Innovation at the Speed of Thought | July 1st is officially the opening day of the new home of #TDGv Studios. Ready to Invest in Telephone City!

For those of you who follow the Life@42 Social Novel.

You will know, how prominent Brantford, ON has been in our plans in bringing the very best Social Business knowledge to the SMBs that have been hit the hardest during these economical times. 

Tomorrow is actually moving day for #TDGv Studios.

Today was a rush of packing and final preparations.  We even had to do a last minute find on a new moving truck. The U-Haul that was recommended to us, could not accommodate the size of the move mentioned when making the reservation.


 We noticed the error over the weekend and literally tried to get a hold of them all weekend long to no avail.  When we were finally able to get a hold of them, we were left truckless for moving day.  So thanks to the wonderful assistance of our pit crew, we not only got the truck we needed, but made some new friends in Brantford, ON.

Those that are familiar with our brand, know full well that we are already planning a video segment to help promote them on YouTube.  This is are way of saying welcome #TDGv to Telephone City and thank you to the SMBs that literally moved us here.

Editor Note: spelling and grammar are as intended as to best follow the spirit of free-form writing. Trust me, those errors are nothing compared to the argument I am listening to from across the way while trying to write this entry.  ’night

Take Care,

Rob, #TDGv

Fozzy – To Kill A Stranger – Hockeyfest 2 – Brantford


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