/Ac4XzSfl
    3:23 AM Jan 27th from HootSuite
  42. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @saket4s_u @inseansopinion
    12:31 PM Jan 27th from Paper.li
  43. @jbrad4ord you mean this guy 😉 http://t.co/HHiDHmWu http://t.co/m1va77cN (yeah Walter had nothing to do with me moving here 😉
    12:50 PM Jan 27th from web
  44. @AxelS Check again. Finally got around to doing this 🙂 Setting it up now. Thanks for building this one Axel. Will use this one for @TDGv
    12:55 PM Jan 27th from web
  45. Heading out for a meeting (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/RKGtOEFh
    14:47 PM Jan 27th from foursquare
  46. @AxelS agreed but already using one for my personal brand. this one is perfect in my opinion for my business persona (which leverages it)
    20:32 PM Jan 27th from web
  47. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    12:31 PM Jan 28th from Paper.li
  48. RT @twittamentary: @EXPHugo thanks for your Brantford Expositor writeup about #twittamentary.
    13:05 PM Jan 28th from web
  49. If you are in the Brantford area, you really should read this http://t.co/k5n3ratM. If you wish to help out, attend https://t.co/KNJPFChe
    13:17 PM Jan 28th from web
  50. Let’s give @JohnCartmel a Leg Up http://t.co/k5n3ratM. If you are near #Brantford tonight, come out and help https://t.co/iDBrGOHi #VASHL
    16:01 PM Jan 28th from web
  51. @ThatKevinSmith this is one of your #VASHL peeps in need and this is his event tonight. Feel free to lend a ReTweet https://t.co/0IuFnbca
    16:09 PM Jan 28th from web
  52. @seanard @brantnews thanks for the RT on the fundraiser event Sean. 50+ retweets.
    20:49 PM Jan 28th from web
  53. @BigDaddyKreativ thanks for the RT. Heading to event now.
    20:55 PM Jan 28th from web
  54. Attending John’s benefit (@ Gunners Club) http://t.co/ZN1zzwSv
    22:37 PM Jan 28th from foursquare
  55. Nice to see @Trevor_Cherewka at @JohnCartmel‘s fundraiser. http://t.co/kAFv42j6
    22:44 PM Jan 28th from Twitter for Android
  56. @Trevor_Cherewka @BigDaddyKreativ This is the interview with @mingchen37 I was talking about tonight Trevor. http://t.co/Ob3mphIf #SocBiz
    0:55 AM Jan 29th from web
  57. @qdotty #ThisHashtagisForYou
    1:02 AM Jan 29th from web
  58. @davecarrol count me amongst those new to Brantford from GTA.
    1:22 AM Jan 29th from web
  59. RT @ctalden: @ThatKevinSmith Hey, man. Are you aware of the @That_KevinSmith acct? Dude copied your profile pic & Bio.
    1:33 AM Jan 29th from TweetCaster for Android
  60. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @wpghyundaicolin
    12:31 PM Jan 29th from Paper.li
  61. Great fundraising event last night to help @JohnCartmel #GetaLegUp. Have a read http://t.co/k5n3ratM and contact @JohnCartmel for donations.
    13:42 PM Jan 29th from web
  62. RT @kylelewis1: Go Shank! #50thRolex24
    14:20 PM Jan 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  63. RT @LegoStig: It amazes me yr after yr that cars can race for 24 hrs and yet be seconds apart. #50thRolex24
    14:32 PM Jan 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  64. RT @kparlett: @SPEED Dear America, why don’t we have a #50thRolex24 every weekend!? Its the best of all worlds NASCAR, INDY, GrandAm drivers all at once!
    14:49 PM Jan 29th from web
  65. RT @vairbits: “@mearn: I’ve got a $20 bill here I’ll put a mustache on and sell to you for only $50” #StupidCommercials #50thRolex24
    15:11 PM Jan 29th from TweetDeck
  66. @randymatheson INDEED
    15:11 PM Jan 29th from Twitter for Android
  67. RT @YORKMotorsport: DINGER!!! SHANK!!! OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE – AND RESULT TO ALL!! cc: @AJDinger @SundayGroup #50Rolex24 #GoShankGo@DISupdates #perseverance
    15:45 PM Jan 29th from web
  68. RT @jowyang: What cities have you seen this Facebook sign? (I’m in Redwood city, close to FB HQ) http://t.co/v0vnT0tA
    15:45 PM Jan 29th from Twitter for iPhone
  69. RT @DISupdates: Congratulations to @ajdinger and @Michaelshankrac on winning the #50throlex24 http://t.co/3pawG6jJ http://t.co/r4Gt5k1p
    15:47 PM Jan 29th from TweetDeck
  70. RT @Jim_Bowie: Congrats to @AJDinger @OzzNegri @AndyLally @Sundaygroup #50thRolex24 Big day for “Skip Barber Trained”
    15:47 PM Jan 29th from HootSuite
  71. RT @DISupdates: Winning #50throlex24 GT class team with @andylally celebrating in Gatorade Victory Lane. http://t.co/EtYGNLqY
    15:56 PM Jan 29th from TweetDeck
  72. @davecarrol plenty of potential for Brantford indeed
    6:19 AM Jan 30th from Twitter for iPhone
  73. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @hipurbangirl @tracigregory @rontite
    12:39 PM Jan 30th from Paper.li
  74. @gsgill187 with tweets like that, thank you for reminding me to now block you and unconnect with you on LinkedIn as well. CYA AUTOBOT
    12:49 PM Jan 30th from web
  75. Prime example of how not to engage on twitter https://t.co/zzjy2TDw PS> “Social Media Trainer” < REASSESS YOUR PROFESSION!
    12:51 PM Jan 30th from web
  76. @gsgill187 next time try engaging with the person as opposed to simply using a mass spamming tool. Social Media FAIL
    13:01 PM Jan 30th from web
  77. If someone unfollows you, ask them why as opposed to using Passive Aggressive Spam Tools… http://t.co/aCn3x8ZO
    13:05 PM Jan 30th from Facebook
  78. @gsgill187 a) these tweets speak volumes b) can’t recall you ever engaging c) passive aggressive spam tools don’t work http://t.co/Sywq7TMe
    13:15 PM Jan 30th from web
  79. How would you respond to a Passive Aggressive Tweet like this? http://t.co/g6EKIsfZ
    13:24 PM Jan 30th from Facebook
  80. @gsgill187 next time try not coping/pasting the same passive aggressive tweet and simply ENGAGE. Likely a much better result #MovingOn
    13:37 PM Jan 30th from web
  81. @gsgill187 and with that last bit of engagement, I have now unblocked you and am following you. #AlwaysWillingtoGiveAnotherChance 😉
    13:44 PM Jan 30th from web
  82. @gsgill187 best chat I had all day 😉 The key learning here is “passive aggressive” comments to guilt people back don’t generally go well
    13:48 PM Jan 30th from web
  83. @gsgill187 but actually engaging people in dialogue actually fosters engagement and thus collaboration. #ThusEndedtheLessonforToday 🙂
    13:48 PM Jan 30th from web
  84. @gsgill187 actually when I went to check what the deal was all about, twitter had you listed as not following to start with (bug perhaps)
    13:53 PM Jan 30th from web
  85. @gsgill187 totally agree, always try to engage and would welcome you over to @TDGv which is where I tend to engage more anyways
    13:53 PM Jan 30th from web
  86. @gsgill187 and as you say the real message is the choice of the wording was passive aggressive in nature, “Did you mean to unfollow?” better
    13:54 PM Jan 30th from web
  87. @gsgill187 agreed and what really triggered the block was that 5 tweets in a row used the same “bot like” behaviour indicating a tool spam
    13:57 PM Jan 30th from web
  88. Good and Bad, the engagement with @gsgill187 today represented both the positive and negative of twitter and opportunity to resolve issues
    13:58 PM Jan 30th from web
  89. @gsgill187 learning is all about experimenting. the key to learning is to fall, learn, adapt, rise up and repeat until success
    14:01 PM Jan 30th from web
  90. @gsgill187 as for me, I have learned that over the years I have grown to really dislike autobot messages and have acquired a block mindset
    14:02 PM Jan 30th from web
  91. @gsgill187 for me it was as follows 1) a more or less unvetted connection (this is the most we have engaged) 2) a series of “autobot” tweets
    14:04 PM Jan 30th from web
  92. RT @absolutesubzero: RT @vascellari: LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter [New Data] http://t.co/5MZQ97m3
    14:06 PM Jan 30th from HootSuite
  93. @absolutesubzero not fully sold on those numbers personally. Have found Linkedin engagement very poor. Albeit being more biz, it does relate
    14:07 PM Jan 30th from web
  94. @gsgill187 as well here re: “priceless opportunity to flex my handle aggrieved tweets & resolve dispute amicably on twitter muscles” 🙂
    14:08 PM Jan 30th from web
  95. @gsgill187 now go right a blog about all of this as there be gold in them mountains 😉
    14:09 PM Jan 30th from web
  96. @gsgill187 other key message (albeit repeated). make sure your tweets don’t read like something a programmer would put in a spam tool 😉
    14:10 PM Jan 30th from web
  97. @gsgill187 sadly, I have been hit with a massive amount of automative spam (more so lately). Respond with my own bot-like behaviour sadly
    14:12 PM Jan 30th from web
  98. @gsgill187 thus the now “earned” follow back 😉
    14:15 PM Jan 30th from web
  99. @gsgill187 that is fundamentally what Social CRM is all about isn’t it?
    14:34 PM Jan 30th from web

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