High Speed Dirt! – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:12 AM Sep 12nd – 15:56 PM Sep 18th

Robert Lavigne attends the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway, Ontario, Canada 

  1. Just remembered that I need to go to Toronto next Saturday to MC a Muay Thai exhibition. Let me know if you want to meet prior to the event.
    11:12 AM Sep 12nd from web
  2. RT @jaybaer: Using Foursquare as a local search engine. Interesting option. http://t.co/vGeFJuh
    11:13 AM Sep 12nd from Buffer
  3. Season Two, Episode Five A day in the life of an ALMS Crew Member | #TDGv Racing: Season Two (2011) http://t.co/FOrXEXG
    12:15 PM Sep 12nd from Tweet Button
  4. @IraKates this is the event that I’ll be MCing. It’s a way of getting Ontario Fighters prepared for sanctioned fights. http://t.co/PLLinOk
    12:32 PM Sep 12nd from web
  5. @MatchesMalone thanks Mike for the like. More #TDGv Racing over at http://t.co/Aufe8pK
    12:33 PM Sep 12nd from web
  6. How HTML5 may become the standard for apps (Inside Apps) http://t.co/LHkW7Mq
    12:34 PM Sep 12nd from LinkedIn
  7. always been a fan of Button (@YouTube http://t.co/WWVltCN)
    12:40 PM Sep 12nd from Google
  8. RT @CHRISVOSS: The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.
    12:48 PM Sep 12nd from SocialOomph
  9. RT @Jon_Ferrara: As customer engagement evolves, Social CRM poised for major growth via @dhinchcliffe on #ZDNet http://t.co/gH0Pc3j #sCRM #SocBiz
    12:58 PM Sep 12nd from Buffer
  10. RT @AskAaronLee: What Is Search Engine Optimization? The Three Minute Video! http://t.co/N7cv5co by @dannysullivan RT @SteveAkinsSEO
    12:59 PM Sep 12nd from CoTweet
  11. Commonred is a shortening of “common thread”. Connect and find out what you have in common with Robert… http://t.co/hmuMkbo
    13:29 PM Sep 12nd from Tumblr
  12. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/uBNzP1o ▸ Top stories today via @rypple
    13:31 PM Sep 12nd from Paper.li
  13. Gotta say I like this layout for the Commonred Public Profile Page http://t.co/5yIIWqA http://t.co/LRgt0Cz #TDGv
    13:53 PM Sep 12nd from web
  14. RT @fondalo: Relationships are like cooking. You need preparation, care, time, effort, commitment and interest…
    14:11 PM Sep 12nd from HootSuite
  15. RT @AndrewFstewart: How Consumers Interact With Brands on Facebook [STUDY] http://ow.ly/6sbZ5
    14:12 PM Sep 12nd from HootSuite
  16. RT @irajcohen#Flipboard Hits 3.5 Million Downloads, 550 Million Flips Per Month | TechCrunch http://t.co/mSKpP5a
    14:12 PM Sep 12nd from bitly
  17. RT @arnteriksen: 9/11 mistake shows we’re still learning the boundaries of Twitter http://t.co/XIV9bMP
    14:18 PM Sep 12nd from Buffer
  18. RT @stevedriz: Gowalla Is Reborn As A Beautiful App For Travel And Storytelling http://t.co/m3qJj4c
    14:23 PM Sep 12nd from twitterfeed
  19. RT @ronrss: Canada’s growth to slow, RBC says: Economists with Canada’s largest bank have revised their forecast for the cou… http://t.co/VT9P7eY
    14:25 PM Sep 12nd from twitterfeed
  20. RT @LeoWid: 230 Million Tweets Are Posted Every Day http://j.mp/ogqzK4
    14:25 PM Sep 12nd from Buffer
  21. RT @OwenGreaves: 4 Important Considerations for Creating a Remote Work Policy http://t.co/ShG95Ws
    14:25 PM Sep 12nd from Tweet Button
  22. @commonred added @joelrfernandes to my follow. good job on the layout Joel
    14:53 PM Sep 12nd from web
  23. @silucky thanks Lucky for the #EAv share re: http://t.co/V8dZNca
    14:53 PM Sep 12nd from web
  24. RT @silucky: Invest in Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) on Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market http://t.co/J6YoaG9
    14:53 PM Sep 12nd from Tweet Button
  25. RT @thinkgeek: Doctor Cat can take “TARDIS” off his wishlist: http://j.mp/oZggsL Still needs: sonic screwdriver, companion, & tiny cat fez.
    15:14 PM Sep 12nd from TweetDeck

  26. After much deliberation posted S02E05. Decided to keep the raw look and feel of the featured interview as is. May… http://t.co/okJPkGn
    15:57 PM Sep 12nd from Facebook
  27. @Kiyosaki_Robert Thanks for the RT of @silucky mention of my Empire Avenue profile Robert. Added you to my twitter follow as a result.
    17:33 PM Sep 12nd from web
  28. @Kiyosaki_Robert BTW in case you want to learn more about Empire Avenue aka #EAv Robert – http://t.co/UjO1WvN
    17:53 PM Sep 12nd from web
  29. @silucky have a peak at who retweeted your tweet about our empire avenue recommendation #EAv
    17:54 PM Sep 12nd from web
  30. The @RLavigne42 Rear View Mirror has been upgraded to the new Posterous Spaces platform – › Spaces is a… http://t.co/uAW1efg
    18:48 PM Sep 12nd from Tumblr
  31. @GayeCrispin will be interesting to see if I go back to using it. It has laid dormant for a few months now due to real sense of traffic
    19:06 PM Sep 12nd from web
  32. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/6au1xgb Uncertainty Book – 10,000 Book Pre-Order Offer
    19:08 PM Sep 12nd from Google
  33. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/SXDnaL0 Uncertainty Book – Official Video Trailer
    19:08 PM Sep 12nd from Google
  34. @GayeCrispin there may not be a @RLavigne42 Bat Cave, but there is indeed a Man Cave and it is located in Telephone City, Canada 😉
    19:43 PM Sep 12nd from web
  35. @GayeCrispin well @RobinDickinson would have to be Robin purely on name alone. re: “Who’s your Robin and Alfred?”
    21:50 PM Sep 12nd from web
  36. RT @jkozuch: Gowalla pivots to a travel app, Posterous to a social network. I wonder who’s going to pivot next?
    22:07 PM Sep 12nd from TweetDeck
  37. My week on twitter: 20 retweets received, 1 new listings, 2 new followers, 94 mentions. Via: http://20ft.net/p
    5:18 AM Sep 13rd from TwentyFeet
  38. @GayeCrispin Red instead of Alfred, I like that.
    9:55 AM Sep 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  39. @silucky need to get him on empire avenue 🙂
    9:56 AM Sep 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  40. RT @RHWLouch: @RLavigne42 kitchen reno and consulting visit today, practicing my old trade while learning my new one #TDGv
    9:57 AM Sep 13rd from web
  41. #TDGv mashup today with @RHWLouch. Kitchen Reno at Studio West mixed in with planning for a new MLM focussed Social Novel #YouTube #Blog
    10:01 AM Sep 13rd from Twitter for iPhone
  42. RT @Lost_Penguin: He reminds me of a juvie I know. He was always silly n used to make others laugh all the time. He was abandoned as an egg n had it rough.
    10:03 AM Sep 13rd from web
  43. RT @rontite: You might “like” this. Ahem. Sorry. 9 Facebook marketing success stories you should model http://t.co/ZrnfbT7
    10:04 AM Sep 13rd from HootSuite
  44. RT @aponcier: The Evolution of Collaboration and Online Communities: Measuring what Matters http://t.co/Wd3Qfyr via @cmswire @dhinchcliffe
    10:05 AM Sep 13rd from TweetDeck
  45. RT @aponcier: Why E2.0 and Social Business Initiatives Are Likely to Remain Difficult http://t.co/YjsZLUs by @jonhusband
    10:05 AM Sep 13rd from TweetDeck
  46. RT @louiebaur: Dachis Group Debuts ‘Social Business Index’ – Think Of It As Klout For Companies http://t.co/2R1HoRK
    10:06 AM Sep 13rd from twitterfeed
  47. I commented on a YouTube video http://t.co/uFjjJUJ
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  48. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/uFjjJUJ
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  49. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/Q4Rs91m
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  50. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/4shKrS3
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  54. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/VBt3Lyg
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  58. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/h4msClR
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  59. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/Dwl5zie
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  60. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/dT04gEK
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  63. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/gsbg591
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  65. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/uBNzP1o
    13:31 PM Sep 13rd from Paper.li
  66. I commented on a YouTube video http://t.co/MmmpiuP
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  68. I commented on a YouTube video http://t.co/2Ilhw16
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  69. @silucky turns out that is a fake profile. real twitter handle is TheRealKiyosaki
    22:13 PM Sep 13rd from web
  70. RT @Jason_Pollock: CONGRATS! “@adamostrow: After 4+ yrs as Mashable EIC I’m handing the reigns to @LanceUlanoff & moving into a new role. http://t.co/xxWxXCU”
    22:27 PM Sep 13rd from Tweetbot for iPhone
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  72. @silucky will make for a good story in some future keynote on the nature of spam and fake profiles, etc
    7:52 AM Sep 14th from web
  73. RT @chrisyates11: Social Business is what IBM is now calling it http://t.co/GVpBgpN via @fastcompany
    8:22 AM Sep 14th from Tweet Button
  74. RT @e2conf: Attend Virtual #e2conf & Learn to Apply #Social & Collaborative Application Strategies for Measurable Results http://t.co/AXXcWN8 #socbiz
    8:22 AM Sep 14th from TweetDeck
  75. RT @absolutesubzero: RT @TheCR: Great measurement deck – @rawn‘s slides from #e2conf in June ‘How Do You Measure that?’ http://t.co/V9NdKdb ht @billcush
    8:22 AM Sep 14th from HootSuite
  76. Morning Everyone. Today’s #TDGv Wonders Question: “New Tab or New Window?” #Browser #IE #Safari #Chrome #Firefox
    8:24 AM Sep 14th from web
  77. RT @funnyoneliners: I have costraphobia, the fear high prices.
    8:24 AM Sep 14th from Birdhouse
  78. @elsua @Greg2dot0 that’s what was/is great about notes, it never was a mail platform in concept. leaned very well to an inflow notification
    8:25 AM Sep 14th from web
  79. I just unlocked the ‘Expanding Shareholder Base #17‘ Achievement on EmpireAvenue.com http://t.co/qJnF3Xd
    8:39 AM Sep 14th from Tweet Button
  80. Infographic | 7 Ways Social Media Is Changing the Nature of Nurture… http://t.co/u4vkrAM
    9:28 AM Sep 14th from LinkedIn
  81. I just unlocked the ‘Outstanding 21’ Achievement on EmpireAvenue.com http://t.co/qJnF3Xd
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  84. The Ultimate FB Counter Meme – › Please copy & paste this to your status if you are constantly being asked… http://t.co/xUQBZEH
    11:36 AM Sep 14th from Tumblr
  85. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/0B580Wb
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  86. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/uBNzP1o ▸ Top stories today via @hipurbangirl
    13:31 PM Sep 14th from Paper.li
  87. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/kFkQ4Cgj
    16:29 PM Sep 14th from MySpace
  88. @VibeRevStudios done
    20:30 PM Sep 14th from web
  89. Editing video prior to virtual #E2Conf (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://t.co/93e8CPtO
    9:08 AM Sep 15th from foursquare
  90. @marketingm8 Thanks Peter. Not sure if the follow click took though. DM is disabled going your direction.
    9:14 AM Sep 15th from web
  91. @marketingm8 thanks for the +K Peter
    9:15 AM Sep 15th from web
  92. It is now possible to edit your videos and fine tune the results directly from the Watch page! Photo: http://t.co/Ajbb7BMi
    9:40 AM Sep 15th from Tumblr
  93. RT @e2conf: it’s a beautiful day 2 hold a virtual event! Doors open at 12pm EST/9am PST Join us! http://t.co/0XdzF5K #e2conf #e20 #socbiz #cmgr #web20
    10:23 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  94. RT @thebyard: 5 Facebook Rules Retailers Need To Know http://t.co/tDN4yVpz #thebyard #e2conf
    10:24 AM Sep 15th from BlogsFeedNet
  95. RT @odivina: RT @katiekrum: web used to be about content, now its about identity and connections — @kduggan #gsummit #insightful
    10:27 AM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  96. RT @ibogost: RT @dingstweets: A Quick Buck by Copy and Paste: A Review of “Gamification by Design” #gsummit #gamification http://t.co/8xP3v0wq
    10:27 AM Sep 15th from Twitter for Mac
  97. @mmartoccia have fun Mike. Looking forward to hearing your insights after the #gsummit
    10:27 AM Sep 15th from web
  98. @gzicherm have a successful event Gabe
    10:28 AM Sep 15th from web
  99. RT @thelenticular: Tracking user identities are at the core of everything on the web today & doing it in a meaningful & transparent way is critical. #gsummit
    10:28 AM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  100. RT @privacyguru: True! @thegandiman: Millenials may think sharing data is creepy, but this generation will give it to you anyway @Brian_wong #gsummit
    10:29 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  101. RT @marksampson: The more social your brand experience is, the more opportunity you have to leverage virtual rewards #gsummit
    10:39 AM Sep 15th from web
  102. RT @tabrezsyed#gsummit Social reputation is like a ‘black card’ that is now out of your wallet. @kduggan
    10:39 AM Sep 15th from Twitter for Mac
  103. RT @alantarkowski#Gsummit social engagement with the company product or service should lead gamification. Do not put cart before the horse
    11:02 AM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  104. RT @thegandiman: Fixed rewards structure/ratio is not as strong as serendipitous rewards, like getting that upgrade at an airport – @Brian_wong #gsummit
    11:03 AM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  105. Is Facebook Copying Google+ And Twitter? VP Of Engineering, Mike Schroepfer, Responds http://t.co/oevO0D6d
    11:07 AM Sep 15th from LinkedIn
  106. RT @dwmcallister: gamification isn’t the end goal. must align to business metrics and goals. #gsummit
    11:38 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  107. RT @thegandiman: Nobody wants to be an outlier; messages that compare performance against others get better response (Behaviorial Contrast) @aforth #gsummit
    11:39 AM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  108. RT @mobifiUX: RT @webguppy#1 gamification fail: not providing value to the customer. What is the meaningful value that you provide? @rajatrocks #gsummit
    11:39 AM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  109. RT @WeAreVertic: People are obsessed with getting 100% completeness – it’s very efficient getting people to try new features #Gsummit #progressivedynamics
    11:39 AM Sep 15th from web
  110. RT @teknicsand: Game mechanics cannot provide longevity in engagement by itself.Need to provide a meaningful experience to sustain it. @rajatrocks #gsummit
    11:40 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  111. RT @barrykirk: @rajatrocks: 4 ways to drive site engagement – Content, validation, loss aversion, play #gsummit
    11:48 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  112. Subscribed to aimalkm http://t.co/SUN3s7Pk
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  113. RT @grinkot: Onboarding (lead gen in #marketing speak) and long-term value are distinct #gamification applications. Via @rajatrocks at #gsummit
    12:13 PM Sep 15th from Mobile Web
  114. RT @Manjeera: @Kduggan content+identity+behavioral context = future of the web #gsummit
    12:27 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  115. RT @zuristanback: “if we don’t get better at innovating and leveraging knowledge workers, we can’t be competitive” (I paraphrase) #e2conf
    12:27 PM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  116. RT @AnaDataGirl: (on adoption & integration of tools) “There’s a fine line between if this is a tech issue or a sociology issue” -» oh yes! #e2conf
    12:59 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  117. RT @steveelmore#e2conf Disruption is a goal, not an annoyance!
    12:59 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  118. RT @AnaDataGirl: (on biz value) “identify motivated biz leaders as partners, find what they are motivated to do better” #e2conf
    13:00 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  119. RT @AnaDataGirl: Key success factors on #e20? Top sponsorship, groundswell adoption (critical mass) & tied to biz value #e2conf
    13:00 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  120. RT @rayronnie#e2conf KM failed because it was good for the organization and not the individual
    13:00 PM Sep 15th from INXPO
  121. RT @eliingraham: “focusing on organizational alignment upfront is key to avoiding ending up with a great technology that no one uses” via @rkoplowitz #e2conf
    13:00 PM Sep 15th from TweetChat
  122. RT @MoxieSoft: “The information workplace is no longer a vision, it’s a success imperative” @rkoplowitz at virtual #e2conf #MoxieSoft #socbiz
    13:00 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  123. RT @tomascaraccia: Our goal as gamifiers is to change the nature of work #gsummit #gamification
    13:22 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  124. RT @CHRISVOSS: You cant reach for a dream and remain safely mediocre at the same time. #DreamBig
    13:29 PM Sep 15th from SocialOomph
  125. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS ▸ Top stories today via @haltonnews
    13:31 PM Sep 15th from Paper.li
  126. RT @nachoharriague: Consumer & Enterprise gamification are the same at the core. It´s just a matter of adjusting incentives #gamification #gsummit
    13:42 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  127. RT @Rypple: The military has badges for accomplishments. Why not symbolic badges for the workplace then?! #gamification #gsummit
    13:42 PM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  128. RT @billypidgeon: Making collaboration a game could be epic win, because collaborating is fun once it gets going. #gsummit
    13:42 PM Sep 15th from web
  129. RT @marksampson: Point from @KesSampanthar – you don’t have to read a manual to play Halo. Why should enterprise software be any different? #gsummit
    13:42 PM Sep 15th from web
  130. RT @dwmcallister: RT @nachoharriague: …motivate collaboration with group “missions” and extra points for helping out colleagues #gamification #gsummit
    13:42 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  131. @mmartoccia sweet
    13:43 PM Sep 15th from web
  132. @mmartoccia sweet
    13:43 PM Sep 15th from web
  133. RT @adamtrueoffice: Dangers of gamifying work 1 User data privacy 2 Reinforce biases 3 Exclusion 4 Promote negative behavior #gsummit #Gamification #enterprise
    14:14 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPad
  134. RT @romilly1: The balance between cooperation and competition is critical in implementing game mechanics for the enterprise. @kessampanthar #gsummit
    14:14 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPad
  135. RT @shweri: Gamification is about motivating people. You can call it a game or call it leadership. @charlieykim #gsummit
    14:15 PM Sep 15th from Twittelator
  136. RT @nachoharriague: Gamification is not putting games into the work flow, it´s applying the psychology behind games to it . #gsummit #gamification
    14:16 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  137. RT @peepf: “The barrier for enterprise 2.0 is the enterprise, not the 2.0.” — Casey Burns, GSA in #e2conf virtual event http://t.co/MShfPtRo
    14:17 PM Sep 15th from web
  138. RT @eliingraham: RT @lammiia: Use cases at GSA: 1.locating expertise, 2.finding knowledge 3.working in teams 4.giving feedback 5.improved user exper #e2conf
    14:17 PM Sep 15th from TweetChat
  139. RT @nachoharriague: Old loyalty programs are transactional | re-invent this industry into Engagement. #Gamification FTW #gsummit
    14:29 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  140. RT @dwmcallister: almost every loyalty program are exactly the same: transact, points, market, transact, points status. #gsummit
    14:29 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  141. @animal The ariel atom is way on the top of cars I would track without hesitation
    14:33 PM Sep 15th from web
  142. RT @shanegibson: RT @ilovegarick: PASSION! I love hearing @Jon_Ferrara talk #Nimble. Watch this video of the #SCRM panel w @BrentLeary http://t.co/P4dYOKIL
    14:35 PM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  143. @louiebaur me thinks it has something to do with an event in Boston 😉
    14:35 PM Sep 15th from web
  144. RT @HealthGamer: Leveraging existing used social apps via API is both more effective and easier than trying to recreate the function. #gsummit
    14:39 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPad
  145. RT @Bennuworld#gsummit insight: the goal of gamification in enterprise applications is to engage employees toward achieving goals – @maksim
    14:39 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  146. RT @jrcooper: Engagement, with real-time social rewards, executed right means a reward that is tailored to ME based on my data. via @justglew #gsummit
    14:50 PM Sep 15th from web
  147. RT @WeAreVertic: Engagement programs rest on contextual rewards in the moment based on real time social information @justglew #GSummit
    14:50 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPad
  148. I just got access to @klout‘s new topic page preview! Sign in today and see if you’re in! http://t.co/NxI4QFcf
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  149. According to @klout, the top +K recipients about #Eav are @BerriePelser, @_Suspiria_ and @marketingm8. Check it out! http://t.co/2TVoAeRn
    15:11 PM Sep 15th from Tweet Button
  150. @markjowen to you as well Mark
    15:39 PM Sep 15th from web
  151. 4 Awesome Online Resources for Creating QR Codes http://t.co/8msYSzdf
    17:13 PM Sep 15th from Tweet Button
  152. @ChrisPirillo random comment or specific context re: I don’t get it.
    18:09 PM Sep 15th from web
  153. @nahumg hope all is going well Nahum
    18:10 PM Sep 15th from web
  154. @marketingm8 no worries
    18:10 PM Sep 15th from web
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  156. @eliingraham you’re welcome. was multi-tasking following the gamification summitt at the same time. must have been odd for those following
    19:55 PM Sep 15th from web
  157. @RobinDickinson @mqtodd @CatherineWPhoto @scguven One of the best collaboration of my career (no exaggeration).
    19:56 PM Sep 15th from web
  158. @nahumg surviving in a tough economy. working hard on the foundations of #TDGv
    19:56 PM Sep 15th from web
  159. RT @RobinDickinson: @mqtodd brilliant global film-making collab with @CatherineWPhoto @RLavigne42 & @scguven (Sweden + Canada + Australia) 100% online.
    19:57 PM Sep 15th from web
  160. @mqtodd A1: 1 tweet the day before Christmas turning into a pure digital global short film creation in less than a week #eavchat #TDGv
    19:58 PM Sep 15th from web
  161. RT @silucky: Invest in @mqtodd Host of @EAvChat #EAvChat 7pm ET Th [X] #TeamZen (@mqtodd) on Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market http://t.co/6lfK7ud
    19:59 PM Sep 15th from Tweet Button
  162. @DarinRMcClure anybody that thinks that @EmpireAve is merely a game is just plain wrong. it is an HUGE engagement platform #EAvChat
    20:00 PM Sep 15th from web
  163. RT @AniseSmith#EmpireAvenue has been an amazing source of building a network of the elite in new media & social media #eavchat
    20:02 PM Sep 15th from TweetChat
  164. @AxelS how linkedin is worth 6 billion with minimal engagement is a insult to the hard work that the #EAv Team have done on empty stomachs
    20:06 PM Sep 15th from web
  165. RT @LarissaKatayeva: @varatiki No need ever to say that 🙂 Just connect, engage, contribute. Investments will come then. And most importantly – stay. #Eavchat
    20:09 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  166. @DarinRMcClure when I do my Transparency>Collaboration>Engagement keynote, I use #EAv as my platform example of choice. All is there to show
    20:11 PM Sep 15th from web
  167. @sallykwitt @DillonRhodes happy to help out with the editing for youtube.com/empireavenue. dropboxed content works great – #TDGv Studios 😉
    20:14 PM Sep 15th from web
  168. RT @DillonRhodes: RT @cyndeehaydon: I appreciate all opportunities to collaborate w/others w/ Open Random Supportive mindset formally & informally – #eavchat
    20:21 PM Sep 15th from TweetChat
  169. @nahumg thanks. as I described it to someone tonight. trans-atlantic flight past the no turning back line with a broken fuel gauge #nerves
    22:02 PM Sep 15th from web
  170. @2020lifeline Just signed up for the Friday meetup. See you then. Rob
    22:18 PM Sep 15th from web
  171. Check out this Meetup with Brantford Entrepreneurs http://t.co/uyzCrxlo
    22:19 PM Sep 15th from Meetup
  172. @ResumeStrategy @animal happy to see I am still on the list
    23:16 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  173. RT @YogaArmy: You Are About to Start Shopping with Gestures Thanks to Kinect [Kinect] http://t.co/HH9SsoSr
    23:17 PM Sep 15th from dlvr.it
  174. http://t.co/g89wHwzM. Good Read
    23:20 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  175. @animal agreed. Lists are useful but twitter needs to help auto generate sum based on common keywords and hashtags, etc. I keep trimming
    23:23 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  176. @animal apologies for the massive stream today. Was attending two conferences virtually 😉
    23:24 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  177. @animal did you use a tool to bookmark or manual upon unfollow?
    23:25 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  178. RT @RyanEversley: Cool article on my broken leg etc 🙂 http://t.co/BiTiOJBU
    23:29 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPad
  179. @RyanEversley good luck and bring home the championship
    23:30 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  180. @animal they were mostly retweets of content from the gamification summit and enterprise 2.0 virtual conference. Likely in quick bursts.
    23:32 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  181. @animal when lists first came out I expected more people to stop following and use list exclusively. Follow is easier than list so no shift
    23:34 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  182. @animal @scottallen @resumestrategy what is their not to like about he (blush mode enabled)
    23:36 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  183. RT @craigonthemove: This weekend is it for Grand-Am for 2011 and we have a shot at the GT championship, plus I will be helping @RyanEversley go for the ST title
    23:36 PM Sep 15th from web
  184. RT @Randy_Gage: When you subscribe to my YouTube channel I come to your house and bake you choc chip cookies! http://t.co/Zw4QShpM
    23:38 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
  185. @animal one of The reasons I am not 100% sure about Facebook subscriptions. One way broadcasting?
    23:40 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  186. RT @JeffAshcroft: Register for next week’s @ConstellationRG webinar: Four Hats of The Social CMO sharing results of @TheSocialCMO Survey http://t.co/cOTyp0pn
    23:41 PM Sep 15th from web
  187. @Randy_Gage too late. You need to come to Telephone City now. Prepping flour, eggs, sugar. Bring chocolate!!!
    23:42 PM Sep 15th from Twitter for iPhone
  188. @ResumeStrategy hmmm, never thought of using it for paper.li. Started making lists, but for the most part did what @animal did. #trimfat
    23:43 PM Sep 15th from web
  189. @Randy_Gage btw the Viper guy in you will appreciate this http://t.co/xYjil5KH
    23:45 PM Sep 15th from web
  190. @ResumeStrategy hope you got me in the smart people list 😉
    23:47 PM Sep 15th from web
  191. @ResumeStrategy is there a limit on the amount in a list? re: maxing out
    23:48 PM Sep 15th from web
  192. @animal you probably should have me in the post too much, (22k tweets since 09) but then again you have 45k 😉 cc: @ResumeStrategy
    23:50 PM Sep 15th from web
  193. @ResumeStrategy good to know. re: 500 max for twitter list
    23:52 PM Sep 15th from web
  194. RT @darcykieran: Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don’t know. Via @EpicTweets
    23:53 PM Sep 15th from HootSuite
  195. RT @danperezfilms: RT @socialmouths Facebook “Lists” And The New “Subscribe” Button Explained http://t.co/VwSQq2HF
    23:54 PM Sep 15th from Triberr
  196. @Randy_Gage the good footage (non viper) is here http://t.co/R0WgjclK. Pseudo motorsport documentary. No pitch just good racing content 😉
    0:09 AM Sep 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  197. Brantford Entrepeneur Meetup #TDGv (@ Williams Coffee Pub) [pic]: http://t.co/PyybuOki
    11:59 AM Sep 16th from foursquare
  198. Attending first @BrantfordMeetup event with @JulieCoombs @secretagentlisa and new Brantford friends #TDGv
    12:06 PM Sep 16th from Twitter for Android
  199. RT @secretagentlisa: Get to know #Brantford #FF @BBusinesses @ActiveGrand @BrantExpositor @BrantAdvocate @BrantfordWthr @brantunitedway @BrantfordMeetup
    12:11 PM Sep 16th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  200. Listening to Laurie talk about her email marketing franchise based out of Telephone City @BrantfordMeetup #TDGv http://t.co/Gguo7HE7
    12:27 PM Sep 16th from Twitter for Android
  201. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    13:31 PM Sep 16th from Paper.li
  202. @secretagentlisa @BrantfordMeetup you may enjoy listening to this http://t.co/juuRowQY #socialbusiness
    14:27 PM Sep 16th from web
  203. Looking forward to another exciting Customer Experience Show taping. #TDGv http://t.co/BoeYOqvl
    14:38 PM Sep 16th from web
  204. @MaureenSharib @animal my understanding is that unlike say FB, twitter’s limit is based more on the follow to followed ratio
    14:40 PM Sep 16th from web
  205. Man, do I enjoy guest hosting http://t.co/hbUc3V3W Great Customer Experience Design chat with @mikewittenstein#CustExp #CX #TDGv
    15:37 PM Sep 16th from web
  206. Join me on Empire Avenue #EAv http://t.co/fZBs5YQO http://t.co/WbUKtlsa #TDGv
    16:01 PM Sep 16th from web
  207. @fondalo thanks buddy
    16:18 PM Sep 16th from web
  208. @fondalo skype or Google hangout mid next week?
    16:27 PM Sep 16th from web
  209. @fondalo cool. Wednesday is good. just ping me on FB when available
    16:34 PM Sep 16th from web
  210. @fondalo 1pst/5est works. fire me off the calendar entry to my gmail (rlavigne42)
    16:54 PM Sep 16th from web
  211. @Williams_Fresh my pleasure. great room in the back for events like this. oddly enough moved to Brantford a mere few blocks from your HQ
    16:55 PM Sep 16th from web
  212. RT @cskulevold: @RLavigne42 social networking at it’s finest!!! two good guys 🙂 @fondalo
    16:56 PM Sep 16th from web
  213. #ff @cskulevold @fondalo
    16:56 PM Sep 16th from web
  214. Hey Toronto #YYZ, come out and support a great charity event and see a great #MuayThai Exhibition http://t.co/JiVHeFPK #Boxing #MMA #TDGv
    17:00 PM Sep 16th from web
  215. Canadian Sprint nationals (@ Ohsweken Speedway) [pic]: http://t.co/2IOwutbe
    19:02 PM Sep 16th from foursquare
  216. RT @fondalo: Heck ya! 😉 RT @cskulevold: @RLavigne42 social networking at it’s finest!!! two good guys 🙂 @fondalo
    19:36 PM Sep 16th from HootSuite
  217. RT @webtechman: The Secret Social Science Sauce of #Gamification: Behavior Models Breakdown http://t.co/uLdxoVQ7 ala @mich8elwu re #gsummit
    1:23 AM Sep 17th from web
  218. RT @EmpireAve: See Gamification in Action on the Social Media Stock Market! #GSUMMIT http://t.co/wPTUgr6Y
    1:23 AM Sep 17th from Twitter for Mac
  219. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Start with a reasonable goal and then scale up your success. (sounds like good advice in a lot of areas of life)
    1:25 AM Sep 17th from web
  220. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Different gaming roles you might want to evoke: Fan, expert, winner, helper (Badgeville presentation)
    1:25 AM Sep 17th from web
  221. RT @Bennuworld#gsummit fact: if Bartle’s player personality types were mutually exclusive: 5% Killers, 10% Explorers & Achievers, 75% Socializers
    1:26 AM Sep 17th from web
  222. RT @nwjerseyliz#GSummit Another typology of player motivates: To express, compete, explore or collaborate.
    1:26 AM Sep 17th from web
  223. I uploaded a YouTube video http://t.co/XAXEwhRX
    2:34 AM Sep 17th from MySpace
  224. RT @RHWLouch: Looking forward to Muay Thai match and SM strategy session today with Robert Lavigne @RLavigne42
    12:53 PM Sep 17th from web
  225. @RHWLouch Going to be a great charity Muay Thai exhibition event in #YYZhttp://t.co/JiVHeFPK If you are in the Toronto area check it out
    13:26 PM Sep 17th from web
  226. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    13:30 PM Sep 17th from Paper.li
  227. RT @RHWLouch: I gave @RLavigne42 +K about Creativity on @klout http://t.co/CIoukQ4a
    0:06 AM Sep 18th from Tweet Button
  228. You won’t retweet this #TDGv
    1:04 AM Sep 18th from Twitter for iPhone
  229. I just ousted Tom F. as the mayor of Value Village on @foursquarehttp://t.co/EKQ05prg
    11:58 AM Sep 18th from foursquare
  230. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/iS2LjMaS
    13:30 PM Sep 18th from Paper.li
  231. I liked a YouTube video http://t.co/eOYPpg9P
    15:56 PM Sep 18th from MySpace

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