My Thanks to Mike Dover (@doverd4s) of Wikibrands for introducing me to Social Mention.

Tonight I was listening to Mike Dover being interviewed about Wikibrands on the recent Coach Ron Tunick (@CoachTunickPodCast.

When talking about social media metric systems such as Radian6, Mike recommended Social Mention.

I decided to check it out and got this interesting feedback on the current state of my Robert Lavigne (RLavigne42) Personal Brand.

Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledge Worker

Turns out that some of my numbers impressed me and others concerned me.  Keep in mind, since March 2009 I have generated over a thousand blog entries, shared over 17,000 tweets and uploaded over 250 YouTube videos.

I was very happy with the 28:1 sentiment ratio, which seems to match the 85% passion index.

However, I was dissapointed with the the strength of my reach.  At the time of writing this entry, I have over 2,500 Twitter Followers, 700+ Linkedin Connections, and 500+ Facebook Friends.  These are not small numbers by Personal Brand size, but far from the numbers I want to see.  As such, I am using this as my baseline as I work on increasing my Reach and Strength metrics.

It is my belief that the very high Neutral to Positive ratio is indicative of the problem area that requires attention and research.  With such a low negative sentiment, it is nice to know that I have a 1:3 ratio of Positive to Neutral sentinment.

Robert Lavigne interviews Mike Dover on his upcoming book Wikibrands

Marketing Wikibrands: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

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