Innovation at the Speed of Thought | Today was Moving Day. Huge effort to get us to Telephone City.

With the great help of our pit crew, we are now officially located in Brantford, ON aka Telephone City.  The Studio is a mess with a 16 foot van’s worth of gear and general junk still requiring to be unpacked and set up.  

However, this is not stopping us from working on an upcoming joint venture with someone I highly respect in the Social Business field.  Can’t say much about it, but the footage is already synced in DropBox and imported for post-production editing.

This is another fine example of how two people that have never met in real life can get together using social networks and freemium services to collaborate effectively.

These segments, in my opinion, will bring a lot of visibility to the concepts of Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM.  It is also a great way for #TDGv Studios to give back to the community that has shared so much with Robert Lavigne, since March 2009.

Really looking forward to being able to share more on this, but for now it is TOP SECRET.

Take Care,


Fozzy at Hockeyfest 2011


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