Finding that Middle Ground – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 13:03 PM Jun 17th – 11:52 AM Jun 21st

  1. RT @ilovegarick: I second that! Lead by example & connect! RT @Rlavigne42: Congrats to @RyanJZ and @SharonHayes for disrupting the #leadership index 😉
    13:03 PM Jun 17th from Nimble
  2. @EvolveTom going to have to get that “Ready for Summer” achievement now
    17:27 PM Jun 17th from web
  3. @jacobjunior7 I typically go with two out of three > brain vs. heart vs. gut
    17:34 PM Jun 17th from web
  4. @guygal sweet. see you in a few hours
    18:05 PM Jun 17th from web
  5. @Ldillonschalk was an absolute pleasure to bump into you tonight. more details here btw
    1:35 AM Jun 18th from web
  6. @Ldillonschalk how did I miss the bacon roses
    1:41 AM Jun 18th from web
  7. having a bacon and Jack Daniels kinda night thanks to #bizmedia and #epicmealtime. Thanks for the great party and kudos to @m3foods for food
    1:44 AM Jun 18th from web
  8. @Ldillonschalk much more strategizing and engaging conversations to be had. great chat
    2:09 AM Jun 18th from web
  9. @Ldillonschalk @MichaelNus what the heck did I miss. clearly did not see the cops and blood
    2:09 AM Jun 18th from web
  10. @HarleyPlays thanks for the great event at #BizMedia.
    2:32 AM Jun 18th from web
  11. RT @Ldillonschalk: Ditto! Thx RT @AndrewFstewart: @guygal Thank you for an Epic night Sir! God bless you! #BizMedia
    2:38 AM Jun 18th from Echofon
  12. @M3foods you rocked it tonight. proud of you guys!
    2:59 AM Jun 18th from web
  13. @MichaelNus left at the right time. great crowd and great times were had. always a pleasure bumping into you. you got video I believe
    3:01 AM Jun 18th from web
  14. RT @MichaelNus: Nice meeting you guys tonight! You rock! @harleyplays @musclesglasses @davidheuff @epicmook #bizmedia
    3:01 AM Jun 18th from HootSuite
  15. @MichaelNus great pic. mine came out blurry, but was great meeting up with @MusclesGlasses IRL
    3:03 AM Jun 18th from web
  16. @InteropQueen missed bumping into you at the event. btw can’t make your event as I am in moving mode (packing, etc)
    3:36 AM Jun 18th from web
  17. @40deuce good bumping into you. until next encounter (albeit less and less as I am Brantford bound at the end of the month)
    3:38 AM Jun 18th from web
  18. RT @guygal: celebrating @EpicMealTime‘s 1 million subscribers, congrats from #bizmedia & @M3foods
    3:39 AM Jun 18th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  19. @40deuce taking a much needed break from YYZ and going where the puck is going to be not where it was 😉 going to try and help out SMBs
    3:46 AM Jun 18th from Tweetie for Mac
  20. @Ldillonschalk picture from event
    4:12 AM Jun 18th from web
  21. @AndrewKim_83 great bumping into you last night
    11:54 AM Jun 18th from web
  22. @HarleyPlays good times were had. looking forward to seeing the video coverage of the event.
    11:56 AM Jun 18th from web
  23. RT @40deuce: “The beginning is more important than the end. Don’t underestimate attention spans” -@guygal #BizMedia #NXNEi
    18:52 PM Jun 18th from TweetDeck
  24. Robert Lavigne is currently the CEO of the Moviemaking Index <Changed indexes as I focus on #TDGv Studios documentaries
    19:05 PM Jun 18th from Tweet Button
  25. @RobinDickinson I thought so. looking forward to hearing the new mix
    19:32 PM Jun 18th from web
  26. @staceysoleil it is an eye catcher isn’t it 🙂 love it as well
    0:46 AM Jun 19th from Tweetie for Mac
  27. Still can’t believe I just saw Rik Emmett at the freaking Brantford Legion.
    0:49 AM Jun 19th from Tweetie for Mac
  28. @40deuce Karen is off to see them (Men without Hats) tomorrow (err today) while I am going to use the time for some heads down editing
    1:17 AM Jun 19th from web
  29. YouTube – Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop – Middle Ground (Detroit 2010) < LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!
    4:25 AM Jun 19th from Posterous
  30. “You can pay the piper,but you cannot buy his soul” ~ Rik Emmett/Triumph “Wizards of a modern age cast spells of…
    4:36 AM Jun 19th from Facebook
  31. #TDGv Now officially listed as the main feed to (Current CEO on the “Moviemaking” index)
    4:40 AM Jun 19th from Facebook
  32. #TDGv Studios Now Officially in Brantford Ontario. Farewell #YYZ 4 NOW 😉 > Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop – Middle Ground
    4:40 AM Jun 19th from Posterous
  33. Updated promo video and index shifting focus towards #TDGv Studios with move to Brantford, ON
    4:44 AM Jun 19th from LinkedIn
  34. #TDGv Studios the home of Robert Lavigne is now located in Brantford, ON
    4:46 AM Jun 19th from LinkedIn
  35. Day One of move of #TDGv Studio coming to a close. Long long long couple of days/nights. ‘night all
    5:31 AM Jun 19th from Facebook
  36. RT @m3foods: RT @jonsimo: There are over 1000 photos from the #epicmealtime #BizMedia party last night and they’re all incredible, be up very soon.
    13:02 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck
  37. @M3foods looking forward to seeing the pics. Was that your set up @jonsimo at the event?
    13:03 PM Jun 19th from web
  38. @jonsimo I was still seeing flash bulbs for an hour after leaving 😉 Loved how easy the set up was. speaks volumes to the amount of pics
    13:05 PM Jun 19th from web
  39. @jonsimo fire me off a mention with the link when you are ready and I will make to RT
    13:24 PM Jun 19th from web
  40. RT @lifeat42: do you follow tracks or blaze new trails?
    14:16 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
  41. @PebbleInWaters my thanks
    14:17 PM Jun 19th from web
  42. Long long race, but plenty of fuel and new slick tires coming soon!
    14:18 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
    15:31 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  44. Building the new tumblr based blog for #TDGv Studios. Future redirect of <…
    15:41 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
  45. New Footage. New Interviews. New Highlights. #TDGv Racing Season Two is Underway! – #TDGv Racing: Innovation…
    15:50 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  46. Video: New Footage. New Interviews. New Highlights. #TDGv Racing Season Two is Underway!
    15:51 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  47. Video: Mosport Movie Night featuring Ron Fellows Interview by Robert Lavigne
    15:52 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  48. Video: Welcome to Mosport International Raceway – Porsche Ride Along with David Empringham and Scott Maxwell
    15:52 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  49. Video: Racing at the “Mosport Triangle” featuring 2009 Trans-Am Champion Tomy Drissi at the 2011 Victoria…
    15:52 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  50. Video: #TDGv Racing: Andrew Ranger and J.R. Fitzpatrick – NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
    15:53 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  51. Video: #TDGv Empire Avenue #SuperEngagers Day at the 2011 The Art of Leadership Conference
    15:54 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  52. Video: #EAvTO with Dups of Empire Avenue Life@42 Segment Promo
    15:55 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  53. Video: #TDGv Night: A Q&A with Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka @Dups co-founder of Empire Avenue
    15:55 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  54. Video: Game One – Brantford Hockeyfest 2011 – A View Askew Weekend with Team VAG (VASHL)
    15:56 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  55. Video: Game Two – Brantford Hockeyfest 2011 – Funployees make the best ployees (VASHL)
    15:56 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  56. is now redirecting to its new #TDGv Blog/Vlog featuring recent video production by #TDGv Studios…
    15:59 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
  57. @rob_a_nielsen it is live at plan is to have it be 80% video content with the other ones continuing with same focus
    16:09 PM Jun 19th from web
  58. Have given a much much needed refresh. Check it out and let me know what you think…
    16:32 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
  59. “Innovation at the Speed of Thought” is now live at
    18:52 PM Jun 19th from Facebook
  60. Innovation at the Speed of Thought – “Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledg…
    19:16 PM Jun 19th from Posterous
  61. Video: Huge Praise for #TDGv Studios and Robert Lavigne by Kru Zubair Khan of Warrior Muay Thai
    19:44 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  62. RT @Eric_Jans: And hope for re-tweets. RT @chrisbrogan: [Insert self-promotional tweet with link to something no one cares about here.]
    19:45 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck
  63. “Only through engaging using a Third Gear philosophy will you achieve the real value proposition that…”
    19:56 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  64. “By becoming a transparent organization that engages in Social Media, your employees and clients are not…”
    19:56 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  65. “Each layer of my social network provides an added level of credibility to the personal brand I am…”
    19:57 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  66. #TDGv Services – Robert Lavigne is now located in Brantford, ON – Social Business Social…
    19:59 PM Jun 19th from Tumblr
  67. RT @m3foods: Some pics from @casiestewart of the #Bizmedia @epicmealtime party:
    21:56 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck
  68. RT @guygal: first video look at #bizmedia party RT @CoreyVidal Our video from the @EpicMealTime party is live! Check it out
    21:59 PM Jun 19th from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  69. @kim it is on 😉
    16:54 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie for Mac
  70. the #Bizmedia @EpicMealTime photo booth pics are up! (via @jonsimo) < Amazing time but even more amazing pictures!!!
    16:55 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie for Mac
  71. @kim love it 🙂 as someone once told me iron sharpens iron. made the shift from leadership index as I now spend more time on #TDGv Studios
    16:56 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie for Mac
  72. @jonsimo amazing job with the lighting set up for the photo booth. those pictures came out amazing. new FB Avatar worthy 🙂
    17:03 PM Jun 20th from web
  73. @jonsimo would love a HD version of this one BTW as a memento
    17:04 PM Jun 20th from web
  74. @jonsimo can’t DM due to one sided follow (no worries). Here is my for e-mail address for that pic Huge thanks
    17:09 PM Jun 20th from web
  75. @jonsimo basically I want a really good one of me and the folks of BizMedia and that one looked to be the best (unless you have another one)
    17:28 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie for Mac
  76. @kim indeed. respect was the main reason I maxed out on you when I joined the index. pleasure to connect Kim. Take Care, Rob
    17:30 PM Jun 20th from web
  77. RT @Kim: Google is the new spell check.
    17:33 PM Jun 20th from web
  78. RT @EpicMealTime: Much damage was done in the T dot. Remember Toronto, stay greazy!
    18:04 PM Jun 20th from Twitter for iPhone
  79. @andrewcariboni looking forward to seeing video
    18:04 PM Jun 20th from web
  80. RT @casiestewart: if you love #bizmedia too comment ‘aww’
    18:08 PM Jun 20th from web
  81. Dr. Dre is in the #TDGv Studios.
    20:16 PM Jun 20th from Facebook
  82. Fueling the engine for a night of editing at #TDGv Studios, while the cottage sleeps.
    20:19 PM Jun 20th from Facebook
  83. What is “Innovation at the Speed of Thought” ?!?!? Celebrating the #TDGv Investment in Telephone City with a new look
    21:48 PM Jun 20th from web
  84. #TDGv Studios: A Collaborative Digital Agency
    22:09 PM Jun 20th from Tweet Button
  85. Thank you @Telus, buy buy Rogers! – HTC – Products – HTC Desire HD – Overview < New #TDGv Gear!
    22:16 PM Jun 20th from Posterous
  86. Robert Lavigne (RLavigne42) on Twitter – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up – Farewell #YYZ Edition
    23:41 PM Jun 20th from Posterous
  87. Robert Lavigne (RLavigne42) on Twitter – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up – Farewell #YYZ Edition – › About…
    23:45 PM Jun 20th from Tumblr
  88. Been a great week for #TDGv Studios. Saying farewell for now to many and new greetings to a city that has…
    23:54 PM Jun 20th from Facebook
  89. Reborn or just plain something you missed out on in the first place. What is discovery?
    0:19 AM Jun 21st from Facebook
  90. Fully Follow Robert Lavigne #TDGv Studios – Robert Lavigne Follow me on: Friend on Facebook…
    0:38 AM Jun 21st from Tumblr
  91. well done, well done
    0:55 AM Jun 21st from Facebook
  92. FROGBOX Follow up on CBC’s Dragons’ Den
    0:57 AM Jun 21st from Posterous
  93. Wow, just wow
    1:08 AM Jun 21st from Facebook
  94. Taco Bell: We haven’t figured out f-commerce, we can’t even give tacos away on Facebook…
    1:47 AM Jun 21st from Tweet Button
  95. RT @FrenchiesDeSC: “A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don’t have a J.O.B.” – Fats Domino (RT @DaphneLamay)
    2:41 AM Jun 21st from web
  96. My week on twitter: 5 retweets received, 5 mentions. Via:
    5:46 AM Jun 21st from TwentyFeet
  97. Registering “#TDGv Studios” on Empire Avenue – {EAV_BLOG_VER:3bd3be9065c42d24}
    11:50 AM Jun 21st from Tumblr
  98. Registering “The @RLavigne42 Rear View Mirror” on Empire Avenue
    11:52 AM Jun 21st from Posterous

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