This Post has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A. and has been removed – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 12:30 PM Jan 16th – 12:30 PM Jan 22nd

SOPA/PIPA Blackout Support Video

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @johnmorgan @peterradzio @lizzharmon
    12:30 PM Jan 16th from
  2. Monthly Brantford Entrepreneurs ( @BrantfordMeetup ) evening network event at @theurbangetaway
    18:55 PM Jan 16th from Twitter for Android
  3. Great #BRANTS Entrepreneurs meetup (@BRANTSMEETUP) hosted by @MadamConnect #Brantford
    21:23 PM Jan 16th from web
  4. RT @roxanamjones: Do you know you can help creative people actively? Join Me on #kickstarter
    21:25 PM Jan 16th from HootSuite
  5. My week on twitter: 11 retweets received, 1 new listings, 16 new followers, 21 mentions. Via:
    11:17 AM Jan 17th from TwentyFeet
  6. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @demandresults @scottwambler
    12:31 PM Jan 17th from
  7. Trying out the local Casey’s. Proper Guinness slow pour unlike another bar in Brantford CC @madamconnect 😉 [pic]:
    16:03 PM Jan 17th from foursquare
  8. @MadamConnect Hehe. Couldn’t resist
    16:08 PM Jan 17th from Twitter for Android
  9. @MadamConnect Hehe
    18:11 PM Jan 17th from Twitter for Android
  10. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @sallykwitt @mediaincanada @jackinessity
    12:30 PM Jan 18th from
  11. My Vacation Video has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A. and has been removed. #SOPA #PIPA #Censorship
    13:50 PM Jan 18th from Tweet Button
  12. @jbrad4ord it is a video I put together to affirm my opposition to SOPA and PIPA. Under that law, that video would no longer be allowed.
    14:38 PM Jan 18th from web
  13. RT @DarinRMcClure: ███ thinking ███ █████ █████████████ #SPOA █████ is ████ #censorship
    14:39 PM Jan 18th from web
  14. RT @EliseRGood: Watch PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet
    14:40 PM Jan 18th from Tweet Button
  15. RT @TechZader: Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout bypass trick roils backers by @ComputerWorld
    14:40 PM Jan 18th from twitterfeed
  16. @jbrad4ord as do I, but the way the bill is set up, it would allow for much abuse. read links
    15:45 PM Jan 18th from web
  17. @jbrad4ord you’re quite welcome. it really comes down to shutting down an entire domain vs. dealing with the instance of content infrigement
    17:04 PM Jan 18th from web
  18. Getting ready to head out to & host the weekly @TDGv Social Business mentoring session with fellow #BRANTS in Brantford
    17:46 PM Jan 18th from web
  19. Last week’s Social Business Podcast on #Ubuntu and #Linux produced by #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency
    17:49 PM Jan 18th from Tweet Button
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @roynaim @deb_lavoy @demandresults @ramikantari
    12:31 PM Jan 19th from
  21. RT @TweetstockCA: We are excited to announce that @RLavigne42 will be joining the He Said panel at #tweetstock007
    13:19 PM Jan 19th from web
  22. @TweetstockCA Am excited as well to be part of the upcoming #tweetstock007 #HeSaid #SheSaid #Panel #Brantford #BRANTS
    13:20 PM Jan 19th from web
  23. @peterradzio Thanks man. Looking forward to being part of this panel. Will likely have video from the event care of @atomicspark as well.
    13:25 PM Jan 19th from web
  24. RT @peterradzio: Currently reading CONGRATS ROB!!!!
    13:26 PM Jan 19th from Tweet Button
  25. RT @BRANTSmeetup: @TweetstockCA @RLavigne42 Congratulations Rob! Happy to hear of your well-deserved recognition among #Brants and #Tweetstock communities.
    13:43 PM Jan 19th from web
  26. @BRANTSmeetup Thanks, wanted to share the @TweetstockCA announcement last night at the #BRANTS Social Business Hangout, but needed to wait.
    13:44 PM Jan 19th from web
  27. @candacemountain you’re very welcome
    13:56 PM Jan 19th from web
  28. RT @MatchesMalone: Google Analytics Flow Visualization via @AddThis
    14:00 PM Jan 19th from Visibli
  29. @secretagentlisa looking forward to hearing @juliecole speak at @TweetstockCA as well.
    15:05 PM Jan 19th from web
  30. RT @TRAFFIC_Toronto: Brantford – collision westbound Hwy-403 at Garden
    15:36 PM Jan 19th from IGS GTN
  31. RT @welovebrantford: Snow squall warning issued for Brantford, Brant
    15:36 PM Jan 19th from Google
  32. @welovebrantford Lots of people realizing they have no proper tires on their pickups/cars today
    15:37 PM Jan 19th from web
  33. @Greg2dot0 not surprised at all by this
    15:46 PM Jan 19th from web
  34. Latest Social Business podcast from The Digital Grapevine.
    17:38 PM Jan 19th from LinkedIn
  35. RT @TDGv: We are happy to announce that @RLavigne42 has been asked to be part of the #Tweetstock007 Panel. BIO #Brantford #SocBiz
    20:44 PM Jan 19th from web
  36. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    12:30 PM Jan 20th from
  37. RT @TweetstockCA#FF the #tweetstock007 guys #HeSaidPanel @CuteGecko @RLavigne42 @MMPerspectives
    20:00 PM Jan 20th from web
  38. @MarianneCrocks thanks for the RT
    20:00 PM Jan 20th from Twitter for Android
  39. Watching @2020lifeline‘s son play hockey (@ Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre) [pic]:
    21:02 PM Jan 20th from foursquare
  40. RT @TweetstockCA#FF the Ladies of #Tweetstock007 – @kathybuckworth, @JuliaRosien and @juliecole #SheSaidPanel
    6:49 AM Jan 21st from web
  41. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @marketingm8
    12:30 PM Jan 21st from
  42. @marketingm8 you’re welcome
    14:12 PM Jan 21st from web
  43. RT @those2girls: RT @those2girls: Looks like the #VolunTIARAS R ready for #tweetstock007
    14:12 PM Jan 21st from TweetDeck
  44. RT @TweetstockCA: Be sure to like our fanpage #tweetstock007 #HelpABrotherOut
    14:14 PM Jan 21st from web
  45. @JuliaRosien looking forward to the #HeSaid #SheSaid panel
    14:15 PM Jan 21st from web
  46. Near #YYZ #HamOnt #Waterloo #Brantford? Join Robert Lavigne @RLavigne42 this April at #Tweetstock007 #FF @TweetstockCA
    14:34 PM Jan 21st from web
  47. Cooking bacon wrapped chicken breasts with garlic mushrooms
    19:13 PM Jan 21st from Twitter for Android
  48. Huge Thanks for the RT @qwikrme_ @DL101 @BobWarren @nicolascpa @T_Burrows @annehthomas @clatko @TweetstockCA
    19:57 PM Jan 21st from web
  49. Huge Thanks for the RT @txwikinger @peterradzio @GenerateUK @Freedomwalker77 @iopsychguy @TDGv @TweetstockCA
    20:01 PM Jan 21st from web
  50. @T_Burrows you should try to attend @TweetstockCA in April, would be great to see you again IRL
    21:18 PM Jan 21st from Twitter for Android
  51. @candacemountain You’re very welcome. This feed is my research firehose (verbose), whereas @TDGv tends to be the one I use to engage with.
    21:33 PM Jan 21st from web
  52. Late #FF Thanks for the mentions & RTs this week! @TDGv @TweetstockCA @annehthomas @uDaeth @txwikinger via @Crowdbooster
    22:27 PM Jan 21st from Crowdbooster
  53. @RLavigne42 is ranked 112,800 on retweetrank. Where do you rank?
    22:33 PM Jan 21st from Tweet Button
  54. RT @roy4au#CBSSPORTSSAYS Al Gore invented the Internet, stopped Global warming, & will win the 2012 Presidential race.
    22:50 PM Jan 21st from Twitter for iPhone
  55. The Hidden Treasures of Linkedin – Part 1 “The Profile”: via @BBusinesses
    12:24 PM Jan 22nd from Tweet Button
  56. @PickyKim you’re welcome
    12:25 PM Jan 22nd from web
  57. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @grahamhill @badassdigest
    12:30 PM Jan 22nd from

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