The Timeline of a Facebook Rebound! – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 13:31 PM Sep 16th – 10:48 AM Sep 24th

Robert Lavigne enables the new Facebook Timeline on his Profile using the Developer Mode Hack 

Robert Lavigne unveils his early release Facebook Timeline 

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:31 PM Sep 16th from
  2. @secretagentlisa @BrantfordMeetup you may enjoy listening to this #socialbusiness
    14:27 PM Sep 16th from web
  3. Looking forward to another exciting Customer Experience Show taping. #TDGv
    14:38 PM Sep 16th from web
  4. @MaureenSharib @animal my understanding is that unlike say FB, twitter’s limit is based more on the follow to followed ratio
    14:40 PM Sep 16th from web
  5. Man, do I enjoy guest hosting Great Customer Experience Design chat with @mikewittenstein#CustExp #CX #TDGv
    15:37 PM Sep 16th from web
  6. Join me on Empire Avenue #EAv #TDGv
    16:01 PM Sep 16th from web
  7. @fondalo thanks buddy
    16:18 PM Sep 16th from web
  8. @fondalo skype or Google hangout mid next week?
    16:27 PM Sep 16th from web
  9. @fondalo cool. Wednesday is good. just ping me on FB when available
    16:34 PM Sep 16th from web
  10. @fondalo 1pst/5est works. fire me off the calendar entry to my gmail (rlavigne42)
    16:54 PM Sep 16th from web
  11. @Williams_Fresh my pleasure. great room in the back for events like this. oddly enough moved to Brantford a mere few blocks from your HQ
    16:55 PM Sep 16th from web
  12. RT @cskulevold: @RLavigne42 social networking at it’s finest!!! two good guys 🙂 @fondalo
    16:56 PM Sep 16th from web
  13. #ff @cskulevold @fondalo
    16:56 PM Sep 16th from web
  14. Hey Toronto #YYZ, come out and support a great charity event and see a great #MuayThai Exhibition #Boxing #MMA #TDGv
    17:00 PM Sep 16th from web
  15. Canadian Sprint nationals (@ Ohsweken Speedway) [pic]:
    19:02 PM Sep 16th from foursquare
  16. RT @fondalo: Heck ya! 😉 RT @cskulevold: @RLavigne42 social networking at it’s finest!!! two good guys 🙂 @fondalo
    19:36 PM Sep 16th from HootSuite
  17. RT @webtechman: The Secret Social Science Sauce of #Gamification: Behavior Models Breakdown ala @mich8elwu re #gsummit
    1:23 AM Sep 17th from web
  18. RT @EmpireAve: See Gamification in Action on the Social Media Stock Market! #GSUMMIT
    1:23 AM Sep 17th from Twitter for Mac
  19. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Start with a reasonable goal and then scale up your success. (sounds like good advice in a lot of areas of life)
    1:25 AM Sep 17th from web
  20. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Different gaming roles you might want to evoke: Fan, expert, winner, helper (Badgeville presentation)
    1:25 AM Sep 17th from web
  21. RT @Bennuworld#gsummit fact: if Bartle’s player personality types were mutually exclusive: 5% Killers, 10% Explorers & Achievers, 75% Socializers
    1:26 AM Sep 17th from web
  22. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Another typology of player motivates: To express, compete, explore or collaborate.
    1:26 AM Sep 17th from web
  23. I uploaded a YouTube video
    2:34 AM Sep 17th from MySpace
  24. RT @RHWLouch: Looking forward to Muay Thai match and SM strategy session today with Robert Lavigne @RLavigne42
    12:53 PM Sep 17th from web
  25. @RHWLouch Going to be a great charity Muay Thai exhibition event in #YYZ If you are in the Toronto area check it out
    13:26 PM Sep 17th from web
  26. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:30 PM Sep 17th from
  27. RT @RHWLouch: I gave @RLavigne42 +K about Creativity on @klout
    0:06 AM Sep 18th from Tweet Button
  28. You won’t retweet this #TDGv
    1:04 AM Sep 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  29. I just ousted Tom F. as the mayor of Value Village on @foursquare
    11:58 AM Sep 18th from foursquare
  30. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:30 PM Sep 18th from
  31. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:30 PM Sep 18th from
  32. High Speed Dirt! – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:12 AM Sep 12nd – 15:56 PM Sep 18th
    16:39 PM Sep 18th from web
  33. RT @mmartoccia: The Engagement Alliance #gamification #gsummit
    16:43 PM Sep 18th from Timely App
  34. RT @dhinchcliffe: Company-wide social networks could spell the end of office e-mail | The Globe and Mail #socbiz #e20 HT @Demeto
    19:29 PM Sep 18th from HootSuite
  35. RT @lammiia: It does little good 2 make changes in the community if the org context will simply drive it back to ineffective patterns #e20
    19:30 PM Sep 18th from Mobile Web
  36. RT @lorievela: The Three C’s of Social Business #collaboration #communication #content #socbiz #e20
    19:32 PM Sep 18th from HootSuite
  37. Huge congrats to @laschenbach “We won the race and the @WCRacing TC championship today at Laguna!”
    20:18 PM Sep 18th from web
  38. @clatko FYI Fake Kiyosaki account. fell for it myself
    20:19 PM Sep 18th from web
  39. RT @AskAaronLee: Waiting for the demise of Google+? Don’t hold your breath via @JayOatway
    20:19 PM Sep 18th from CoTweet
  40. If you want to improve your customer experience, this is a must listen! #TDGv – The Customer Experience Show…
    11:38 AM Sep 19th from Tumblr
  41. RT @CatherineWPhoto: In fact at beg’ of 2011 @RLavigne42 & @RobinDickinson & I produced an art house film for #Tropfest We’re looking for right festival 2submit
    11:39 AM Sep 19th from Twitter for iPhone
  42. @marketingm8 a nightmare to say the least
    11:40 AM Sep 19th from web
  43. RT @GayeCrispin: I gave @RLavigne42 +K about Video on @klout
    11:40 AM Sep 19th from Tweet Button
  44. Arrr! It’s International Pirate Day – Facebook English (Pirate) Language Tutorial Video:
    11:56 AM Sep 19th from Tumblr
  45. Happy International Pirate Day you scallywags
    12:01 PM Sep 19th from Facebook
  46. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out!
    13:30 PM Sep 19th from
  47. RT @CatherineWPhoto: PHOTO: Andy Warhol ~ “Making money is art. And working is art. And good business is the best art.”
    15:36 PM Sep 19th from Twitter for iPhone
  48. Brantford network meetup in the Wayne Gretzky room #TDGv (@ East Side Marios w/ @steadystaterace) [pic]:
    19:24 PM Sep 19th from foursquare
  49. Brantford meetup in the Wayne Gretzky room at Easr Side Mario
    20:07 PM Sep 19th from Twitter for Android
  50. My week on twitter: 20 retweets received, 1 new listings, 73 new followers, 82 mentions. Via:
    5:18 AM Sep 20th from TwentyFeet
  51. 3 WordPress plugins to install and save you time setting up your website. via @PenguinSpark
    6:50 AM Sep 20th from Tweet Button
  52. @cecildijoux how goes sir?
    6:50 AM Sep 20th from web
  53. @AronStevenson thanks Aron. You should check out for more from that series
    6:51 AM Sep 20th from web
  54. RT @creativealt: Joining the group @brantfordmeetup at ESM. Nice large group tonight. Building relationships led by @MadamConnect
    6:51 AM Sep 20th from Twitter for iPhone
  55. @creativealt @MadamConnect was indeed a great @brantfordmeetup . A few of us shut down East Sides afterwards
    6:52 AM Sep 20th from web
  56. @Trevor_Cherewka heard it was your Birthday. happy one
    7:29 AM Sep 20th from web
  57. I received +K in video from Dan Keldsen, thanks!
    7:30 AM Sep 20th from Tweet Button
  58. @cecildijoux great news. I like having my PMP if anything for the extra layer of SEO and Unique Digital Footprint. Living in Brantford Now.
    7:56 AM Sep 20th from web
  59. RT @jescossia: Automated Video Editing Site Makes Movie Magic Out of Raw Footage: Devices proffering video capture are… #cool
    7:59 AM Sep 20th from Visibli
  60. RT @jonathanbloom: Here is a nice find: Magistro. It helps you create great looking videos with your raw camera footage.
    8:00 AM Sep 20th from HootSuite
  61. Giving @Magisto a try. One concern, seems that only option is to overlay a new audio track. Would like option to leave audio as is with cut.
    8:06 AM Sep 20th from web
  62. RT @lorionline: Gears of War 3 – Review:
    8:27 AM Sep 20th from Tweet Button
  63. @magisto_says ah, interesting (an option to not add audio might be an easy add (basic if clause ;-). Uploading 5 #TDGv MuayThai segments
    8:29 AM Sep 20th from web
  64. RT @dankeldsen: Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification #gamification #engagement
    9:19 AM Sep 20th from Buffer
  65. @dankeldsen talked to him a week ago about getting a signed copy of his book actually
    9:19 AM Sep 20th from web
  66. RT @screencaster7: RT @RLavigne42 – Arrr! It’s International Pirate Day – Facebook English (Pirate) Language Tutorial Video: #tutorial
    9:23 AM Sep 20th from twitterfeed
  67. RT @SameerPatel: New Post: Community, the Asset | Pretzel Logic – Social and Collaborative Business #sapteched #sap #ensw c: @jonerp
    10:09 AM Sep 20th from HootSuite
  68. RT @DarinRMcClure#140conf today’s assignment 1 find the new idea 2 make a new relationship, 3 listen for the sound of a perception being shattered
    10:10 AM Sep 20th from web
  69. RT @fishmark: “We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.” ~ Steve Jobs
    10:11 AM Sep 20th from SocialOomph
  70. RT @aponcier: Social Business: Transparency is Good for Business
    10:11 AM Sep 20th from TweetDeck
  71. Working on a 48 hour editing marathon over at #TDGv Studios, while also having a 48 hours Fasting. This is not going to be fun (or will it?)
    10:13 AM Sep 20th from web
  72. RT @TDGv: After years in incubation, today marks the official launch of @TDGv ( on Twitter. Official Telephone City Soon #TDGv
    10:47 AM Sep 20th from web
  73. RT @TDGv: @SteadyStateRace @secretagentlisa @2020lifeline @madamconnect don’t forget the 42 => @RLavigne42 not just RLavigne. Great meetup last night
    10:56 AM Sep 20th from web
  74. RT @TDGv: Hard to believe this account was dormant for over 2 years. Some incubations take longer than others 😉 ~@RLavigne42 #TDGv
    10:56 AM Sep 20th from web
  75. @TDGv Some music to kick off the launch \m/ Rainmaker by Iron Maiden \m/
    10:59 AM Sep 20th from web
  76. RT @lifeat42: A Constant Work in Progress > “Life@42: Leadership Examples from Incubation to Innovation” ~Robert Lavigne (Your…
    11:54 AM Sep 20th from Facebook
  77. Storyboarding VASHL invades Telephone City promo for @TDGv (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    12:41 PM Sep 20th from foursquare
  78. RT @alkarim: killed it. RT @VinnyVerma: @startupweekend Trailer – A film which captures spirit of Entrepreneurship: #EighteenEighty
    12:56 PM Sep 20th from web
  79. @alkarim @VinnyVerma @startupweekend WOW!!! Spot On!
    12:56 PM Sep 20th from web
  80. Love This video by @VinnyVerma cc: @alkarim @startupweekend @TDGv
    12:58 PM Sep 20th from web
  81. @magisto_says love the recovery feature on multi-uploads. upload hung at the 3/4 mark, refreshed browser and was able to start with missing
    13:00 PM Sep 20th from web
  82. Hey @magisto_says 😉 My First Magisto Video @WarriorMuayThai Charity Exhibition supporting “Save the Children Canada”
    13:42 PM Sep 20th from web
  83. I just connected my @klout account with Google+. Be one of the first to have Google+ added to your @klout
    15:25 PM Sep 20th from Tweet Button
  84. @magisto_says @WarriorMuayThai pretty happy with the way it turned out. Here is my edit from that charity event
    15:44 PM Sep 20th from web
  85. RT @WarriorMuayThai: I liked a @YouTube video from @RLavigne42 #TDGv MuayThai: Warrior Muay Thai Charity Exhibit
    15:45 PM Sep 20th from Google
  86. @VinnyVerma true point. you good?
    15:45 PM Sep 20th from web
  87. RT @HilzFuld: Facebook gets a ticker, Google+ gets an API, and Klout gets Google+. Please excuse me while I get the champagne. #Old
    15:45 PM Sep 20th from TweetDeck
  88. Working on a new MOO card layout for @TDGv
    16:40 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  89. RT @MadamConnect: @SteadyStateRace @RLavigne42 @secretagentlisa @2020lifeline @creativealt. Thanks so much for the #PositiveEnergy!
    18:50 PM Sep 20th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  90. @MadamConnect @SteadyStateRace @secretagentlisa @2020lifeline @creativealt good times!
    18:50 PM Sep 20th from web
  91. #TDGv Studios: World Class Knowledge and Connectivity at Telephone City, Canada Prices Video: cc:@TDGv
    21:09 PM Sep 20th from Tumblr
  92. New #TDGv Promo to celebrate the launch of
    21:26 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  93. New #TDGv Promo to celebrate the launch of
    21:26 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  94. RT @TDGv#TDGv Studios: World Class Knowledge and Connectivity at Telephone City, Canada Prices cc:@RLavigne42
    21:47 PM Sep 20th from web
  95. RT @TDGv: Group picture of @RLavigne42 attending @BrantfordMeetup last night on behalf of @TDGv and #TDGv Studios
    21:47 PM Sep 20th from web
  96. #TDGv Studios: @TDGv Launch – World Class Knowledge at Telephone City, Canada Prices
    22:39 PM Sep 20th from Flickr
  97. Final Version
    23:38 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  98. #TDGv Racing is currently on hiatus. Visit for Season 2 Videos
    23:41 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  99. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @benkepes
    23:58 PM Sep 20th from
  100. RT @ThatKevinSmith: Via @visentin “have you seen the Guinness book photo from Brantford? ” Ta-da! Thanks to everyone who said “Why not?”
    1:39 AM Sep 21st from web
  101. @ThatKevinSmith are you going to net at the Oct NJ VASHL Tournament. Coming all the way from #YYZ with my VAG (official View Askew Girl)
    1:40 AM Sep 21st from web
  102. RT @jmdc88: @RLavigne42 +K about Video on @klout
    7:44 AM Sep 21st from Tweet Button
  103. I just unlocked the ‘Expanding Shareholder Base #18‘ Achievement on
    7:50 AM Sep 21st from Tweet Button
  104. @jmdc88 to you as well and thanks for the +K as well
    7:55 AM Sep 21st from web
  105. Planning out the next project #TDGv (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    11:18 AM Sep 21st from foursquare
  106. RT @TDGv: @2020lifeline outlined my @BrantfordMeetup presentation . Intro and overview of with @RLavigne42
    14:15 PM Sep 21st from web
  107. RT @ExoPoirier: Closing @ExoPoirier account | U can follow me now @St_Poirier | #usguys #b2bchat #mmchat TY all ! 🙂
    14:26 PM Sep 21st from web
  108. Photo: TheDigitalGrapevine (@TDGv) / #TDGv Studios is currently investing in Telephone City, Canada (aka…
    17:40 PM Sep 21st from Tumblr
  109. Once again, my thanks for the recent @TDGv follows. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise,…
    18:29 PM Sep 21st from Facebook
  110. Photo:
    18:47 PM Sep 21st from Tumblr
  111. Latest @TDGv Promo from #TDGv Studios
    1:01 AM Sep 22nd from Facebook
  112. RT @saberamuslim: Invest Robert Lavigne asks Who needs Video Production Services? (@RLavigne42) on Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market
    12:37 PM Sep 22nd from Tweet Button
  113. RT @TDGv: In case you missed the latest podcast episode of “The Customer Experience Show” with guest panelist @RLavigne42 #TDGv
    12:38 PM Sep 22nd from web
  114. @magisto_says @TDGv is really enjoying your service. Makes for easy promo shorts using c-roll. Good way to promote main edit of video #Kudos
    12:40 PM Sep 22nd from web
  115. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @food52 @brantnews @abcogroupca
    13:31 PM Sep 22nd from
  116. $10 Friday Night Racing at OHSWEKEN SPEEDWAY
    14:37 PM Sep 22nd from Facebook
  117. Just shut down (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]:
    17:42 PM Sep 22nd from foursquare
  118. RT @tamadear: The role of marketing now is to make sure that everyone in a company stewards the brand, across all interactions. #FutureM
    20:15 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon
  119. @magisto_says gmail is good. Rlavigne42@
    22:18 PM Sep 22nd from HTC Peep
  120. I just ousted @hats4cats as the mayor of BMO on @foursquare
    0:49 AM Sep 23rd from foursquare
  121. Head on over to @TDGv (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    10:45 AM Sep 23rd from foursquare
  122. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @rawn @dingstweets @kyleismorefun @murnahan
    13:31 PM Sep 23rd from
  123. RT @RobinDickinson: I gave @RLavigne42 +K about Social Media on @klout
    20:20 PM Sep 23rd from Tweet Button
  124. RT @GuyKawasaki: Mega-list of f8 recaps: Highlights, Timeline, Music, Apps, & Opinions
    21:47 PM Sep 23rd from Alltop Tweets
  125. RT @autismfamily: I liked a @YouTube video from @RLavigne42 Robert Lavigne unveils his early release Facebook
    0:14 AM Sep 24th from Visibli
  126. RT @TDGv: Here is Part One of @RLavigne42‘s investigation into the new Facebook Timeline profile replacement #TDGv
    10:41 AM Sep 24th from web
  127. RT @MG_MLM_Power: I liked a @YouTube video from @RLavigne42 Robert Lavigne unveils his early release Facebook
    10:42 AM Sep 24th from Google
  128. RT @davepeck: HOW TO: Use the New Facebook to See Who Has Unfriended You via @editions
    10:45 AM Sep 24th from Editions by AOL
  129. RT @johnmorgan: Interruptions and distractions are killing entrepreneurs.
    10:45 AM Sep 24th from Crowdbooster
  130. @guygal “The world is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your dream” ~ DIO Heaven and Hell
    10:48 AM Sep 24th from web

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