Must Read > Enterprise 2.0: Why All Business Software Must Go Social – CIO Central – CIO Network – Forbes

  • Assemble and sustain a critical mass of active members across and beyond the enterprise.
  • Build out an ecosystem of networks and communities by these members, for these members.
  • Establish meaningful social business connections amongst themselves.
  • Integrate fully into all aspects of systems of record.
  • Maintain a reputation economy so that everyone is incentivized to contribute ideas and share knowledge at all times.
  • Follow all relevant activities by anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Zoom in on any actionable items timely and collaboratively.
  • Key points about the need to shift away from 1.0 Systems of Record as they are unable to scale with the increasing content they are forced to manage. You need to incorporate contextual relevance that comes from engaging in the content.


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