#TDGv MuayThai: Derrick Henriques (Warrior Muay Thai) vs Cole Spitzig (Phady’s Muay Thai) – 140 Lbs


Saturday, December 18th, 2010
Cambridge, On
Who: Phady’s Muay Thai
What: Season’s Beatings
When: 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:00pm)
Where: Phady’s Muay Thai Gym – 1221 King Street East, Cambridge (Preston), On
How: $20 Advance, $30 Door


Muay Thai Legal in Ontario
Nov 11, 2010, 12:14am »

This is a very insightful article that explains the situation of Muay Thai in Ontario and progress that is being made to revive it!


4th WAMTAC Event: December 18th in Cambridge!
Dec 4, 2010, 8:10pm »
Matchups confirmed so far:

Amin Almelik (Warrior Muay Thai) vs Adam Furoy (Phady’s Muay Thai)
125 Lbs

Kasra Golrokh (Warrior Muay Thai) (0-0-0, 140lbs) vs Jordan Perez (4-3-0, 160lbs) DEMONSTRATION MATCH

Zack Paradis (Redemption Muay Thai) vs Jake Colburn (Black Tigers Muay Thai)
155 Lbs

Steve Lee (Warrior Muay Thai/Redemption Muay Thai) vs Dylan LePage (Caged Dragon)
140 Lbs

Derrick Henriquez (Warrior Muay Thai) vs Cole Spitzig (Phady’s Muay Thai)
140 Lbs


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