“@TDGv Sold Out a Buffet Workshop” Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 20:50 PM Oct 18th – 15:22 PM Oct 23rd

October 28th Social Media Workshop with Robert Lavigne

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Thanks Diana > I received +K in video from @DL101, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m
    20:50 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  2. Appreciate it > I received +K in video from @cfleury, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m
    20:50 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  3. Merci > I received +K in video from @iamlfb, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m
    20:50 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  4. I earned the ‘On My List’ achievement on @klout, check it out! http://t.co/yYm3kGUd
    20:51 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  5. My week on twitter: 8 retweets received, 25 mentions. Via: http://t.co/CfMY4PeO
    20:55 PM Oct 18th from TwentyFeet
  6. Check this playlist out — Videos from @rlavigne42 http://t.co/kjdT3Juv via @youtube <Just about to hit the 400 Video Upload mark since 2010
    21:06 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  7. #TDGv Racing: A Brand and A Dream: http://t.co/jEW6dnLS via @TDGv
    22:13 PM Oct 18th from Tweet Button
  8. @ryanjz thank you sir for the +k
    22:16 PM Oct 18th from web
  9. New Moo card (sadly missed a typo). Can you spot it? (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/6LoENikR
    22:27 PM Oct 18th from foursquare
  10. Welcome Marc. Feel free to post any questions at any time. Rob
    22:37 PM Oct 18th from Facebook
  11. @marketingm8 here is to you winning the battle against those blog hackers
    8:43 AM Oct 19th from web
  12. I earned the ‘Making it Rain +K’ achievement on @klout, check it out! http://t.co/yYm3kGUd
    8:46 AM Oct 19th from Tweet Button
  13. @Ekaterina @briansolis on my list of books to get myself
    8:59 AM Oct 19th from web
  14. RT @TechZader: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich demystified http://t.co/PVvNrIgU by @ExtremeTech
    9:00 AM Oct 19th from twitterfeed
  15. RT @cc_chapman: Now this is how you handle a PR crisis. Head on, open & honest. READ THIS – http://t.co/EdJhPWGy (ht: @SteveGarfield)
    9:01 AM Oct 19th from CoTweet
  16. RT @LanceUlanoff: Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus: Everything You Need to Know http://t.co/1kwCwTUM RT @mashable
    9:01 AM Oct 19th from Mashable Follow
  17. RT @susanborst: The 7 Secrets to Ford’s Social Media Marketing Success http://t.co/43dhL60g RT @BradBennett via @steven_forbes #sm #marketing
    9:01 AM Oct 19th from Visibli
  18. RT @clintcora: A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. ~ John Barrymore #quote
    9:02 AM Oct 19th from web
  19. RT @Iconic88: “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey” Kenji Miyazawa
    9:02 AM Oct 19th from web
  20. Thanks for the follow Aaron.
    12:56 PM Oct 19th from Facebook
  21. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @badassdigest @mqtodd
    13:31 PM Oct 19th from Paper.li
  22. I voted for Josh Smith > The Search for the next CW Star is here! | http://t.co/8NGZB0Fl: http://t.co/EDRMYQhq via @TDGv
    17:12 PM Oct 19th from Tweet Button
  23. @Scout_It thanks for the +k
    17:13 PM Oct 19th from web
  24. @cskulevold not familiar with network. Your thoughts on it
    9:20 AM Oct 20th from Twitter for iPhone
  25. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @buzzbishop @davefleet
    13:31 PM Oct 20th from Paper.li  
  26. Thanks for the follow Barry. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
    18:29 PM Oct 20th from Facebook
  27. @cskulevold appreciate it. kinda saturated right now on social networks, so being more choosy in which ones I connect to. thanks 4 vounch
    18:48 PM Oct 20th from web
  28. @thebrandbuilder so not a suicide style door (re: 3rd door)
    18:49 PM Oct 20th from web
  29. @thebrandbuilder do you have a picture of it (assuming driver side)
    18:54 PM Oct 20th from web
  30. @briansolis @charleneli reading review now
    18:55 PM Oct 20th from web
  31. @briansolis @charleneli love this ‘He’s evolved his call to action from “Engage or Die!” to “Adapt of Die!”’-do I get 2 keep Innovate or Die
    18:57 PM Oct 20th from web
  32. @LiarAllDay followed
    18:59 PM Oct 20th from web
  33. @LiarAllDay hehe, been spending most of my time over at @TDGv
    19:00 PM Oct 20th from web
  34. @thebrandbuilder wow you can barely see it. interesting that they opted for passenger side, but I guess that makes a bit more sense
    19:01 PM Oct 20th from web
  35. @LiarAllDay when you fold down the back seats for the hatch, do you still get to access it via the side door (handy if so)
    19:02 PM Oct 20th from web
  36. @LiarAllDay hehe. tend to engage more over at @TDGv, whereas @RLavigne42 is still very much the #socbiz #SCRM #E20 #socialmedia firehose
    19:02 PM Oct 20th from web
  37. @LiarAllDay oops, wrong @mention
    19:12 PM Oct 20th from web
  38. @LiarAllDay good to know. Love the handle
    19:29 PM Oct 20th from web
  39. RT @SuzanneVara: The Most Critical Leadership Attributes of Our Time http://t.co/uEc65QK6 via @LisaPetrilli
    19:30 PM Oct 20th from Triberr
  40. RT @KellyLux: Gmail Gives An Accidental Peek At Its Upcoming Redesign – TechCrunch http://t.co/bhxCHAbh
    19:31 PM Oct 20th from HootSuite
  41. @ThatKevinSmith @OriginalMediaTV @AMC_TV when is the Red Bank live podcast airing as part of this series and will it be available online?
    19:32 PM Oct 20th from web
  42. @marketingm8 thanks for the #FF Peter
    8:29 AM Oct 21st from web
  43. RT @JoeSorge: Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
    8:34 AM Oct 21st from HootSuite
  44. RT @fondalo: Awesome! RT @glengreenpro: Social Media: Bridging The Gap > #Infographic > http://t.co/lNTjTd7C > #SM #DigitalMarketing #Web #Strategy
    8:34 AM Oct 21st from HootSuite
  45. RT @skanwar: Cities don’t die (but corporations do) http://t.co/0Rr0frGH
    8:35 AM Oct 21st from Reeder
  46. RT @CatherineWPhoto: Soooo passé 🙂 -> @TDGv: @CatherineWPhoto @RobinDickinson just came across this catching up on Catherine’s feed. Love it. SEO is so 2009”
    8:35 AM Oct 21st from Twitter for iPhone
  47. @CatherineWPhoto @TDGv @RobinDickinson it is all about the context of the content and more importantly the relationships that are fostered
    8:35 AM Oct 21st from web
  48. RT @pgreenbe#crmidol. Today’s the day!! In 9.5 hrs all finalists videos will be in. They’ll be uploaded to YouTube, embedded on sites & voting starts!
    8:36 AM Oct 21st from HootSuite
  49. @pgreenbe you had a crazy ride with #crmidol. glad to see you had so much fun with it.
    8:37 AM Oct 21st from web
  50. RT @purpleplanetcom: “LinkedIn to Launch Talent Pipeline In 2012” and more in my summary http://t.co/nlmYV1Gd (via LoriMoreno, Calvin Lee & Arthur Partridge)
    8:38 AM Oct 21st from Visibli
  51. RT @SociallyGenius: Do you know @GayeCrispin You should meet her if you don’t #ff and we gave her +K about Conversations because she’s do clever!
    8:39 AM Oct 21st from Tweet Button
  52. RT @jeremarketer: Context-aware technologies will impact consumer spending: Gartner – Computer Business Review http://t.co/JYOonqZs
    8:40 AM Oct 21st from Google
  53. RT @NoEmailDayHQ: NO EMAIL DAY is a campaign encouraging people to stop using email completely for 24hrs on 11 Nov & do something… http://t.co/1SH5Dgwe
    8:40 AM Oct 21st from Facebook
  54. RT @cskulevold: Today’s Challenge: Shoving away the negative and looking only at the positives today — who else is with me??
    8:40 AM Oct 21st from HootSuite
  55. RT @garyvee#iDONTSUPPORT companies that think raising money is better than making money http://t.co/UTCEgWKW
    8:40 AM Oct 21st from web
  56. Thanks for the follow Oliver (#99 no less)
    11:29 AM Oct 21st from Facebook
  57. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @davidcrow @andyfortson @demandresults
    13:31 PM Oct 21st from Paper.li
  58. @BigDaddyKreativ I find that it is better to engage with the 20% who align versus the 80% who do not. Truly win-win
    14:23 PM Oct 21st from Twitter for Android
  59. @pgreenbe you assembled a great repository through this campaign. Massive long term potential #kudos
    14:27 PM Oct 21st from Twitter for Android
  60. @cskulevold you as well
    14:28 PM Oct 21st from Twitter for Android
  61. Haircut time (@ Paris, Ontario) [pic]: http://t.co/CCBTNuEF
    13:27 PM Oct 22nd from foursquare
  62. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @aaronkwhite
    13:30 PM Oct 22nd from Paper.li
  63. RT @David_Schmid: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”
    13:53 PM Oct 22nd from web
  64. RT @FastSelfHelp: “All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties.” – William Bradford
    13:56 PM Oct 22nd from web
  65. RT @GregoryCollins: 25 Twitter Reactions to Gaddafi’s Capture and DeathPICS http://t.co/LzuXX17b
    18:12 PM Oct 22nd from twitterfeed
  66. RT @duncanbrodie: The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority ~ Kenneth Blanchard
    18:12 PM Oct 22nd from SocialOomph
  67. RT @TechvibesTO: Canada’s Top 100 Startups http://t.co/EQQmVPmj
    18:12 PM Oct 22nd from HootSuite
  68. @rwang0 that’s impressive. Gather any interesting insights/context on those views?
    18:14 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  69. @boydjane says a lot about education system. Pretty much what Godin rants about
    18:15 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  70. @boydjane and this is art we are talking about not math
    18:19 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  71. RT @lenapple: The Drop In U.S. Competitiveness [Infographic] http://t.co/m4W4WbF1
    18:20 PM Oct 22nd from SocialOomph
  72. @boydjane and that mentality carries into the workforce sadly. A country of factories or a country of innovators – you decide 😉
    18:23 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  73. RT @TechvibesTO: Worst in the World: Rogers deliberately throttles up to 90% of its customers’ internet: http://t.co/p37X2tq6
    18:24 PM Oct 22nd from HootSuite
  74. RT @patrickallmond: The Art Of Having Thick Skin aka Twitter Purge Follow Up http://t.co/H7p3CLCa from @jasonyormark
    18:26 PM Oct 22nd from Triberr
  75. @rwang0 as in sons have poor shoes?
    18:31 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  76. @boydjane another reason for strong family values being instilled outside of formal education system
    18:32 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  77. RT @LarissaKatayeva: Epic Infographic on How to Make Money Online http://t.co/J0tNqpIU by @jonharules
    18:32 PM Oct 22nd from Triberr
  78. RT @BearGrylls: In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not by strength but by perseverance.
    18:33 PM Oct 22nd from web
  79. RT @12Most: Encore: 12 Most Destructive Management Behaviors or Beliefs http://t.co/t0OVHCyK
    18:33 PM Oct 22nd from Tweet Old Post
  80. RT @adamsconsulting: If Star Wars Characters Had Access To Google [Infographic] – http://t.co/F8MD9xOO
    18:34 PM Oct 22nd from Rebel Tweet
  81. RT @AronStevenson: Top story: Google Mulls Buying Yahoo [REPORT] http://t.co/dSyaBY2j, see more http://t.co/9OMoazyS
    18:37 PM Oct 22nd from The Tweeted Times
  82. RT @mistygirlph: Epic VFX Time [must see] http://t.co/5eTUcsY0 via @silverstar22b
    18:37 PM Oct 22nd from Triberr
  83. RT @ivanwalsh: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting your First iPhone App http://t.co/qHQXyDnc
    18:37 PM Oct 22nd from Tweet Old Post
  84. @rwang0 that is what I read in your response. Glad I picked up on the analogy properly. Showing my age 😉
    18:38 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  85. RT @mayhemstudios: Klout Star @michaelsb shares his tips on how to increase your Klout! http://t.co/LmHNz75L via @klout
    18:40 PM Oct 22nd from Tweet Button
  86. @boydjane totally agree. Merely a stop gap to a larger problem. Reminds me of the recent shift from “made in usa” Vs. “Innovated in USA”
    18:49 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  87. @boydjane Time for educators to stop training for factories that no longer exist and prepare minds for the real work that is awaiting them.
    18:50 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  88. @AndrewFstewart have a bottle of that in my fridge (Thai version of course). Need to find supplier near Brantford for non-NA version
    18:53 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  89. RT @ArthurTubman: 6 Ways Small Businesses Can Win With Facebook » Social Media Examiner http://t.co/wv2I7TqK via@CPerkinsCPA @smexaminer
    19:01 PM Oct 22nd from HootSuite
  90. @ScottWNesbitt don’t regret dropping them out if my life when I left Toronto. Shame no teksavvy in Brantford though
    19:03 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  91. @boydjane as Brian Solis would say adapt or die. Right now your system of innovation is on life support. No time to lose. World moving on
    19:05 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  92. @boydjane where others opt not to change, is the opportunity, challenge and competitive advantage we all seek in this economy
    19:49 PM Oct 22nd from Twitter for Android
  93. RT @TechZader: 15 Top Tutorials To Learn How To Draw Cartoon People http://t.co/Cs6v8tvX
    19:50 PM Oct 22nd from twitterfeed
  94. @secretagentlisa enjoy your Sunday
    8:50 AM Oct 23rd from web
  95. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @infosara @bakercom1
    13:30 PM Oct 23rd from Paper.li
  96. Laurie Allan Coates asks @RLavigne42 “How would the utilization of social media vary depending on the business?”: http://t.co/wnmPLzmw #TDGv
    13:57 PM Oct 23rd from web
  97. RT @TDGv: How can Hamilton Carpet Clean make the best of Social Media by leveraging their existing YouTube Channel? http://t.co/DmXR8MHW ~@RLavigne42
    13:57 PM Oct 23rd from Tweet Button
  98. Need to get this back into the 60’s. My @Klout score is steady at 58. http://t.co/X36zr3v5
    13:59 PM Oct 23rd from Tweet Button
  99. I received +K in enterprise 2.0 from @RobinDickinson, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m
    13:59 PM Oct 23rd from Tweet Button
  100. Skype on Oct 29 for #BMM Trailer Edit. > I received +K in youtube from @RobinDickinson, thanks! http://t.co/xNBTCq8m
    14:00 PM Oct 23rd from Tweet Button
  101. RT @nahumg: RT @briansolis: Social networks are becoming your personal operating system http://t.co/11BAkWQy
    15:21 PM Oct 23rd from TweetDeck
  102. @nahumg @briansolis spend more time in that OS than I do in the traditional ones. A factor of both the cloud and the collaboration involved
    15:22 PM Oct 23rd from web

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