“What is a Social Media Strategy?” answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) | Life@42 by @RLavigne42

Social is just an Element. Media is Media!

Media fundamentally is all about Exposure, Influence and a Call to Action.

There are two forms of measurement:

Quantitative: Return on Investment (ROI) – Tranditional Media Measurement
Qualitative: Return on Engagement (ROE) – The Social Measurement Factor
Social Media scales the level of Call to Action to the Three Degrees of Connectivity.

Remember the Faberge Shampoo Television Commercial

“I’ll Tell Two Friends…And You Tell Two Friends…And So On…And So On…”

Social Media (2000^2000) Provides an Exponential Reach that Traditional Media (2^2) cannot.

Social Media has given us a challenge of Scale. A Social Media Strategy allows you to Scale.

Social takes your Strategy across the Board. Social is but ONE Element.

Media Remains Exposure, Influence and a Call to Action

Originally Aired on BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show – Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne


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