Bring on the Rapture – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 11:19 AM May 21st – 20:53 PM May 24th

Bring It On

  1. Bring it on! (@ Rapture)
    11:19 AM May 21st from foursquare
  2. Back from Mosport. Huge thanks to Ryan Chalmers for the great Mosport Next Generation Interview. Should have a…
    21:49 PM May 21st from Facebook
  3. Great pics from Jim Bowie of Toronto Homes, Real Estate & Mortgages from Mosport today.
    21:52 PM May 21st from Facebook
  4. Staying in Toronto for another month. New #TDGv Racing: Exclusive Documentary at #TDGv Vimeo footage coming this…
    21:53 PM May 21st from Facebook
  5. @wikibrands see you there. Please respond on event page so I can reserve tables accurately
    22:34 PM May 21st from Twitter for iPhone
  6. @Jim_Bowie my pleasure
    22:34 PM May 21st from Twitter for iPhone
  7. RT @CHRISVOSS: Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    23:41 PM May 21st from SocialOomph
  8. RT @mayhemstudios: RT @chrisbrogan Power Up Your LinkedIN Profile
    23:41 PM May 21st from TweetMeme
  9. RT @tommytrc: Employee Usage Of Social Media – A Toy or a Tool?
    23:42 PM May 21st from Pluggio
  10. RT @Sherree_W: Funny pictures from the Rapture that didn’t happen 😉 #humorgeddon 🙂
    23:43 PM May 21st from Seesmic Desktop
  11. @ericbuchegger @ldillonschalk hope you two can make the EAv YYZ event.
    10:15 AM May 22nd from Twitter for iPhone
  12. Early morning at TDGv Studios West. Nice weekend at Mosport. Working on editing new footage for #TDGv Racing:…
    6:40 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  13. RT @JasonSpector: Ten principles that contribute to a Googley user experience – #ux #in << Good read.
    7:03 AM May 23rd from my6sense
  14. RT @PeopleSmartz: “Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.” Stephen Covey
    7:03 AM May 23rd from web
  15. @JasonSpector how goes Jason. enjoying my long weekend now 😉
    7:04 AM May 23rd from web
  16. RT @mjayliebs: Coordination v Collaboration, (or Co-operation?) you might want to give it some thought – #custserv #crm #cio
    7:04 AM May 23rd from TweetDeck
  17. @Jermzh wait until you see the upcoming #TDGv Racing segment captured this weekend. World Challenge Highlights and Mosport Promo/Interview
    7:54 AM May 23rd from web
  18. Hardest & best part of the editing process for me is the post-production storyboarding. How to bring all the adhoc…
    8:12 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  19. Working on a 30 sec trailer for the 2011 version of the #TDGv Racing: Exclusive Documentary at #TDGv Vimeo intro…
    8:57 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  20. @JasonSpector putting together a pretty great Mosport Promo package via the #TDGv Racing Documentary. 30sec 2011 teaser in editing now
    9:00 AM May 23rd from web
  21. #TDGv Racing: A Documentary in Progress >
    9:01 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  22. The New Teaser for TDGv Racing by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42
    10:29 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  23. @JasonSpector doing what must be done. here is the teaser
    10:41 AM May 23rd from web
  24. @JasonSpector this is how spent my long weekend 😉
    10:42 AM May 23rd from web
  25. I uploaded a YouTube video
    10:51 AM May 23rd from MySpace
  26. I uploaded a @YouTube video #TDGv Racing by Robert Lavigne 2011 Teaser
    10:51 AM May 23rd from Google
  27. #TDGv Racing: A Motorsports Social Novel by Robert Lavigne | The Digital Grapevine: Products & Servi…
    11:00 AM May 23rd from Posterous
  28. New The Digital Grapevine / #TDGv Studios Product Listing on LinkedIn
    11:01 AM May 23rd from Facebook
  29. Check this video out — Inside Spigit: the fast-growing idea company (and the award-winning brai… via @youtube
    11:21 AM May 23rd from Tweet Button
  30. The Digital Grapevine: Products & Services | #TDGv Racing: A Motorsports Social Novel
    12:16 PM May 23rd from Posterous
  31. Robert Lavigne on the video shoot @Mosport for new 2011 footage of TDGv Racing
    16:25 PM May 23rd from Facebook
  32. According to @klout, I’m influential about: social media, enterprise 2.0, soylent green, and toronto
    16:49 PM May 23rd from Tweet Button
  33. Notice Anything! #JustSaying
    16:53 PM May 23rd from Facebook
  34. #TDGv Racing by Robert Lavigne 2011 Teaser–MN
    17:05 PM May 23rd from LinkedIn
  35. For those who missed it. This was the initial teaser for the documentary a year ago. Yes you read that right,…
    17:16 PM May 23rd from Facebook
  36. @RobinDickinson doing great. extended YYZ by a month (still need to fully figure that out though). Working on new #TDGv Racing Post-Prod
    17:22 PM May 23rd from web
  37. @M_Ozgenli 🙂 here is one from the archives just for you >
    17:23 PM May 23rd from web
  38. @M_Ozgenli I am sure you will have that opportunity one day if it is something you wish to experience. key is to build up
    17:42 PM May 23rd from web
  39. @Jermzh one day someone will realize that 😉
    18:50 PM May 23rd from web
  40. RT @ruhanirabin: “Dream as if you have forever. But live as if you only have today” James Dean #quote
    18:52 PM May 23rd from SocialOomph
  41. @ScottWNesbitt exactly, it is always about the people 😉
    20:44 PM May 23rd from web
  42. @fondalo @albertqian just about to put the final touches on the Trans-Am racing segment of my latest #TDGv Racing segment. A second in queue
    9:14 AM May 24th from web
  43. @AndrewFstewart exhausting but good re: weekend
    9:16 AM May 24th from web
  44. another day in the editing suite working on wrapping up a TDGv Racing segment and starting the main interview one
    9:45 AM May 24th from Facebook
  45. @cflanagan and the rebranding exercise is complete
    9:50 AM May 24th from web
  46. RT @DR4WARD: Netflix alone accounts for almost 30% of Web traffic during peak times #study via @maccabeepr
    9:51 AM May 24th from SocialOomph
  47. RT @Roebot: Request for a site called: “before you agree” that allows users to rewrite their TOS. #eg8
    9:52 AM May 24th from Twitter for iPad
  48. back in the studio to tweak the first cut of my Tomy Drissi interview. This video is my “get into the editing…
    10:38 AM May 24th from Facebook
  49. RT @Leadershipfreak: Do what expresses you. #leadership
    10:39 AM May 24th from TweetDeck
  50. RT @davefleet: “5 years after the launch of Twitter, social media professionals still keep using it to make assess of themselves.” @griner @davepeck #bweny
    10:40 AM May 24th from SocialScope
  51. @casiestewart and all that you own is not what you have
    10:50 AM May 24th from web
  52. inspiration achieved. new intro layout in play for cut. still figuring out the pacing of the Trans-Am footage….
    11:08 AM May 24th from Facebook
  53. It is all a Journey towards Revelation 😉
    11:12 AM May 24th from Facebook
  54. @kmorr shifted over to your twitter stream. not sure if you know your FB feed is down. was surprised I didn’t have you on twitter already
    11:17 AM May 24th from web
  55. @casiestewart yeah I love the avatar as well. was taken back at the #TOTweetup Event >
    11:19 AM May 24th from web
  56. RT @M_ozgenli: Nothing really works out the way you want it…but anything worth having is worth working hard for.
    11:58 AM May 24th from web
  57. first half of segment recut and done. like it much better. not to turn that adhoc footage into something the represents the Trans-Am race.
    13:01 PM May 24th from Facebook
  58. RT @dankeldsen: In the midst of a mini-project… my god folks, redundant paperwork and manual processes… #infinite #improvement #needed – #ECM #FTW!
    16:03 PM May 24th from TweetDeck
  59. Rendering the Tomy Drissi Interview and Trans-Am Highlight Segment from this weekend’s Mosport event. Will be…
    20:41 PM May 24th from Facebook
  60. RT @14str8: RT @lindseymegs: QR code best practices:1) shorten URL 2)mobile optimize your content 3) track-measure-test #bweny
    20:53 PM May 24th from Twitter for iPad

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