“Happy Life@42 +1 Birthday” Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 20:47 PM Nov 14th – 10:23 AM Nov 21st

Happy Life@42 +1 Birthday

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. RT @dankeldsen: Ha! I mean… hmm… RT @charlieisaacs#e2conf Don Tapscott on stage to sell us @MoxieSoft oops I meant to talk about the New Enterprise
    20:47 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  2. RT @BerrPoint: “Digital Natives” the generation that grows up with tech vs “Digital Immigrant”#e2conf #keynote
    20:47 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  3. RT @cflanagan: “Internet is not just about just hooking up online, it’s about a new means of production” @dtapscott #e2conf
    20:47 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  4. RT @mor_trisha: Kids today are digital natives. Us older folk (yes, ‘us’) are digital immigrants – we have to learn the language. UR @dtapscott #e2conf
    20:48 PM Nov 14th from UberSocial for Android
  5. RT @jayleask: “The future is not something to be predicted, it’s something to be achieved” @dtapscott #e2conf #keynote
    20:48 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  6. RT @Greg2dot0: Let’s play the @dtapscott drinking game…everytime he mentions his book or his company…take a drink #e2conf
    20:49 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  7. RT @swensonkeith: Our schools have the very best model of learning that the technology of 17th century can provide @dtapscott #e2conf
    20:49 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  8. RT @rhappe: It’s getting harder and harder to change your organization, you need to change your industry @dtapscott #e2conf
    20:50 PM Nov 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  9. RT @Greg2dot0: I like @dtapscott humor, I respect him a lot…#e2conf we kid w/love…what’s your next book? Macro Freakin Wikinonomics?
    20:50 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  10. RT @dankeldsen: MWF FTW! RT @charlieisaacs: The new @dtapscott book is call MacroWikinomics, his next book is called MicroFreekinWikinomics #e2conf
    20:51 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  11. RT @swensonkeith: not an information age, but an age of cranial intelligence. @dtapscott #e2conf
    20:51 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  12. RT @IanHamHunter: ‘If our governments & institutions don’t change, they are going to get changed’ @dtapscott discusses social change & governance at #e2conf
    20:51 PM Nov 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  13. RT @lizwakefield: Wikipedia asked the world to write strategic plan – everyone brings crumbs to the table and eventually you have a feast #e2conf
    20:52 PM Nov 14th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  14. RT @jessewilkins: Peer regulation doesn’t work as well in highly regulated environments; worried a bit about mobocracy vs lone voice in the wilderness #e2conf
    20:52 PM Nov 14th from Echofon
  15. RT @swensonkeith: The software is not the solution. The software is just a reflection of the fundamentals of your organization #e2conf
    20:52 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  16. RT @mor_trisha: Software is not the solution. Software is a reflection of your organizational culture. -Paul Green #e2conf
    22:45 PM Nov 14th from UberSocial for Android
  17. RT @rhappe: Love seeing organizational models that removes paternalism & assumes personal responsibility and accountability #e2conf
    22:48 PM Nov 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  18. RT @cdgrams: “community ran the strategy, we just provided the framework.” @philippewiki @hackmanagement #e2conf
    22:48 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  19. RT @rwang0: RT @marciamarcia: The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting. Walt Disney > Same said for #e20 #e2conf #socialbiz?
    10:06 AM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  20. RT @YasserMonkachi: “Make it simple, keep it focused, drive innovation” #E2conf
    10:07 AM Nov 15th from web
  21. My week on twitter: 23 retweets received, 1 new followers, 47 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    10:15 AM Nov 15th from TwentyFeet
  22. RT @SameerPatel: RT @davidkovacovich: 47% of companies have Marketing leading #socialmedia strategy #e2conf
    13:59 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  23. RT @JimLundy: Marketing may be leading the charge in Social Media, but they are not leading the Enterprise Social Networking strategy. #e2conf #csummit
    14:00 PM Nov 15th from web
  24. RT @ambjr: “How well does the org chart represent who you work with?” Not well, so new systems need to discover the real r’ships. #e2conf
    14:00 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for Windows Phone
  25. RT @gordonr: Your social software initiative: it’s a program, not a project. 80% change management. @mikegotta#e2conf
    14:01 PM Nov 15th from web
  26. RT @gordonr: Mobile, or as we like to call it, the intranet in your pants. #e2conf cc @thoughtfarmer
    14:03 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  27. RT @RobertsGolden: Yep! RT @mollsiebee#e2conf keynote: Tech is not enough–chg mgmt must be in place. Bld it & they will come? “This is not field of dreams”
    14:04 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  28. RT @dspark: While technology is accelerating, our brain capacity isn’t. That limits e2.0 collaboration adoption. People are the weakest link. #e2conf
    14:06 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  29. RT @groupaya: Culture is going to be the competitor differentiator. We r still at beginning of realizing how to optimize groups of people. @happe #e2conf
    14:06 PM Nov 15th from CoTweet
  30. RT @cflanagan: Difference between Friendship and Partnership is contextual trust & advocacy as well as absolute trust & advocacy @rhappe #e2conf
    14:07 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  31. RT @TheCR: Social Media can only get you so far..communities fill the gap btwn the engagement and relationship stage says @rhappe #e2conf #socbiz #cmgr
    14:08 PM Nov 15th from CoTweet
  32. RT @beingmichelle: “About.me had 1 million users in less than 9 months” @timyoung #e2conf
    14:09 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  33. RT @sradick: Memo to organizations – stop fighting complexity with more complexity. Stop issuing RFPs with 450+ feature reqs #e2conf
    14:10 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  34. RT @KMHobbie: Communication is *oxygen* of your company, it’s what’s driving the value of your company (Tim Young at #e2conf#yam
    14:10 PM Nov 15th from web
  35. RT @mor_trisha: Make social tools more simple. Remove features, reduce the hierarchy – simplicity increases usage. @timyoung #e2conf
    14:11 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  36. RT @mark_horton: “Socialcast believes that it’s not about the software, but what it allows people to do.” @timyoung Keynote #e2conf
    14:13 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPad
  37. RT @alanlepo: VMWare sends an email to each employee at 5pm where they click an icon indicating if they are happy, ok or sad. #e2conf
    14:14 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPad
  38. RT @gordonr: A different type of sentiment analysis: forget the linguistics, ask them how they are feeling. #e2conf
    14:14 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  39. RT @groupaya: “niko niko” (smile project) helping managers become coaches, and mentors, instead of task drivers @timyoung #e2conf
    14:15 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  40. RT @mor_trisha: Pandemic failure = failure we tolerate & do nothing about. IE, ‘I want to write reports that no one will read.’ @KevinDJones #e2conf
    14:29 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  41. RT @cflanagan: Failure is ok if you still recover. Learn from it and build trust in process. #e2conf @KevinDJones
    14:30 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  42. RT @sradick: Here’s a link to the awesome failure video that @kevindjones played during his keynote at #e2conf (http://t.co/pxmdlWxv)
    14:30 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  43. RT @cflanagan: If you have high trust – you have higher threshold for “Failure” @KevinDJones #e2conf (point also made by @rhappe)
    14:30 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  44. RT @gordonr: High trust, means high failure, means high learning, therefore innovation and progress @kevindjones #e2conf
    14:30 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  45. RT @cflanagan: Trust > Failure > Learn > Innovation > Process improvement – all important @KevinDJones #e2conf
    14:30 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  46. RT @cmswire: “Enterprise 2.0 is messy. We fail all the time. And we have to be OK with that.” @KevinDJones #e2conf
    14:31 PM Nov 15th from web
  47. RT @sradick: “People who are against Enterprise 2.0 are very passionate about it” #e2conf
    14:32 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  48. RT @marciamarcia: Ways to fail: Make policy ugly. Assume this is about the tool or it’s not at all about the tools. #e2conf -@KevinDJones
    14:33 PM Nov 15th from web
  49. @cflanagan great tweet capture from the event Claire. Keep it up. ~Rob
    14:34 PM Nov 15th from web
  50. RT @lehawes: Love @tomfkelly‘s analogy of CEO listening and responding via social software as equivalent of “managing by walking around”. #e2conf
    14:44 PM Nov 15th from Tweetie for Mac
  51. RT @eliingraham: RT @johnkwaters: @tomfkelly: 1 of the great challenge of the CEO is to find out who knows what inside the organization. #e2conf
    14:44 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  52. RT @lehawes: “You don’t need technology to collaborate.” – @OpenJonathan Thanks for that reminder. We all get too caught up in the tools. #e2conf
    14:47 PM Nov 15th from Tweetie for Mac
  53. RT @eliingraham: LOL @tomfkelly smack-talking ROI “someone’s likely still out there wondering what the ROI is of email systems and still using memos” #e2conf
    14:47 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  54. RT @mor_trisha: You don’t need software to collaborate. But it can help enable efficiency & effectiveness. Give tools, get out of way @OpenJonathan #e2conf
    14:48 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  55. RT @Katykeim: RT @LithiumTech: @pgreenbe says, “What customers value and what businesses value are two very different things.” #lithcast
    14:49 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  56. RT @RobertsGolden: “At some point instinct doesn’t scale anymore…” @openjonathan #e2conf
    14:58 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  57. RT @lehawes: RT @sradick: Enterprise 2.0 communities tend to reflect the organization – if you’ve got a messed up org, that will be revealed #e2conf
    14:58 PM Nov 15th from Tweetie for Mac
  58. RT @mor_trisha: Customers expect employees to be talking to each other internally. This is why enabling employees is so crucial. @tomfkelly #e2conf
    15:04 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  59. 3D meets 3C: Cloud, Collaboration and Context http://t.co/4WCZS8Wb via @dankeldsen
    15:22 PM Nov 15th from Tweet Button
  60. RT @groupaya: RT @dtapscott My interview with @Forbes: The Industrial Age Has Finally Run out of Gas http://t.co/RCrcoIGv #e2conf
    15:33 PM Nov 15th from CoTweet
  61. RT @DavidKovacovich: Community platforms are a 24/7 town hall meeting. Executive perspective from @tomfkelly #c-level #socialmedia #e2conf
    15:38 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  62. RT @EelcoKaper: oh yes RT “@gordonr: Crowd, cloud, social, and mobile. The big 4 tech trends according to keynoters #e2conf
    15:38 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  63. RT @lehawes: RT @sparqlight “#E20 still in its awkward teen years –> #infographic http://t.co/V37ky7ER #e2conf” Nice visual summary of adoption data!
    16:07 PM Nov 15th from Tweetie for Mac
  64. RT @hackmanagement: RT @bill_george: Companies need to give innovators room to fail, which often gives rise to success http://t.co/sB0UItA7
    16:34 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  65. RT @stein_nick: ‘The relationship of this generation to technology is different’ -@facebook‘s Molly Graham at #e2conf
    16:44 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  66. RT @eliingraham: integration is key: “the last thing you want with a social platform is a new document dump” – paul heisig [@disney#e2conf
    17:13 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  67. RT @olivermarks: “fast failure leads to fast learning” #Facebook #e2conf
    17:13 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  68. RT @Infosourcer: Facebook gives bonuses twice/yr so that employees can get rewarded closer to when they actually produced results #e2conf #hr #bestpractice
    17:13 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  69. @jacobm not surprised really re: @yammer
    17:14 PM Nov 15th from web
  70. RT @stein_nick: ‘People are looking for work that has meaning.’ @Facebook‘s Molly Graham @rypple #e2conf
    17:15 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  71. RT @SameerPatel: says @eringrotts – product communities for store operators are informing merchandizing and supply chains #supervalu #e2conf #roomF
    17:15 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  72. RT @eliingraham: sounds like “talent discovery” to me RT @cflanagan: “never underestimate an employees willingness to do something different.” #e2conf
    17:15 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  73. RT @groupaya: “If people understand why a decision was made & are a part of it, it creates ownership. In the end, it’s faster.” MGraham Facebook #e2conf
    17:25 PM Nov 15th from CoTweet
  74. RT @dlahey: Email is not an effective way to communicate in high volumes. Social platforms solve that today. #e2conf
    17:25 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  75. RT @JohnOlszewski: On your Social Business platform use the tag #solution for content that solves a problem. Simple but great idea from #e2conf#yam
    18:18 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPad
  76. RT @mor_trisha: Why not embrace LinkedIn inside the enterprise? People market themselves so well outside, why not inside? Expert location @ eBay #e2conf
    18:18 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  77. RT @rynnic: “Social isn’t going to kill email, kill docs, kill how you do projects” @pauljavid @msft <- Invested in the status quo, perhaps? #e2conf
    18:19 PM Nov 15th from web
  78. RT @mor_trisha: People are glued to email. It’s still the #1 source of info. Email notifications from the social platform can help connect ppl -eBay #e2conf
    18:19 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  79. @mor_trisha great coverage. thanks for all the great tweets ~Rob
    18:20 PM Nov 15th from web
  80. @mjayliebs I have the same question regarding any social media intellectual property that leverages staff in them
    18:21 PM Nov 15th from web
  81. RT @mjayliebs: Who gets the Twitter account in the divorce? (employer/employee) http://t.co/6I2k7Xdx #hr #e2conf #scrm
    18:21 PM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  82. RT @MeganMurray: For clarity, sold seats doesn’t = adoption. Neither do completed profiles. #e2conf
    18:21 PM Nov 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  83. @MeganMurray so very true
    18:21 PM Nov 15th from web
  84. RT @eliingraham: RT @mor_trisha: Engagement tip: Schedule an Ask the Expert on popular topic such as ESPP to draw employees to the platform. -eBay #e2conf
    18:22 PM Nov 15th from TweetChat
  85. RT @so_co_co: @SameerPatel @meganmurray Invest in usage stats reports for your users. The only way to prove usage is to show usage. #e2conf#harddata
    18:22 PM Nov 15th from web
  86. @dspark sad sad sad statement (but likely true)
    18:23 PM Nov 15th from web
  87. RT @mor_trisha: eBay enterprise taxonomy, only 3 levels: 1. Business unit 2. Organization 3. Geolocation. Further taxonomy is instituted by team #e2conf
    18:23 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  88. @DavidOrtez @dspark I think the larger point is the context of their content.
    18:26 PM Nov 15th from web
  89. @dspark @RyanAManning @DavidOrtez @mor_trisha really comes down to where content is coming from. take today. most of my feed today is RT
    18:31 PM Nov 15th from web
  90. @mjayliebs HR is so not ready for the deluge of personal brands coming into the enterprise. sadly most will simply become corp bots instead
    18:31 PM Nov 15th from web
  91. RT @amirad: The world around us is changing. You might not have to change with it, but you do have to be open and curious to the changes
    18:32 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  92. RT @johnmorgan: When you challenge the status quo in your industry, the haters come out. That’s how you know you’re doing it right
    18:32 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  93. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @tunderwood @enterprisetwo @ozsultan
    18:47 PM Nov 15th from Paper.li
  94. RT @mor_trisha: To connect with your customers, reveal the customer superheroes. @vargasl #e2conf
    18:56 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  95. @SocialJeremy @charlieisaacs agreed
    18:56 PM Nov 15th from web
  96. RT @mor_trisha: If you don’t know the needs, desires & challenges of your customers, your won’t be able to connect & resonate with them. @vargasl #e2conf
    18:56 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  97. RT @marciamarcia: Social learning is participating with others to make sense of new ideas. Nothing more. Nothing less. #e2conf
    19:00 PM Nov 15th from web
  98. RT @SameerPatel: RT @terrigriffith: The #e2conf feed is a great informal learning tool 4 modern management > +1
    19:07 PM Nov 15th from HootSuite
  99. @dspark @RyanAManning @davidortez @mor_trisha too each their own. pretty sure @askaaronlee as an example would say otherwise 😉
    19:09 PM Nov 15th from web
  100. @dspark @mor_trisha @RyanAManning @davidortez Think the main issue is that each feed has its own construct. Example @TDGv is my non-firehose
    19:11 PM Nov 15th from web
  101. @dspark @mor_trisha @RyanAManning @davidortez do agree on overload point though. main issue was flawed mindset of hiring practice on tweet#
    19:11 PM Nov 15th from web
  102. @dspark @RyanAManning @davidortez @mor_trisha once again comes down to content vs. quantity.look at my last 100 tweets see the value of them
    19:13 PM Nov 15th from web
  103. RT @mor_trisha: HP sponsors ‘Ask the Expert’ day on customer community. 800% increase on # of posts on expert days. @MichaelProcopio #e2conf
    19:14 PM Nov 15th from UberSocial for Android
  104. RT @pemullen: Audience engagement evolution will include gamification platforms like @badgeville. Samsung sees dramatic results in cust behavior #e2conf
    19:20 PM Nov 15th from Seesmic
  105. RT @sapountzis: .@ekolsky asking the question: Is content the lifeblood of a community ? IMHO yes, esp. as you seed the community #e2conf
    19:23 PM Nov 15th from Twitterrific
  106. @RyanAManning @dspark @davidortez @mor_trisha I look at it this way. @RLavigne42 is my content firehose. @TDGv is my context engagement feed
    19:27 PM Nov 15th from web
  107. @RyanAManning @dspark @davidortez @mor_trisha also at the run of one simple jquery, my entire feed from today’s #E2Conf becomes a blog entry
    19:28 PM Nov 15th from web
  108. RT @markfidelman: How to Improve Social Business Adoption as Told by IBM (Part 1) http://t.co/CPlGEdzg via @rawn #ibm #socbiz #e2conf
    19:39 PM Nov 15th from Tweet Button
  109. RT @marciamarcia: MyPOV: stop trying to sell people on idea of “social learning.” Very little deep learning has *ever* happened in isolation. #e2conf
    19:40 PM Nov 15th from web
  110. RT @mlevitt: “Social is not a trend anymore. It is the way we do business” – Bhupesh Arora, Avery Dennison, an IBM Connections customer #e2conf
    11:47 AM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  111. RT @sradick: Instead of competing with SharePoint, #e20 vendors seem to now be focused trying to integrate with it #e2conf
    12:00 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  112. RT @cflanagan: “Cities thrives because of their messiness and disorder” per Jane Jacobs vs. Moses for urban planning in NYC of 60’s #e2conf
    12:00 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  113. RT @mor_trisha: Business systems, cube farms, systems of record reflect sterile, modernist design. @gordonr #e2conf
    12:00 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  114. RT @eliingraham: .@gordonr talkin “buzzword bingo” -> mechanistic structures cannot adapt to change, not wired for innovation #e2conf
    12:03 PM Nov 16th from TweetChat
  115. RT @mor_trisha: Mechanistic designs are not built for adaptation & flexibility, they are designed to achieve preconceived outcomes. @gordonr #e2conf
    12:19 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  116. RT @sradick: “Social Learning is one of the overlooked benefits of #e20 – your employees don’t always just have to take formal classes any more” #e2conf
    12:21 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  117. RT @dankeldsen: Collaborative #innovation survey underway ATTN #e2conf folks http://t.co/BkUH1gBo #e20 #socbiz
    12:21 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  118. RT @mor_trisha: Best practices work well in simple systems. But in complicated & complex systems, best practices can lead to chaos. @vanderwal #e2conf
    12:58 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  119. RT @sradick: STOP recreating the organizational silos that exist in real-life on your SharePoint platform. Don’t organize it like your org chart #e2conf
    12:59 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  120. RT @rhappe: New #socbiz environments are like towns without zoning. Next step is to have a community manager start to organize the environment #e2conf
    12:59 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  121. RT @mor_trisha: Human settlements scale from hamlet > village > town > city. Online cmtys follow similar scale, community mgrs needed. @vanderwal #e2conf
    12:59 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  122. RT @cflanagan: .@vanderwal started banning word of “trust” – an ellusive/fuzzy word for most. But social “comfort” with people works better #e2conf
    13:00 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  123. RT @rwang0: Check out the #gamification vendors at #e2conf @bunchball @Badgeville good stuff. here’s a primer http://t.co/YMtjmBd0
    13:02 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  124. @alanlepo it’s quickly becoming the new word IMHO
    13:07 PM Nov 16th from web
  125. @rwang0 looking forward to it. been saying it for years that gamification is the number one source of generating engagement in collab tools
    13:08 PM Nov 16th from web
  126. @Greg2dot0 agree. one of the reasons I limit my podcasts to me interviewing 2 people. keeps the flow going nicely and on topic
    13:09 PM Nov 16th from web
  127. RT @dhinchcliffe: RT @rwang0: What are the top 20 #socbiz use cases for 2011? http://t.co/FY2UEtx9 #e2conf #scrm < And for 2012 as well.
    13:10 PM Nov 16th from HootSuite
  128. @cflanagan even larger issue when you look at cloud-based corp data issues for non-US companies.
    13:17 PM Nov 16th from web
  129. @alanlepo okay that last one literally had me laughing out loud (spooked the cats) re: acronym
    13:17 PM Nov 16th from web
  130. RT @MeganMurray: And regulation is where the walls are. You’re gonna need more than a cool cheap tool to get beyond that. #e2conf
    13:18 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  131. @MeganMurray BINGO re: regulation vs. cool cheap toy
    13:18 PM Nov 16th from web
  132. RT @Ross: Consumer IT trend inevitable, so it comes down to governance and security policy by IT Realists. #e2conf
    13:28 PM Nov 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  133. RT @sapountzis: Many parallels in viral adoption between yammer today and sfdc 10 years ago in the enterprise. The user is in control…#e2conf
    13:29 PM Nov 16th from Twitterrific
  134. @Greg2dot0 @Scobleizer ahh but G+ is almost perfect for the SMB who wish to leverage the freemium google apps infrastructure in a Social SMB
    13:30 PM Nov 16th from web
  135. RT @aewang: Great insight by Robert Scoble that Facebook isn’t trying to get more users. It’s trying to get its users 2 do more on its platform #e2conf
    13:31 PM Nov 16th from web
  136. @Greg2dot0 exactly my point, it scales to just the right size for their needs and budget. hangout alone is MASSIVE for SMB doing social CRM
    13:32 PM Nov 16th from web
  137. @Greg2dot0 btw you must be loving all the @yammer love at #e2conf (kudos on the move 😉
    13:32 PM Nov 16th from web
  138. RT @cflanagan: Business is now intersection of 1. So (social) 2. Lo (location based) 3. Mo (mobile) #e2conf
    13:34 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  139. @Greg2dot0 wait until you see what I have in mind for @yammer right here in Brantford 😉 <shhhh> #BRANTS
    13:35 PM Nov 16th from web
  140. @cflanagan ditto
    13:37 PM Nov 16th from web
  141. RT @rynnic: Lesson from @scobleizer#socialbusiness must break cycle of penetrate > grow virally > booted by IT > replaced by big guys #e2conf
    14:00 PM Nov 16th from web
  142. @lehawes the key of gamification is to bring enjoyment to those who normally do not love their job (not everybody is blessed with alignment)
    14:03 PM Nov 16th from web
  143. RT @rhappe: Gamification doesn’t have to be about games or fun, it’s about merging of work back to a state of play & learning #e2conf
    14:04 PM Nov 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  144. @rhappe bingo. kinda saddened to see the amount of gamification = your employees are idiots comments coming from #e2conf (missed the point)
    14:04 PM Nov 16th from web
  145. @lehawes agreed, but I think (like all other aspects of socmed), it needs to be integrated into the larger fabric of the organization model
    14:17 PM Nov 16th from web
  146. @Greg2dot0 can’t think of a better framework to connect the city into a larger soc biz network 😉 Especially the hard hit SMBs #BRANTS
    14:18 PM Nov 16th from web
  147. @Greg2dot0 sadly it was one of the things I wanted to talk to you about when I was in New Jersey, but we can talk via Skype/Hangout later
    14:20 PM Nov 16th from web
  148. RT @eliingraham: let’s give mayorships and badges instead RT @tracyshaun#gamification existed in business for long time: salaries, bonuses, titles. #e2conf
    14:20 PM Nov 16th from TweetChat
  149. RT @subreyes94#gamification does not = rewards-based behavior. That is “workification” And why some stop tweeting unless they get an angry bird #e2conf
    14:21 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  150. @lehawes indeed. I see gamification as one of the many tools to re-align the culture that has un-aligned itself over the years/decades
    14:25 PM Nov 16th from web
  151. RT @DavidKovacovich: 62% of organizations experience IT projects that do not meet their expected timeline via @levie #e2conf
    14:30 PM Nov 16th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  152. @lehawes @ross re:”dumb down” it really comes down to the implementation. also remember 80% still have “factory worker” mindset out there
    14:39 PM Nov 16th from web
  153. @lehawes @ross it is all about onramping people to a new mindset IMO. Remember how people wouldn’t do weekly status updates that now do FB
    14:41 PM Nov 16th from web
  154. RT @mor_trisha: Enterprise software must balance security for enterprise with simplicity for users @levie #e2conf
    14:44 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  155. RT @mor_trisha: Engagement is in trouble. This is a huge problem. Engaged employees perform 43% better & 87% less likely to leave @cubevibe #e2conf
    15:08 PM Nov 16th from UberSocial for Android
  156. @alanlepo imagine that
    15:09 PM Nov 16th from web
  157. RT @nigeldanson: Great summary RT @simon_dance: highlights of day 2 at #e2conf http://t.co/cZHuLIZi
    15:33 PM Nov 16th from HootSuite
  158. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @rushtheband
    18:52 PM Nov 16th from Paper.li
  159. @eliingraham BOAS ROCK! Thanks for all the great content that I was able to share. One day I will make it down to #e2conf, but until then
    22:55 PM Nov 16th from web
  160. @SteadyStateRace @2020lifeline @Kreative_Touch @BBusinesses glad you enjoyed http://t.co/JgvqFrHT Bill. Podcast up shortly #BRANTS cc:@TDGv
    22:56 PM Nov 16th from web
  161. “What’s on YOUR Mind?” by @TDGv Episode 2: The Power of a Blog Audio: http://t.co/oDq007KA
    23:59 PM Nov 16th from Tumblr
  162. “The Power of a Blog” – A @TDGv Podcast http://t.co/4JWGtJ3L
    11:09 AM Nov 17th from LinkedIn
  163. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @guygal @edwardboches @devincf @jmancini77
    21:14 PM Nov 17th from Paper.li
  164. Year 42 is coming to an end, but http://t.co/dTX2hrPR will live on and prosper through Year 43.Thanks everyone for a great year of blogging.
    23:33 PM Nov 18th from web
  165. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    0:14 AM Nov 20th from Paper.li
  166. @TheDanLevy thanks. see you on Tuesday at the http://t.co/ZfY5HqQM
    6:57 AM Nov 20th from web
  167. “Stay Vigilante. Stand YOUR Ground.” ~@RLavigne42
    16:56 PM Nov 20th from Facebook
  168. See what’s trending for @TDGv. Trending Now ▸ #brants #video #tweetstock6 #brantford and more http://t.co/qrQxm6ua via @twylah
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