The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 11:36 AM May 13rd – 2:00 AM May 17th #IronStrenghtensIron




  1. RT @LeadershipNow: “Leadership development begins with self development.” ~@KouzesPosner
    11:36 AM May 13rd from TweetDeck
  2. @mjayliebs do you know anyone in TO who would benefit from my E20/SCRM knowledge? At my wits end and literally closing shop in 2 weeks.
    16:25 PM May 13rd from web
  3. RT @StechDoes: I’m curating the team pearltree Empire Avenue w/ @LisaMLoeffler @nakeva @RLavigne42 ->
    13:53 PM May 14th from Pearltrees Account
  4. @zaibatsu thanks much for the RT. Enjoying #eav ?
    13:54 PM May 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  5. @zaibatsu my pleasure. Should break into the 70s today
    14:46 PM May 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  6. RT @cagedether: Why #Microsoft bought #Skype (or why MS vs.#Google is more relevant than MS vs. #Apple
    14:56 PM May 14th from Pluggio
  7. RT @arlenetaveroff: Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.- Oprah Winfrey
    14:56 PM May 14th from web
  8. RT @PCaporali: If you have #Indy500 fever but can’t get to the track… IT”S TRUE! @Indycar is providing video streaming of practices.
    14:56 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  9. @PCaporali no excuse not to in this era
    14:57 PM May 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  10. RT @pcrowe: Performance reviews: Why do companies stick with them when they systematically pervert reality & destroy trust? Reading:
    14:58 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  11. RT @ruhanirabin: How to Choose a Typeface /by @dbonneville #typography
    14:59 PM May 14th from SocialOomph
  12. RT @hashable: We are very excited for @DanRatherReport‘s upcoming feature on Hashable Tues on @HDNet, 8pmET. (Set those Tivos!) #Thanks to the great crew.
    14:59 PM May 14th from CoTweet
  13. @helpimahostage congrats. Hope to get it someday myself
    15:00 PM May 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  14. RT @chrispirillo: Five Things to Avoid When Producing Web Video
    15:02 PM May 14th from
  15. RT @unmarketing: Ignore trolls/haters on Twitter and life. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.
    15:02 PM May 14th from ÜberSocial
  16. RT @chrispirillo: Wow. Now @JDHancock knows how to rock a Flickr feed:
    15:02 PM May 14th from
  17. RT @MatthewSabia: BREAKING: Paparazzi go crazy over @ChrisPirillo in a dress!
    15:03 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  18. RT @DavidDiFranco: Much respect, @ChrisPirillo! This takes guts.
    15:03 PM May 14th from Twitpic
  19. RT @jcasey_04: Here’s @ChrisPirillo wearing a dress. (Grats on raising a freaking amazing $2000 USD) –
    15:04 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  20. RT @chrispirillo: Yes, this is what happens when we raise $2,000 for fighting cancer: [I hope you’re laughing up there, Derek.]
    15:06 PM May 14th from Proxlet
  21. @ChrisPirillo respect!
    15:06 PM May 14th from Twitter for iPhone
  22. RT @simasays: Think of the LinkedIn progress bar as a “game” – it motivates people across the line via @Tentoglou at #ungeeked.
    16:00 PM May 14th from HootSuite
  23. @zaibatsu Video >
    16:12 PM May 14th from web
  24. @JDHancock it is a great collection of Star Wars inspired fun
    18:43 PM May 14th from Tweetie for Mac
  25. make sure you say hello if I have not followed your follow
    16:25 PM May 15th from web
  26. RT @AniseSmith: Playstation trade-ins on the rise
    16:26 PM May 15th from Amplify
  27. RT @nakeva: Gaining Authority in the Age of Digital Overload
    16:26 PM May 15th from Facebook
  28. RT @jdhancock: Assimilating: The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing (by @copyblogger
    16:27 PM May 15th from Buffer
  29. RT @mmartoccia: I just filmed a video “Dad Scars Kids” on #viddy
    16:27 PM May 15th from Viddy
  30. @samfiorella @rubymarcom great sentiment
    16:28 PM May 15th from web
  31. RT @casiestewart: A Conversation about 2011-2012 Trends in #SocialMedia / @BrianSolis Thanks @iamkhayyam!
    16:28 PM May 15th from TweetDeck
  32. RT @ruhanirabin: Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford #quote RT @shebajo
    16:29 PM May 15th from SocialOomph
  33. RT @wxto: 4pm Toronto: Light Rain 10.1C / 50.18F Wind: NE 26 km/h – Bar: 100.7 kPa falling AQHI: 2
    16:29 PM May 15th from ijg
  34. RT @garyvee: MY appearance on Morning Joe might be my favorite – How Businesses should be thinking about social media
    16:29 PM May 15th from web
  35. @rubymarcom thanks. quite happy with it myself. gets people attention to say the least
    20:25 PM May 15th from web
  36. Morning everyone
    14:24 PM May 16th from LinkedIn
  37. Thank you for all the Recommendations > The Digital Grapevine: Products & Services | LinkedIn
    14:44 PM May 16th from Posterous
  38. @mjayliebs hehe. night shifts will do that for ya 😉 on a noon to 3am schedule this week with the editing and packing
    14:46 PM May 16th from web
  39. @adrielhampton @mayhemstudios @prnewswire agree fully. Empire Avenue does indeed feel like my early days on twitter
    14:47 PM May 16th from web
  40. @dups happy Monday. Any updates on the potential TO trip? Heck if you make it this week you should stick around for a Mosport weekend
    14:48 PM May 16th from web
  41. Iron Sharpens Iron #IronSharpensIron #TDGv Supports the Engaged and…
    15:03 PM May 16th from Facebook
  42. @adrielhampton @mayhemstudios @PRNewswire will be interesting to see how the share ownership plays into the filtering (more shares more info
    15:08 PM May 16th from web
  43. @dups you are a busy man. no worries 😉 East or West or Downtown? Any preference in terms of location and time? Will help coordinate here
    15:09 PM May 16th from web
  44. @dups I am thinking the Boston Market at Yonge and Eglinton as there is a place in the back if it grows in size. So far I have 5 peeps
    15:13 PM May 16th from web
  45. @dups what time do you think would work into your schedule? btw up for a video interview > example of my work >
    15:15 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  46. @dups oh meant to say Boston Pizza (but I am sure you got that).
    15:18 PM May 16th from web
  47. @rontite think this would be a fit?
    15:30 PM May 16th from web
  48. @dups thinking of setting up a FB Event for it seeing most Empire Avenue have a FB account already. Thoughts?
    15:31 PM May 16th from web
  49. @dups will make it for 7 official, but will get there earlier myself to meet and greet people. link to FB event forthcoming
    15:35 PM May 16th from web
  50. Come to “An Evening with Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka Dups co-founder of Empire Avenue” Monday, May 30 from 7:00 pm…
    15:39 PM May 16th from Facebook
  51. @dups let me know if this works for you if so feel free to distribute
    15:42 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  52. @dups oh and feel free to FB connect
    15:42 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  53. @darrylwolk was he truly ever
    15:46 PM May 16th from web
  54. LinkedIn’s IPO on May 19th represents what many will consider to be the real test of the social networking value proposition
    16:16 PM May 16th from Facebook
  55. This May 30th – A YYZ Evening with Dups #EAv – register on the FB Event page please to help gauge numbers
    16:18 PM May 16th from LinkedIn
  56. @dups thanks for officially signing up. will monitor registrants and book tables accordingly in a week. take care and see you then
    16:37 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  57. May30th is my birthday … 🙂 @dups (via @gfsocial) First drink is on me then Amanda. Hope the location is not to problematic.
    17:47 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  58. @dups btw any chance of you bringing a few of those new shirts Pretty sure we can sell them out #BuyistheNewLike
    17:49 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  59. @impactresults per your DM
    19:19 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  60. @gfsocial I am planning it at the Boston Pizza at Yonge/Eglinton as that is were Dups will be area wise. Was hoping to suburb it for you
    19:21 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  61. @gfsocial event link with details
    19:21 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  62. @dups no worries regarding the shirts
    19:53 PM May 16th from Tweetie for Mac
  63. 1 more like away from owning this FB domain. Thanks to all who helped out.
    22:49 PM May 16th from Facebook
  64. 3 more likes to go and I get to properly own this page.
    22:49 PM May 16th from Facebook
  65. @ExoPoirier Hope you dad is all right BTW
    23:16 PM May 16th from web
  66. RT @peterradzio: Great idea! Copyright english language and charge license fees to everyone to use it!
    23:18 PM May 16th from web
  67. @AskAaronLee @Iconic88 glad to here you are enjoying your new job Aaron
    23:19 PM May 16th from web
  68. RT @barefoot_exec: dream big. sleep deep.
    23:19 PM May 16th from HootSuite
  69. Thanks everyone. I now own the FB Domain for TDGv –
    23:26 PM May 16th from Facebook
  70. @AskAaronLee @Iconic88 give it time buddy give it time. are they aware of your personal brand?
    23:28 PM May 16th from web
  71. @_Suspiria_ appreciate it. the hard life of an entrepreneur is made easier by the friends and family who support their vision and passion
    23:29 PM May 16th from web
  72. woohoo the likes for just keep on coming in. Many thanks all
    0:29 AM May 17th from Facebook
  73. RT @CHRISVOSS: It is never too late to be what you might have been! George Eliot
    0:29 AM May 17th from SocialOomph
  74. RT @albear: I’m officially quitting AIM and MSN because social media has allowed for much more convenient ways for me to talk to people.
    0:30 AM May 17th from Echofon
  75. @kitestring @JennHudder LOL
    0:31 AM May 17th from web
  76. RT @David_Schmid: Written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of 2 characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.
    0:32 AM May 17th from web
  77. @David_Schmid perfect RT to end the day
    0:32 AM May 17th from web
  78. wow thanks everyone for helping me also register the FB Domain for the Documentary in Progress…
    0:46 AM May 17th from Facebook
  79. See it unfold over at
    0:47 AM May 17th from Facebook
  80. One year ago it all started with these pictures from the Mosport May24 Race Weekend – 2011 interviews being…
    1:16 AM May 17th from Facebook
  81. @BilalJaffery congrats Bilal. Well deserved (but you already know that 😉
    1:35 AM May 17th from web
  82. Pulling one from the archives for good measure. My early 2009 view of Twitter >…
    1:53 AM May 17th from Facebook
  83. @BilalJaffery what blows my mind is one of the higher klout ones actually has her tweets protected. Klout has some serious flaws-prefer #EAv
    2:00 AM May 17th from Tweetie for Mac

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