What the heck is Cinchcast (Cinch)? #E20 #SocBiz #SCRM #SocialMedia #SM #Eqentia | Life@42 by @RLavigne42

Today I had a conversation with William Mougayar, CEO, Eqentia about Cinchcast (also known as Cinch).

I was doing a video shoot with William to help promote his company after their recent review in TechCrunch.

Upon William’s recommendation, I decided to set up my own account to see what the deal was. After setting up the account, I posted a couple of images (audio submission still pending).

After reviewing its features some more, I fired off my initial thoughts to William via e-mail.

It is part of the blogtalkradio network. It only does audio and images. The app records the audio or snaps pics and allows you to then post to the site and cross post to Twitter or Facebook. It does not do video or anything like that. However, there is something to be said about audio recording an intro to a particular link and posting the link (have not tried that yet).

Upon setting it up, I synced it with my twitter account and started following those I am connected with on Twitter already on Cinchcast. Within moments, one of my twitter followers sent me this nice thank you tweet expressing her support for cinch.

This prompted a nice conversation on some of the unanswered questions I had regarding what Cinchcast could do. It also opened up a dialogue about additional possibilities of Cinchcast, such as verbal bookmarks and verbal comments on blog links.

Here is the threaded conversation I had with Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan). This conversation is a prime example of the power of social networking, social Q&A and a level of engagement that can only manifest itself by transparency.


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