The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: 23:19 PM Apr 24th- 21:47 PM Apr 28th

  1. RT @rwang0: Karma. Karma. Karma. today’s magic word =)
    23:19 PM Apr 24th from TweetDeck
  2. @LLiu thoughts on it so far?
    23:20 PM Apr 24th from web
  3. @LLiu that will indeed be the big test. Kudos on them to gamify their social net framework. More engagement possibilities imo
    11:05 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
  4. @mijori23 @rwang0 as you say just trying to be a better person.
    11:07 AM Apr 25th from Twitter for iPhone
  5. RT @mfauscette: RT @rwang0: If you are a #CRM #SMB looking for your chance at the big leagues,check out #crmidol – details @pgreenbe
    23:15 PM Apr 25th from TweetDeck
  6. I commented on a YouTube video
    0:13 AM Apr 26th from MySpace
  7. always impressive (@YouTube
    0:14 AM Apr 26th from Google
  8. RT @Murnahan: Wouldn’t it be great if everybody who sent a friend request or followed you actually checked to see who the hell you are? I think so.
    2:31 AM Apr 26th from
  9. RT @briansolis: Reading “What Are The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools?” by @oneforty @KISSmetrics #Infographic
    2:33 AM Apr 26th from web
  10. RT @MarshaCollier: Solid Advice: Learning To Fly: The Four Stages of Social Business from @Armano
    13:11 PM Apr 26th from Customer Care
  11. RT @MarshaCollier: Companies with great #custserv seem to have something in common: respect for employees & enthusiasm for their jobs
    13:13 PM Apr 26th from TweetDeck
  12. RT @aral: RT @rachelreese: WHY HAVE NONE OF YOU TOLD ME THAT 1337% OF π IS 42?!
    13:17 PM Apr 26th from Twitter for iPad
  13. @jpuopolo very cool. envious actually
    22:58 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie for Mac
  14. “Don’t let the past steal your present” ~Cherralea Morgen #quote (via @ruhanirabin)
    22:59 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie for Mac
  15. 97% of text messages are read within 4 minutes. #jeffhasen #smcsea (via @gspadoni)
    23:00 PM Apr 26th from Tweetie for Mac
  16. Disaster: Playstation Network User Data Compromised, Names, Addresses, Maybe Credit Cards via @techcrunch
    8:34 AM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
  17. Couple of days until my Empire Avenue stats are fully factored. Expecting a spike as a result 😉
    9:00 AM Apr 27th from LinkedIn
  18. #HockeyStick #JustSaying mark this day tweeps
    9:04 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  19. @andrewcariboni good thing you do video
    9:04 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  20. RT @Evandawson: White House releasing president’s birth certificate. Donald Trump immediately retires to the Caymans.
    9:11 AM Apr 27th from web
  21. RT @SO_pr: Happy hump day twitterverse!
    9:12 AM Apr 27th from HootSuite
  22. RT @bhc3: Showed a Spigit client mockups done via @balsamiq. He loved the UI mockup look so much, he bought @balsamiq for himself. Great app.
    9:12 AM Apr 27th from web
  23. @bhc3 following @balsamiq as a result. thanks for the tip Hutch
    9:12 AM Apr 27th from web
  24. RT @ScottWNesbitt: Remember that today is #passivevoiceday. Try to speak and write using the passive –
    9:12 AM Apr 27th from Twitter for Android
  25. RT @danperezfilms: I’m finding it funny how some people preach transparency & authenticity and yet are made uncomfortable by it… #usguys
    9:14 AM Apr 27th from twidroyd
  26. @40deuce doing great. videos from concert up yet?
    9:14 AM Apr 27th from web
  27. RT @querdekner: No more phoning E.T. via @mashable SETI Shuts Down Search for Alien Life Due to Lack of Funding
    9:16 AM Apr 27th from HootSuite
  28. @faridkassam take it easy today
    9:16 AM Apr 27th from web
  29. RT @corneliusficht: By Michael Krigsman: For the love of money: Scottish ‘spend to save’ plan fails #PMOT
    9:16 AM Apr 27th from
  30. Congrats #hashable & #nimble on #Gartner‘s “Cool Vendors in Social” #CIO #IT (via @tedcoine#SCRM #SocBiz #E20
    9:17 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  31. If I am not already following you, retweet this and that will be rectified 🙂 @RLavigne42 #TDGv
    9:21 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  32. @faridkassam I followed conferences at 4am doing the same thing. take care
    9:32 AM Apr 27th from web
  33. @40deuce let me know when they are up. intrigued
    9:32 AM Apr 27th from web
  34. @bhc3 good to know. things going well I assume
    9:32 AM Apr 27th from web
  35. @Leadershipfreak love the typo – perfect form
    9:33 AM Apr 27th from web
  36. RT @jerry_albright: @Animal #19 on the Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting – RT @HRExaminer – thus proving the insanity of these lists
    9:34 AM Apr 27th from web
  37. about to kick off a 12 hour editing sprint on @Lifeat42 join me over at my social blog if you want
    10:01 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  38. Thanks for the follow Tony – this one is for you
    10:02 AM Apr 27th from Facebook
  39. RT @webtechman: GR8 #gamification article & comments: I just killed a social game mechanic @gravity7 (via @dankeldsen)
    10:46 AM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  40. @gzicherm just realized I never followed you on twitter even though we connected first on FB. rectified
    11:05 AM Apr 27th from web
  41. @plainpaperblog cool good for him
    12:02 PM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  42. Great slideshare on optimizing your profile for SEO > 10 awesome tips and tricks for Linkedin that you might not hav…
    12:19 PM Apr 27th from Posterous
  43. Example of the new product feature with video on LinkedIn – The Digital Grapevine: Products & Services | LinkedIn
    12:35 PM Apr 27th from Posterous
  44. RT @cc_chapman: Tomorrow at 4 pm EST I’m a guest at talking #ContentRules (via @KatieFelten)
    13:00 PM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  45. Worth a listen. Start at the 4min mark to get right into the interview.
    13:38 PM Apr 27th from LinkedIn
  46. RT @debihope: Acknowledging your flaws is admirable. Being proud of them is Twitter.
    13:52 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  47. RT @Lori_Randall: Top 10 Reasons Twitter is On Top of the Social Media Food Chain via @Ziteapp
    13:52 PM Apr 27th from Zite
  48. “Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being. A #TDGv Tribute to Dave Howlett, RHB (@RHBDaveHowlett):
    14:23 PM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
  49. interesting > <a href=””><img…
    14:28 PM Apr 27th from Facebook
  50. RT @benkepes: And #RIM buys #Tungle – bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….
    15:40 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  51. RT @kikolani: Gary Vaynerchuk On Scaling Social Media via @marismith
    15:40 PM Apr 27th from HootSuite
    15:41 PM Apr 27th from Facebook
  53. nicely done Mari Smith
    15:55 PM Apr 27th from Facebook
  54. Already got one positive review for the “Social Business is your Social Media Strategy” Linkedin Service for…
    16:02 PM Apr 27th from Facebook
  55. Must Read > Enterprise 2.0: Why All Business Software Must Go Social – CIO Central – CIO Network – Forbes
    16:21 PM Apr 27th from Posterous
  56. Enterprise 2.0: Why All Business Software Must Go Social via @forbes < Systems of Engagement vs. Systems of Record
    16:25 PM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
  57. A work in progress. Always up for feedback
    17:28 PM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  58. I uploaded a @YouTube video #TDGv Promo: My Thoughts Enclosed… Social Business blog by
    17:50 PM Apr 27th from Google
  59. I uploaded a YouTube video
    17:50 PM Apr 27th from MySpace
  60. RT @MARCOME#Music is a medicine 4 the mind.~J.A.Logan RT @pbuttrcu
    19:18 PM Apr 27th from
  61. RT @askaaronlee: Well I guess this is the ROI of your mother -> rt @garyvee
    19:21 PM Apr 27th from CoTweet
  62. I just unlocked the ‘Recommended! #1‘ Achievement on
    19:22 PM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
  63. #TDGv Promo: My Thoughts Enclosed… Social Business blog by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42
    19:27 PM Apr 27th from Posterous
  64. @lammiia has some potential. looking at it mostly from a gamification of UX and engagement myself
    19:34 PM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  65. RT @mgeist: RT @robroc: Called my bank to change my credit card number. Operator: “Is this about the PlayStation 3 hack?” Wow.
    20:20 PM Apr 27th from HootSuite
  66. RT @samfiorella: Can Personal & Corp Branding Co-Exist? #unGeeked wkly debate Thur 8 ET w/author @simasays! cc @chieflemonhead @mikulaja @StephenCaggiano
    21:02 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck
  67. 10 Most Popular and Commendable CSS Frameworks (via @TechZader)
    22:03 PM Apr 27th from Tweetie for Mac
  68. RT @TheDanLevy: New @wordpress addition “Writing Helper” – Writing made easy with Writing Helper:
    22:08 PM Apr 27th from Tweet Button
  69. RT @49foyamind49: Scariest video of Tuscaloosa tornado so far. [That vid is unreal!]
    22:10 PM Apr 27th from Echofon
  70. RT @dudieboy: It’s turning into a Movement folks. Let’s all tweet @PlayStation and suggest a FREE WEEK of PSN when they come online to make up for this.
    22:13 PM Apr 27th from Twitter for iPhone
  71. @BPF101st the point is some form of credit for the outage (be it related to other goods)
    22:21 PM Apr 27th from web
  72. @BPF101st you are also discounting the paid PlayStation Plus in your statement when assessing the financial impact of the outage
    22:25 PM Apr 27th from web
  73. @dandemsky I want to see a #BizMedia collaboration project with @fwong and his team. needless to say it would kick ass (respect for both)
    22:27 PM Apr 27th from web
  74. RT @Leadershipfreak: “Conflict is the primary engine of creativity and innovation.” #quote Ronald Heifetz
    22:30 PM Apr 27th from HootSuite
  75. RT @AndyLally: @SpencerPumpelly Did you just grammar check someone caught in a tornado? 🙂
    22:36 PM Apr 27th from web
  76. @dandemsky @fwong totally agree. will be honest in saying I have been influenced by both of you and your work in the last year
    22:38 PM Apr 27th from web
  77. @BPF101st no worries
    22:39 PM Apr 27th from web
  78. @ShannonRenee well said
    22:54 PM Apr 27th from web
  79. RT @TomBMartin: Passionate about #innovation? Great interview by @dankeldsen of Ken Tencer, co-author of @90Percent Rule –
    22:59 PM Apr 27th from web
  80. RT @CHRISVOSS: A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Richard Branson
    23:02 PM Apr 27th from SocialOomph
  81. RT @AndrewFstewart: YAY RT @debweinstein: Hauling home the hardware from the CPRS #ACE2011 including Best of Show. Congrats @SO_pr
    23:59 PM Apr 27th from HootSuite
  82. RT @jacobm: RT @cmswire: @jacobm discusses how employee engagement affects collaboration: #e20 #socbiz
    0:01 AM Apr 28th from TweetDeck
  83. @40deuce looks like upper case per the official site
    0:04 AM Apr 28th from web
  84. RT @therubynewbie: Really wish someone would ask me to build a mobile web or native app. All this pent-up “want to build mobile” energy needs release 🙂
    0:06 AM Apr 28th from TweetDeck
  85. @40deuce true
    0:07 AM Apr 28th from web
  86. RT @schnaars: RT @armano HBR blog on gamefication and social rewards: #gamification #badgeville
    0:12 AM Apr 28th from web
  87. RT @CHRISVOSS: Want to see serious LinkedIn Traffic on your Google Analytics? – My #LinkedIn Traffic Course –
    0:36 AM Apr 28th from
  88. RT @jaybaer: The best summary of QR codes I’ve ever read. Great job @aschottmuller (bookmark this one)
    0:47 AM Apr 28th from Buffer
  89. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) is for sale on the world’s only social media exchange, Empire Avenue via @empireave
    9:22 AM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  90. RT @DruPeek: Rocketr Now Public! –
    9:49 AM Apr 28th from MailChimp
  91. Add this to your retweet pile RETWEET! RT @guygal: I’ve never been happier. (via @dandemsky)
    10:20 AM Apr 28th from Tweetie for Mac
  92. Here is a tip for all of you. There is a lot of great functionality in the product/services section of companies…:
    10:36 AM Apr 28th from LinkedIn
  93. RT @TheSaaSGuy: Congrats @DebWeinstein & @SO_pr for Top Honors at CPRS Toronto ACE Awards for Best PR Campaign of the Year! #ACE2011
    10:48 AM Apr 28th from TweetDeck
  94. RT @alkarim: Inspiring read: Why I, Jeff Bezos, Keep Spending Billions On Amazon R&D (AMZN)
    11:26 AM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  95. RT @lisamcclure: Empire Avenue makes LinkedIn fun.
    11:28 AM Apr 28th from Twitter for iPhone
  96. RT @imamike: Games are simulations, studies show they teach skills just as good as real life practice. Games are the future of education #TNW2011
    11:28 AM Apr 28th from HootSuite
  97. PlayStation Network Hack: Who Did It?
    13:26 PM Apr 28th from web
  98. RT @brand_BIG: “Creativity doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We have to be able to share our ideas.” ~ @sallyhogshead
    13:41 PM Apr 28th from web
  99. RT @mmangen: 7 Steps: The Evolution Of A Social Media Friendship – RT @adamsconsulting RT @iggypintado
    13:58 PM Apr 28th from web
  100. RT @chrispirillo: I predict that someone will acquire [for REAL money] within a year.
    13:58 PM Apr 28th from
  101. RT @elsua: ♺ @dvdstphns Before we collaborate internally, we must collaborate within.@briansolis #getsocial11 AMEN to that! // Absolutely! #smallsteps
    13:59 PM Apr 28th from Nambu
  102. Yum Yum #Lunch carrots, baby potatoes, veggies, and pad thai ham with a 2005 French Red
    14:00 PM Apr 28th from web
  103. Gotta love it when you retweet someone on twitter and it translates to an Empire Avenue share purchase 40.81e (going up)
    19:10 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  104. Playstation attack preventable, came from US Government IP claims hacker via @thenextweb
    19:29 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  105. Empire Avenue Investment Tips for ‘Social Media Managers’ via @calebstorkey
    20:33 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  106. RT @martinwaxman: RT @simasays: Employees can be company brand champions; smart companies can be employee brand champions too #ungeeked
    20:34 PM Apr 28th from HootSuite
  107. I just unlocked the ‘Shameless Self-Promotion 1’ Achievement – “The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption”
    21:01 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button
  108. RT @josanku: The JoSanKu Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @groupon @rhyukt @hi_android @rlavigne42 @lifenbiz
    21:47 PM Apr 28th from
  109. RT @thegarageblog: Read The canadian-auto-writers Daily ▸ today’s top stories via @johnsrobinson @drivingdotca and @rlavigne42 ▸
    21:47 PM Apr 28th from Tweet Button

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