“Karma For The Win” Edition – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Circa 18:54 PM Aug 10th – 16:47 PM Aug 17th – #KARMA #FTW

We were able to assemble a powerful cast of experts to give the rest of us advice on becoming a Social Business. But we did it with one catch.  We asked these 9 experts to do it in under 60 seconds.

Thank you Robert Lavigne for essentially doing all of the video, post production and graphics for these 9 videos.  He’s a phenomenal person.

The Video is interactive. Meaning you can click on the profiles in the video in order to see their individual response.  Alternatively, you can follow the video links of each of our experts below.

This was a fun virtual collaboration effort with Mark Fidelman.  Looking forward to working on the next installment in this new Social Business training series.


Produced by Mark Fidelman and Robert Lavigne

Contact Info:

Robert Lavigne, http://RLavigne42.com/Innovate

#TDGv Studios, http://TDGv.net

The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

  1. @matica , @mrjcleaver mentioned that you needed some video content development for a upcoming project. #TDGv Studios > http://t.co/aqs1Hns
    18:54 PM Aug 10th from web
  2. RT @wimp1946: Invest in Robert Lavigne #SocialEmpire #TDGv Lifeat42 (@RLavigne42) on Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market http://t.co/AWAbUAS
    18:54 PM Aug 10th from Tweet Button
  3. RT @mrjcleaver: Starting soon – Knowledge Work & Paradigm Shuffles – Paul Knowles. (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/ivgl)
    19:00 PM Aug 10th from Ustream.TV
  4. @mrjcleaver watching now http://t.co/7CmRPM2
    19:00 PM Aug 10th from web
  5. Working on an editing style I have yet to try out. Should prove interesting to see if the b-roll will work out… http://fb.me/BcYclsHx
    0:12 AM Aug 11st from Facebook
  6. RT @fuckyeahcbc: Still awake, Canada?
    0:14 AM Aug 11st from web
  7. @jpuopolo a new stickeryou prototype
    0:15 AM Aug 11st from web
  8. RT @EONYC: “A well-spent day brings happy sleep.” – Leonardo DaVinci
    0:16 AM Aug 11st from HootSuite
  9. RT @SocialMediaDel: There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
    0:16 AM Aug 11st from Social Media Delivered
  10. @jpuopolo they often don’t, which is often why we leave in the first place
    0:16 AM Aug 11st from web
  11. I just unlocked the ‘Shameless Self-Promotion 2’ Achievement on EmpireAvenue.com http://t.co/cVkoV0D
    4:39 AM Aug 11st from Tweet Button
  12. RT @MySOdotCom: Next time your boss yells “I want to see your ass in here by 8:00” Go NAKED #RockTheReTweet
    4:47 AM Aug 11st from HootSuite
  13. RT @YogaArmy: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
    4:47 AM Aug 11st from SocialOomph
  14. RT @ruhanirabin: Notice changes on @LinkedIn? Discover “The New Look of LinkedIn” at http://t.co/CfY10PS
    4:49 AM Aug 11st from Triberr
  15. @ruhanirabin I have the new linkedin profile changes active at this end
    4:51 AM Aug 11st from web
  16. Layout Overall ~ Robert Lavigne @RLavigne42.com http://fb.me/17lIKrK8C
    6:49 AM Aug 11st from Facebook
  17. Spending less and less time on Twitter and more and more on G+. Have we connected yet?… http://fb.me/CqRK2H6L
    6:52 AM Aug 11st from Facebook
  18. RT @ruhanirabin: Dre Sells Out to HTC for $300 Million http://bit.ly/mR72kb #gadgets
    7:39 AM Aug 11st from twitterfeed
  19. @ruhanirabin I love my studio beats by Dr. Dre. Primary headset for the editing suite #TDGv
    7:40 AM Aug 11st from web
  20. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://bit.ly/h24t4R ▸ Top stories today via @thedanlevy @eugenelee @mike_stelzner
    13:30 PM Aug 11st from Paper.li
  21. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://bit.ly/h24t4R ▸ Top stories today via @thedanlevy @eugenelee @mike_stelzner
    13:30 PM Aug 11st from Paper.li
  22. Just booked a two night stay for Sun/Mon at the @pantageshotel (boutique #YYZ hotel). Looking forward to checking out the facilities. #TDGv
    16:37 PM Aug 11st from web
  23. @markfidelman hopefully they don’t spam the stream (already way to animated giffy to start with)
    16:39 PM Aug 11st from web
  24. RT @lehawes: Just saw new phrase that extends #social meme into unbelievablely dangerous #crapronym territory: “social customer engagement management”
    16:40 PM Aug 11st from Tweetie for Mac
  25. RT @ColderICE: Fake Firefox Update Email Tries To Steal Your Passwords & Install A Trojan http://t.co/0KMf5i6
    16:41 PM Aug 11st from Tweet Button
  26. RT @SameerPatel: The Enterprise System Spectator: IT Budgets vs.Tech Industry Spending: What’s the Difference? http://ow.ly/616ad > in simple english. great.
    16:41 PM Aug 11st from HootSuite
  27. RT @MariSmith: Games Now On Google+: Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Zynga On Board http://tcrn.ch/nT73es by @techcrunch [uh-oh!]
    16:42 PM Aug 11st from bitly
  28. RT @ruhanirabin: Google Docs Reconsidered: Hands-on With the Suite http://bit.ly/ntbDAS
    16:43 PM Aug 11st from twitterfeed
  29. Here is the blog entry promoting the new Socialized Business YouTube channel co-produced by #TDGv Studios. http://fb.me/xqUedvLK
    16:56 PM Aug 11st from Facebook
  30. Link: http://tumblr.com/xez41e5llc
    16:59 PM Aug 11st from Tumblr
  31. @pantageshotel will check out @shizenspa for sure. kudos for actually being active on Twitter 😉 Feel free to corral me on SM questions
    17:01 PM Aug 11st from web
  32. @matica @mrjcleaver Social PHD blog entry just went live (will be on Business Insider shortly) http://t.co/4ZdQci3
    17:06 PM Aug 11st from web
  33. Pez is in the Studios. #TDGv (@ #TDGv Studios West) [pic]: http://4sq.com/oBcZ71
    18:44 PM Aug 11st from foursquare
  34. @mqtodd @lizstrauss @markwschaefer @TheTop10Blog @waylonlewis now following all (well Liz I have followed for years)
    19:51 PM Aug 11st from web
  35. RT @mqtodd: Tried @triberr yet ? My latest post explains the benefits for bloggers http://michaelqtodd.com/triberr #eavchat
    19:52 PM Aug 11st from HootSuite
  36. RT @peterradzio: Q2 I dont concern myself with traffic since I quip on FB Twitter and Subjot anyway. Segment that agrees w/me is 2-3%. #eavchat
    19:52 PM Aug 11st from TweetChat
  37. RT @peterradzio: Q1- i mainly blog regarding loss of liberties and bureaucracies gaining the upper hand as well as my libertarian beliefs #eavchat
    19:53 PM Aug 11st from TweetChat
  38. RT @williampitcher: RT @LarissaKatayeva: Oh, and the notes of the #Eavchat are on the EAvChat FB page: http://on.fb.me/kfmudtIt #eavchat
    19:53 PM Aug 11st from TweetChat
  39. RT @mqtodd: Wanna laugh? The history of China in 3.5 minutes | http://ht.ly/5Xdw4 via @torque10 @olcow @peterradzio @lonniehodge #eavchat
    19:53 PM Aug 11st from HootSuite
  40. @pantageshotel will do. probably a high chance of a vlog entry covering my stay http://t.co/j5VwBYD
    20:02 PM Aug 11st from web
  41. @lizstrauss casual glance at #EAvChat while going over my portfolio for the day. getting used to this 10% revenue model (vs. initial 50%)
    20:03 PM Aug 11st from web
  42. @lizstrauss really hadn’t known about the drastic drop until I check the transactions record. was all WTH 😉
    20:11 PM Aug 11st from web
  43. RT @gmpolice: We promised we’d name all those convicted for their roles in the disorder – here we go …
    23:26 PM Aug 11st from Mobile Web
  44. @pantageshotel likely video. if you want to set up a 2 min interview, I can use it as the audio for the b-roll of footage. your call.
    23:27 PM Aug 11st from web
  45. @Ldillonschalk my FB wall rocks, but I might be a bit biased 😉
    23:30 PM Aug 11st from web
  46. Help me be the first user to get access to Klout’s new topic pages! http://t.co/AmfCsu9 < check it out and sign up if you want (need 5)
    23:39 PM Aug 11st from Tweet Button
  47. RT @louisgray: Make sure to check out Subjot for following friends updates by category. No noise, just your interests: http://sjot.it/oeXb4V
    23:43 PM Aug 11st from Subjot
  48. @Ldillonschalk finding I am spending more and more time of G+ vs. Twitter. FB has pretty much remained constant. Far more tumblr now though
    23:44 PM Aug 11st from web
  49. @Ldillonschalk refreshed this one last night http://t.co/2yTacrb. finding tumblr more and more my goto site for digital packaging
    23:46 PM Aug 11st from web
  50. @Ldillonschalk my personal FB wall is primarily my workshop for trying out new things before using them elsewhere. so some hits, some misses
    23:47 PM Aug 11st from web
  51. @thebrandbuilder just followed @servantofchaos based on your tweet
    23:49 PM Aug 11st from web
  52. @40deuce it is a fun learning process re: initial imovie. one of my latest btw http://t.co/qJNxLdQ (yes that is me doing the belts)
    23:50 PM Aug 11st from web
  53. RT @Iconic88: Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century. Dame Edna Everage
    23:53 PM Aug 11st from Buffer
  54. RT @impactresults: Has anybody noticed this “subtle” new feature from Twitter? http://fb.me/18H870gvR
    23:53 PM Aug 11st from Facebook
  55. @impactresults I did notice it, but wasn’t quite sure until I saw your tweet about the new feature. I like
    23:54 PM Aug 11st from web
  56. @servantofchaos hehe, Oliver says your good, your good 😉
    0:03 AM Aug 12nd from web
  57. @pantageshotel could do the interview Tuesday at check out. Intro to hotel and view on social media re your boutique customer experience
    13:08 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  58. @IraKates not sure how that happened. Rectified
    13:09 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  59. @Ldillonschalk what is this ‘work’ you speak of. Typed from my patio 😉
    13:10 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  60. @40deuce all of the initial videos (all 350+) have been edited in iMovie. When I upgrade to lion I will likely shift to final cut x.
    13:12 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  61. @40deuce tend to not use the shortcuts in iMovie. Prefer the trackpad. Adobe and final cut. Shortcut for sure
    13:13 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  62. @Ldillonschalk wordpress still has it’s place. But for quick ramp up and simple training I prefer tumble now. Good for static and blog
    13:14 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  63. @Ldillonschalk thanks for the #FF. Have followed the rest in the list
    13:16 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  64. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc ▸ Top stories today via @saulcolt @furrier @ilovegarick @axels
    13:30 PM Aug 12nd from Paper.li
  65. Time to make the donuts (@ #TDGv Studios West) http://t.co/UKx25Qk
    14:01 PM Aug 12nd from foursquare
  66. @Ldillonschalk spoke to soon. Karen got me to pull some weeds. Gotta love Fridays in Telephone City.
    14:31 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  67. @makedonuts indeed 😉
    14:32 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  68. @40deuce will check it out.
    14:32 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  69. @40deuce one piece of advice, go widescreen when doing your iphone capture of yourself (either that or use black area for captions).MUSE FTW
    15:19 PM Aug 12nd from web
  70. RT @PeopleSmartz: Small Business Hint – Listen, Listen, Listen – its amazing what you hear when you listen to your employees!
    15:20 PM Aug 12nd from web
  71. Creepy combo (@ Trading Post) [pic]: http://t.co/6D86B4L
    17:39 PM Aug 12nd from foursquare
  72. @40deuce other than that good clean cuts.
    20:40 PM Aug 12nd from Twitter for iPhone
  73. RT @PeopleSmartz: “They’re not staff, they’re people, and they don’t work for you they work with you.” Lindsay Fox
    21:28 PM Aug 12nd from web
  74. @40deuce actually you may enjoy this. http://t.co/HD0AdpY . footage shot on iphone in Boston and edited in Toronto. check out annotations
    0:03 AM Aug 13rd from web
  75. RT @CHRISVOSS: Trust that still small voice that says “This might work and I’ll try it. Diane Mariechild
    0:09 AM Aug 13rd from SocialOomph
  76. RT @Benioff: Dreamforce Free Pass. Now Available. http://t.co/2bt1g7p
    0:31 AM Aug 13rd from web
  77. @Benioff Great concept to put in place Marc. Wish I could make it, but huge thanks for the stream (watched the last 2 years from Toronto)
    0:32 AM Aug 13rd from web
  78. RT @Evanganalyst: Don’t ask me what I think of what your systems can do today. Ask me what they should be able to do in the future. ~ The Evanganalyst
    1:50 AM Aug 13rd from ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
  79. Register today for @klout and help me be the first user to get access to Klout’s new topic pages! http://t.co/eOw3un9
    1:52 AM Aug 13rd from Tweet Button
  80. Google Plus Profile Widget or Addon http://t.co/OJBBQ8V via @scriptrr
    2:02 AM Aug 13rd from Tweet Button
  81. RT @murnahan: Infographics – Create Yours Today! Two Examples Powered By Visual.ly &10 Additional Resour… http://t.co/Spg2LG6 via @BetterBizIdeas
    13:14 PM Aug 13rd from Triberr
  82. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc
    13:30 PM Aug 13rd from Paper.li
  83. Beer me (@ Cockshutt Park w/ 2 others) [pic]: http://t.co/NSisiw4
    18:02 PM Aug 13rd from foursquare
  84. RT @dankeldsen: THE SOCIAL PHD: 9 Sure Fire Ways to Become a Social Biz #video http://t.co/7VvrRGb via @markfidelman & @rlavigne42 #great #collaboration
    23:33 PM Aug 13rd from Tweet Button
  85. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc ▸ Top stories today via @furrier @carlayashiro
    13:30 PM Aug 14th from Paper.li
  86. heading back to YYZ for the first time since the big move. will be interesting. looking forward to seeing @thatkevinsmith present Red State
    13:46 PM Aug 14th from web
  87. Nice to see http://t.co/HD0AdpY featured on the home page of http://t.co/O2RLvbC http://t.co/483DrD1
    13:52 PM Aug 14th from Facebook
  88. My @Klout score is 58. I improved it by 3 points over the past day! http://t.co/kylUPN1
    14:01 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  89. Register today for @klout and help me be the first user to get access to Klout’s new topic pages! http://t.co/eOw3un9
    14:02 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  90. THE SOCIAL PHD: 9 Sure Fire Ways to Become a Social Business (Video) http://t.co/UZRGpql via @bi_contributors
    14:06 PM Aug 14th from Tweet Button
  91. Checked in under the name Harry Houdini (@ Pantages Hotel & Spa) [pic]: http://t.co/NOhVxM7
    18:08 PM Aug 14th from foursquare
  92. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc
    13:30 PM Aug 15th from Paper.li
  93. It is spelt loonie not looine. Sad statement. (@ Hockey Hall of Fame) http://t.co/Cywlgxg
    15:24 PM Aug 15th from foursquare
  94. @pantageshotel thanks for the chocolate covered strawberries. Nice touch
    16:09 PM Aug 15th from HTC Peep
  95. @pantageshotel enjoying the stay so far. Still want to do an interview at check out Tuesday. Who should I ask for?
    17:08 PM Aug 15th from HTC Peep
  96. My week on twitter: 22 retweets received, 4 new listings, 39 new followers, 48 mentions. Via: http://20ft.net/p
    8:27 AM Aug 16th from TwentyFeet
  97. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc ▸ Top stories today via @lizstrauss @jeffnolan @josanku @denhartj
    13:30 PM Aug 16th from Paper.li
  98. Seeing Red State in Toronto – AMAZING. Making @ThatKevinSmith blush in front of a crowd – PRICELESS #CongratsAgainOnTheWeightLossKev #TDGV
    15:24 PM Aug 16th from web
  99. RT @ThatKevinSmith: In a fit of rage, I once KA-BLOCKED @socialdynamo. Now, I read this incantation from the NecroKaBlockIcon and bring him back! Rise, Sunny J!
    15:24 PM Aug 16th from Twitter for iPhone
  100. RT @socialdynamo: I am really overwhelmed with emotions @thatkevinsmith‘s un#kablock is like a baptism
    15:24 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck
  101. RT @lizstrauss: Take your imagination out on the creativity autobahn to see what it can do.
    20:21 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck
  102. RT @lizstrauss#eavchat Q3: 3-4 leaders on EA: Ryan Zeigler, Michael Todd, Susan Hayes, Nakeva, Gaye Crispin
    20:23 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck
  103. RT @lizstrauss: @adrielhampton EA: leverage the unique position of social/game/business. Blended inside/outside the box opportunity thinking FTW!!
    20:23 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck
  104. @CommercialScott fell that Instagram is a limited platform, but very much a community that should be recognized within #EAv #eavchat
    20:28 PM Aug 16th from web
  105. #KARMA #FTW
    20:48 PM Aug 16th from web
  106. RT @gialyons: I’ve decided that @TheBrycesWrite is mild-mannered Peter Parker by day, and Spider-Man when he presents. He weaves a web of AWESOME.
    20:48 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck
  107. RT @KnowledgeBishop: Have no desire to prosper at the expense of others. – @thehrgoddess #leadfromwithin
    20:50 PM Aug 16th from HootSuite
  108. @JaredBratt was great meeting you as well. Will have a look tomorrow. two of mine: http://t.co/xg3iSqD and http://t.co/HD0AdpY #TDGv
    22:04 PM Aug 16th from web
  109. RT @JaredBratt: Michael Parks delivers a tour-de-force performance in Kevin Smith’s ‘Red Sttae’; just amazing acting.
    22:05 PM Aug 16th from web
  110. Watch Hokum “Festival” Teaser on Vimeo! http://t.co/kbjADaN < well put together. am impressed
    22:06 PM Aug 16th from Tweet Button
  111. RT @JaredBratt: @TheComicDude Everything ‘HOKUM’ http://t.co/i7HbV0P http://t.co/Vs68HcZ http://t.co/ZjneNnr
    22:13 PM Aug 16th from web
  112. Empire Avenue Raises $1.2 Million To Turn Social Influence Into A Virtual Stock Market via @techcrunch http://t.co/IhGrAnq
    22:24 PM Aug 16th from Tweet Button
  113. @Taggio what was the final verdict if I may ask
    0:07 AM Aug 17th from web
  114. RT @AniseSmith: The 7 stupid #Facebook mistakes that people KEEP making. http://t.co/DTBVmaj #interesting via @percolate
    0:07 AM Aug 17th from Percolate
  115. @Taggio cool, feel free to let me know your future impressions.
    5:35 AM Aug 17th from web
  116. @KyleMarcelli have fun at RA
    6:14 AM Aug 17th from web
  117. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up is out! http://t.co/PnCg6lc ▸ Top stories today via @andycrash @darrylrmsg @iandy_d @nbarron
    13:30 PM Aug 17th from Paper.li
  118. RT @AniseSmith: I gave @RLavigne42 +K about video on @klout http://t.co/uj4zVeh
    16:40 PM Aug 17th from Tweet Button
  119. @staywimi glad you enjoyed it. you should check out the Salut Gilles one re: ” (@YouTube http://t.co/t4S3mgR)
    16:43 PM Aug 17th from Google
  120. Empire Avenue portfolios: the fastest way to go through them http://t.co/9cmJ7lF via @PenguinSpark
    16:47 PM Aug 17th from Tweet Button

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