Innovation at the Speed of Thought | In Telephone City without an actual phone.

Yesterday, I invested in a pair of Studio beats by dr. dre Headset for #TDGv Studios (  I also picked up a HTC Desire HD from Telus in Brantford, ON.  Brantford is also called Telephone City.  It felt appropriate that I get a new “telephone” to help celebrate the move at the end of the month.  I am formally taking up residence in #TDGv Studios West and will be running The Digital Grapevine from Brantford while still networking and virtual office working in Toronto.

Well the irony of that purchase is that I actually no longer have a working “telephone”,  You see the Rogers system no longer knows which phone I actually am using. My personally owned RIM gear was doing hard crashes after mere minutes of use.  This prompted me to revert back to my trusty backup well over a year ago.  So I have been using my 2004 Rogers phone with my current SIM card.  This speaks volumes as well as to the current situation going on with RIM investments and valuations.  A 2004 phone is more reliable right now than one of the most recent RIM blackberries.

As a result of all this, my new Telus cell can do outbound calls, but it cannot receive calls.  Rogers has seemingly removed me from their network and yet claim to have no clue as to how to move my inbound over.  Rogers has my SIM number, e-mail address, account information, phone number, etc.  And yet, I am now asked to go through call center hell to give them information they already have.  Truly another sad example as to why the move away from Rogers also coincides with my move to an Android.

I am, however,  actually more connected than I was prior.  This is actually the first 3G phone I have had.  Hard to believe that over 20,000 tweets and 850 LinkedIn connections were made using only wifi since March 2009.  More on that later.

Take Care,


#TDGv Studios


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