The @RLavigne42 Podium interview with Vinnie Mirchandani regarding The New Polymath got the @Lifeat42 treatment by #TDGv

Proud to release the first of many Life@42 VideoDecks that compliment The @RLavigne42 Social Business Engagement Series.

Back on September 3, 2010, I was lucky to be able to listen to Vinnie Mirchandani discuss his book The New Polymath.

A Polymath—the Greek word for Renaissance Man—is someone who excels in many disciplines. The New Polymath is an enterprise comfortable with multiple technologies and is packaging 3, 5, 10 strands of infotech, cleantech, healthtech, biotech and nanotech to create innovative new products and solutions.

The wide innovation coverage in the book reflects Vinnie Mirchandani’s varied technology experiences and rolodex. He is President of Deal Architect Inc, a technology advisory firm. The firm helps clients take advantage of disruptive trends like cloud computing and business process outsourcing (BPO) before they go mainstream.

After his session, Vinnie was kind enough to grant me a few minutes to discuss his recently released book on technology-enabled innovation, The New Polymath.


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