Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) featured tonight on the Customer Experience Show (BlogTalkRadio) | Life@42 by @RLavigne42

Tonight I am the featured guest on Customer Experiencerss

, a Blog Talk Radio Show.

The message is coming loud and clear. Customers want more! More respect, more choice, and more help! And they also want less! Less hassle, fewer procedures, less aggravation. They want a better experience every time they deal with you. Please join us to learn how to deliver that “more” and that “less” to your customers. Each week, trailblazing experts in Customer Experience will share what’s new, what’s exciting and what you can do to transform how your customers perceive you and your company. Interactive, provocative, test out new ideas, remember classic wisdom. Hear and be heard.

Among the questions that might be asked tonight are the following.  If you want to hear my answers, please tune in tonight Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 9pm ET.

Question 1:

Robert, tell us how you got into the social media scene, especially given you are of an age where you did not grow up with it.

Question 2:

As we get started, let’s define in two minutes or less, what you mean by “Social Media” and “Social Media Strategy”.

Question 3:

There are a lot of charlatans out there, claiming to know how to work social media for business. How do you tell those who actually know what they’re doing from those who claim they do?

Question 4:

Give me three good examples of how companies are using Social Media in practical day to day business of building exceptional Customer Experiences?

Question 5:

Can you also give some examples of what they are doing wrong?

Question 6:

Everyone wants to put the tag “Social” on everything.  Is Social CRM just another gimmick?  What does it really do to enhance Customer Relationships?

Question 7:

In your tag line you make reference to GenX and GenY.   What are the differences in expectations of Customer Experience by both groups?   What do companies need to know to serve these groups?   Can you give us some examples?

Question 8:

Surely not every company needs to use Social Media.  How does a company know if it should be looking at Social Media.  More important perhaps, what are the signs that a company really doesn’t need to pay that much attention to Social Media?

Question 9:

If a company could only do one thing in Social Media, what should it be?

Question 10:

What is the number one mistake they need to avoid?  Give some examples if you can.

Question 11:

If a company is just starting out, what are the top things that they should do to get started?

Question 12:

If it took you 2 years and 10,000 hrs to learn how to effectvely leverage social media, how is a company going to accomplish this?

Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 9pm ET


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