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A while back, I hosted #EAvTO (a Q&A Meetup with (e)Dups in YYZ (Toronto, Canada). As part of that event, I awarded complimentary tickets to some lucky attendees to attend The Art of Leadership conference.

Here is the video compilation of their leadership insights from this great conference.

#TDGv Empire Avenue #SuperEngagers Day at the 2011 The Art of Leadership Conference

If you enjoyed this content, please pay it forward by investing in who donated the tickets.

Take Care,

Robert Lavigne

Currently CFO on the “Leadership” index.

And from the archives

#EAvTO with Dups of Empire Avenue Life@42 Segment Promo

#TDGv Night: A Q&A with Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka @Dups co-founder of Empire Avenue

Cost of this Shareholder Message 14,600.00e (value you can count on)

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