Bacon Run to the Hills! – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 11:23 AM Sep 2nd – 16:40 PM Sep 9th

An Epic Farewell to #YYZ 4 Now! – A Life@42 Social Novel Segment 

Hiking Footage from Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. Bacon run (@ Brantford Farmer’s Market)
    11:23 AM Sep 2nd from foursquare
  2. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ab2bc @laurenonizzle @gregorydcollins @bakercom1
    13:30 PM Sep 2nd from
  3. @chrisbrogan very interesting feedback from your unfollow experiment. actually made me start following you again on Twitter of all ironies
    15:45 PM Sep 2nd from web
  4. RT @chrisbrogan: The great Twitter unfollow experiment of 2011 –
    15:45 PM Sep 2nd from HootSuite
  5. RT @KnowledgeBishop: Kindness Transcends Constraints: A blog post about the business of service. #leadfromwithin
    15:50 PM Sep 2nd from Tweet Button
  6. RT @Xbox: Prepare for the epic finale to the trilogy – watch the @GearsofWar3 (M17) trailer, “Dust to Dust!”
    15:50 PM Sep 2nd from web
  7. RT @ResumeStrategy: FRT @animal Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time with less money.
    15:51 PM Sep 2nd from web
  8. @ResumeStrategy @animal living that dream
    15:51 PM Sep 2nd from web
  9. @ResumeStrategy give me fridge or give me death 😉
    16:40 PM Sep 2nd from HTC Peep
  10. @ResumeStrategy meant to say frindge as in “give me frindge or give me death”. And there hasn’t been anything in the fridge for years now
    17:32 PM Sep 2nd from web
  11. @ResumeStrategy one of the benefits of choosing this path. 270lbs > 220lbs
    17:33 PM Sep 2nd from web
  12. @TheChrisFleury Glad you enjoyed the video Chris re: “Beautiful!” (@YouTube
    0:18 AM Sep 3rd from Google
  13. @animal only downside to losing all that weight is the loss of a $10,000+ wardrobe
    0:27 AM Sep 3rd from web
  14. @OhswekenSpdway had a great time tonight. shame the racing season in Canada is so short
    0:39 AM Sep 3rd from web
  15. RT @OhswekenSpdway: Canadian Sprint Car Nationals just 2 weeks away! Make sure to get your tickets:
    0:39 AM Sep 3rd from Facebook
  16. RT @ruhanirabin Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm. – Earl Nightingale #Quote
    12:55 PM Sep 3rd from HTC Peep
  17. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @northlandfox
    13:30 PM Sep 3rd from
  18. @danicakombol Telephone City is Brantford, Ontario. First call by Bell. Birthplace of Gretzky. And IMHO the ideal remote workplace for YYZ
    19:48 PM Sep 3rd from Twitter for iPhone
  19. RT @danicakombol: 35 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
    19:49 PM Sep 3rd from Tweet Button
  20. @danicakombol working on my latest YouTube footage upload 🙂
    19:50 PM Sep 3rd from Twitter for iPhone
  21. @openmindedproduction it was a great fight to say the least. Henriques is goin (@YouTube
    21:27 PM Sep 3rd from Google
  22. RT @ruhanirabin: 27 Excellent Digital #Photography #Tutorials –
    23:40 PM Sep 3rd from SocialOomph
  23. RT @skquinn: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” — Thomas Paine | I’m not a follower, and I’m not good at getting out of the way. I choose to lead.
    23:42 PM Sep 3rd from web
  24. RT @mayhemstudios: RT @GlenGilmore 10 Innovative Twitter Tools For Busy People: rt @TweetSmarter
    23:42 PM Sep 3rd from Twittelator
  25. RT @TheDanLevy: How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Handle On A Hosted Blog

    23:44 PM Sep 3rd from

  26. RT @dshiao: Gamification Is Here to Stay – The Atlantic (by @gzicherm): via @AddThis #gamification
    23:44 PM Sep 3rd from Tweet Button
  27. @krcraft actually interviewed on of their top SM guys a while back –
    23:48 PM Sep 3rd from web
  28. @TheDanLevy my pleasure. thanks for the info re: tweet/wordpress. how goes it in YYZ
    0:22 AM Sep 4th from web
  29. RT @SocialMediaDel: Ticketmaster now allows you to tag yourself in your seat and see where your Facebook friends are sitting.
    0:22 AM Sep 4th from Social Media Delivered
  30. @TheDanLevy takes getting used to. Plenty of possibilities due to outright lack of awareness of what we take for granted. Went hiking today
    0:57 AM Sep 4th from Twitter for iPhone
  31. @TheChrisFleury Glad you enjoyed the video Chris re: “Beautiful!” (@YouTube
    9:44 AM Sep 4th from Google
  32. @RyanEversley how is the foot?
    12:52 PM Sep 4th from web
  33. @jmdc88 you go girl
    12:52 PM Sep 4th from web
  34. RT @sarahkayhoffman: Is the 90-9-1 Rule for Online Community Engagement Dead? [Data] –
    12:52 PM Sep 4th from SocialOomph
  35. RT @Minervity: The History Of Gaming: From Oscilloscope To Virtual Reality –
    12:53 PM Sep 4th from Rebel Tweet
  36. RT @TonyGaskins: Don’t be afraid to let negative people go. Sometimes even in real life you have to hit the BLOCK button!
    12:53 PM Sep 4th from Twitter for iPhone
  37. @conniecrosby and do take care of yourself
    12:53 PM Sep 4th from web
  38. RT @AskAaronLee: Your Blog Is Not Seen by Over 2 Million Federal Workers! a must read
    12:54 PM Sep 4th from CoTweet
  39. RT @TheRockstarCEO#entrepreneur The Modern History of the Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]: The role of the resume has remained constant throu…
    12:55 PM Sep 4th from twitterfeed
  40. RT @KatjaPresnal: How to get your biz to the next level? LOVE what you do. If U love walking through the doors every day, so will your clients.
    13:29 PM Sep 4th from HootSuite
  41. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jackinessity @chrisrecord
    13:30 PM Sep 4th from
  42. RT @peckUSA: God give rest to the soul of Trey Pennington. ✟ 9-4-2011
    13:39 PM Sep 4th from web
  43. RT @Arcimedia: Marketing Pro – Trey Pennington provides some great insights on marketing & social media
    13:39 PM Sep 4th from SocialOomph
  44. RT @treypennington: Sure am thankful for online friends who are real friends offline, too. Love you.
    13:47 PM Sep 4th from TweetDeck
  45. “Sure am thankful for online friends who are real friends offline, too. Love you.” ~ @treypennington -social graph suffered a huge loss #RIP
    13:48 PM Sep 4th from web
  46. @RyanEversley have a blast at Mosport
    14:43 PM Sep 4th from Twitter for iPhone
  47. Another 2TB for #TDGv Studios $99 WD0021 (@ Factory Direct)
    15:20 PM Sep 4th from foursquare
  48. RT @stephencearley: If you have depression, know someone who does, or want to understand the disease better, this is a powerful read:
    19:49 PM Sep 4th from Twitter for Android
  49. RT @mashable: Popular Social Media Personality Trey Pennington (@treypennington) Dies Unexpectedly –
    19:49 PM Sep 4th from HootSuite
  50. RT @KrisColvin: The Difference Between Me and Trey Pennington | Intuitive Bridge
    19:49 PM Sep 4th from TweetMeme
  51. RT @intuitivebridge: Depression is the most common mental illness. Creative, intuitive smart people often experience it. You’re not alone.
    19:49 PM Sep 4th from TweetDeck
  52. RT @xanpearson: ♥Heartbreaking Tribute To @TreyPennington by @KrisColvin rt @buzzedition
    19:50 PM Sep 4th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  53. RT @thebrandbuilder: Heartbroken.
    19:51 PM Sep 4th from
  54. @thebrandbuilder shame on assholes like that. can’t say more about that. I know you and I only met once, but you know us Canadian. #Here4U
    19:56 PM Sep 4th from web
  55. @jmdc88 I am sure. Glad that you experienced it first hand. Of course, I did get to fully experience it at speed on a race track 😉
    19:57 PM Sep 4th from web
  56. @conniecrosby remember those moments and that advice #nuffsaid
    19:58 PM Sep 4th from web
  57. @danicakombol that must have been interesting given the characters involved. tell me more about that experience. and am now an hour outside
    19:58 PM Sep 4th from web
  58. @RyanEversley the Mosport Triangle is name that for a reason. Shame I am 3 hours away or I would make the drive to finally meet IRL
    19:59 PM Sep 4th from web
  59. RT @ruhanirabin: 10 Almost Unknown Google Facts #rr5
    19:59 PM Sep 4th from SocialOomph
  60. @jmdc88 have you ever tracked a car at a race track. If not, be wary of this
    23:20 PM Sep 4th from web
  61. @jmdc88 man I miss the track 😉
    23:22 PM Sep 4th from web
  62. @jmdc88 my bad for messing around with new brake pads and moving up my braking point more than I should have < that was Mount Tremblant BTW
    23:28 PM Sep 4th from web
  63. @jmdc88 probably 350+ when you include the unlisted ones. YouTube now allows me up to 1hour per video due to my healthy stream. #TDGv FTW
    23:31 PM Sep 4th from web
  64. @jmdc88 not sure if you ever saw the ones of me and Dups (being a EAv fan that you are)
    23:33 PM Sep 4th from web
  65. @jmdc88 hehe, you should have seen the driver of the Ferrari. Firesuit for a parade lap (thus the rockstar comment). Slow lap, but priceless
    23:42 PM Sep 4th from web
  66. @jmdc88 nice thing with the YouTube channel is you can see the full evolution of my editing skills as I posted it all along the way #TDGV
    23:43 PM Sep 4th from web
  67. @jmdc88 compare what you are seeing now to
    23:43 PM Sep 4th from web
  68. @jmdc88 as a Gilles Villeneuve early influence this interview was my favourite
    23:44 PM Sep 4th from web
  69. @jmdc88 put in my proverbial 10,000 hours to get to where I am now. Practice, Practice, Practice
    23:54 PM Sep 4th from web
  70. @jmdc88 btw if you ever want to know about the backstory about the guy that was in the car with me a Laguna, read this
    23:56 PM Sep 4th from web
  71. RT @thebrandbuilder: To the 3 bloggers already leveraging @TreyPennington‘s death to draw attention to yourselves, shame on you.
    23:57 PM Sep 4th from TweetDeck
  72. RT @Jon_Ferrara: Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness – Depression is more common than you think – #Empathy #Awareness
    23:58 PM Sep 4th from web
  73. RT @JeffAshcroft: @treypennington Goodbye friend! Just one DM and I would’ve been there…Sleep well Trey.
    0:04 AM Sep 5th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  74. RT @KrisColvin: Just read a second stupid article calling Trey a “social media personality”. This is the most DUMB writing. He was a marketing consultant…
    0:04 AM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPad
  75. RT @JonSinden: It’s a Trap!
    0:05 AM Sep 5th from TweetDeck
  76. @AndrewFstewart moving 2TB of data from one drive to another while organizing it’s content (have the fun stuff 😉
    11:33 AM Sep 5th from web
  77. RT @stuiewood: “As transparent as we are, we still develop personas online that don’t always match our offline challenges” @mktgtechblog #TreyPennington
    11:33 AM Sep 5th from web
  78. RT @johnlshea: A lot to reflect on RT @adamsconsulting: The One Major Flaw In Social Media Friendships #TreyPennington
    11:34 AM Sep 5th from Twitter for Mac
  79. RT @robertalexander: My Friend Wasn’t Killed By Social Media #treypennington #fb
    11:35 AM Sep 5th from Tweet Button
  80. RT @TedRubin: Trey Pennington: Reaching Out in the Darkness~ via @heidicohen – Thx 4 sharing Heidi! #TreyPennington
    11:35 AM Sep 5th from TweetDeck
  81. Huge thank you to all the recent “fans” of this page. As always, please let me know hoq I can continue to provide…
    12:11 PM Sep 5th from Facebook
  82. Huge thank you to all the recent “fans” of this page. As always, please let me know hoq I can continue to provide…
    12:11 PM Sep 5th from Facebook
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    13:30 PM Sep 5th from
  84. My @Klout score is 59. I improved it by 1 point over the past day!
    14:18 PM Sep 5th from Tweet Button
  85. G+ invite code
    15:15 PM Sep 5th from web
  86. RT @julito77: What I learned from @TreyPennington via @DevelopSocially
    15:17 PM Sep 5th from Tweet Button
  87. RT @mingyeow: If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’s going to spend its life believing it’s an idiot – Einstein (via @asymco)
    15:18 PM Sep 5th from web
  88. RT @philsimon: 5 Tips For Writing Great Headlines That Work via @HectorCuevas
    15:18 PM Sep 5th from Triberr
  89. RT @ruhanirabin: There Can Be Only One Bruce Campbell #geek
    15:18 PM Sep 5th from twitterfeed
  90. @animal haha thanks man
    18:08 PM Sep 5th from web
  91. @JonSinden indeed
    18:08 PM Sep 5th from web
  92. @JustInTheSouth no problem
    18:09 PM Sep 5th from web
  93. @jmdc88 well you did have the R8 afterall
    23:36 PM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  94. @jmdc88 plenty of videos on my channel ;-). Drive up those #EAv dividends 🙂
    23:49 PM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  95. @jmdc88 hehe
    23:52 PM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  96. @PenguinSpark reading now
    23:53 PM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPhone
  97. RT @murnahan: I love this video and this song! if you like cake, coffee, or cigarettes, you should love this.
    0:00 AM Sep 6th from web
  98. RT @SuryaRay: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. ~Dr. Seuss
    0:37 AM Sep 6th from TweetDeck
  99. RT @SouthsideAdguy: Video | Freddie Mercury Google Doodle via @zite
    0:39 AM Sep 6th from Visibli
  100. @problogger incorporation of video segments
    0:41 AM Sep 6th from Twitter for iPhone
  101. RT @purplehayz: Q&A with the #WordPress core developers (video)
    0:41 AM Sep 6th from SocialOomph
  102. RT @wilsontony: Good read RT @rossdawson: Reconfiguring the world of business around the customer #e20 #socbiz
    0:44 AM Sep 6th from HootSuite
  103. RT @jacobm: are you happy at work? #scrm #e20 #socbiz
    0:44 AM Sep 6th from TweetDeck
  104. RT @elsua: [Blog] The Social Enterprise – Welcome to the Era of Intrapreneurship! #socenter #e20 #socbiz
    0:45 AM Sep 6th from Twitter for Mac
  105. RT @hokun: Read @SameerPatel‘s new post on Dreamforce 2011 and contextual collaboration. #df11 #E20 #socbiz
    0:45 AM Sep 6th from HootSuite
  106. RT @lammiia: +1 > RT @roundtrip: “The purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary humans beings to do extraordinary things.” ~Drucker (1974) #E20
    0:46 AM Sep 6th from TweetDeck
  107. RT @ellenhoenig: What is the difference between #CRM and #scrm via @brandbuilder #hcmktg #socpharm
    0:47 AM Sep 6th from Flipboard
  108. RT @ruhanirabin: 88 Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective #Photography
    1:03 AM Sep 6th from SocialOomph
  109. RT @Domino_Oracle: How to maintain an Empire Avenue account with 1 hour per week
    1:04 AM Sep 6th from NetworkedBlogs
  110. RT @mqtodd: 3 Things We Can Learn From the Google+ Suggested User List Fiasco via @lauraleewalker
    1:05 AM Sep 6th from Triberr
  111. RT @kyleplacy: Social Media Marketing is More Than Social Networking via @murnahan
    2:33 AM Sep 6th from Triberr
  112. My week on twitter: 21 retweets received, 6 new listings, 67 new followers, 40 mentions. Via:
    5:18 AM Sep 6th from TwentyFeet
  113. @openmindedproduction it was a great fight to say the least. Henriques is goin (@YouTube
    6:26 AM Sep 6th from Google
  114. @1957thack Thanks for the multi-part comment and sharing your own story about M (@YouTube
    10:20 AM Sep 6th from Google
  115. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @cathybrooks @benjaminstrong
    13:30 PM Sep 6th from
  116. RT @MichaelHyatt: What can you learn from this? “Top 10 Most Viral Video Ads Of All Time According to Ad Age” |
    20:04 PM Sep 6th from Buffer
  117. RT @TechZader: Yahoo CEO Bartz says fired over phone: source
    20:04 PM Sep 6th from twitterfeed
  118. RT @chuckmartin1: WSJ take on Yahoo CEO being ousted
    20:05 PM Sep 6th from TweetDeck
  119. RT @ruhanirabin#HowTo Add Facebook Social Comment Box on any Website – #rr5
    20:05 PM Sep 6th from SocialOomph
  120. RT @iggypintado: Top 10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need Social Media | via @TheTop10Blog by @Jason__Ramsey
    20:05 PM Sep 6th from Echofon
  121. RT @TheTop10Blog: 7 Common Traits Of Ineffective Leaders via @CompanyFounder
    20:06 PM Sep 6th from Triberr
  122. RT @YogaArmy: Carol Bartz: I’ve Been Fired As CEO of Yahoo [Yahoo]
    20:07 PM Sep 6th from
  123. @nakeva @dillonrhodes let me know later on your thoughts on commonred. holding off joining until feedback
    20:08 PM Sep 6th from web
  124. RT @MyAgenda: In memory of @TreyPennington – candlelight memorial began at 7:30pm -RIP Trey
    20:08 PM Sep 6th from instagram
  125. @mfauscette they should have sold when they had the chance
    20:10 PM Sep 6th from web
  126. RT @MarketingHits: RT @Flipbooks: 32 Really Creative #Business Cards #Design
    20:10 PM Sep 6th from TweetDeck
  127. Incubate This! – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up featuring the #TDGv Communitech Hub Incubator Spotlight
    20:55 PM Sep 6th from Facebook
  128. Just signed up for @commonred – Let me know if you want an invite (previous #TDGv engagers get priority invites).
    0:06 AM Sep 7th from web
  129. @DillonRhodes @nakeva just took the lunge
    0:07 AM Sep 7th from web
  130. @nakeva have not
    0:22 AM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  131. RT @dandemsky: Watch 5 second films @40deuce: I kind of feel like watching a movie. Probably not a great thing at 1130
    0:25 AM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  132. RT @bgrier: Study: Auto-Posting to Facebook Decreases Likes and Comments by 70% via @zite
    0:26 AM Sep 7th from Zite
  133. @nakeva much like LinkedIn in that sense. What is their unique offering?
    0:27 AM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  134. @nakeva so good for targeted community dialogue
    0:28 AM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  135. @commonred hehe
    0:33 AM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  136. RT @torque10: Killer Facts & Stats About #GooglePlus | @SmashingApps #Infographic
    0:37 AM Sep 7th from web
  137. RT @commonred: @BerriePelser you’re the #1 most interesting Professional in the World! Great work!
    0:39 AM Sep 7th from web
  138. RT @Ldillonschalk: ack! only knew of 3/10 RT @cammipham: The best new social media analytics tools of the year (so far) #socialmedia || @jkcallas
    0:53 AM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  139. RT @commonred: @AniseSmith you’re the #4 Most Interesting Professional in the World! Great bolt of Zeus that’s incredible!
    0:53 AM Sep 7th from web
  140. RT @StickerScan: It is estimated that total spending on mobile ads will reach $11-$20 billion. This is up from $6.5 billion in 2010.
    0:53 AM Sep 7th from web
  141. RT @SameerPatel: Great. #e20 > The truth about seven persistent Google Docs myths | TechRepublic
    0:54 AM Sep 7th from Tweet Button
  142. RT @stellahklee: Zing! RT @erikmistal “Carol Bartz fired as CEO of @Yahoo – didn’t know much about her…so I Googled her.”
    0:58 AM Sep 7th from web
  143. @dalesimpson have fun at #ATT2011
    0:59 AM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  144. Morning all. Remember sometimes there is no middle ground and running with your vision is the only solution to it…
    10:10 AM Sep 7th from Facebook
  145. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @hipurbangirl
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  146. @dalesimpson nope. Would have if I had received an invite to present or document, but little interest in being an attendee
    13:46 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  147. RT @cmswire: Social Business Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does, Neither Does Enterprise 2.0 #e20 #socbiz
    13:49 PM Sep 7th from
  148. @dalesimpson no worries. Organizers would have reached out direct if there was an interest in my offerings based on previous freebies
    14:07 PM Sep 7th from HTC Peep
  149. @dalesimpson appreciate the offer. Did the volunteering last year as well as helping to market people after. No real return on investment
    14:11 PM Sep 7th from HTC Peep
  150. I connected my blog to Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market and have entered to win an iPad 2 and more!
    14:30 PM Sep 7th from Tweet Button
  151. @JasonFalls that rocks. glad that tweet worked out for you Jason. Well Done again @SouthwestAir (my best to Fred Taylor and team)
    14:43 PM Sep 7th from web
  152. RT @samfiorella: US CMOs will increase SM Marketing spend to 10%+ of marketing budgets ~> #mmchat #socialchat
    15:03 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  153. RT @RapidBI: Learning #Quote: The mediocre teacher tells. The good explains. The superior demonstrates. The great teacher inspires-William Arthur Ward
    15:03 PM Sep 7th from 247Tweet
  154. @DillonRhodes @nakeva multi-threaded chat 😉
    15:05 PM Sep 7th from web
  155. Have you checked out commonred yet? Currently ranked 42nd on their leaderboard. Still open slots available for…
    15:37 PM Sep 7th from Facebook
  156. @DillonRhodes @nakeva guessing a typo or a domain snag opportunity 😉
    15:50 PM Sep 7th from web
  157. RT @dhinchcliffe: Social Business: The Fifth Era of Business Transformation from IBM by @britopian with @sandy_carter #socbiz #e20
    15:51 PM Sep 7th from HootSuite
  158. RT @dhinchcliffe: RT @mijori23: @dhinchcliffe The option most IT depts are taking is to slap SharePoint 2010 on a business & call it social. A blown chance.
    15:51 PM Sep 7th from HootSuite
  159. @philsimon I like
    15:53 PM Sep 7th from web
  160. @KnowledgeBishop still working on that one. button seems to be stuck 😉
    16:00 PM Sep 7th from web
  161. RT @howtofascinate: You can be innovative, or you can be comfortable, but not both. #CMWorld
    16:04 PM Sep 7th from web
  162. @KnowledgeBishop currently under repair. using the opportunity to improve on its design 😉
    16:12 PM Sep 7th from web
  163. @dankeldsen keep going strong Dan
    16:12 PM Sep 7th from web
  164. @dankeldsen learnt from the best 😉
    16:31 PM Sep 7th from web
  165. @ExperienceTO @blogTO I LOVE IT!
    16:32 PM Sep 7th from web
  166. @ExperienceTO no problem. hope they put the concept in more locations (say Yonge and Eglington)
    16:50 PM Sep 7th from web
  167. RT @DebWeinstein: My NEW Blog Post! The Social Universe will Unfold at Social Media Masters 10/07 > #SMM2011 #usguys #nifty50 #pr20chat
    17:04 PM Sep 7th from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  168. RT @St_Poirier: Socialize with a purpose –> RT @briansrice Do You Have a Social Media Mission Statement?
    17:05 PM Sep 7th from web
  169. RT @CNETNews: HTC sues Apple using Google patents:
    17:06 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  170. RT @TriumphForces: TRIUMPH Live on-air SEP 21 & 23 to debut the release of ‘Allied Forces’ 30th Anniversary album, completely re-mastered
    17:07 PM Sep 7th from HootSuite
  171. @jpuopolo is that the version where Han Solo doesn’t just shoot Greedo, but proceeds to go postal and shoot up the entire cantina? #FAIL
    17:08 PM Sep 7th from web
  172. @nakeva @DillonRhodes beware the @commonred mascot has ears, albeit not visible on his avatar 😉
    17:10 PM Sep 7th from web
  173. @jpuopolo or Luke’s brother twice removed on his ewok side. Let me know how much he “tweaked” this time. The man has issues
    17:46 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  174. @dups @empireave @eav_squirrel keep that squirrel away from my ipad2
    17:47 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  175. RT @wimp1946: Invest in Robert Lavigne #SocialEmpire #TDGv Studios (@RLavigne42) on Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market
    19:06 PM Sep 7th from Tweet Button
  176. RT @cammipham: Don’t worry about who follows or unfollow you, it’s the people that stay & connect with you that matter ~ @Iconic88
    19:07 PM Sep 7th from Twuffer
  177. RT @braingain: Twitter and Bing renew their relationship for real-time search
    19:10 PM Sep 7th from Tweet Button
  178. @ITSinsider the thank you economy is right up there. Just finished my second reading and am now giving it to a smb client as a gift
    19:12 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  179. RT @LisaPetrilli: 12 Personal Branding Tools You Must Be Using by @juntajoe incl link to gr8 vid by @sallyhogshead
    19:14 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  180. RT @TechZader: Google to HTC: take these patents, keep fighting Apple
    19:15 PM Sep 7th from twitterfeed
  181. RT @TechZader: Oups! Page Not Found – Showcase of Creative 404 Pages Part 1
    19:15 PM Sep 7th from twitterfeed
  182. @commonred @dillonrhodes @nakeva the best mascots tend to be that way
    20:02 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  183. RT @brasonja: 15 Creative Examples of HTML5 Websites via @rafiqelmansy
    20:03 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  184. RT @BillIves: RT @elsua: [Blog] How Fun and Creativity Can Shape Your Social Computing Guidelines and Policy
    20:04 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  185. RT @ladyqe: Let’s get #TreyPennington trending now while candlelight vigil is being held to honor this very special man. RIP
    20:07 PM Sep 7th from web
  186. RT @DaveMurr#treypennington was one of the first names I came across when getting into this social media thing. Thank you for everything. Be at peace.
    20:07 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  187. @commonred have dealt with my fair share of twitter mascots @dillonrhodes @nakeva #notmyfirstrodeo
    20:13 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  188. @mayhemstudios lol
    20:17 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  189. @drnatalie have fun Dr. Nat. #BizForum
    20:19 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  190. RT @JeffreyReidy: +1 RT @mqtodd: “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” – John Cage
    20:21 PM Sep 7th from HootSuite
  191. RT @cmswire: CIO: from information to innovation [infographic] via @salesforce @armano
    20:26 PM Sep 7th from Seesmic
  192. RT @Minervity: 150+ Ultimate Round-Up of Helpful Twitter Articles –
    20:27 PM Sep 7th from Rebel Tweet
  193. @JeffreyReidy no prob
    20:30 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  194. @jonharules @anisesmith @larissakatayeva an homografts to be connected on @commonred as board members
    20:39 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  195. RT @jonharules: Woohoo! @RLavigne42 @AniseSmith @LarissaKatayeva are now part of my Board of Directors at @commonred! 😀
    20:39 PM Sep 7th from web
  196. RT @drnatalie: ROI community? Focus grp = 15k x 12 mo = $180k. Cost of community? Less than that #bizforum
    20:44 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  197. @kitestring karting
    23:23 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  198. @jpuopolo not confused if the goal is to ensure I think it is a crap movie. Shitty campaign or shitty movie. Likely both
    23:24 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  199. @GayeCrispin @catherinewphoto rocks in so many ways 🙂
    23:26 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  200. RT @buzzbishop: Dear Yahoo, Sell. Love january 2008. Dear Groupon, Sell. Love January 2011.
    23:27 PM Sep 7th from TweetDeck
  201. @jpuopolo neither am I. Agree on the confusion. Waste of marketing budget. Prefer what Kevin Smith has done with Red State
    23:53 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  202. @GayeCrispin @catherinewphoto Catherine when are you arriving in NY in October. Will be in NY week on the 10th after vashl weekend in NJ
    23:55 PM Sep 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  203. RT @Greg2dot0: Gartner predicts by 2015, 20 per cent of organizations employing social media beyond marketing will lead their industries in revenue growth.
    0:22 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  204. RT @scottabel: Foxconn said to be producing 150k iPhone 5 units per day (Josh Ong/AppleInsider)
    0:24 AM Sep 8th from
  205. #tired time to reset for another round of teaching the world to innovate. Night all
    0:27 AM Sep 8th from Twitter for iPhone
  206. No dolphins were harmed in the writing of this tweet. Can’t say the same about them seals being from Canada. #Japan
    0:47 AM Sep 8th from Twitter for iPhone
  207. @CatherineWPhoto looks like we will literally be missing by a few days
    7:10 AM Sep 8th from Twitter for iPhone
  208. @CatherineWPhoto @robindickinson has @gayecrispin seen the footage?
    7:11 AM Sep 8th from Twitter for iPhone
  209. @GayeCrispin cool. it was a fun collaboration. @CatherineWPhoto @robindickinson what are we doing this year 😉
    7:45 AM Sep 8th from web
  210. RT @SallyHogshead: RT @NickGilham: RT @jaybaer: “The best keyword research tool that exists is talking to your own customers” – @TheSalesLion #cmworld
    7:45 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  211. RT @drnatalie: @gammill here’s my videos & white paper on Socialmedia ROI & #bizforum
    7:59 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  212. If it was easy and comfortable, it wouldn’t be called innovation. #TDGv
    8:07 AM Sep 8th from Facebook
  213. Blank slate. (@ #TDGv Studios West)
    8:10 AM Sep 8th from foursquare
  214. Heard it was your birthday @SamFiorella . Have a great one.
    8:34 AM Sep 8th from web
  215. RT @sandy_carter: RT @sandy_carter: Is 302 the Magic Social Number?! #ibm #socbiz #ls11 #ibmsocialbiz #gitomer
    8:38 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  216. RT @jeffrey_brandt: RT @wiredgc: Yahoo finds out when U fire yr CEO by phn while she’s on vacation, the focus is on the medium & messenger:
    8:38 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  217. RT @CharlesHGreen: Your belief system is your blueprint of how you believe the world works. It also drives your #sales @iannarino
    8:39 AM Sep 8th from HootSuite
  218. RT @ilovegarick: ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch’: An Interview with IBM’s Sandy Carter
    8:39 AM Sep 8th from Twaitter
  219. @ilovegarick have you seen this yet Garick? features interview with @sandy_carter quoting her favourite saying
    8:40 AM Sep 8th from web
  220. RT @stephenshapiro: Thanks! RT @UniteSociety: RT @worldblu: Insight into innovation culture with Stephen Shapiro.
    8:43 AM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  221. @susanborst @usatoday probably can thank @epicmealtime for all the recent Jack Daniels promotion
    9:09 AM Sep 8th from web
  222. RT @HarleyPlays: If you can see this tweet, you are smart.
    9:15 AM Sep 8th from Echofon
  223. @ilovegarick thought you would enjoy. it was a collaborative piece with @markfidelman
    10:33 AM Sep 8th from web
  224. @tedcoine @debweinstein she does indeed
    12:23 PM Sep 8th from web
  225. Just donated my personal copy of The Thank You Economy to a local butcher in Brantford, ON. He exemplifies what @garyvee writes about. #TDGv
    12:26 PM Sep 8th from web
  226. Good move by Google in buying Zagat. Another feather in their location-based efforts.
    12:32 PM Sep 8th from Facebook
  227. @chrisbrogan indeed I am. Downside, apart from the debt, living in a basement in Brantford. Upside, living in a mancave in Brantford. #TDGv
    12:35 PM Sep 8th from web
  228. @baratunde working on building up this series myself, but also make use of a lot of video over at
    12:39 PM Sep 8th from web
  229. @webmetricsguru looking forward to that post Marshall. Make sure you send me the link so I don’t miss it. Rob
    12:40 PM Sep 8th from web
  230. Latest tumblr post: I’ve done my good deed for the day, HAVE U?…
    13:04 PM Sep 8th from Facebook
  231. @DebWeinstein my pleasure Deb. Have a great event and pass on my best to Sam. Loving Brantford. Lots of potential to help hard hit SMBs.
    13:07 PM Sep 8th from web
  232. @40deuce graph also speaks highly of how unknown Carol really was prior to the firing. no CEO of such a large company should have flatline
    13:09 PM Sep 8th from web
  233. RT @ckburgess: Shocker! Social Media Tools Underused by Small Businesses: Survey @Steveology #smallbiz #entrepreneur #startup
    13:10 PM Sep 8th from TweetDeck
  234. RT @SeanMalarkey: (new stats) Twitter Has 100M Monthly Active Users, And 40% Of Active Users Don’t Tweet
    13:12 PM Sep 8th from HootSuite
  235. RT @chipgriffin: RT @dharmesh: Instead of hiring a PR firm to try and reach journalists, hire a journalist to tell your stories and reach your market.
    13:13 PM Sep 8th from HootSuite
  236. RT @adamsconsulting: Pac-Man: The Official Movie Trailer Is Out –
    13:24 PM Sep 8th from Rebel Tweet
  237. RT @GimmeHappy: When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it – Henry Ford
    13:25 PM Sep 8th from web
  238. RT @Xbox360Lovers: New upcoming Xbox Dashboard
    13:26 PM Sep 8th from SNS Analytics
  239. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @kim
    13:31 PM Sep 8th from
  240. Stats like these only continue to prove the point that with the rise of gas and the pain of a commute, the rise of…
    20:17 PM Sep 8th from Facebook
  241. RT @JeffreyReidy: +42 RT @stephencaggiano: New #UsGuys, take advantage of having @Josepf in the stream while You can….. #BigBrain
    0:11 AM Sep 9th from HootSuite
  242. @RealRonFine happy birthday Ron. Slightly older than me
    0:16 AM Sep 9th from Twitter for iPhone
  243. @RealRonFine funnier though :-). What are you up to these days?
    0:56 AM Sep 9th from Twitter for iPhone
  244. @JeffreyReidy the 42 caught my eye
    0:56 AM Sep 9th from Twitter for iPhone
  245. I just unlocked the ‘Outstanding! #20‘ Achievement on #EAv “You have at least 75,000 shares currently outstanding.”
    10:22 AM Sep 9th from Tweet Button
  246. Who Knew 😉 I am #46 most interesting professional in the world! See me on @Commonred‘s Commonality Leaderboard. #TDGv
    10:37 AM Sep 9th from Tweet Button
  247. @RealRonFine except the client, but that is a good thing 😉 Keep on rocking and having fun Ron
    10:41 AM Sep 9th from web
  248. @JeffreyReidy have a read and you tell me 😉
    11:18 AM Sep 9th from web
  249. Making my #SocialMedia rounds. Who wants a cookie?
    11:19 AM Sep 9th from web
  250. Cool Social Media Policy Tool Generator from rtraction of London, Ontario, Canada – PolicyTool is a policy…
    11:27 AM Sep 9th from Tumblr
  251. @JeffreyReidy as you can see 42 very much a key meme for my business
    12:06 PM Sep 9th from web
  252. My @Klout score is 60. I improved it by 1 point over the past day!
    12:10 PM Sep 9th from Tweet Button
  253. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! ▸ Top stories today via @wendy93639 @skip7547 @josanku @designergirla @axels
    13:31 PM Sep 9th from
  254. @commonred now give me a few hints as to what to do next to work on that score 😉
    16:40 PM Sep 9th from web
  255. @JeffreyReidy it has become one indeed. thus why I called my Social Business Social Novel Lifeat42
    16:40 PM Sep 9th from web

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