My Thoughts Enclosed… now live on Facebook – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 20:08 PM May 6th – 10:20 AM May 10th

My Thoughts Enclosed… now live on Facebook

  1. My Empire Avenue Strategy and Tips – Chris Pirillo via @Lockergnome
    20:08 PM May 6th from Tweet Button
  2. @BrentLeary shared it on my FB feed
    20:33 PM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  3. @YORKMotorsport looking forward to seeing the outcome. front has this picture on it with QR code on the back
    20:34 PM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  4. I am ranked as a President on Empire Avenue’s Leadership Index. < #TDGv LinkedIn Promo
    20:40 PM May 6th from Tweet Button
  5. I’m watching chrispirillo’s live broadcast on @Ustream! Come join me !
    21:23 PM May 6th from web
  6. RT @videojey: The CIBC ATM is promoting a new contest promoting paperless transactions. You have the option of PRINTING out the rules & reg’s. #fail
    21:56 PM May 6th from TweetDeck
  7. RT @dashburst: Check out the latest #socialmedia startup #technology trending at via @EmpireAve
    22:22 PM May 6th from HootSuite
  8. At this tweet, I will be t-minus 10 to 20,000 Tweets #surreal
    22:24 PM May 6th from web
  9. RT @adhigoen: RT @io9 All Hail Thor! [Roundup] – Thor: The Best Superhero Movie Since The Dark Knight More »
    22:25 PM May 6th from HootSuite
  10. RT @ACURASHERWAY: Phil X playing in my Brothers basement last week. He’s now on tour with Bon Jovi, Taking over for Ritchie..
    22:25 PM May 6th from ÜberSocial
  11. RT @clickflickca: Spelling mistakes will begin to show as the night progresses.
    22:25 PM May 6th from Twitter for iPhone
  12. @dups do let me know when you plan on visiting Toronto. Would love an opportunity to shake hands and say hi.
    22:26 PM May 6th from web
  13. RT @David_Schmid: “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”
    22:26 PM May 6th from web
  14. Luba is lying on Spike says @qdotty from the next room. crap now she knows I am tweeting and not editing 😉
    22:26 PM May 6th from web
  15. @damondnollan it is on my must watch in the next week list. even using a giftcard for it
    22:28 PM May 6th from web
  16. @Scobleizer President of Leadership Index reporting for duty 😉
    22:28 PM May 6th from web
  17. RT @KnowledgeBishop: The quiet moments teach us the most. #leadfromwithin
    22:29 PM May 6th from HootSuite
  18. RT @PlayStation: PlayStation Network service restoration update:
    22:29 PM May 6th from CoTweet
  19. RT @defrag: spent 6hrs in the car today working up the plan of attack for Defrag, the 5yr anniversary edition. Stand back, this is gonna be the mutha.
    22:31 PM May 6th from web
  20. @damondnollan do let me know. BTW now #2 on our index – coming after ya 😉
    22:34 PM May 6th from web
  21. #TDGv
    22:35 PM May 6th from web
  22. #TDGv
    22:35 PM May 6th from web
  23. #TDGv
    22:35 PM May 6th from web
  24. 2
    22:35 PM May 6th from web
  25. 1
    22:35 PM May 6th from web
  26. Life@42: The Social Novel < Fresh documentary segment this weekend.
    22:37 PM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  27. @damondnollan all in good fun 🙂 It is such a key index as it ties so nicely into our brand positioning doesn’t it.
    22:47 PM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  28. RT @lifeat42: Welcome to Paul and Ryan. 20,000 Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) Tweet promoting this documentary work in progress…
    22:47 PM May 6th from Facebook
  29. RT @KRCraft: @GautamGhosh That was your very own, very personally selected gamification reward. 😀 Just for you. Because you influenced my laugh ratio.
    22:50 PM May 6th from TweetDeck
  30. @KRCraft won’t be able to make it. sorry
    23:21 PM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  31. @Jermzh thanks. not sure exactly what that says about me 20,000 tweets in two years (give or take)
    23:53 PM May 6th from web
  32. @dups very cool. if you remember, fire me off a shout when you know your schedule. btw feel free to link in
    14:28 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  33. @KRCraft honestly have no clue right now. what happens after the next 20 days is a complete unknown to me right now. may not even be online
    14:29 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  34. Just unlocked the ‘Twitter Status 15’ Achievement on “You have posted 20,000 status updates on Twitter”
    14:43 PM May 7th from Tweet Button
  35. @Jermzh best part is that 95% of them are also aggregated into over 300 blog entrys at The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up
    14:45 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  36. @Jermzh even bot an Empire Avenue achievement for the 20,000 tweets 🙂 and some eaves to spend on buying up Kevin Rose who joined today
    14:51 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  37. Now this is how you set out an outage or failwhale page (well done)
    14:55 PM May 7th from Facebook
  38. My Thoughts Enclosed: The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption: < Lots of recent attention. #YouAreMissingOut
    15:03 PM May 7th from Tweet Button
  39. @Jermzh aggregate aggregate aggregate
    15:40 PM May 7th from Twitter for iPhone
  40. RT @ruhanirabin: The First 99 People to Follow on Twitter via @hilzfuld
    15:48 PM May 7th from SocialOomph
  41. RT @MarkRaganCEO: IBM credits Intranet success to content curation | Video @IBM_NEWS @BenEdw
    15:50 PM May 7th from Dynamic Tweets
  42. RT @Podcasting101: RT @ChrisPirillo: @Scobleizer @kevinrose – Unless Kevin produces dividends, he won’t be a “winner” on #EAv. 😉 Go Kevin, go!!!
    15:50 PM May 7th from TweetDeck
  43. RT @Jason_Pollock: Remember the story of the Tortoise & the Hare? Don’t rush things today. Take your time & you’ll finish the right way.
    15:51 PM May 7th from Tweetbot for iPhone
  44. @40deuce great cheese store there as well
    16:05 PM May 7th from web
  45. @nahumg Hi Nahum. Long time. Hope all is well. Just about to head out but wanted to send out a Take Care, Rob
    16:06 PM May 7th from web
  46. @Jermzh I have seen increase in engagement scores and connection growth across all my social networks since joining
    16:08 PM May 7th from web
  47. RT @chrispirillo: BIG #EAv #protip: @EddieRingle has created an open source Chrome extension: – inject ROI on profile pages! Good: .55%+
    16:25 PM May 7th from
  48. RT @EddieRingle: My EAv ROI Injector Chrome Extension is now available on the Web Store, get it now! @EmpireAve #EAv
    16:25 PM May 7th from
  49. @ThinkingFox thanks Rob. Quite proud of it myself. Highly recommend watching the video as well (first part at least)
    21:42 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  50. @nahumg doing decent albeit in a state of unknown transition (won’t go into boring details). working the angles and continuing to influence
    21:45 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  51. @KRCraft same old same old. gave my condo notice at the beginning of May. not sure what the future holds to be honest. working some angles
    21:46 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  52. THIS => The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption: by @RLavigne42 #in (via @41Minds) < Thanks for the RT #FF
    21:46 PM May 7th from Tweetie for Mac
  53. Remembering Gilles Villeneuve, 29 Years Ago Today – ‘A Self-Portrait’ [PIC] #SalutGilles
    23:35 PM May 7th from TweetMeme
  54. RT @gsgill187: The @gsgill187 Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @rlavigne42 @anujsayal
    1:46 AM May 8th from
  55. @marlinex @JDHancock hit 20,000 in two years last night myself (got a EA achievement as well for it 🙂
    1:47 AM May 8th from web
  56. Follow The Digital Grapevine on LinkedIn:
    1:49 AM May 8th from Tweet Button
  57. RT @Chyan: Well said: “Your votes tell us that the government that you want is a home, not just a house,” Low Thia Khiang
    11:32 AM May 8th from HootSuite
  58. RT @dannybrown: Sunday Coffee – Story behind every twitter avatar via @AskAaronLee
    11:32 AM May 8th from Triberr
  59. @Lori_Randall 404
    11:32 AM May 8th from web
  60. @JDHancock @marlinex will work on my SCRM/E20 to Stormtrooper ration 😉
    11:34 AM May 8th from web
  61. RT @jdhancock: Oh yes, @marlinex and @RLavigne42, stormtroopers can be quite tricky. 😉
    11:58 AM May 8th from Buffer
  62. RT @brandleadership: RT @KnowledgeBishop#LeadChange first in yourself, next in others and finally in your community. – @mikehenrysr
    12:12 PM May 8th from TweetDeck
  63. RT @SameerPatel: Right on. RT @BreakingNews: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support decision not to release bin Laden death photos
    12:12 PM May 8th from Echofon
  64. Check this video out — Running with the Squirrels via @youtube
    12:16 PM May 8th from Tweet Button
  65. RT @oursocialtimes: NEW: Notes & Presentations from Social CRM 2011 (London)
    13:17 PM May 8th from MarketMeSuite
  66. President on the “Leadership” index with a 40/100 ranking on Twitter, 43/100 on Facebook and 41/100 on Linkedin. http…
    18:30 PM May 8th from LinkedIn
  67. President on the “Leadership” index with a 40/100 ranking on Twitter, 43/100 on Facebook and 41/100 on Linkedin.
    18:31 PM May 8th from LinkedIn
  68. How much does email cost a business?
    11:37 AM May 9th from Posterous
  69. RT @TheMarketaire: Tumblr Gets More Social, Launches Share Button: Publishing platform Tumblr has joined the ranks of social net…
    15:43 PM May 9th from twitterfeed
  70. RT @mgrooves: What were the most engaging Promoted Tweets from the past year? @learmonth reveals all in today’s @AdAge
    15:44 PM May 9th from TweetDeck
  71. @lammiia yes and I thought it was 29hours
    18:00 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  72. @lammiia keep in mind this was 2 years ago. course had to be recognized by PMI to claim hours of prep
    18:01 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  73. Absolutely Love This Song!!!!
    19:53 PM May 9th from LinkedIn
  74. If you are following me and I have not returned the follow, a simple introduction of yourself will resolve that 😉
    20:54 PM May 9th from web
  75. RT @Iconic88: Anxiety Relief: Say “it is what it is”, accept it and flow.
    20:54 PM May 9th from web
  76. RT @jacobm: RT @ahall3649: Questions to Ask When Developing a Social CRM Strategy @jacobm #scrm #SocialCRM | thank you sir!
    20:55 PM May 9th from TweetDeck
  77. Did CRM forget about relationships – and will social CRM solve this? always love it when Brent puts out one of these
    21:04 PM May 9th from Tweet Button
  78. Invest in Robert Lavigne at
    21:44 PM May 9th from LinkedIn
  79. MyThoughtsEnclosed… home on Facebook – is now LIVE!
    21:54 PM May 9th from Facebook
  80. RT @jonrrossi: RT @ChrisPirillo: Interview With Aaron White of Empire Avenue #EA cc: @dups
    22:03 PM May 9th from Seesmic for iPhone
  81. @mjayliebs yes and no. keep in mind that there is a new slew of interest in this area and as such we need to ensure onramp content as well
    22:24 PM May 9th from web
  82. RT @guygal: microsoft to buy skype for 7 billion plus? worth every damn penny
    22:26 PM May 9th from web
  83. RT @mjayliebs: RT @mitchjoel: Microsoft to buy Skype for $7 billion-plus dollars: (via Wall St. Journal) / whoa!
    22:27 PM May 9th from TweetDeck
  84. @mjayliebs you know me, I like seeing both sides of the coin when possible 😉 Agreed though re: biz value focus especially given lic costs
    22:46 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  85. And Vancouver moves on ! Go Canucks Go ! (via @jpuopolo) +1
    22:47 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  86. @jpuopolo I do like their chances this year as well
    23:18 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  87. @jpuopolo let me know next time you are in the neighborhood and we can meet at the starbucks at the shops
    23:18 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  88. “If you can’t change the things around you, then change the way you think about them!” #quote (via @ruhanirabin) so hard to do, but true
    23:19 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  89. @knealemann agreed. huge call tomorrow so Tuesday FTW 😉
    23:19 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  90. @jpuopolo agreed and I am a mere walk over if I am in the area when you are. DM me when you think you won’t be rushed
    23:20 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  91. Robert Lavigne #SocialEmpire #TDGv (e)RLAVIGNE42 is currently the President of the Leadership Index #JustSaying 😉
    23:23 PM May 9th from Tweet Button
  92. I commented on a YouTube video
    23:27 PM May 9th from MySpace
  93. happy for you Philip (@YouTube
    23:27 PM May 9th from Google
  94. @ruhanirabin indeed
    23:31 PM May 9th from web
  95. @jpuopolo thinking either Thur or Fri this week if you want
    23:32 PM May 9th from web
  96. @jpuopolo cool. be aware moving at the end of the month to parts unknown
    23:39 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  97. @jpuopolo true enough.
    23:42 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  98. @dankeldsen yep, still say FB would have been the better merge
    23:44 PM May 9th from Tweetie for Mac
  99. @ruhanirabin add more blog feeds is something I hear a lot. many went down today. this worked well for me though >
    0:04 AM May 10th from Tweetie for Mac
  100. <long read, had to put in my queue
    0:44 AM May 10th from web
  101. RT @SameerPatel: +1 RT @Jason: We all owe a huge debt to @scobleizer for documenting startups for, what, a decade now?
    0:44 AM May 10th from Echofon
  102. RT @ruhanirabin: I have to give it all up now, don’t I? ~ Serendipity #quote
    0:47 AM May 10th from SocialOomph
  103. Entertainment’s Tech Boom: The Internet Has Been Assimilated (via @Ayrton202) great article
    0:59 AM May 10th from Tweetie for Mac
  104. RT @eugenelee: How Top CEOs Cope with Constant Stress HBR #ceos (via @BilalJaffery)
    1:00 AM May 10th from Tweetie for Mac
  105. Another reason Microsoft’s Skype deal makes sense: Kinect /via @GeekWireNews (via @TechZader)
    1:00 AM May 10th from Tweetie for Mac
  106. RT @adrielhampton: Just sold all my @kevinrose Empire Avenue shares to go all in on @smokey_bear. How could you not? #EAv e(SMOKEYBEAR)
    1:49 AM May 10th from web
  107. @dups night dups. I blame your platform for keeping me awake. so you as well should suffer from lack of sleep 😉
    2:27 AM May 10th from web
  108. Voicemail: Basically Irrelevant In A Text-Driven World < totally agree. SMS or DM me instead of voice mail
    10:20 AM May 10th from web

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