The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: Circa 4:12 AM May 2nd – 4:56 AM May 6th


  1. @ReallyVirtual it must be entirely surreal for you. not expecting a reply. but enjoy the ride
  2. 4:12 AM May 2nd from web
  3. RT @KRCraft: RT @lesanto: RT @Vimto_C: How did they finally find Bin Laden? Clearly through his Sony Playstation account details
    4:37 AM May 2nd from ÜberSocial
  4. @ilovegarick morning. how are you enjoying your time at #nimble
    13:02 PM May 2nd from web
  5. @Jermzh do let me know when you are in town. first beer is on me
    14:00 PM May 2nd from web
  6. RT @Armano: A Better Business Doctrine – Part 1: Assholes are bad for business.
    14:00 PM May 2nd from Pulse News
  7. RT @EmpireAve: Tip: If you’re going to post a Shout Out to someone after investing, why not say a bit about yourself or why you made the investment?
    14:04 PM May 2nd from web
  8. According to @Klout, @rlavigne42 generates a steady flow of actions and discussions –
    14:32 PM May 2nd from web
  9. RT @jason_faber: I saw many ads in the Toronto Subway this weekend with QR codes. Too bad the subway is underground and you can’t get interntet #QRcodefail
    14:36 PM May 2nd from web
  10. @Jermzh am sure Ken will gladly join us as well if it is not a racing weekend. intrigued if you guys will do a green vs. racing impact blog
    14:53 PM May 2nd from web
  11. RT @guygal: my #bizmedia partner’s article in globe and mail! RT @dandemsky 10 ways to enhance your company’s website with video
    15:00 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  12. @guygal @dandemsky good read Dan. read it earlier today
    15:00 PM May 2nd from web
  13. RT @bsevo: @ChrisPirillo there is one mac os malware active
    15:01 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  14. RT @askaaronlee: If Twitter Went Back to the Drawing Board via @DannyBrown @nittyGriddyBlog
    15:31 PM May 2nd from CoTweet
  15. @Jermzh I could, but you know me, I would much rather do this in video. maybe we actually do that. want to do a tdgv spot?
    15:34 PM May 2nd from web
  16. @Jermzh would love to leverage our common love of racing and tackle the question if one of your key guys is an avid racer vs. pure green
    15:35 PM May 2nd from web
  17. RT @acarvin: If the world ever learns the names of those Navy SEALs who took out Bin Laden, those guys will never have to buy their own drinks again.
    15:40 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  18. RT @thebrandbuilder: RT @AnnaOBrien: Random thought: Is it really a flash mob if you bring in a film crew with hi-def cameras?
    15:43 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  19. RT @adamsconsulting: The Twitter HTTPS Setting In Plain English –
    15:43 PM May 2nd from Rebel Tweet
  20. Check this video out — #TDGv Promo: My Thoughts Enclosed… Social Business blog by Robert Lavi… via @youtube
    15:48 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  21. Check this video out — #TDGv Racing: Mosport Movie Night – Ron Fellows Tribute, Montage, Short-… via @youtube
    15:53 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  22. Check this video out — Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner via @youtube
    16:09 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  23. Love Love Love this girl…. | Philip DeFranco via @PhillyD
    16:50 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  24. Can SO relate to this right now > Love Love Love this girl…. | Philip DeFranco
    16:53 PM May 2nd from Posterous
  25. Shared via (e)RLAVIGNE42 : respect for the engagement!
    17:39 PM May 2nd from Empire Avenue
  26. gotta say. pretty happy with the response from this LinkedIn/Empire Avenue #TDGv Promo…
    17:54 PM May 2nd from Facebook
  27. and that my friends is how it is done ’nuff said
    17:58 PM May 2nd from LinkedIn
  28. RT @jperlow: (Photo) @whitehouse staff watches the OBL raid:
    18:04 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  29. RT @Animal: MRT @@Jerry_Albright – Income is reflected in @Klout score — U said that
    18:30 PM May 2nd from web
  30. @ilovegarick @Nimble anytime next week. fire me off a skype invite at rlavigne42 already connected with Jon obviously
    20:03 PM May 2nd from web
  31. RT @EricBuchegger: Getting ready to #tweettheresults
    20:05 PM May 2nd from HootSuite
  32. RT @pbryan: Conservatives ███ █████ in ███ ridings. Liberals ███ █████. NDP █████ ██ ███ ███ seats! #elxn41 #tweettheresults
    20:05 PM May 2nd from identica
  33. RT @crispytwit#tweettheresults Obama: 1. Osama: 0.
    20:06 PM May 2nd from web
  34. RT @Davewire: I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that I’ll find out the election results on Twitter before I see it on TV #tweettheresults
    20:07 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  35. RT @Fire_Ignitis: We must be pretty ignorant voters if someone’s tweets can influence our decision. On the principle of knowledge, I support #tweettheresults.
    20:08 PM May 2nd from web
  36. RT @dups: Did you know that the guy who developed our algorithms for share price and network scores is a Rhodes Scholar currently in the UK? #EAv
    20:31 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  37. RT @dups: Good day Canada, please go vote; I care not who you vote for, but keep our democracy alive by participating! Your vote does count! #Canada
    20:31 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  38. RT @jowyang: Will you come? Thursday @EmpireAve roundtable in San Mateo with @empireave CEO @dups Q&A
    20:32 PM May 2nd from web
  39. RT @cbcalerts: People breaking law by tweeting election results . Media blackout imposed by Canada Elections Act. #elxn41
    20:47 PM May 2nd from CBCNewsTicker
  40. RT @ChrisDca: Interesting. Americans on Twitter encouraging Canadians to e-mail them early election results and they’ll tweet them. #tweettheresults
    20:47 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  41. RT @kateanderson: the #tweettheresults tag is addictive. I foresee myself glued to Twitter for the evening. 😀
    20:50 PM May 2nd from web
  42. RT @m_brand: ______ ______ from the ______ party is a real class act. #tweettheresults
    20:57 PM May 2nd from web
  43. RT @ToryLineDuJour: Don’t tweet that #Habs lost to #Bruins in 7, it’ll influence the #VancouverCanucks who r still in #StanleyCup play-offs! #tweettheresults
    20:57 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  44. RT @omally176: Pack of gum: $2.00; Gas to go vote: $30.00; dinner out: $63.00; reading #tweettheresults: priceless.
    20:58 PM May 2nd from web
  45. RT @HonghuW: Alright everyone, #tweettheresults is for #elxn41 ONLY. Stop spamming the search list for everyone who wants to know the results! #cndpoli
    20:58 PM May 2nd from web
  46. RT @jdhallky: I find it odd that some Canadians really believe that sharing info is unhealthy for democracy #tweettheresults #elxn41
    20:58 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  47. RT @FittiL: Canada will own tonight’s tweet trends. RT @josh_greenberg: RT @elliswestwood#tweettheresults is trending #3 in the world right now.
    20:59 PM May 2nd from ÜberSocial
  48. RT @tuxforpm: A result is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively. (wikipedia) #tweettheresults
    21:00 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  49. RT @DanielAFreedman#cdnpoli #tweettheresults #elxn41 Rogers Toronto illegally broadcasts CBC newsnet live results for 4 minutes, then throws up trouble slide
    21:07 PM May 2nd from web
  50. RT @biggianthead: At 9:07, CBC finally realized they were broadcasting results into Ontario too early #tweettheresults
    21:08 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  51. RT @tederick: THOR 46 CAP 28 GL 12 XMEN 2 #tweettheresults
    21:09 PM May 2nd from Twitter for iPhone
  52. RT @owen_mcewen: I’m hearing that Stephen Harper broke an electoral law today. Follow by example, right? #tweettheresults #elxn41
    21:10 PM May 2nd from Twitter for iPhone
  53. RT @Ricco707: Hard to believe in 2011,in Canada,a 7 decade archaic election law prohibits instantaneous results.My TV is off.Twitter on.#tweettheresults
    21:10 PM May 2nd from web
  54. RT @theronwdavis: Canadians are simply networking outside our borders to share election results anyway… Interwebs 1, Censorship 0 #elxn41 #tweettheresults
    21:10 PM May 2nd from web
  55. RT @DawnCarrier86#tweettheresults I feel like I’m watching the mens hockey gold medal round, the excitement and how unpredictable the results are…Oh Canada
    21:11 PM May 2nd from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  56. RT @sderksen: Pumped to have been invited to CityTV’s #elxn41 tweet-up! Look for the #cityvote hashtag tonight! #cdnpoli #toronto #cp24
    21:25 PM May 2nd from HootSuite
  57. RT @all_caps: Like everybody else, Elections Canada to contact #tweettheresult offenders by unwanted, creepy, vaguely sexual DM’s.
    21:26 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  58. RT @herskos: Klout vs PeerIndex – Correlation Between Behavior & Scores @garyarndt @EverywhereTrip #socialchat
    21:26 PM May 2nd from HootSuite
  59. RT @CraigMJamieson: It appears that #Klout will be adding LinkedIn soon. Go to your Klout dashboard and connect it with LinkedIn to get on beta list
    21:27 PM May 2nd from Twitter for iPad
  60. I commented on a YouTube video
    21:48 PM May 2nd from MySpace
  61. @radsmarts much appreciated. nice to have been able to use those old scanned p (@YouTube
    21:48 PM May 2nd from Google
  62. @dandemsky How did that screening go BTW?
    21:54 PM May 2nd from web
  63. RT @garrettbauman#TweetTheResults 44 years ago today, the #Leafs won the Stanley Cup. They’ve not been able to form a majority since.
    21:57 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  64. RT @JacquiFoxall#NDP declared OFFICIAL OPPOSITION – 1st time in Cdn history! Hold them Toris accountable, Jack!! #elxn41 #electionday #tweettheresults
    22:12 PM May 2nd from web
  65. RT @TechCowboy: The voters have spoken. Criminal activity and enormous debt is apparently what Canadians want. #tweettheresults
    22:12 PM May 2nd from web
  66. RT @Akaal: Ignatieff you screwed up #tweettheresults
    22:13 PM May 2nd from Twitter for iPhone
  67. RT @nicholas_renaud: Am I allowed to say something now without threat of imprisonment? #tweettheresults
    22:13 PM May 2nd from web
  68. RT @pcrowe: Change is exciting.
    22:15 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  69. RT @randymatheson: Liberals and especially the Bloc are being obliterated #elxn41
    22:15 PM May 2nd from HootSuite
  70. RT @mayhemstudios: Hmm, I wonder if @Costco is on @EmpireAve 🙂
    22:17 PM May 2nd from Twittelator
  71. RT @all_caps: NDP dominates Quebec: planning referendum to separate from The Harper Canada. #elxn41 #cdnpoli
    22:22 PM May 2nd from Twitter for Mac
  72. RT @gingershewell: The bloc is disappearing – @Citytv #tweettheresults
    22:22 PM May 2nd from Twitter for iPhone
  73. RT @imamike: I hope the NDP are ready for this. I hope Canadians are ready for this. #elxn41
    22:23 PM May 2nd from Tweetbot for iPhone
  74. RT @SadieWeinstein: Merely votes away from a #Conservative majority! #elxn41
    22:23 PM May 2nd from ÜberSocial
  75. RT @MackChiu: +1 RT @guygal: We’re so fortunate to be living in Canada. It’s like winning the lottery.
    22:25 PM May 2nd from ÜberSocial
  76. RT @RickJessup: Happy 20th anniversary, Bloc Quebecois! #RIP #elxn41
    22:26 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  77. RT @thebrandbuilder: Word. RT @KeithBurtis: The words ‘Engagement and Listening’ should be fundamentals, not tips or best practices!
    22:55 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck
  78. According to @Klout, @RLavigne42‘s Klout score is 50. How influential are you? Just connected FB and early LinkedIn
    23:03 PM May 2nd from Tweet Button
  79. What a First day Looks Like @ My City Lives via @mycitylives
    23:15 PM May 2nd from web
  80. @dandemsky yeah I am sure it would be. Kinda did this segment with same concept/theme in mind
    23:18 PM May 2nd from web
  81. @radsmarts much appreciated. nice to have been able to use those old scanned p (@YouTube
    2:41 AM May 3rd from Google
  82. I commented on a YouTube video
    2:41 AM May 3rd from MySpace
  83. @mycitylives I am sure it was. Good call on the video. See ya next time I am at CSI. Keep growing!
    5:55 AM May 3rd from Twitter for iPhone
  84. RT @AgileDudes: RT@socialtimes – RIM PlayBook Tablet Getting a Major Update Today (already!): v1.0.3
    15:36 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  85. RT @sanderssays: The greatest cause of ulcers is mountain-climbing over molehills. -Maxwell Maltz #quote #TodayWeAreRich
    15:36 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  86. RT @Greg2dot0: While all of our gadgets want to plug in and recharge, our brains want us to unplug to recharge. #carpediem
    15:37 PM May 3rd from TweetDeck
  87. RT @AndrewFstewart: I think we all know how I feel about Princess Beatrices hat but this picture made my day! Thanks @smichm –
    15:41 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  88. RT @CHRISVOSS: How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. Wayne Dyer
    15:56 PM May 3rd from SocialOomph
  89. RT @flipbooks: “Never dull your shine for somebody else” ~@TyraBanks #quote
    15:58 PM May 3rd from Seesmic Desktop
  90. I just unlocked the ‘Sell Out’ Achievement on | Check out the #TDGv Promo >
    16:57 PM May 3rd from Tweet Button
  91. Seven (7) professionals on LinkedIn recommend The Digital Grapevine: Products & Services #TDGv
    17:26 PM May 3rd from Posterous
  92. RT @EmpireAve: We are aware the site is slow right now and are working to get it fixed ASAP #EAv
    17:26 PM May 3rd from Twitter for Mac
  93. RT @TheDanLevy: BBWC2011: Bing maps will now be official search and mapping engine for BlackBerry 7 via @cellguru
    17:39 PM May 3rd from Tweet Button
  94. RT @Armano: Whirlwind of a day but good things afoot. Validation of my mantra: start small. Demonstrate value. Don’t overcomplicate.
    17:40 PM May 3rd from foursquare
  95. RT @motionblur: Proportional Representation seat distribution would have been: Cons 122, NDP 95, Lib 58, Bloc 19, Green 14 #elxn41
    17:40 PM May 3rd from web
  96. @dahowlett so basically you are saying the vacation did nothing to improve your “condition” 😉
    18:31 PM May 3rd from web
  97. I just bought 5 shares in @garyvee on Empire Avenue at
    19:19 PM May 3rd from Empire Avenue
  98. @dahowlett just caught up to your replies. I refer to your “condition” as the “other side of the coin”. A must for any proper analysis 😉
    19:21 PM May 3rd from web
  99. RT @unmarketing: Canada Census has no check box for “fairly big deal in social media”. WTF?
    19:43 PM May 3rd from web
  100. RT @Mike_Stelzner: Wow, @jowyang is one smart guy #smss11
    20:55 PM May 3rd from TweetChat
  101. RT @timeontaskva: Put your social media conversations right on your website, don’t send traffic away – let them see your twitterstream right there. #smss11
    20:55 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  102. RT @wagnerwrites: RT @joshspeters: Here’s The Social Media ROI Pyramid @jowyang was just talking about #smss11
    20:55 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  103. RT @ejgawne: if you’re driving visitors away from your website to Facebook or Twitter (without looping back), you’re missing the point @jowyang #smss11
    20:56 PM May 3rd from web
  104. RT @kirstiehoward: 1. Centralize around excellence 2. Interact with community 3. Integrate 4. Formalize a customer advocacy program 5. Invest in a SMMS #smss11
    20:56 PM May 3rd from web
  105. RT @yanmtl32: Demonstrate you contribute to your company’s success! RT @lauraduran: More fans and followers isn’t the business goal… #smss11
    20:57 PM May 3rd from HootSuite
  106. RT @EliIngraham: RT @JackiJames: Only 44% of Advanced Social Media corp strategies have Social CRM but 78% adopt community platforms via @jowyang #smss11
    20:58 PM May 3rd from TweetChat
  107. @FROGBOX 😉
    23:32 PM May 3rd from Tweetie for Mac
  108. @LLiu checking it out myself
    0:44 AM May 4th from web
  109. @jpuopolo great to hear
    0:45 AM May 4th from web
  110. @jpuopolo working on the stuff that truly matters indeed never ends
    0:48 AM May 4th from web
  111. RT @lesanto: You can’t get anything going in social media if you don’t have something to give (this one’s worth tweeting again)
    1:16 AM May 4th from web
  112. @jpuopolo drinks/coffee at the shop at don mills in the coming days?
    12:17 PM May 4th from Twitter for iPhone
  113. Two years ago, I had maybe 50 connections on LinkedIn. Today I will breach the 800 connection mark. Feel sorry…
    17:43 PM May 4th from Facebook
  114. does like that LinkedIn Today is now showing up with three popular entries at the top of my home page. nicely done. still haven’t clicked
    17:48 PM May 4th from LinkedIn
  115. RT @absolutesubzero: RT @markfidelman: RT @SocialCRMTools: RT @kdtz: List of Social Business Solution Vendors #scrm
    18:49 PM May 4th from HootSuite
  116. Who will be my 800th LinkedIn connection?
    18:51 PM May 4th from LinkedIn
  117. RT @Michelledh Sony calls FBI as PlayStation Network to return 4th May. (via @iggypintado) was US based to start with
    18:53 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  118. The Sky IS Blue #Checkingtoseeifyouarereadingsweetie 😉
    19:23 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  119. RT @tomforemski: @jowyang Curation is a delicious, hand made sushi roll – aggregation is a machine made tacquito 🙂 (via @dahowlett) LOL
    19:35 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  120. “Look for the fear. That’s almost always the source of your doubt.” Godin (via @Leadershipfreak)
    19:35 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  121. @guygal you guys continue to amaze me. keep going strong
    19:35 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  122. @peterradzio nah inside joke to see if Karen is actually reading my tweets 😉
    20:32 PM May 4th from Tweetie for Mac
  123. @ScottWNesbitt Late Tuesday (anytime after 3) should be good. Planning on doing another long weekend working out of the Brantford SOHO.
    20:33 PM May 4th from web
  124. #superengage ’nuff said cc: Jackie Coughlan
    20:40 PM May 4th from Facebook
  125. Hey thanks for the follow Jackie. This one is for you.
    20:44 PM May 4th from Facebook
  126. – One-Click Social Connections –
    20:58 PM May 4th from Posterous
  127. six months from now Skype will be fully integrated into your FB Social Graph #JustSaying
    21:29 PM May 4th from Facebook
  128. RT @ryanjz: Smile. People on the other end can tell.
    21:32 PM May 4th from web
  129. Shared via (e)PIRILLO : Purchased 300 shares in Robert Lavigne #SocialEmpire #TDGv (e)RLAVIGNE42 Thanks @ChrisPirillo !!!!
    23:29 PM May 4th from Empire Avenue
  130. @ScottWNesbitt sounds good. btw can’t DM as you are not following 😉 use the other account if you want to DM
    0:05 AM May 5th from web
  131. @stevedriz bing is moving up, that there is no doubt
    0:18 AM May 5th from web
  132. Honest logos on the @Behance Network: < some nice ones on this list
    1:48 AM May 5th from web
  133. RT @glfceo: Six Stages of Social Media Maturity – by @gauravonomics; India’s answer to @jowyang #scrm
    1:50 AM May 5th from Google
  134. Worth the investment 😉
    2:15 AM May 5th from LinkedIn
  135. I am ranked as a CFO on Empire Avenue’s Leadership Index. #WOOHOO #TDGv #Leadership
    11:43 AM May 5th from Tweet Button
  136. @stevedriz do you have a link to an article that best talks to the relevancy and spam issues you mentioned?
    12:37 PM May 5th from web
  137. Happy #cincodemayo to my friends from Mexico
    12:42 PM May 5th from web
  138. RT @clickflickca: Answer #4 Interact, Communicate and Engage. 3 words only 🙂 #smmeasure
    12:43 PM May 5th from web
  139. Goodbye MindTouch via @markfidelman Sad to see Mark move on, but also intrigued about
    13:14 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  140. RT @40deuce: Google is like a zombie, the more fresh content you put out, the more it eats it up #PRseries
    13:20 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
  141. @stevedriz thanks Steve
    14:01 PM May 5th from web
  142. @markfidelman looking forward to it. not a fan of e-mail as you know, but intrigued about how they are infusing it into social systems
    14:02 PM May 5th from web
  143. RT @josanku: Context, Curation is more important than Content. RT @socltribe: “AMEN!” >> Content is king. “AMEN!” @clarashih #socialloco
    14:47 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
  144. RT @swonderlin: Great tips! / How to Build Your Twitter Tribe
    15:29 PM May 5th from Capture by 44Doors
  145. RT @mijori23: RT @dhinchcliffe The Cost of Fragmented Communication in the Enterprise from @socialcast. [Infographic]
    15:29 PM May 5th from web
  146. RT @mcgconor: Price of oil fell 8% today! 3rd all-time biggest drop.
    15:30 PM May 5th from web
  147. RT @dprihodko: RT @andreipetrik: AWESOME! Crude Oil price dropped to under $100/barrel. Gas companies better follow suit! #StopGauging
    15:30 PM May 5th from Echofon
  148. RT @chrispirillo: How do you use Empire Avenue on your iPhone?
    15:33 PM May 5th from CoTweet
  149. RT @dashburst: Facebook Now Allows @ Mention Tags of Friends to be Shortened via @InsideNetwork #facebook #comments
    15:35 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  150. RT @therubynewbie: Not good. Not good. LastPass compromised.
    15:36 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
  151. @guygal dead link
    15:49 PM May 5th from web
  152. @guygal disregard working now
    15:50 PM May 5th from web
  153. RT @SocialEmpireNet: Another great BLOG post about #EmpireAvenue #SocialEmpire
    15:50 PM May 5th from web
  154. RT @God_Damn_Batman: Alfred calling me Batmanuel for Cinco De Mayo. Once is funny. Twice, and I’m not responsible for what I do with this taquito.
    15:51 PM May 5th from Batcomputer
  155. #EAv: Measuring Your LinkedIn Influence via @adrielhampton
    20:30 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  156. @keithprivette as well Keith
    20:59 PM May 5th from web
  157. @KloutPerks @popchips appreciate the offer, but my mailing address is worth more than a bag of chips 😉 Also misspelled Province to of form
    21:02 PM May 5th from web
  158. @TedInFrame tardy reply, but got it to work shortly afterwards (odd fluke). Looking forward to it. HUGE fan of the work of #BizMedia 😉
    21:03 PM May 5th from web
  159. @KloutPerks @popchips Specifically this typo “Enter your Provience” at the top of the form
    21:08 PM May 5th from web
  160. Altimeter Round Table – altimetergroup < glad that it is being streamed, but will need to catch the cached version later
    21:23 PM May 5th from Tweet Button
  161. RT @chrispirillo: Ah, @JOwyang is holding an #EAv shareholder meeting now: – he should explain the reason his poor dividends. 😉
    21:26 PM May 5th from
  162. RT @CHRISVOSS: A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright
    21:26 PM May 5th from SocialOomph
  163. RT @jowyang: We’ll be live streaming @empireave event live at Altimeter’s Hangar here #eashare Please RT
    21:26 PM May 5th from web
  164. Thanks for the follow Tim. This one is for you
    1:26 AM May 6th from Facebook
  165. watching raw footage for first time in MONTHS. so much good clips to edit out cc: Anthony Rapone Conor Daly
    2:37 AM May 6th from Facebook
  166. 3 day sprint in effect!
    2:49 AM May 6th from Facebook
  167. always liked my use of youtube annotations on this one (view on YouTube for full effect)
    2:54 AM May 6th from Facebook
  168. Wide awake. 3am. Going to cut my GV / Ludwig segment. Love this song and proud to have it part of the project.
    3:00 AM May 6th from Facebook
  169. @Qontext @GautamGhos appreciate it. This was the one that kicked it off (#TDGv Person of the Year Edition) –
    3:05 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  170. Interesting article. Communities = SIGs RT @kwheeler: Social Media, Serious Games, Communities? (via @Qontext) +1
    3:06 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  171. Hey Mosport. Enjoy this vintage
    3:07 AM May 6th from Facebook
  172. I just unlocked the ‘Facebook Friends 10’ Achievement on “You have 600 Friends on Facebook.” #Thanks
    3:10 AM May 6th from Tweet Button
  173. @dandemsky you up tonight as well eh? what are you working on? doing a little (1min) Gilles Villeneuve cut for the doco myself
    3:14 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  174. @VinnyVerma night
    3:15 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  175. @jpuopolo what’s sad was dual standard “Thanks for the feedback!” Heck pointed out a huge canadian typo insult and got copy/pasted #FAIL
    3:17 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  176. @jpuopolo five hours later simple HTML typo is still on the page #Double #Fail “Enter your Provience” + auto-responce vs. real engagement
    3:20 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  177. CFO on the “Leadership” index. #LinkedIn #TDGv #Branding #Gamification > #SocialEmpire < Huge Fan!!!
    3:29 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  178. Now this is how you do a Cover Letter!/RLavigne42/status/66404325395664896 cc: Robert Lavigne…
    3:31 AM May 6th from Facebook
  179. Don’t forget about Life@42: The Social Novel. A few new segments in post-production as well 🙂
    3:44 AM May 6th from Facebook
  180. Spending the weekend working on #TDGv Racing in salure to Gilles Villeneuve #SalutGilles
    3:47 AM May 6th from LinkedIn
  181. RT @TheMikeFuller: There seems to be some kind of cult around @ChrisPirillo and his ventures. What are you up to exactly, Chris? I like pyramid schemes. Links?
    3:51 AM May 6th from Twitter for iPhone
  182. RT @gautamghosh: Lump in the throat inducing post: The last post – The final blog post by a cancer victim #fb
    3:51 AM May 6th from bitly
  183. RT @jeffbullas: Suspended From Faceboook! 5 #Facebook Horror Stories #SocialMedia #SMM
    3:52 AM May 6th from HootSuite
  184. hehehe 10 minute thought stream that literally just aligned a crap load of thoughts and ideas on hashtags that I don’t plan to use much more
    3:55 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  185. This is #TDGv < Love this #ThisisSparta techno mix
    3:56 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  186. This is Sparta! #Remix new The Digital Grapevine / #TDGv Studios favourite
    3:59 AM May 6th from Facebook
  187. @prem_k very very cool. want to hear more as you can share
    4:06 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  188. “A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” W. Gretzky – Falling in Love in Brantford,ON #HockeyStick
    4:10 AM May 6th from Tweetie for Mac
  189. @SeanDelson looking forward to the Brantford show. went to the Hamilton show last year and loved it
    4:14 AM May 6th from web
  190. RT @SeanDelson: DATES!!!
    4:15 AM May 6th from Twitpic
  191. Great post by Ken Peters!/brand_BIG
    4:19 AM May 6th from Facebook
  192. RT @brand_BIG: Sick of phony “gurus” & “experts” online? Me too, so I blogged about it. Let me know what you think in the comments:
    4:19 AM May 6th from web
  193. @prem_k vision is key now go off and work on that execution. looking forward to seeing something when you can share
    4:21 AM May 6th from web
  194. RT @prem_k: Nothing decisive yet >> RT @marciamarcia 57% of globally outperforming organizations allow their employees to access social networking sites
    4:26 AM May 6th from HootSuite
  195. @brand_BIG 4:30 am right here and feeling the third or is it fourth wind kick in . great post Ken. Pleasure to have connected
    4:27 AM May 6th from web
  196. RT @askaaronlee: Do a proper #followfriday instead of spamming everyone via @zaibatsu
    4:28 AM May 6th from CoTweet
  197. @AskAaronLee @zaibatsu You both should meet @jpuopolo I have yet to meet someone that does #FollowFridays #FF better than him #HUGE #Props
    4:29 AM May 6th from web
  198. @brand_BIG not going to happen. got some fresh #TDGv Racing inspiration and kicking into a 3 day editing sprint on the doco
    4:30 AM May 6th from web
  199. @Jermzh hehe. tried to, but brain couldn’t shut down. watch some raw footage for #TDGv Racing and got inspired to do a 3-day sprint editing
    4:31 AM May 6th from web
  200. @oscarberg @brand_BIG great post isn’t it. BTW have the two of you been introduced?
    4:32 AM May 6th from web
  201. RT @CHRISVOSS: The 10 Commandments of #Affiliate Marketing Infograph
    4:32 AM May 6th from
  202. @CHRISVOSS gotta say. great great find.
    4:33 AM May 6th from web
  203. @brand_BIG thanks man. in case you are ever bored. some of the earlier footage. +1 the Andrew Ranger one
    4:34 AM May 6th from web
  204. @oscarberg @brand_BIG who two will get along famously as long as you don’t discount that there is only 3 Stars Wars movies 😉
    4:38 AM May 6th from web
  205. @brand_BIG appreciate it Ken. Have not distributed to many so very much a behind the scenes peak. #TDGv Racing is a work of passion to me
    4:39 AM May 6th from web
  206. typo, meant to say > you two – it is 4:40 afterall @oscarberg @brand_BIG
    4:40 AM May 6th from web
  207. @digistar to you as well. opted to video edit. could not sleep. as a Canadian you might enjoy #Mosport
    4:41 AM May 6th from web
  208. RT @mjayliebs: By 2020 – 35 Trillion Gigabytes of data – sounds like a lot data #scrm11 – Yes, “data overload” is going to be a problem (@brentleary)
    4:42 AM May 6th from web
  209. @mjayliebs @brentleary thus the need for deep semantics analysis
    4:42 AM May 6th from web
  210. @brand_BIG @oscarberg even with him edited out (saw the fan edit) they still blow chuncks. eye candy yes, story telling SHIT
    4:43 AM May 6th from web
  211. k, ’nuff #Twitter back to editng
    4:43 AM May 6th from web
  212. @brand_BIG night man. should have a fresh segment up in the next day
    4:43 AM May 6th from web
  213. @brand_BIG and that my friend is the best compliment I got all week. my thanks #FF #FollowFriday
    4:44 AM May 6th from web
  214. RT @flipbooks: “When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear” ~Mark Twain rt @joshva #quote
    4:50 AM May 6th from Seesmic Desktop
  215. Noticed that I was listed #12 out of 25 in the HR Examiner Online Influencers in Leadership – thanks John Sumser: #TDGv
    4:54 AM May 6th from Tweet Button
  216. 300 This is Sparta Remix!!!
    4:56 AM May 6th from Facebook

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