Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being. A #TDGv Tribute to Dave Howlett, RHB | Life@42 by @RLavigne42

Happy Birthday Dave!

Here is the reprinting of the My Thoughts Enclosed… classic summarizing much of the early concepts and session layout that became is very successful RHB Nation.

JUNE 17, 2009 · 09:30
“Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being

On June 17, 2009, Robert Half sponsored an executive business breakfast with Dave Howlett as their featured speaker. I was fortunate to have been invited to the event by Igor Abramovitch, Division Director for RHT. Dave Howlett is the Founder and Managing Director of RealHumanBeing.Org and presented the audience with his solution for “Knocking Down Silos”. When I first heard about the session, I figured it would be another traditional organizational silo presentation. My expectations were quickly and forever changed when I started truly listening to what Dave had to share. I purposely use the word “share” because the presentation did not feel in any way preachy, lecturing, or disconnected from what each one of us is capable of doing in our daily lives.

Dave Howlett is a very talented speaker who infuses his presentation with a great deal of humour and sincerity (and the right blend of sarcasm). The content of his presentation is not only interactive in nature, but also pulls from the real life relationships he has made over years of living the RHB mindset. Dave does not consider himself a motivational speaker, but I can attest that he is clearly an inspirational speaker and a testament to Toastmasters. By his own accord, he teaches a philosophy versus prepackaged tips and tricks to get you by in work and life. Like all successful philosophies however, the key is whether you can walk the walk and not simply talk the talk. To achieve this, often you need to change you current learned behaviour and those you surround yourself with. That in itself is a daunting task, but Dave has provided a community approach to helping you achieve those ideals as we all need a support group regardless of our initiatives.

While I am in no way capable of presenting the information covered as well as Dave can, I have attempted to capture the highlights on his presentation to share it with you (with Dave’s kind permission). I highly recommend to anyone trying to get out of cynical and stereotypical silos mindset to attend one of Dave’s presentations (RHB Events).


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